Sheng Qingqing has just turned 10 years old, and her health is not good. Some things have to be done step by step. When she first confessed, she made the big lady sick, and her body could not be stimulated.

Therefore, although they are tired of being intimate with each other every day, they are also less willing to let the big lady accept what he forced her to do to make her feel wronged.
After receiving the ink cloud, I won’t take the initiative to go. I didn’t feel guilty and sat at the desk to write honestly. I didn’t even dare to look at the ink cloud.
Ink cloud is funny to think that she just bared her teeth and couldn’t help but want to tease her, but she still resisted. Who let his big lady be a sick body? Then she will be afraid to go to a hospital instead of a hotel.
Go on strike from Professor Bai’s home. Walking slowly on the campus of Qingda University, I suddenly felt a figure blocking the way. When I looked up, I saw someone smiling at her with a white tooth and mottled shadows. The sun was dazzling.
Xiao Su?’ The music is unbelievable.
"What a surprise?" Xiao Su good temper with a smile.
"Fortunately, I didn’t expect to meet here!" She naturally won’t be sentimental when she asks casually. He is waiting for her here.
"I just looked at the figure and I was familiar with it. I came closer and saw that it was you!" Xiao Su eyes calm fundus is can’t see the dark.
"Oh!" Go on strike in a low voice. Going on strike with strangers is definitely the kind of person who can chat to death.
"Since we met, we might as well have a cup of coffee in front!" Xiao Su doesn’t mind that he knows that he is rejected by his identity in his heart, but he has rescued her several times, which can better say that she is kind and simple in her bones and is a good girl worthy of everyone’s love!
Chapter 13 People are not vegetation
"just a cup of coffee won’t keep you long, really!" Xiao Su seems to be afraid that she will refuse and emphasizes that it won’t take long, and her eyes are full of expectations.
I wanted to refuse the strike, but he said so, and those refusal words could not be said.
Xiao Su tried his best to keep pace with her, but after entering the coffee shop, he went on strike first and found a place.
Then I watched her coming step by step, and when she reached the table, I got up and pulled a chair for her and watched her sit.
Smile and say "thank you"
Xiao Su smiled faintly, stretched out his hand and took the menu and put it in front of her. "Watch it."
It’s a coffee shop, not coffee, but western food and dessert.
I didn’t plan to order anything at all. I used to look at it when I saw something with words, and Xiao Su’s eyes scolded her at the moment
Since the day he left with Li Lei, he hasn’t seen her again. I have something to do here at Qingda today. I was thinking that if she came to Professor Bai’s class today, I might meet her.
She seems to have changed a lot in the past few months. When I first met her, she was more like a strong little girl. Now she is a little less tender and curly, a little more quiet and a little … He doesn’t know how to describe it, but it’s always different.
Her hair is tied casually and quietly, and she can still smell the faint scent of herbs through the table, probably because she has just handled the herbs.
Holding the menu, the fingers are slender and white. Xiao Su remembered that she sewed the wound for herself. Although she was young, she seemed to have the calm temperament of a doctor
This is the first time that Xiao Su thinks that the gap between them is not darling daughter and gangsters, but something called culture.
Xiao Su doesn’t feel inferior. This society is full of all kinds of people, traffickers, servants, and dignitaries. No one can compete with anyone. In the end, they can’t escape the loess pile, but they just play their respective roles.
Before the strike, Xiao Su felt that he knew something, just like the difference between ink painting and kraft paper.
Go to the party and read all the menu words, then order a cup of coffee and push the menu to Xiao Su Xiao Su without reading it. The clerk said, "Just like her!"
When Shengge raised his head, Xiao Su had already withdrawn his eyes, probably because he felt that the atmosphere of sitting and not talking was too embarrassing. "Is Li Lei hurt?"
Xiao Su nodded his head. "The injury has healed, and the leg fracture injury is not good now."
"I still have to take good care of it for a hundred days!"
"He always said he would come and thank you personally. I said you were busy and didn’t let him bother you!" Xiao Su looked at the strike face when he said this. After all, he asked her that day and she said they wouldn’t be friends.
I also thought of his question that night and smiled faintly, feeling that my answer was a little naive.
Since we’re not friends, why sit down and have coffee with him?
Maybe unconsciously, she has regarded him as a friend.
He is more loyal than many people, but his friends are desperate to meet several times. Although he said that he didn’t pay attention to his way of doing things, he didn’t hurt her. Even if he was a gangster, he didn’t do anything illegal or bad. He really couldn’t force himself to put him in the ranks of bad guys.
The clerk just sent coffee to come and sing. Xie Cai said, "Xiao Su, I apologize for the second time. I was too arbitrary when I said we wouldn’t be friends!"
Xiao Su was surprised. "You seem … different?"
Life is so long, it seems that nothing remains the same in this world, just like her and her little brother, who ever thought that …
She is not sure how far she can go.
Looking out of the window, the sun is not dazzling, but she squints slightly. "We saw the sun minutes ago, the sun saw the moon 13 seconds ago, and the moon saw a building a mile away 5 microseconds ago. Even if you sit one meter away from me, I saw it 3 nanometers seconds ago. Of course, everyone will be different, not just me, but you!"
The tone of the strike seems casual, but Xiao Su thinks her tone is a little sad
What’s wrong with her? What’s wrong with her?
Xiao Su knew that she wouldn’t tell herself, but he felt that the words of the strike were novel. He had never heard anyone say anything before, and nodded his head, recognizing the same.
Sheng Sheng is definitely a good student, but she is not as good as the former students in their class as they are not as good as her.
"Thank you for seeing me off!" Put the coffee cup in your hand.
"Those are all things we don’t need you to look at!" Xiao Su naturally won’t tell her that he and Li Lei have searched all over Qingcheng Mountain for these.
"I still want to thank Xiao Su. It’s late for me to go home. My family will be worried when I get home late!" Sheng Sheng and his tone of voice are not as alienated as before.
"Oh, it’s really late when it’s good!" At the end of October, as soon as the sun goes down, it will soon get dark.
"Thank you for the coffee!" Get up from the chair and pick up your bag from the chair.
"You don’t say so much thank you to me. It’s nothing compared to your saving my life!" And if you really want to thank him, you should thank her for not refusing his invitation.
He wanted to send her home, but he didn’t have a mouth. He knew she wouldn’t want to have a cup of coffee with him.
Xiao Su looked at the strike and left her back. She was very thin. The wind blew her windbreaker skirts and sometimes lifted her up.
The singer disappeared around the corner, and Xiao Su returned to the street in front of the coffee shop. For a moment, he regretted trying to chase, but he didn’t do it in the end. He shouldn’t disturb her too much, which is enough.
When I walked around the corner for a while, I stopped and looked back. I couldn’t see the coffee shop, and there was no Xiao Su in the pedestrians. She was afraid that he would come after me.
Xiao Su thanked her, and she felt it because his eyes sometimes resembled his own at a certain moment. He thanked her and wanted to repay her heart, probably just as she wanted to repay Uncle Ji and them.