Li Chongjiu saw that the woman had a skirt knife at the bottom of her wrist.

The thieves are dancing and whining in the blade, full of yin and warmth, holding torches in their hands, and their eyes are new as if they were hungry wolves
Just when the rogue was about to chase, the woman suddenly shouted to the man beside her, "Leave me alone when the thief is killed."
The escort woman and man turned red, but pushed the woman hard and shouted, "Ernian, run to the temple to escape."
Say this big fellow turned his back and his feet will definitely fight to the death.
However, Li Chongjiu saw that the big fellow was shaking. Don’t say that he had met the enemy. He couldn’t even hold the knife steadily and heard a bang.
The fast horse flew into the man and the other person flew out like a sandbag.
Bang! A hole was smashed out of the snow mud, and the man cried and didn’t know whether to live or die.
Seeing the removal of the last layer of obstacles, the thieves sent out Owlman’s ferocious smile and drove the horse to the master and servant.
At this time, the skirt knife in the woman’s hand was about to swing a knife.
At this moment, there was a buzzing noise. Ma Si suddenly sounded a healthy horse and suddenly went belly-up.
The thieves still couldn’t see what had happened. At this time, there was another boom. Everyone saw a shadow flying out of the temple. A celebrity thief had a long arrow in his throat and sprayed blood!
The rogue turned over and fell off his horse, and the horse neighed and immediately dragged the rogue around.
Take a breath. Four horse thieves have killed two people.
Two horse thieves were suddenly frightened when the torches at the head of the village shouted, apparently the villagers found something moving here.
Two horse thieves don’t know how many people in the temple immediately crouched down and pulled out their horses on horseback and left.
Listen, there’s another bow, and the third arrow brushes past the horse. The two horse thieves escape faster.
Li Chongjiu breathed a sigh of relief and took the bow back from the window. This 20-step distance is difficult for him to miss his archery. Otherwise, he will rescue the two men in front of four guarded thieves.
When Li Chongjiu bowed out and ran into the snow, he ran to the big fellow first.
Listen to the big fellow’s bulging eyes, but his throat is giggling. There is air intake but no venting. Li Chongjiu knows that the other party is injured and can’t do heavy work. He shook his head.
Then Li Chongjiu went to the woman and the servant girl.
At the moment, the falling torch plopped and rang, which made the woman’s face suddenly dark. Li Chongjiu saw that this woman was pale, but it was difficult to hide that bright color.
Although there is no national color like Li Zhiwan, it also adds a little delicate and touching, which makes people feel particularly pity.
However, Li Chongjiu secretly sneered at him in the temple just now, but he could see clearly that the skirt knife in the woman’s hand was not going to stab herself to commit suicide, but was going to stab her servant girl.
If you don’t say anything, you can guess whether he wants to save, but he can’t bear to let the girl die and put an arrow.
Li Chongjiu pointed to the man who was killed by the horse and asked, "Is this a person?"
When the woman saw this, she quickly got up and ran to the man’s body and wailed. Li Chongjiu listened to this woman’s crying, but she knew that the man was secretly worthless.
The servant girl said with a sad face, "That’s the husband who hasn’t passed the door."
Lee Chong-jiu nodded and listened to the girl cry loudly but sadly.
At this time, the dog at the village entrance couldn’t stop the ups and downs of a torch, and Li Chongjiu came to see it. About 30 people in the village were coming with hoes and sticks. Obviously, they heard that there were thieves coming, so they came together to resist.
Li Chongjiu secretly praised these people for their slow response. In this era, it is common for the village to protect itself. Even in times of peace and prosperity, there are thieves.
It’s good that the government can protect itself to the county town. It’s still up to the villagers to protect themselves.
The first person is the head of the village (note 1)
Li Zheng, surnamed Zhou, called Zhou One-eyed, was shot blind by the Turks when he was with Yang Suzheng, the Duke of Yue, and then he returned to the village to bear Li Zheng.
Zhou Yiyan saw four bodies in the snow with a bow, then at Li Chongjiu and asked, "Did you just shout a thief?"
Li Chongjiu shook his head and pointed to the ground. The man who just died said, "He shouted."
Zhou one-eyed glanced at the lonely man spinning around a main horse in the snow, and cried and guessed for a few minutes. Zhou one-eyed went to the front of the body of the thief lying in the snow and mud flow, squatted and checked the thief’s weapon, and suddenly his eyes floated with anxiety.
When Zhou One-eyed said to the crowd, "It’s not a general rogue, but a deserter who should be fleeing to Liaodong."
Everyone was surprised when they heard it.
Zhou Yiyan walked up to the girl and asked, "Where am I from?"
The woman and the man seemed to be too sad to answer, but the servant girl said, "Report back that my young lady is the daughter of Cao Yuanfu in Chongyang County."
Week one-eyed place is dominant foothold.
When Zhou One-eyed turned up, he said seriously, "Little Niang is frightened."
The woman kneeling in the snow stood up and said, "Li Zheng doesn’t have to be so polite. There is no Chongyang Yuan Fu to say."
"There is no Chongyang Yuanjia?" Week one-eyed a surprised.
Listen to the servant girl whimper and say, "I don’t know that Chongyang County has been breached by rogue! The county was looted and the master was unfortunately in the hands of thieves. "
Speaking of which, this woman is so sad that she can’t stop crying.
This time, even Li Chongjiu was surprised that the thief was too powerful, and even the counties and cities were breached.
All the villagers are also buzzing and whispering, deeply feeling that this time the thieves are different.
When a big fellow said to Zhou Yiyan, "Li Chang, this is so good that even the counties and cities have breached that step, can’t rogue ransack the surrounding areas? What if we kill here?"
"What’s the panic?" Week one-eyed immediately drink a way "isn’t there a court? The court will certainly send troops to encircle Chongyang County for such a big event. "
"But …"
See the week one-eyed stare everyone will swallow words back to his stomach, Li Chongjiu knows that everyone wants to say that the imperial court is conquering Liaodong, the surrounding county where there are redundant soldiers, even if it sends an army to encircle and encircle for a while, it is far from hydrolyzing the fire.
When Zhou one-eyed said, "Li Daniu, you immediately told the abbot that a group of rogue have arrived in the mountain, and there are still quite a few people. Please ask him to prepare early."
"And it’s like settling these two girls."
When I came here just now, all the boys’ eyes were fixed on the face of Miss Yuan Gu, and they were all fixed on it. They had seen such a beauty when they came.
Week one-eyed swept away as if aware of the intention of all people when "this is no time to fight for it. We killed the rogue, and this gang will inevitably retaliate against everyone and this idea."
When they heard it, they were immediately frightened.
When Zhou one-eyed turned his eyes to Li Jiushen.
Lee Chong-jiu handed in his hand and said, "I didn’t shoot two rogue."
Zhou Yi-eyed stared up and shouted, "You are such a fucking bully. If you don’t make moves, you should be called an egg-laying person."
After listening to Zhou’s one-eyed words, all the villagers cheered in succession.
I also know something about Li Chongjiu’s one-eyed eyes. At the beginning, this young man was gentle and elegant and had dinner together. Seeing that he shot the rogue, he protected the village’s goodwill.
At this time, the girl named Yuan Yingying bowed to Li Chongjiu and said, "I’m not very grateful to be rescued by a strong man when I was in trouble. Please thank me for saving my life and I will repay you."
Li Chongjiu smiled and said, "Don’t mind lifting your hand."
When Li Chongjiu turned away, he went to Li Changyan and said, "Since there are thieves coming, please send more people to guard against them."