It’s a shame to think that he, Ying Yi, should have taken such a dirty trick!

I don’t know whether I have adapted to it or alleviated it. At this time, Qi Ying feels that his body pain has eased a little. His body is getting weaker and he can’t even lift his arm.
After Qi Ying restrained an emotion, Lu Mingyang gently explored his pulse, and his expression was not much easier than that of just curing too much.
"Lord Lu, what poison have I taken?" Qi Ying was trembling and looked sideways at Lu Mingyang.
Lv Mingyang Adam’s apple rolled a hand from his wrist and looked at him very seriously.
"Regent’s poison seems to be his own deployment, and I can’t name what it is." Lu Mingyang thought about the solution while thinking about it.
Qin Kai and others didn’t have Zhang Ziyan’s clenched fist behind him, and always felt that something seemed wrong.
"I ate some dining tables in the king’s prison, and I didn’t feel anything when I first got back. I was poisoned before I returned to the bedroom," Qi Ying murmured.
"This toxicity is slow and a while.
Hair is slow and a burst of wait for me to allocate a should be able to solve the poison "Lv Mingyang eyebrows tight cu said at this time Qi Ying looks relaxed some seems to be no pain.
If you didn’t die just when you were poisoned, even you won’t die this time. Lu Mingyang made up his mind and quickly left the bed to prepare.
"Didn’t you say that my father was poisoned by Chu Lin?" Zhang Ziyan thought it over and over again, but he still expressed his doubts in his heart. When the words came out, including Qi Ying, he looked at her in the past.
"Is" Qi Ying single-handed caught by some dodge.
"But you said my dad died at that time, but you ate the same thing. What are you still okay?" Zhang Ziyan’s speech has always been straightforward, but it choked Qi Ying and others.
She seems to have no mind’s eye, but after all, she has seen a lot of intrigue with Prime Minister Zhang in the palace all day. It is difficult for her to be suspicious when she encounters such a thing.
"Who knows this matter! I eat the most delicious food at every meal, but it’s true that the Regent didn’t get poisoned until he came back. That’s why the King of Chu can explain clearly. If we want to harm you, we will bring you to Qin directly and solve it halfway. Besides, what’s wrong with you and us? "
Perhaps because of excessive excitement, Qi Ying’s body poison was sent up again, and Yan Niang quickly replied for fear that Zhang Ziyan would get suspicious.
"Maybe I think too much," murmured Zhang Ziyan. She really didn’t want to believe that it was Chu Lindu. When they met for the last time, he had such a good attitude. It was the friendliest time for Zhang Ziyan to close her eyes and take a few steps back and sit down directly.
"Sister Ziyan, I know you’ve been hit hard, but don’t spoil the Regent’s kindness. He’s still poisonous." Yan Niang leaned over and patted her on the shoulder
People have to bow their heads under the eaves. At least when they get here, it’s not a problem for her to have enough food and clothing for three meals, and she can’t freeze. Zhang Ziyan seems to have listened to her words and then nodded.
"Uncle antidote has been prepared?" Although Qin Kai didn’t know what was going on here, he knew that Qi Ying never made a loss, especially since he never wanted to associate with women. How could he bring such a person back for no reason?
Qin Kai was a little tired and took Lv Yanzhong to the table. Before sitting in the chair, he saw Lv Mingyang hurried into the hall, followed by an attendant who carried a bowl of steaming things in a tray. Lv Yanzhong was shocked too fast!
Lu Mingyang nodded and his face was not too happy. "Can you try!"
As it happens, Lu Mingyang, who is also poisoned by Qi Ying, took the bowl of soup just boiled from behind and stretched out his hand to help Qi Ying get up.
Seeing this bowl of medicine is like seeing hope. Although Qi Ying is miserable, he still stands up with one hand trembling and desperately wants to get the bowl.
"Regent, don’t worry, I’ll feed you." Yan Niang stepped forward and took the medicine bowl from Lu Mingyang and handed it to the man’s lips after it was cooled.
Qi Ying unambiguously drank it to the girl, so a spoonful of it was fed. Soon this bowl of medicine was already drunk by Qi Ying.
"How does the Regent feel?" Lv Mingyang has been watching Qi Ying’s pain seem to have eased a little.
"Thank you, Lord Lu, for bringing the King back to life!" Qi Ying simply knelt on the bed and Lu Mingyang was greeted by this and stretched out his hand to help him up.
"Regent, what are you talking about?" Lu Mingyang is also sweating at this time, not tired but really nervous.
"JiXiong hurriedly have a good rest to restore some physical strength" Qin Kai gather together before looking at Qi Ying said.
Jiying nodded. It was a small death this time. He remembered that Su Shiyuan was good at poison and she must have done it! Qi Ying thought of here, the more depressed he was, the more he didn’t believe he couldn’t beat a woman!
See Qi Ying all right. Several people are out of his bedroom. Yan Niang settled down with Zhang Ziyan as Qi Ying said before, but I didn’t expect to see a slightly familiar figure before I stepped out.
"Mom, you are back!" The man jumped up with long legs, and Yan Niang quickly took Zhang Ziyan to leave when she saw it was him.
"So you have married! I think you are younger than me! " Zhang Ziyan heard the man call her Niang, and he was her husband.
"no! That man is thick-skinned and likes to take advantage of me. "Yan Niang hasn’t done this before, and she often rushes to see men, but she turns around and runs when she sees this Qin Cheng."
"So it is!" Zhang Ziyan nodded hard, and a pair of women suddenly realized that looking back, they were still chasing men behind them, but they were somewhat similar to the emperor of Qin and looked good!
Just as Zhang Ziyan was thinking about it, his eyes suddenly turned black and the man had already chased him.
"Mom, I haven’t seen you for a long time. How can you hide from the king?" Qin Cheng smiled at Yan Niang and couldn’t wait to see people from the inside out. Yan Niang clutched Zhang Ziyan’s fingertips and was not ready to escape at any time while he was not paying attention.
Anyway, he’s the emperor’s younger brother, and he can’t be scolded. Now he can’t even afford to hide.
"My daughter, how dare you hide from Master San? You are really joking." Yan Niang still doesn’t like to take a reason. He said that some quotations are strange.
Zhang Ziyan deliberately gently coughed-she was new here and couldn’t find anywhere, but in this situation, she was really not suitable for staying. Zhang Ziyan let go of Yan Niang’s hand and just wanted to go away, when her hand was suddenly clutched by a woman.
Zhang Ziyan looked up and gave her a look. Yan Niang Bing Xuecong already knew what she meant, but she still didn’t let go. What did she do with this?
She has nothing to do with this Qin Sheng at all. If it weren’t for what happened in the Woods, they wouldn’t have made friends in their lives.
Yan Niang thought of here and the atmosphere was very good. Why didn’t the poison just kill Qi Ying directly? It was in addition to one harm. Now that I think about it, Yan Niang feels too cheap. She personally fed the medicine to Qi Ying’s mouth.
"I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. If you have nothing to do, come to my house!" Yan Niang rarely wears plain clothes, but it really makes men shine at the moment. This simple but elegant suit is not inferior to that big red one, but feels more delicious.
"My daughter has nothing to do. Go ahead, Third Master!" Yan Niang looked at him with a cold face and was full of reluctance.
"What can I do for you? If you really don’t want to go out of the palace, I will accompany you in this palace." Qin Cheng begged aside. Zhang Ziyan heard the word "three yes" in her mind and involuntarily thought of Chu Lin’s Zhang Jun face, which was so clearly printed in her mind. She had already waved it away.
Qi Ying said that he had caused her father all kinds of coincidences, and she had to accept the fact.
"Don’t you white? I hate to see you! " After listening to Lu Mingyang’s words, the former woman had to pretend to live a stable life in this palace. But this time she came back, she really couldn’t help it.