At the end of the street behind the archway stands a five-story glazed tile building with bluestone base, which is the most famous restaurant in Shitang Village-Cuiwei Building.

Sun Ning smoke and others stood in the wind and looked at the blue sea, golden beach and Wan Li blue sky in harmony. Suddenly Yanglingtian’s eyebrows wrinkled gently and turned to look far away. At the same time, his body gently seemed to want to look at it in the past, but after all, he raised his steps and gently put it. He turned and led the people to the Cuiwei Building after the plaque.
After entering the restaurant, Yang Lingtian didn’t share the delicious food with everyone, but turned to the restaurant owner and asked for a room to rest alone. Although Sun Ning and others were full of doubts, they still didn’t say anything, but quietly watched the white figure fade away.
Cuiweilou is not only a well-known guest house for dining and dining, but also quite elegant. Among them, a purple log table is simple and elegant, and the jade bed with back teeth carving is blue and full of flowers. A little smoke in a bronze incense burner in front of the bed dyes the whole room with a layer of air and the crisp sound of wind chimes in the window lattice is even more like Taoyuan Wonderland.
Yanglingtian entered the room backhand door, but his brow suddenly wrinkled up and his face turned pale.
-outside the beach, he suddenly felt that this shitang fishing village was descended from God, and that man could escape his own perception and then deliberately let out the breath, only when he realized that when he was trying to catch up with it, the purple emperor Xuanyuanhuang’s hand plaque on his head suddenly gave off a grand airflow, which made him feel fascinated for a long time, and his headache started again.
And the strangest thing is that the descendant of God seems to have helped him to breathe once, and then the breath suddenly disappeared after cutting off the plaque from him.
All this is enjoying the beautiful scenery of the seaside. Sun Ning Yan and others are unwittingly fighting back the pain like a head explosion and entering the Cuiwei Building with everyone. He finally finds it difficult to insist on taking a deep breath and leaving the room.
All the scruples at the door seemed to disappear, and he finally turned pale.
On the chest, the blue beastmaster’s Jingxue condenses Bizhu’s halo, which seems like a thin mountain spring pouring into Yanglingtian from the silver hair covering his forehead. He vainly walked to the table and sat down and poured himself a cup of tea. His face finally seemed to be much better.
Stretched out his hand to take Bobi color beads in his hand, and the eyes of a young man in white became a little ethereal-as if he had seen the girl lying quietly in the frozen ancient cave when the hole penetrated Wan Li, but his face became a little complicated-sweetness and pain blended with each other.
"Xuan Ming force?"
Suddenly, Yang Lingtian suddenly recovered from reverie, and his ethereal eyes instantly recovered. The mysterious dragon wise man in Qingkuilong Mountain once said that the navy beast emperor’s envoy is a ghost force. According to Si Miao and Meng, the ghost force and Xuan Ming force are the same force, but the ghost force is not very pure. Since the navy beast emperor Jingxue condensed beads can relieve his headache, what is more pure Xuan Ming force?
"Alas ~ ~ ~ those beads are actually the condensation of the most aura and essence of Tianjiu."
"They used to be a part of your sword, but now you can’t immediately integrate them into the sword. With your realistic strength, you can at most integrate a kind of power sword."
"If you combine a kind of power, not only will the sword be more powerful, but you can also speed up the cultivation of the same kind of truth in your body with the sword, but if you combine two."
"And because your five elements are the strongest, you can try to integrate one of the forces in Jin Mu’s fire, water and soil first. It is best not to integrate his four forces, especially Xuan Ming’s force, which you are fascinated by, and Xuan Ming’s force is aimed at being fascinated, which you may not be able to bear."
Words come to my mind instantly.
Yanglingtian hand gently turned over a pigeon egg-sized faint halo and gray beads appeared in his hand.
At the same time, the dark sword was taken out by him.
Seeing the divine light in his eyes, the sword and beads in his hand slowly floated, and at the same time, as he flicked the dark sword on his head with one finger, he slowly turned around, and circles of halo came out from the sword to drive the gray beads to fly quickly.
The wind came out of the window and shook the wind chimes to make a crisp sound.
Yang Lingtian’s silver hair fluttered gently, and his eyes were covered. Seeing his right hand gently lifted, the blue curtain of the gums was immediately torn off by Ling, and at the same time, he quickly inverted back to the gums. The floating sword and beads also seemed to have been pulled by some kind of traction and flew quickly.
Snow-winning white clothes and crimson cotton are in bright contrast. The tip of the black sword on the top of the head is pointing at the white youth’s head, and the beads seem to slowly melt into gray airflow and slowly inject into the sword because of the high speed. At the same time, the tip of the sword also emits a thin light from the white youth’s head.
"Hum ~ ~ ~"
It is urgent to come to Kouga at the same time, and at the same time, the consciousness of young people in white clothes has become strange-it seems to be blurred but seems to be more awake
The gas in Cuiwei Building fluctuated slightly.
Meng and Sun Ningyan suddenly started to stare at Yanglingtian’s guest room for a long time. After all, they still didn’t move. They just sat down slowly and looked at the red wooden door with eyes full of worries.
The silver hair in the room fluttered in Yangling, and I don’t know when I opened my eyes. I looked at them with wrinkles, but when I took a closer look at them, there was no fluctuation in front of me at ordinary times, as if my gums were sitting in a soulless body and I had already passed through the ages.
Yes, it’s a misty day, and I feel like I’ve gone through eternal reincarnation, and I’ll meet the same woman every life.
The first time, he was an ordinary teacher in Tianwu mainland. Although he was talented and talented, his career was a lifelong struggle. One day, he met a woman in white, and her life trajectory changed from then on. two of a kind woman was recruited into the palace princess.
The beauty rushed to the crown and was angry. With her double wisdom, she decided to win a thousand miles. Finally, she took people straight into the palace. However, the beautiful woman felt that she was not perfect. She raised her sword and killed herself by vomiting blood.
In the second year, after a beggar was displaced from the world, he also met a white-clad daughter who called a servant. With diligence and cleverness, he won the favor of a beautiful woman, but in the end, he was disappointed by the sight of two people at the same time.
In the third century, he was lucky, but his rich family was born weak and sick. At the moment when he met a two of a kind woman, he suddenly died.