"yes! I think we should take him into the ancestral temple to reflect for three or five years! " Great-uncle Li Wu is even more ruthless.

"You" even made gas extremely ferocious way "you should unite to bully me! Then let’s fight for a larger foe! "
He suddenly got up and sneered, "Then see you in the lobby of the county government!" On the whole, he just doesn’t like Fang Zhou and them.
When all camouflage is torn to reveal the true face of the surface, it is even more disgusting than Joe’s!
It’s hard for him to pretend to be serious before! Lianfangzhou heart andao
Even Fang Zhou sighed, "Even Uncle, what do you mean? You can’t do it in black and white, and you can’t do it in Lizheng and the village elders. You can do it alone! Uncle Lian, who are you? Are you stupid when others are! "
"He’s not stupid!" Uncle Li smiled coldly. "I think he is possessed by ghosts!"
"You wait!" Even the kiss xiu cold hum strode out.
"Let’s go, too!" Zhang Lizheng and others also said
"Today is really troublesome for your elders!" Even Fang Zhou smiled and added, "I think those words from the county government are just words from my uncle. It should not be true! If you really say that, he can’t even get rid of his family! I’m sure he won’t do such a thing as shooting himself in the foot. He has to look at his cousin’s future! "
The village elders’ eyes flashed thoughtfully, and Zhang Lizheng accidentally glanced at even Fangzhou with his head down. I don’t know what’s going on. Chapter 579 He’s crazy.
"Presumably!" Uncle Zhang San nodded with a sigh, "I also think he is not a fool! Well, it’s been a hectic day, and you’re tired. Take a break! It’s time for us to leave! "
Even Fang Zhou and others smiled and promised to watch Zhang San’s uncle leave the door.
"What a shame! He can say such a thing! It’ s really worse than Joe’ s! " Even Ze angrily said that Joe’s original shame didn’t reach his point!
Even Fang Zhou Jane looked at each other and Jane gently shook her hand.
"Elder sister" Lian Ze worried, "Big Uncle’s look is really terrible. I’ve never seen anyone look like that. What if he really throws caution to the wind and fights a larger foe?" Although we are right about this matter and we are not necessarily afraid of him, it is not a good thing after all … "
Even Fang Zhou smiled with relief. "You’ve made progress in thinking so!"
"Sister, do you have a law!" Even ze is asking tone, but his expression and shining eyes reveal full letters.
Lian Fangzhou calmly analyzed with him, "Just now, the village elders and Zhang Lizheng reacted. Did you see it?"
Even ze is not white. She suddenly remembered this thought and nodded, "See! They are also on our side! "
After all these gifts, it’s not for nothing! Even ze heart quite gratified.
"Not only that," even Fang Zhou shook his head slightly and smiled. "They are also Cheng Shen when we take orders. If this thing gets into trouble, they will be involved!"
Lian Ze "Ah!" A pat on the head and a bright eye said, "If we can’t do it, we will be themselves, and they will never let the big uncle mess around!"
"Not bad!" Even Fang Zhou smiled. "They are all old people. The last thing the old people want to endure when they are old is these messy storms. They won’t let themselves live in peace!"
It’s better to let them do it than to do it yourself.
If there is no such episode, what do you intend to let Xiaoya do again? Now it seems that there is no need!
Lian Ze agreed, nodded and smiled. "So let’s just do nothing and watch!"
"Yes!" Even Fang Zhou raised his eyebrows and the two brothers and sisters laughed.
O simple laughed. "Aren’t you two tired of talking here? Let’s go inside! Since Zhang Lizheng and the village elders are involved in this matter, let’s just put our hearts in our stomachs! Even if it’s really a hundred secrets, the county grandfather can’t let him fool around! "
This is today, but the county grandfather presided over it! According to Lian Li’s strong logical sophistry, isn’t even the county grandfather at fault?
It is impossible for the county grandfather to leave a disaster to be criticized. If Lian Lizhen tells him, he is afraid that the game will be even worse.
Even ze then laughed "yes! Yes! Hehe, I really feel a little tired after my brother-in-law said so! Sister, you have worked hard again! You’ve been working so hard since you just got married. Go back and have a rest! "
This is a serious thing, but even Fangzhou has no reason to listen to something different. His face blinked slightly with a red eyelid and glanced at Lian Ze.
Jane has taken her hand and laughed. "Azeri really knows how to love her sister when she grows up! Mom, let’s go home. You can’t let Azeri down! "
"Brother-in-law said yes!" Even ze ha ha laughed, and even Fang Zhou’s lip-licking smile had already been pulled by Jane.
Uncle Zhang San and others left Fangzhou’s house but didn’t go back to their homes. Uncle Zhang San invited everyone to his house to drop in.
Everyone knows that everyone has gone without pulling.
"Lian Li, this is crazy!" Uncle Zhang San frowned. "Crazy but everything can be done! You see if there is any good way … "
Uncle Zhang San’s eyes swept away and the meaning was self-evident.
Everyone’s eyes are still on the old man, and no one wants to get into trouble, especially with the government.
That’s even if it’s reasonable, it will become three points.
"This is not easy!" Uncle Li snorted and said, "I think that bastard is really crazy! We can’t let him fool around outside. Let’s put him in the small courtyard next to the ancestral temple first. It’s not too late to let him out when he gets better from his madness. Look! "
Although they all have an idea in their hearts, that is, if they even stand in, they will never come out again! But of course, face-to-face talk is to say glamorous.
"I think we can do this first!"
"Yes, otherwise, if he does something hurtful, it will affect the name of our whole village!"
"Well, I agree with that!"
They talked seriously about natural people having objections.
Zhang Lizheng sighed, "Ah, I want to say that even my brother is getting more and more confused! Fang Zhou, Aze and Cher are good for him, but there is no harm. Why is he so hard-headed and mad with jealousy? "
"Right!" Everyone nodded and sighed with laughter.
"It’s not a day or two since he always came to envy Fangzhou and them!"
"Yes, no wonder there will be today!"
"If you want me to say that this person has a heart, it is better to be bigger!"
All the people sighed once more and more assured before the discussion.
"I don’t think it’s too late to wait for the day!" This man is crazy. Who knows when it will happen? Wouldn’t it be our fault if something happened because we were late for this moment and a half? " Zhang San uncle firmly said
They nodded five uncle li added "and even the sea there …"
Uncle Zhang San sneered, "If his father really did such a foolish thing to come to Fangzhou, would they not say in advance that they couldn’t pick it themselves! Lian Hai is a wise man who knows how to choose! "
"I think so!" Zhang Lizheng nodded and said, "Let me talk to him first and let him know."
Uncle Zhang San and others nodded at each other and told him, "If he doesn’t promise you, just tell him it’s what we all agree to do!"
This is a threat from Guoguo Hong.
Even if Lianhai wants to be an official, there is nothing wrong with it. If several village elders in the village are highly respected, they agree that his virtue is deficient and spread it out, not to mention that it is not impossible for him to be a scholar and his fame to be lost.
Besides, they are under house arrest and won’t let him be free, and they won’t kill him or abuse him. What reason does Lian Hai have to disagree?
Zhang Lizheng hurried to Lian Li’s home to open the door, and he went directly to Lian 58. Chapter 58 touched him.
Even the sea listened to Zhang Lizheng’s account of his father’s words, but Zhang Lizheng was aware of his interests. He almost turned pale with trembling.