"Now you have hatred in your eyes? Inviting the moon to lie in bed is uncertain … Think of it as revenge. She deserves it, but? "

“? What’s the matter? You can kill me if you kill one, michel platini? “
"You michel platini threatened to invite the moon. First, after the attempted assassination of Da Xu, you will be bound back. When you are rescued, your body is hurt and your legs are rotted. Is it necessary to endure the pain of saving him so that his legs can be cut off?"
Princess Phillips was frightened in her eyes. She didn’t believe that this had anything to do with her mother. "The Jade King was as dark as the queen today. He took a fancy to inviting the moon by hook or by crook, and his legs were almost ruined because of decay. He never got up again!"
"Impossible impossible …"
Princess Phillips couldn’t help shivering. Her life was too beautiful. The sun didn’t know there was such a terrible thing, and she didn’t know that michel platini could be so overbearing and cruel. She said it was calm at night, but she made waves in her heart.
"How come … no … how can … I’m not that kind of person in michel platini … what makes you say that?" Philippine infanta staring at the midnight.
At night, I smiled bitterly and walked to Princess Phillips to evoke the charm of her jaw and eyes. Looking at her, "Do you mean it when you say you like me?"
"Is it still meaningful for you to ask these questions?"
"If it is true love, then … if I don’t love you and I hurt you, will you hate me?" Lost such a question at midnight and turned away.
Princess Phillips watched him disappear in the dark. The palm of her hand slowly spread out in the dark. It was a red stone. The midnight just gave her a stone with a broken heart. Princess Phillips said to herself, "I will hate the moment when I die … but I won’t regret loving you …" A drop of tears fell off the smooth stone.
Two figures appeared again in the night. They were sent by the invited moon. The shadow guards told the price from the invited moon. Princess Phillips will lose her freedom for life. At that moment, they received this instruction in the night and followed Princess Phillips all the time.
"Princess Phillips please come with us!"
Philippine infanta didn’t speak, but looked at the table and the wall. The painter held the stone tightly in his heart and suddenly smiled bitterly. "Hahahaha … Hahahaha …" Philippine infanta laughed and tears fell out and slowly knelt down and looked up and laughed.
An iron gate made a harsh metallic scuff. Princess Phillips walked into the old house in the dark. This old house is really luxurious. If you can’t see the window, you really have your own bedroom.
There was a loud bang and the door was slammed again. There was a candle light in the room. Princess Phillips looked up. She couldn’t see the outside, the sky and the sun, and she wouldn’t know if it was dark …
Xuan Lin immediately rushed back to the Moon Palace and went all the way to the Moon Inviting Room. When he saw that everyone was guarding the bed and inviting the moon, his heart got whole. He went to the bed and sat down with his fingers and gently caressed the moon inviting face. It’s just that I didn’t expect Princess Phillips to invite the moon at this time, but why not hide? Owe?
"How about inviting the moon?" Xuan Lin asked coldly
"I have stopped the bleeding and taken the medicine. There will be no danger for the time being!" The midnight calmly replied, "Now, when she wakes up, she should be fine!"
As soon as the voice fell out of bed, people moved a place. Someone was alert and noticed it. They immediately gathered around and invited the moon. The eyelashes trembled for a few times before they slowly opened their eyes. When they opened their eyes, they saw a blur and darkness in front of them. Once again, they tried to see clearly that everyone was around her. Their faces were written with worry and fear …
"I …" Invited the moon to open her mouth and found that she was very thirsty. "I … want to drink water …"
A listen to her so shout all hurriedly to pour water with a cup carefully sent to the invited month lips personally feed her water invited to drink a few mouth shook his head against the porch neighbor arms "I’m okay … you don’t be so nervous …"
Inviting the moon smiled and glanced at the corner of his eye to apply for a dignified invitation to the moon to know that it was Philippine infanta. The child had emotional troubles. "Night …"
"ah? Sister Huang! " Go to invite the moon in the dead of night. "Big Huang Jie …"
"Phillips … what happened?"
Turn your head at midnight. "She almost killed you. Do you still care about her?"
Invite the moon to look at the midnight midnight white her guilty heart "how can not heart? I was her sister, no matter what. I’m sorry that the jade king died. Although I didn’t want him to die … I promised the jade king to take good care of Phillips, so I must never break my word … Phillips is lonely now. How much do you have to accompany her? I’m afraid I’ll be very busy … "
"But the big emperor elder sister …" What do you want to say in the dead of night and finally didn’t say it.
"Did you bring my things at night?" Invite the moon to ask faintly
"Brought …" Nightstand took out a cloth package from her arms and handed it to the moon. It was Shuaiyin who took the call. No one thought that inviting the moon would put such an important thing in the palace. "The second emperor asked Phillips to steal it … It’s a pity that who wouldn’t guess Shuaiyin’s body"
"Xuan adjacent this to you …"
The porch neighbor looked at Shuaiyin. He didn’t expect to give Shuaiyin to himself when he invited the moon. He stretched out his hand and took Shuaiyin. Chu Feng invited the moon to give Shuaiyin to the porch neighbor. Doesn’t that mean that Xuan Lin has got a big army and horses now?
"When I am injured, it will be the most turbulent time. Some of his henchmen are naturally eager to move, and the Queen will do something. I want her to never turn over!"
There was a wild laugh in the second emperor’s daughter’s house, and a few crows flew off the branches.
"You said Leng invited the moon to get hurt?" The second emperor’s daughter could not conceal her excitement and joy in her gloomy voice. "Are you sure?"
"Of course, Sister Erhuang, I am very sure!" The four emperors’ daughters looked treacherous. "Everyone in the palace also knew about this matter. They came to Sister Huang to try their best to cover it up, but they were so badly injured that they alarmed the physician’s sister Huang, who hasn’t woken up yet!"
The second emperor nodded with satisfaction. "I didn’t expect Phillips infanta, this girl, to be quite terrible when she got angry, to actually kill the invited month. Hahahahaha …"