"Can people who enter the list of Tianbian bring luggage?" Huang Junyi said simply

"Cocoa?" The elders don’t talk too much, but it’s natural to bring luggage and weapons, but who else they buy is necessary for life
Ziyun ao said lightly, "In that case, he is my luggage. Can we go in?"
The elder’s eyes widened in disbelief and it took a long time to digest what she said. Finally, he spit out two words in surprise: "Coco!"
I’ve heard of bringing weapons, clothes and cheats, and Dan medicine, but it’s the first time he’s brought people as luggage!
He was stunned for a long time until the white dragon squeezed in.
"You … you haven’t signed up yet." When the elders return to absolute being, they have to stop the White Dragon.
White dragon pointed to the front ziyun proud.
The elder’s eyebrows are knotted. "You are not her luggage, are you?" He really wants to say, girl, your luggage is over 5. Chapter 5 I am her mount.
"I’m not," White Dragon said flatly, calmly giving each other a smile that they think is better than beauty. Of course, compared with each other, he is definitely a handsome fighter. Looking at the venue, White Dragon felt that he had found a lot of satisfaction. Sure enough, he was the first handsome man in the world, and of course the man who claimed to be a luggage was ignored.
Hoo-hoo. Fortunately, the elder took a deep breath.
White Dragon gave him a smile and said simply, "I am her mount."
"…" The elders watched with gaping eyes as Ziyun proudly entered the venue with a bunch of mounts and luggage, and suddenly felt the corners of his mouth twitch. Is this world a fantasy? How can anyone take so many luggage mounts to participate in the competition of the Day Blade List?
One more person would have more hope, but Huang Junyi claimed to be a proud luggage Ziyun.
Huang Junyi seems to know what she wants. She chuckled, "I can’t be an opponent if I make the list. Since I have already been doomed, what can I compare with you?"
He means that he and she will never be hostile, and even if they have to be, he will never do anything to her.
"Are you so confident that I can make the list?"
"Of course, don’t look at who the woman is." Huang Junyi smiled gently.
If not, isn’t there a white dragon mount from the front?
White dragon stared his one eye, coldly said that he was definitely not in the first place.
Huang Junyi gave him a faint look and motioned for him that if you win, we will automatically become your luggage.
Oh, the mount can also bring luggage. Liu Wang can think of it, but it sounds really meaningful. He is really looking forward to seeing Liu Wang become his own luggage. It must be very interesting
So Bailong proudly said to Ziyun Ao, "Ao Er, if you can’t win, call on Shenlong to make sure that you can flash the titanium alloy eyes of these people."
"They have to be blind without you," said Ziyun proudly.
"My mother’s mighty son will also take part in the competition."
"You can’t participate," Ziyun proudly said. "This competition is one-on-one, of course, depending on the circumstances. Although you can be admitted at the time of registration, you can’t participate in the serious competition, otherwise it wouldn’t be a mess."
Hao son hurriedly rolled over, and people can’t join in the fun if they are spoiled by animals?
"No," said Ziyun proudly.
Little lions and finches want to test me. What about me?
Ziyun proud also shook his head.
After a long time, they can wait and see. The little lion couldn’t help but look at Huang Junyi with resentment. It would be great if you participated in the competition. I really want to play. Otherwise, give my contract to the hostess.
Huang Junyi is a ten-level beast. Don’t you think you are too heavy and unreliable?
The little lion immediately lowered his head and made a confession on his whole body. Well, I can’t play anymore. Actually, I want to help
Is this really a lion and the lion king? !
Ah Jing was so happy that he suddenly spat out a spar without knowing what he had just eaten.
Ziyun ao was taken aback when he saw this little harmony. He vomited ten SPAR in a series!
"Receive" A Jing handed it to Ziyun Ao to "eat"
Ziyun Ao thinks it’s more novel than "Can you spit spar?" I even gave her "for me?"
Jing nodded. "I like you. If you want to win, I’ll treat you to spar 53. Chapter 53 This is not to eat.
"Like it, SPAR can be sent." Huang Junyi suddenly said.
He even eats children’s vinegar. Ziyun proudly smiled gently. Who on earth would spit spar? It’s very valuable. The grade is also from red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Ah Jing vomited ten pieces of yellow spar in one breath. Although the grade is not very high, if he practices, he will definitely spit out better spar.
A Jing never takes the initiative to be proud of others’ SPAR Ziyun, which is an exception. Of course, thanks to her delicious food, he is a big eater and likes to eat everything he sees. Even so, it is all genuine SPAR when he spits it out.
A Jing looked at Ziyun proudly and seemed to have been waiting for her to swallow the spar. Finally, Ziyun proudly cleared her throat and said, "A Jing’s human stomach can’t digest the spar", which means that this is not for eating.
Ah Jing’s eyes were wet at once. She didn’t have spar, but he would spit spar _
Ziyun proudly looked at Ah Jing with tears in her eyes and was really cute. She stretched out her hand and rubbed his head and said with a smile, "Although I can’t eat it, spar can be used for upgrading. If you have props to absorb it, you can completely absorb them."
Jing finally smiled through tears. What is that prop? I can spit it on you, too!
Lian Er can’t help but want to vomit, Jing. You are a boy. Why are you so girly? You can’t afford to cry easily.