Jane laughed. "You really have a good eye. This Lao Deng is very good."

It is obvious that Jane has understood her meaning.
Lian Fangzhou suddenly smiled. "We should be very lucky to meet such a person as soon as we come!"
"That’s your luck!" Jane said that both of them laughed. In fact, it was not just a matter of luck but also a matter of vision.
Without her unique vision, I may not find the benefits of Lao Deng, let alone it.
Three people asked for two adjacent medium-sized rooms and stayed in Fujin Inn.
The three people stayed in Nanchang for nearly a month, and they were not ready to go home until the middle of March.
Peter said that the next day, Lao Deng took them around the streets and saw many Baohe middleman.
The matter of paving was soon settled. Even Fangzhou was satisfied with the money, whether it was the location or the size. Now it is not her consideration.
By the way, I bought a small two-in-one house on Huangli Road to facilitate my future stay.
In the long-term planning, Zhongnan Changcheng is a center radiating to towns all around. I don’t know how many pavements will be opened in the future, and there may be a branch factory in Mianfang Factory. It is always inconvenient without a fixed foothold.
However, she and Jane met many people in the big boss, and many people in the big boss met and talked, but none of them were satisfied.
As the days passed, the two men visited Nanchang City all over, and everyone saw it, so they were not worried.
Lao Deng introduced all kinds of anecdotes and stories about Nanchang City to them by car, and they answered everything they asked, but they asked for the boss. He didn’t know that every time they went to see the middleman, he was resting in the carriage at the door.
Until one day, Lao Deng heard them talking and saw that Lian Fangzhou’s forehead was quite sad. He couldn’t help but ask a few words in his heart and then introduced himself to them.
Even fangzhouyuan didn’t have any hope, but he just thought that Lao Deng, a man with extremely flexible brain, was also very nice, and it wouldn’t be too bad to think about his son. Let’s meet him in his face!
It’s also a coincidence, but when I saw the conversation between the two sides, my eyes lit up and the matter was decided immediately.
It’s really hard to find a place and get it!
Lian Fangzhou will hire two shopkeepers to sit in Nanchang this time. In the future, in addition to managing Nanchang shops, he will also be responsible for the general dispatch and general management of all shops in Jiangxi. One is to manage the production plant in Yuxian County.
Yu Zhangfang doesn’t intend to invite ready-made Qin housekeeper from the outside. He has bought a dozen young and clever pages to train in accounting. Now the shopkeeper and accounting office will be handed over to those who train well in the future.
In this way, it can be more effective to prevent ghosts.
At the age of 33, Deng Yuande worked as a waiter in a satin manor from an early age. He was a big waiter, a third shopkeeper and a second shopkeeper, and he also changed two employers. Last year, he quit his job because the big shopkeeper was not comfortable.
I was going to rest for half a year and then find a new owner. Who knows that Fang Zhou and Jane are just hiring.
The two sides hit it off.
Deng Yuande is very familiar with this line, and he quickly hired another factory manager named Bai Shiling.
If it’s somewhere else, Bai Shiling may not be willing to go. After all, Nanchang is the provincial capital. Where do experienced shopkeepers like them need to go to such a small county to find a job?
However, because cotton Yu County is now a well-known family and the largest cotton planting family last year, cotton cloth has not yet appeared in the market!
However, any ordinary expert can realize the business opportunities, and Bai Shiling is actually quite clever!
And even Fangzhou is very attractive to be treated.
So the conversation between the two sides is naturally very pleasant.
Even Fangzhou was very open, so I didn’t go with him on the spot. For a given thing, this time I went back, and he could go with me to see if it was suitable, and then decide if it was not suitable.
Moreover, whether everyone succeeded in the end, even Fangzhou was included.
Deng Yuande and Bai Shiling were more fond of Lian Fangzhou when they heard her say this, but they also secretly wondered how old she was, so good at doing things and so generous! It’s much better and more sophisticated than how many owners have lived for more than half a generation!
She won’t suffer, that is, 57. Chapter 57 passed by.
White shilling smiled and thanked him half-heartedly. "Even a girl is so sincere that I can’t bear to refuse!"
Even Fang Zhou laughed. "Don’t be unwilling to do business or I won’t care if I eat this loss!"
Said everyone laughed.
Everything is settled. Even Fangzhou simply chartered a fast boat and it will take about three days to get there.
The boat won’t leave until the day after tomorrow. Even Fangzhou is convenient. Jane is going to have a good stroll around the next day and buy some special products to take back.
These days, although they are strolling around Nanchang by Lao Deng’s carriage almost every day, they have something to worry about, and where can they relax?
Still in Lao Deng’s carriage, let him introduce two or three distinctive places to visit.
Neither of them knew that just as they came out of a food street and the carriage was far away, two men were squeezed out of the bustling crowd.
The two men tried to keep their eyes open and search for the bottom of their eyes, and the hope born out of them faded away bit by bit.
"Did you really see the general? Not dazzled? " One person asked
"I think maybe I’m dazzled!" Another person sighs.
Fang Zhou and Jane didn’t even know about all this. They went back to the inn and talked for a while, then they rested separately. The next day, together with the white shilling master and servant, they took a boat back to Yu County.
Back to the county seat, the party hired a car to go to the suburban cotton mill.
Lian Ze was surprised and happy to see them back. A few steps ago, he was in high spirits and shouted, "Sister Sister-er, Brother Jane!"
He wanted to call his sister "brother-in-law" that gave him a hard stare, and then he saw the white shilling who came with his sister and brother-in-law and changed his mouth.
Lian Fangzhou and Jane smiled and promised to introduce the identity of Bai Shilling. Lian Ze met him a few weeks ago, and then Lian Ze led them to visit the cotton mill together.
Now it’s half built, but the scale has begun to appear, and the general outline can already be seen.
White shilling looked at the huge square in front of him, which was bigger than the square he had stayed in before, and it was not a little bigger, but dozens or dozens of times!
And looking at all this construction in an orderly way, it can be seen that the master manager is quite capable and will not be a fool
White shilling’s smile has never been broken, and his heart has been satisfied.
After seeing a circle, even Fangzhou laughed. "Let’s send the white shopkeeper back to the city to have a rest. I’ll send a carriage to pick you up early. We’ll go there to see the production and success of cotton cloth!" I’ve already greeted the innkeeper. What does the white shopkeeper want to eat? Just put it on the bill and I’ll go later. "
"Thank you for bothering the girl!" White shilling heart is very intimate smilingly thanked.
A few people sent a white shilling back to the inn and went straight home.