Looking at the shallow coquetry at him, Xuanyuan Tianyue felt soft to the bottom of his heart for a moment. He scraped her nose and said with a smile, "Who just said that you want to walk? Now you want me to hug you."

"Then do you hold it?" Shallow eyebrow "that I can let the dark moon to carry me back"
Is that a threat? Did he say no again? Xuanyuantianyue suddenly felt a little in distress situation. He raised his hand and held her face and kissed her forehead with a low smile. He said, "How can you not hold Toffee? It’s my pleasure."
"That’s more like it." Shallow also smiled.
Looking at this gorgeous smile, it’s like being exposed to the sun, shining in the rain and dew. Xuanyuan Tianyue hopes to stop this moment forever.
When he bowed his head and gently kissed the purplish lips, he carefully tossed and tasted her fragrant lips and teeth, and they were truly integrated.
Shallow hugged his waist tightly and responded to his kiss. He could feel his pity and love for her. This man really put all his thoughts on her. She knew that when he knew the truth, he would never be happy.
But the important thing is not that it is short-lived and long-lasting, nor does she expect others to remember her forever. She hopes that she will have more experiences in this world, so that she can have a little more in her heart and she can truly achieve eternal companionship. She does not regret it.
I don’t know how long it took Xuanyuan Tianyue to hold the shallow back to his arms and cuddle up to his chest with a pair of eyes, but it can be seen from those eyes that she is comfortable. She is not walking, but she hopes that her heart will be heavier. Memories like that always make people cherish and miss.
South sorrow in the hall, sex and others have already waited there to see Xuanyuan Tianyue holding people in their arms, but they are already accustomed to the intimacy of these two people.
However, Yun Shuiyue couldn’t help but say, "Isn’t Empress Taifei injured her leg? Do you want Yi Shenyi to take a look at it for you?"
South sorrow is easy to Nanxun, and both of them are watching a good show.
Sit down and have a good look at YunShuiYue, raise your eyebrows and say "envy?"
"…" A quick laugh, "Look, you said my leg didn’t hurt and I didn’t need a hug." When did she envy it?
"Whether you need someone to hug your leg injury is two different things, but whether that person really wants to hug you seems that Shui Shui is thinking about marrying and returning to Haotiancheng. I’ll hold a tournament for you to recruit relatives, for example?" Glancing at Nan You next to him, "I’ll leave it to you to do."
"Lord!" Cloud hidden with south sorrow two people face is a change of qi said immediately cloud hidden wry smile said "you should be a joke, duke"
"Do I look like a joke?" Shallow frowned and then said earnestly, "I know you used to think about nine secluded bodies, but nine secluded bodies can’t leave me alone. The duke can’t let the family never marry. It’s sad to say that men get married later. It’s also called that you come here to let you dust together, but I’m afraid you won’t agree or compete to get married."
"…" Yun Shui suddenly has a kind of impulse to tease her since her mouth. She never thought of marrying this kind of thing and having a contest to get married.
South sorrow followed with a smile and said, "I’m very busy recently, even if I don’t have time to help Yunshui. Although I really want to see her get married, after all, my ears are quiet when this dragon is married."
"Who do you say is a dragon?" Cloud hidden face suddenly a anger stare at south sorrow.
South sorrow frowned. Why is this woman so ungrateful? He is helping her. Does she really want him to help her organize some tournament to marry her?
Yi Nanxun naturally saw something here and couldn’t help but say with a smile, "Brother Nan, don’t worry, when you don’t have it, sometimes I’ll run this tournament to get married."
"I said Yi Nanxun, can you mind your own business? Can you change who wants you to handle it?" South sorrow directly retorted.
Yun Shuiyue glanced at Nan You and sneered, "I just asked mr. yi for help. You said you didn’t want to see me, you and I wanted to see you?" Said she directly got up and looked at the shallow "castellan belongs to think that there are still many things not finished, so I won’t accompany you to have dinner", and said a hand and walked out directly.
South sorrow looked at the leaving figure and gave birth to a little frustration. This woman is sick. If she doesn’t eat, she won’t be hungry. It’s not that he thought of it here. He recovered his mind and prepared to eat, only to see that three people at the dinner table were looking at him.
"Eat the duke, aren’t you hungry? These are all too delicious for you. We can only touch the light … "Yi Nanxun said while preparing food.
Suddenly, a pair of chopsticks stopped him, and a light voice said, "You really want me to hold a contest for her to marry her."
Chapter 416 Choice
What do you mean, I wish she would hold a contest for her to marry her?
"Lord?" South sorrow looked up at the face Gherardini in amazement.
Shallow put chopsticks lightly and said, "I just said it was very plain that Shuiyue would marry someone else, but do you want this person to be you or someone else?"
"Brother Nan, what are you doing? The beauty didn’t eat. Whether you can win your heart depends on you." Yi Nanxun said with a smile.
Aside Xuanyuan Tianyue said, "I don’t think General Yun doesn’t dislike General Nan, but she probably needs an opportunity. Otherwise, she won’t be so angry when she just heard you say you want to help her prepare for the tournament."
South sorrow, suddenly, put chopsticks in his hand on his face. For the first time, there appeared a similar expression of ignorance. She …
Looking at south sorrow still stunned shallow frown "still wondering what to do? Do you really want to marry her? I have no opinion, but don’t say I bully you then. "