Release it? Valensell looked up in doubt and saw that Sirius and Wall were having fun.

He didn’t know much about the dark place like the light and dark leopard, and he didn’t recognize its identity, but Lanks’s supplementary "Little Wolf" made him stunned.
Release a stare blankly several demon plants immediately surrounded him.
When Valensell reached out in a hurry, it was a ghost air mass, which immediately deprived the surrounding demon plants of their vitality. The demon plants withered and then disappeared into the air.
Release a demon plant who is afraid of the ghost air mass in his hand no longer dares to come near him, and suddenly the two of them are surrounded by a real zone.
Release "Um …"
Released for half a day before Lanks suppressed a sentence.
Release "Good … Good … Awesome"
The release of this deprivation of biological vitality is generally enjoyed by Pluto, and Valence Sellou’s gesture shows that he and Pluto are not shallow.
He smiled awkwardly and dispersed the ghost air mass.
Release "This … I … I’m worried that Ye Yu and them will go first and have a look."
Release escape seems to run into the bedroom, only to find that there is black smoke everywhere, and Valensell can’t see the surrounding scenery clearly. He snapped his fingers and flashed a few ghost lights (commonly known as jack-o’-lantern …) looking for the night feather figure everywhere.
Release finally saw him near the main hall gate.
Release "Night Feather Night Feather, why are you here?"
Release the eyes of the night feather god, and Valensell’s heart thumped.
Release "What’s wrong with you, Night Feather?"
Release "What happened"
Releasing the night feather, a cutting blade split out, and Valensell dodged.
Publish "You are not qualified to call my name"
Release "This world can call me the great king of our demon world."
Releasing the night feather machine repeating these two sentences is like a soulless doll, which makes Valensell very worried.
Release "Repair? Where is he? Inside? What the hell happened? "
Release Valensell wanted to enter the main hall to ask Xiu a clear question, but Ye Yu blocked him.
Release "trespasser … death!"
Release night feather eyes flashed strange red light, and several dark energy balls rushed at Valensell.
Release "Night Feather? !”
Releasing the overwhelming dark energy ball Rao is Valensell, and you can’t get away with it. Look at the white color in the black. Every one of them is a compressed ultra-high temperature explosive energy ball, and Valensell doesn’t want to hurt the night feather, so he is struggling to resist it.
Before he was released, he sent so many soldiers, consumed so much ghost power, and came here without rest, and there was no ghost power to supplement him. His strength weakened not so little, and it didn’t take long for the defense barrier to crack.
Released, but the night feather attack still didn’t relax. The energy of the explosion barrier accumulated and turned into a roaring lion, which chewed at the barrier.
Release "click click" and immediately bite the enchantment, and then the whole enchantment burst, and the energy bomb poured in like a flood, and once again cast several defensive enchantments. Valensell has been supported by the law, and the violent black lion swept through the hot flame and forced him to breathe.
Release the original … original … this is the real strength of night feather …
Just as he gave up his resistance and lost heart, a figure flashed in front of his eyes …
Release what … how … how could it be him …
He laughed and closed his eyes to meet the deadly lion …
Release "expansion-"
Release "Zi ——————"
Releasing energy and hitting the enchantment made him open his eyes again.
There is a tall and straight figure in Guanghua, which releases the shining energy of explosion.
A young man is holding a gray-black barrier with one hand to stop the lion from attacking.
Release to detect Valence Selma line of sight each other back evil bent corners of the mouth to say
Release "Hey wife, I am coming!"
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Chapter 13