"But you are no longer waste, dare to scold you as waste people and kill them all for me, but can you make a difference by following me?" Wang Gan, the head of this crisis, said to them slowly.

"This …"
"When I come back, I will definitely come back. By that time, I will make Luo Tianfeng all my feet! And whether you can do this at that time depends on whether you have any ambition. "
"Leader you!"
At this moment, suddenly, a black light came from the main peak of Luo Tian. Although it was not fast, it made Wang Gan avoid a sword and stabbed him in the chest.
"Wang Gan, you can’t be my head!" A majestic sound made people want to bow down to his feet.
"Master!" Wang Pearl exclaimed that she did not hesitate to block his front.
However, the amazing luck did not come. She was pierced by a black sword and a thick black flame rose all over her body.
"Pearl!" Wang Gan face "color" changed eyes flashing with crazy "color" unexpectedly suddenly burst out laughing "ha ha what a Luo Tian! What a leader! Do you know how to bully the small? When Xiaoyangjie comes, it will be my return to Luotianri. At that time, I will be interested to see your silly appearance when Xiaoyangjie shivers! "
Then he hugged Pearl tightly in his arms and fled away with a thunderhead and never looking back.
"Wang Gan, you don’t have a chance. Do you know that the Heaven and Earth Gate has dispatched all the Elders in the Fairyland to kill you!"
A new introduction to the final chapter 100 thousand years ago
After more than two months of "naked" running, it must have fallen, that is to say, writing a chapter can get nine cents, but there is no motivation to write.
This can’t be written. Now release the follow-up outline and answer some foreshadowing.
Wang Gan was hunted by the immortals, but after being rescued by Wu Taiqing, Wu Taiqing’s immortals fell.
Wang Gan entered the "Medicine" Fragrant Valley incognito, where he had a doppelganger with a replaceable identity. He practiced in the alchemy period.
The arrival of Xiaoyang Robbery, Wang Gan’s return to Luotianmen, and Luo Tian’s head member "forced" Wang Gan to fight the Sanjie Peak to hide a world-all the high-level officials in Luo Tian, Hongjun World, to search for treasure in Hongjun World.
Wu Taiqing appeared to close the Hongjun boundary and stole the robbery of nurturing for ten thousand and a half years. It turned out that he was actually the Taoist who founded Luotianmen Hongjun.
Wang Ganxiu of Zhufeng War finally became the head of Luo Tian. After World War I, Xiaoyao finally died of illness. Finally, he realized that Xiaoyao was really Lianer’s brother and didn’t know what to help himself.
At the peak of Yuanying, Luo Tian’s head returned from Hongjun’s world and forced Wang Gan out of Luo Tian. When he fled, he was hit by Yang Shen’s red "color" meteor, which devoured Wu Xing’s tactic.
Wu Taiqing appeared in Kunlun Mountain. According to the agreement of the top ten witches, the semi-robbery inspired his latent ability and sent Wang Gan Yuanying back to 100,000 years ago.
Wang Gan was born 100,000 years ago, Kunlun Mountain became the witch king-Wu Changtian and lost all his memories. 100,000 years ago, Wu Taiqing was born together from another world and knew many things that others didn’t understand.
Wu Taiqing’s real name is Wu Taiqing and cousin Wu Changtian. They are both enemies and friends.
White lotus is Wang Ganqin’s elder sister at large, but Wang Gan’s eldest brother is sealed in the dark because of his double pupils.
Wang Gan met Penglai and became her master at night when passing by the Wind Island (the genius of Suo Fu didn’t want Wang Gan to go back to the village just because he didn’t want him to see Wu Changtian).
After Wang Gan’s death, the immortals launched a big Yang robbery to kill the sun god.
But Yang Shen didn’t die and threatened to kill all living things in Xuanyuanxing, so Wu Taiqing helped his immortals to freeze the cave for 100 thousand years and called it "supporting the future" plan.
But the plan went wrong. After 100,000 years, the Immortal Society was unsealed and Wu Taiqing died of old age instantly, so she had to clone it.
After Wang Gan woke up from the ice, he returned to 100 thousand years later and recovered all his memories.
hint or anticipatory remark in a story
The true identity of the owner of Tiandaoge Wang Zhuer was willing to be imprisoned in Tiandaoge for 100,000 years in order to save Wang Gan. She believed that the disappearance of Wang Gan was the fault of Penglai Night, and ten witches killed Penglai Night together.
Wang Gan was able to beat Penglai Lingshi because it was made by him and later given to Penglai Night.
This world is divided into two parts: the median world, the median world theory, and the first-class world life law has an impact on the first-class creatures, but if we cultivate to the highest level and create a world bigger than the world in which we live, we may rise to the next level.
So far, only Buddha Sakyamuni can do this.
The bit world has absolute control over the bit world, just as Wang Gan can control everything in the life world.
It’s ridiculous to go against the sky. It’s good for monks to practice counterpoint to the world, just like releasing the vitality of the creatures in the world, but the higher world has different needs. The universe needs to be shaped with quality. The greater the quality, the greater the gravitational wave will be, and it will devour other universes.