I have something to say.

Attack Mochow, and when the Lingjiu Palace is finished, they will meet again!
Chapter 168 Chapter 168
They escaped from the world, and for a moment, they gave thanks and left without daring to stay.
At this time, the day closed, and Tong Mu came to Li Mochou’s side.
Tong Mu’s eyes are full of admiration. Li Mochou has grown very fast and well in recent years, just as Tong Mu expected. "Mochow, you are doing even better now! I really didn’t see the wrong person! "
"Master, is that the man coming?"
Li Mochou is still a little worried. If it is really Master’s enemy, it will be met.
"It’s her!"
Children’s eyebrows and eyes reveal a rage, which seems to be anger and hatred, or both.
At one time, we were all classmates and sisters. Although we saw the same person, Tong Mu never thought that Li Qiushui would make trouble for her at the moment of her acrobatic keys, which made her possessed and made her always such a ghost.
It’s probably that Tong Mu is usually too arrogant, and he has never known this pool without looking at others!
Time has passed and the cliff has not been heard from for many years. Li Qiushui is married to Xixia and has become a princess. Tong Mu has a kind of sadness in his heart. How did these love-hate relationships come to this point?
Just as Tong Mu was immersed in memories, an early warning suddenly sounded in Lingjiu Palace. Tong Mu’s eyes froze. "Mochow, she has come."
Li Mochou’s consciousness stood in front of Tong Mu, and when he didn’t see him, he smelled a soft, greasy and charming sound coming from a distance and loving his side. It was a feeling that made people shake their minds.
Li Mochou immediately calmed down and was undisturbed. Tong Mu was deeply gratified to see in his eyes. "This is the woman’s unique sound method, which has a confusing effect. Don’t listen carefully or you will get her way."
It is also a lucky thing to say that Li Mochou deliberately mobilized the staff of Lingjiu Palace on a large scale and arranged the guards of Lingjiu Palace to be loose and tight, which not only made the group of people in 36 holes and 72 islands get on the road, but also made it convenient for you to enter the urn.
Tong Lao’s body is almost a force now, but he still can’t see a trace of panic and calm. It seems that he can’t see this killing enemy in the eye around Li Mochou.
So is Tong Mu and so is Li Mochou. She bent her eyes for a moment and smiled. "Master taught me for a long time, so why don’t I bring Master’s enemies to see you today?"
Say Li Mochou feet move is light like a cloud floating out.
It seems that Minstrel’s flying skills and Li Mochou’s micro-steps have been very good.
Tong Lao’s moment didn’t follow her, and she also wanted to see how far Li Mochou could go.
Who would have thought that a little while ago, Tong Mu’s close-fitting maid-in-waiting wrote that someone had been caught by Li Mochou?
It’s natural to win the trust of the maid-in-waiting. At that time, she was pleasantly surprised and hurriedly asked to take her there.
⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ 931
Tong Lao followed the maid-in-waiting to her closed residence, and when she saw that the outside was surrounded by the top maids in Lingjiu Palace, she had a guess.
When Tong Lao entered the room, he found that besides Li Mochou, there was a white veiled woman sitting there motionless and silent.
See children’s old basking to speak sarcastically "the teacher elder sister don’t come ill? I didn’t expect that your Lingjiu Palace was not a waste snack! "
After Li Mochou saluted Tong Mu, he didn’t talk, and the man was even more angry when he saw this scene. "It’s really worse to waste my way that the teacher elder sister should be aboveboard."
Tong Lao glanced at Li Qiushui with a smile on his face and casually picked a chair to sit in, praising, "Mochow deserves to be a good disciple who knows how to help master solve problems."
"Li Qiushui to deal with a villain like you is naturally some children’s stuff."
Li Qiushui, a child’s grandmother, has always been cynical when meeting, and no one will let them fight. Both of them have been fighting with fire over the years, and Li Qiushui will be so easily planted in Li Mochou’s hands.
Because Li Qiushui never saw such a little girl as Li Mochou in his eyes, he wouldn’t have thought that Li Mochou’s accountant tricked her into giving her back the medicine. Li Qiushui’s martial arts master Lao Mu was also not equal. This time, he was caught in a trap because of carelessness.
Otherwise, a Li Mochou Li Qiushui alone is not worth it!
Tong Lao didn’t stay here for a long time because his martial arts have not recovered. After saying a few words with Li Qiushui, he asked Li Mochou to put people under strict supervision in Lingjiu Palace, and then get even with Li Qiushui after her martial arts recovered.
After Li Qiushui was beaten by Tong Mu, she finally won the joy of the wind because her apprentice gave her a sigh of relief.
"Mochow, it seems that you have not only learned martial arts well, but this strategy is also acceptable."
Tong Lao sees the score. Li Qiushui is trapped in her closed place. Li Mochou must have cheated her on purpose.
Li Mochou is young and looks unfamiliar. He must be a new comer to Li Qiushui. He wants to get information from Li Mochou but doesn’t want to plant it himself.
"She wants to know where Master is, so I can’t help her threatening to take her." Li Mochou winked at Tong Lao, witty and koo.
She didn’t tell a lie, but it happened that Tong Mu wasn’t there and had already laid a trap with Li Qiushui.
Chapter 169 Chapter 169
Zhu Danchen has been on tenterhooks since he happened to see Mrs. Wang at Mantuo Villa, especially when he learned that Duan Yu liked Mrs. Wang’s daughter’s heart.
You know Zhu Danchen also knew a thing or two about that year. At the beginning, Mrs. Wang of Duan Zhengchun had been together for a long time. It’s not certain that Wang Yuyan might even be in Duan Yu.
Of course, this is just Zhu Danchen’s guess.
Zhu Danchen’s worries never occurred to Duan Yu, because he found that up to now, it was Duan Yu who shaved his head and picked a hot head. Wang Yuyan was not false to Duan Yu, and Mrs. Wang was even more reluctant to ask Duan Yu to gather together with her daughter. This was Zhu Danchen’s slight relief.
At first, Zhu Danchen didn’t know why Duan Yu should live in Mrs. Wang’s house, or Yan Qing looked at the clue and explained it, which dispelled his little anxiety.
Yan Qing said that Mufu met with Dove Mozhi at Mrs. Wang’s place that day. When Dove Mozhi left, Duan Yu fell asleep because he was ordered to go to acupuncture points. Plus, Mufu had something to go out to do at that time. This is Duan Yu living in Mantuo Villa, but it was just by the way.
Duan Yu suffered a lot in Mantuo Villa, but she was discovered by Mrs. Wang because she was chasing Wang Yuyan. If Mufu hadn’t announced it, she would have become a flower fertilizer in Mantuo Villa.
Rao, Duan Yu was pressed by Mrs. Wang to do a few times to help the gardener grow flowers, so that he could not pester Wang Yuyan all day.
However, even Mrs. Wang is so unkind that Duan Yu, a little girl, wants to please her future mother-in-law. She is also very happy to be a gardener.
Is the word Duan Yu haven’t apostrophe, let his son eager dad to get mixed up.
Speaking of it, it’s also going to be the love affair of Mrs. Wang of Duan Zhengchun.
Duan Zhengchun was moved by the dove’s wisdom, so he was fidgeting all day and didn’t dare to ask Dao Baifeng to know, so he went out early to find his son.
It’s said that I’m looking for my son Duan Zhengchun all the way, but I haven’t met my ex-lover less. It’s just that my princess isn’t around. That’s indulging in gentle rural law!