"What’s wrong with nothing?" Purple shouted anxiously.

Then star Lengyu came from the floor and saw the eggplant porridge frowned and said
"MoEr you wait for a brother to cook egg soup for you …"
He also remembers more clearly than Xingtianmo when she ate eggplant.
"MoEr dare not eat eggplant even dare not look at" Star Lengyu said with a straight face and slightly blamed in her tone.
He didn’t expect that these closest friends of Xingtianmo didn’t know?
However, Xingtianmo did not tell others.
This is one of her weaknesses, and she doesn’t want others to know her weakness, because it may be her death!
"Why didn’t you say so? Have a drink." Yuexuan Yi lovingly stroked Xingtianmo’s pale face and handed her a glass of water.
"I’m sorry, Moer. I didn’t know you didn’t dare to eat eggplant. I’m sorry," Ou Menger said anxiously, her face full of worries.
"No," said Xingtianmo lightly, afraid to look at the queasy eggplant from the table.
Star day foam cell phone rang.
"What’s wrong with Huang?"
After hearing the yellow words, Xingtianmo’s face changed slightly …
End of the night ~
Well, the fact is that Zhuxi is afraid to eat eggplant.
16 sudden rage
"Purple blue come in with me." Xingtianmo called Purple and Blue into the room.
"What’s the matter, Moer?" Purple see starry sky foam face is not generally heavy.
"You two horses go back to France!" Xingtianmo command
"What? What happened? " Blue asked in surprise.
"There’s something wrong with the business in your home." Xingtianmo answered seriously.
"How can companies have no problems? But … what do you want us to go back? " Purple son asked
"It’s not an ordinary economic crisis. Do you think it would really happen if you two had an accident at the same time? I think … "Xingtian foam frowned and had a delicious meal.
"There’s a bigger conspiracy behind it …" Xingtianmo’s eyes are dim.
"Ok … we will go back" Blue promised.
"I told you to go back! ! Do you understand? Horse roll! " Xingtianmo suddenly changed his tone and shouted at them, picking up the blue collar and slamming the blue into the wall!
"Moer!" Purple exclaimed!
The moment the blue hit the wall, it suddenly became white. He gave Purple a quick wink, and Purple suddenly realized …
The room rang so loudly that people outside the living room were suddenly surprised!
"What’s the matter? !” People in the living room rushed in. I don’t know how MoEr suddenly got angry!
Everyone was shocked to see the blue forehead bleeding!
"This ….." Everyone was speechless.
Star day foam not language, glancing at blue and purple cold face out of the room.