Su Shiyuan doesn’t understand how Qin Kai and Lu Mingyang please move such a Jianghu expert. In this case, they can also ask people to help.

"Damn it! Big brother revenge! " A man with red eyes looked at Chu Lin, and a man nodded mercilessly, and the two men quickly came towards Chu Lin.
The man was just about to pout and blow poison gas at him. Chu Lin has killed him since he took the sword.
"Big Brother!" There are two men in the camp of Qin state who also stare big eyes and can’t believe their eyes.
"ah!" Accompanied by a tragic deafening pain, an arm has flown out, and the black strong man can’t afford to fall to the ground with a crash, staring at his broken arm in a daze.
Chu Lin pursed his lip and bloodthirsty eyes rolled with an unspeakable emotion. When the man was complacent, no one could see clearly, he raised his sword.
And the king of Chu has already eaten it, so much for his loss!
When he came, he heard the Emperor of Qin and Lu Mingyang talking about this king of Chu. He heard that he was the God of War of Chu, and he had not suffered defeat since the battlefield, but he had never suffered defeat in the black whirlwind for so many years.
"Ha ha you that poison is just in? They’re hopeless. "The strong black man is very arrogant when he talks wildly.
"Hand over the antidote!" Chu leaned back neatly and escaped the male offensive. It seems that this person is specially poisoned in Chu Lin’s heart.
Chu Lin immediately Bai Gang men poisoning must be this!
"Hoo!" Because of the lesson just now, Chu Lin was not too close to the man. Even so, the man suddenly breathed a sigh of relief toward Chu Lin like just now, which was very smoky and black.
Even so, it’s amazing that men can move quickly in a short time.
Su Shiyuan’s mind is full of men. It seems that his flying skill must be very high at this time. He didn’t necessarily lurk in after the war, but he must have stayed when they defeated Qin to clean up the mess.
What surprised Su Shiyuan was that he didn’t take a decent weapon at the root of his hand. From a distance, he was almost unarmed. Although this is the case, the more it is, the more reassuring it is.
"This little white face is really stubborn. I’ll give him some color first!" The black strong man looked at his companions around him, and the same horse belly was running rapidly towards Chu Lin’s side.
"It’s not too early!" Chu Lin couldn’t see anger or happiness. He clenched his sword in his hand and poured into the two armies with a horse belly.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, Chu Lin Chu Lin you are not a god of war? I will let you taste this defeat today! " The man who just lurked into their camp has been riding a horse. Qin Jun looks dark and burly.
"Back to the general, I think we are poisoned!" Many soldiers are child.when Chu Lin glanced at Su Shiyuan a heart.
"What’s the matter with you?" A general in the camp also panicked. It’s urgent enough ahead. What’s wrong with them?
"ah!" Just as the two men were looking for the figure of the man, most of the soldiers in the camp fell down in pain.
Su Shiyuan didn’t talk, but narrowed his eyes and looked around carefully. Fortunately, they just held their breath, otherwise it would have been bad. They ambushed.
"No wonder there are spies inside!" Chu Lin suddenly realized Yuan Zhi’s carelessness! I should have checked the details of those Qin Guobing long ago, and it wouldn’t be like this.
Two people just to react Chu Lin stretched out his hand to pull his side female sword will stab in the past, but the male instantaneous disappeared, just everything is as wonderful as illusion, but also scary.
"Chu Lin!" At the same time, from the front, Su Shiyuan and Chu Lin suddenly raised their heads to see a man in his camp with a small bamboo tube in his mouth, which blew very quickly towards the two men.
When Chu Lin recognized her early, she had already understood that she was thinking of getting a wife, so what else could she ask for?
Su Shiyuan nodded. She admitted that she was very clingy now, but staying in the mansion was really worrying. There were people in Chu’s neighborhood, but even he didn’t find out the details of Ouyang Na. The more she thought about it, the less she had a shop.
"For a while, you must be careful to stay behind like this." The two armies quickly fought together. Chu Lin looked at the tragic situation in front and told them.
Su Shiyuan felt that the cold wind was rushing, so he just shut up and didn’t talk. The two men arrived at the barracks as soon as possible, and quickly ordered 500,000 military forces to fight!
Run slowly ahead, military emergency run fast, the cold wind blows harder and harder, and it’s even colder!
"I don’t care if I want my little heart." Chu Lin smiled, and the cold wind kept blowing my cheeks, which made people feel like a dagger against their cheeks.
"You never know that someone will say this when you are in the limelight." Su Shiyuan breathed a sigh of relief. She was nervous in her heart, but she was afraid that Chu Lin was too nervous to make a joke.
Chu Lin was really choked by this sentence and coughed several times. "Little bad guys dare to say anything."