I’ll wait for you at the end

"Master, what’s wrong with you? You look terrible-"Hao son worried that Dihuang Junyi turned around and his pet Hao son followed the emperor Junyi.
"The master seems to be ill." The little lion also remembers to keep spinning. "By the way, can the master absorb this spar left by Ah Jing?"
Hao son holding a little lion to spar jump in front of the emperor.
Huang Junyi’s lip angle struggled to hold the fine sweat on his forehead, and he could no longer restrain himself from rolling down his cheeks.
It must be closed as soon as possible!
"Master …"
"Master, how are you!"
Xiao Shi and Hao Er are in a rash with anxiety.
The little lion rushed to smash the door of the Fairy Ghost Valley, but the door was closed and it was impossible to hit the root.
"Woo hoo-"
He shouted at the gate.
Ziyun proudly seemed to hear the sound, suddenly stopped, turned around and returned to the original place.
Hao Er said, "Little lion, take your master to An place quickly!"
The little lion hung his head and nodded, looked at the door, and quickly ran to entrust Huang Junyi to his back and guide Hao Er to run all the way.
Hao Er’s expression is quite dignified. She remembers that the second master was in poor health when he was promoted. He once fell into a coma, but even if he was in a coma again, he was still so painful that he was so heartbroken that he cried.
But this time what seems to be more terrible than the last time!
The master is not advanced. What will happen? ?
Don’t …
Is it a proud son?
Hao Er was in a trance for a moment, and his master was so stupid that others refused to let her know that they had suffered so much.
It may not be so painful for me to suffer this punishment, but it will be doubled for others to suffer. Chapter 599 It takes more effort to get rid of my mother.
It must be because the master knows that Aoer still has something to do that he doesn’t want her to be stumped by punishment …
But what should I do? If I think like this, I feel that my master is so stupid that I feel sorry for him …
"Little lion, let his master go quickly. I’ll heal him first."
But he wasn’t hurt …
Haoer was so anxious that she almost cried.
Huang Junyi suddenly reached out and gently rubbed her white hair. "Hao son, don’t worry, I will be fine when I have a good rest …"
Hao’s eye pupil suddenly widened and finally remained.
Without a master, Hao Er and Xiao Shi will accompany you wherever you go.
As if a long arrow had plunged into his heart.