But grandpa A heard that exotic animals like to eat fresh and juicy weeds, and they usually choose places with dense vegetation and abundant water. They decided to look for more uninhabited valleys with abundant grass and water to see if they could find any traces of exotic animals.

There are many mountains and valleys near Sizhai, but A Du has been to several nearby valleys to make sure there is no strange animal house. They decided to look for it in the farther valley.
Rao is a local, but the two of them still found a valley with great difficulty.
The location of this valley is very clever. It is located in several big valleys, surrounded by mountains. The valley is rich in vegetation, full of flowers, and there is a natural stream winding through the south of the valley. What is even more amazing is that there is a natural hot spring just west of the valley. The whole valley seems to have its own world climate, and it is completely different outside. Everyone feels very comfortable in it.
However, several big valleys around Alai have been here for several times, and he has never found anything here. When he saw this valley, he also looked surprised. Obviously, he didn’t expect that there was still a place with such a beautiful environment hidden here.
When Junyang looked at this valley, he had a hunch that there must be strange beasts they were looking for here.
After entering the valley, Junyang and Ah are more cautious. First, they are afraid of disturbing the valley. Second, although the valley is beautiful, it may also hide a crisis.
Two people walk carefully in the forest and pay attention to their surroundings as they walk.
Since I met a poisonous snake in the forest with Shen Qiqi and Sa, O is also very careful. When I see the dense grass, I will first pick up the branches and poke them to make sure that there are no inanimate objects before I walk over.
Jun Yang saw him so carefully and looked at him strangely for several times.
"Brother Jun, don’t you know that Sa and I went into the mountains to collect herbs because we accidentally met a green-spotted snake. At that time, Sa was almost bitten. Fortunately, Dr. Shen’s reaction was fast or Sa would have died."
O think of the scene that day, think of Sa’s white face at that time and still feel distressed today.
Jun Yang heard what he said, but his face sank.
This matter Shen Qiqi never said to him.
I knew she was afraid to tell him because she was worried about him, but now I’m listening to Ah talking about imagining the scene at that time, and Jun Yang felt a burst of love.
According to Ah, that should be the day when they went into the mountains to collect herbs. On the day when he first arrived at Sizhai, Shen Qiqi fainted because of his weakness. He was pregnant. How could he think that there was such a thing?
At the thought that she was pregnant and had to run around and face such danger, Jun Yang felt guilty like sea water. Chapter 44 For a pair of green eyes,
A looked at Junyang’s gloomy face and said nothing. He couldn’t help but ask, "Brother Jun Jun, did I say something wrong?"
"No" Jun Yang adjusted his mood "Let’s go"
He is eager to find Qiqi beast quickly, catch Qiqi beast quickly and return to Shen Qiqi quickly.
It wasn’t long before we parted, but he missed her so much.
They walked about two or three kilometers before finally reaching the center of the valley.
The center of the valley is a wide and flat land, where many lush and tender weeds grow, and many wild animals graze leisurely, but Jun Yang and A are hard to find their figure.
The two men agreed to find a hidden place nearby to rest and see if they could wait until the strange beast appeared.
After having a rest and eating something, the sun grew bigger and bigger, but there was still no strange beast.
And the grassland is grazing except rabbits, and other animals have already hid in the Woods.
"Brother Jun, do you think there are no exotic animals here?"
O irrepressible lower their voices quietly asked
"Wait a little longer"
Junyang is still staring at a place. He has just carefully observed the grass in this place, which is particularly dense, but no animal dares to eat it, and he also finds that when these animals pass through this grass, they are all careful and some simply detour.
If I’m not mistaken, this should be the exclusive territory of Qiqi beast.
It seems that Qiqi beast should be the overlord of this valley.
Although Ah didn’t realize this, Junyang can easily think that it is not difficult for him to dominate this valley with the spirit beast Qiqi beast.
This discovery also made him more sure that there were strange beasts in this valley.