After all, many things are known in advance, and with psychological preparation, there are many speculations and doubts about what will affect muscle reaction, which is not conducive to bone setting and wound treatment

In the dark world of past lives, I don’t know how many patients with this kind of fracture can have a tragic baby with a little fight.
Don’t say that the second layer can make the function of high-power magnifying glass clear, but it’s not the ability. Dong Yuling’s experience is more than rich, and Lin Dayong can handle this problem neatly.
There is no way to practice mobile phones in previous lives. She has accumulated more experience in this field than ordinary bonesetting masters can match.
"So … how long will it hurt?" Rui Lin was shocked by Dad’s screams, which was also distressing.
Now Lin Dayong is like fishing out of the water, so he broke out in a sweat, just changed his clothes, and the quilt cover was soaked.
This shows how painful it was just now.
Just a few breaths is like passing several generations.
"After it has been connected, you need to take good care of it. I am now giving uncle a good medicine. Sister Rui Lin, you should change the medicine for uncle every three days after you watch it carefully!" Dong Fengling looked up at the exhausted Lin Dayong, who seemed to be still in pain just now, and even his muscles trembled unconsciously.
"Good you move slowly" Rui Lin also regardless of his skirt is dirty and wet hurriedly to the bedside unblinkingly staring at Dong Wei clever.
"You can’t take a bath for seven days, so you can wipe it a little." Dong Yuling saw that Lin Dayong was in a semi-coma and it was painful and tiring, so he confessed while taking medicine.
"After seven days, you can’t get your legs wet, and you can’t get out of bed for a month, or you will be in trouble if you don’t recover well." It is also an ancient herbal medicine with good efficacy. If modern times add her strength to help, she can’t recover so quickly, but now she doesn’t even have to consume strength.
"After a month, you can walk a little in bed, but it can’t be too long to see the recovery situation and then talk about him." Dong Yuling didn’t rest his mouth and didn’t stop listening. Webster and Rui Lin nodded like garlic
"Remember to come to my house and get it later when the medicine is finished. My side is that you can go to Li Langzhong to get the medicine. If it is not neat, I suggest going to Qingtian Baiyun yiguang and not going to yiguang with no credibility."
Dong Yuling’s words are somewhat unfair to Lily Hall. How can it be that the capital can take root and be famous in some way without credibility?
However, Lily Hall is more concerned with treating people and treating diseases according to identity medicine. Plus, the sitting doctor is getting old and dying, and he is also eager to let his disciples learn more, so the ordinary people are in trouble and secretly suffer big losses without knowing it.
Although there is no therapeutic effect yet, both Wei Shi and Rui Lin have hope for Dong Yuling’s gratitude.
If Lin Dayong can get up, the Lins will be fine.
Dong Yuling and Yun Shihao returned home abnormally, but the screams of Dayong, who lived in the dense forest in the village, certainly failed to escape others’ ears. At that time, they speculated that Lin Dayong was venting. Is it decadent? Are you giving up on yourself? How are Wei Shi and several children going to spend their days?
Although the latter statement is a bit outrageous and ironic, Lin Jiahe Dong Jia didn’t say anything, and Lin Dayong was ordered to lie in bed for a month and outsiders couldn’t see it, so he didn’t know that Lin Dayong’s legs were improving at an alarming rate after being sentenced to death.
After treating Lin Dayong, Dong Yuling continued to live her own life and accumulated a lot of prey, so she went to ask about the Taoxiang Building and the Flavor Building. Every day, she waited for her to appear naturally, and it was better to give money than to be frank.
The money earned in the past six months, plus Yun embroidery, has left almost 1,200 pieces of land and bamboo forest behind the house.
It seems that many of them are enough for ordinary people to live for a generation, but they are not enough for Dong Yuling’s plan.
After thinking about it, I waited for no one. Dong Yuling finally gave up the idea of eating a big fat bite and decided to take silver step by step.
She can build a house and raise a house, so she can build it first, and then repair the rest when she earns it, so that when the construction is completed, her fame and reputation will come out, and she is not afraid of the cold shoulder.
Of course, Dong Yuling never thought about not making money when she was cold. Look at the excitement of the lotus pond in previous years and you will know that it makes no sense. She has paid more attention to it than before. She regrets that she didn’t have to play. 49 Chapter 49 Tucao Name
On this night, Feng Li, the village chief, appeared again. Dong Jia came to deliver the title deed of a few acres of land just bought by Dong Yuling.
"It’s rare for someone in Butterfly Village to buy so many wasteland. The sandy land near the lotus pond can’t produce anything. Besides, it’s a bit tight for you to buy these acres of equal and medium land at the land price. What do you want to do, Xiaoling?" Don’t blame you, Uncle Village Chief, for "You buy it once, I advise you once, but you don’t hear it …"
Before buying wasteland and sand, it’s okay to belong to the main price, and it’s not expensive, but buying nearly ten acres of land in the past two days can make people look hard and it’s taken.
Dong Fengling consulted with him, and bought the ten acres at the price of fertile land, and also compensated the villagers for the losses just planted in their fields. In the eyes of the villagers, this child has become a sucker.
After getting the money, people can buy a better piece of silver, which is more than enough. Many people in the village have come to ask him if Dong Yuling has bought land or not. This is all calculated!
"Don’t worry, uncle village head, I thank you for coming. Where can I blame you? I won’t lose these places in my own place. "Dong Yuling smiled gently and put away the red deed first.
I want to buy these ten acres and other places because of her lotus pond and the sand she bought across these ten acres. Buying them now is equivalent to completely connecting the bamboo lotus pond behind her house. In this respect, she does things.
"Gee …" Feng Li couldn’t figure out what Dong Yuling was going to do. She looked at Yunshi and it turned out that she really didn’t care about her daughter.
After a few days, all farm work is almost gone, and there is still a period of time before the Spring Festival, which is the most leisure time.
Generally, if you have a hard-working family, you will want to go to the city to find short-term workers to do this. During the Spring Festival, shops still need such temporary manpower.
Dong Yuling saw this opportunity and once again found the cousin Lin Hunting who helped her build a house. He directly told her his thoughts in detail and she could be a shopkeeper of cutting and didn’t even worry about recruiting.
The only thing that Dong Yuling needs to do is to hire someone at home. When the lotus pond is built, someone will definitely have to maintain and manage it.
After thinking about it, Dong Yuling decided to "buy people" and was more at ease, even if he asked long-term workers to be afraid in the name, it was not reliable.
Therefore, in addition to going to see the progress every day, Dong Yuling also paid some attention to finding a buyer.
Come on, Dong Yuling will also take a small night to visit Yunqi Mountain. If he finds any good plants, he will be ready to transplant them home. Anyway, the site is wide and needs a lot of vegetation to decorate it.
The whole project is contracted to the Lins’ cousin, and even the food is handled by his own family. Eating is good and eating is bad with Dong Gu.
This kind of project is already a very important event for Butterfly Village. Most people will repair their own houses at most. Where can they do this kind of "chatting"?
In the eyes of many people in the village, especially the older generation, Dong Yongling spent a lot of money on tidying up the lotus pond and doing some inexplicable construction, which was simply a prodigal family. It was not very pleasant to talk about this evaluation in private.
Of course, it will never be said again. After all, Dong’s doing this kind of thing makes the villagers benefit a lot. Every day, they don’t go to the city to find a job and work near home, not to mention that the salary is not low. What do you think is a good single family? They don’t care about silver themselves. What are they worrying about?
In order to build a building in the lotus pond, Dong Yuling had the lotus root dug up before, although it was considered to be mature, but it was not the best time to harvest, and at the same time, the water level was reduced to a minimum and the fish was fished out.
In the ancient peasant’s concept, the crops were harvested before they were mature, but it would be a curse to spoil the food.
Whether it’s modern or not, some very economical things simply won’t wait for it to mature, such as the top of rapeseed and pea lattice.
Therefore, it is quite normal for Dong Gu to step on the bottom line and be secretly said a few words.