For a long time, he suddenly came to his senses and pulled himself into a distance.

He doesn’t want her to despise him. Don’t be a villain!
His face changed again and again because of excessive tension.
He is so close to her but seems to be thousands of miles away from Chung Shan Man.
Liancheng slept like a log, and she didn’t know how long she had slept until she opened her eyes. What she had to do immediately was to leave Yongcheng and catch the spirit moon.
On the side, the hand moved gently, and she held her breath for a moment, and then she heard a muffled sound with a flick of her fingers.
After about a cup of tea, she slowly opened her eyes.
Sat up and looked around and found that Lu Suiyun had obviously fallen into a coma.
Looking away to the door, she saw the cold floor tiles lying on her side. After a sigh of relief, she quickly got up, picked up her bag and went to the door.
It’s not dawn yet, so she has to hurry and lie down in bed!
At the gate, she looked back at the house and thought, "I’m sorry! I am sexual! " Finally, my eyes moved and scattered the washing utensils. "I will come back safely!" She turned her head and was about to step on the steps when she saw that she was staring at her shoulder bag not far from the shadow.
"Second young lady, where are you going?"
From the shadow, my eyes are full of confusion.
"I have something to do. When the war is over, you and Miss Xiao call snow and jade to return to Beijing with the army." Liancheng didn’t answer her question, but told her to step towards the gate of the courtyard.
From the shadow behind her, "the handmaiden said that the handmaiden will be there where Miss Er is!"
"If you recognize me as the Lord, don’t follow me!" Liancheng also don’t back to light out a flying instantaneous out of sight.
She didn’t listen to what she said, but she became angry when she flew out of the yard.
Wuzhen is located in the east of Tongcheng, which is bordered by Tawa Desert, that is to say, if you leave the west gate of Tongcheng, you will see an international desert.
Liancheng left Yongcheng day and night, and now on the way to Wuzhen, the moonlight is quiet and uneven, and there is hardly a figure on the road.
Her flying skill is excellent, so she has not been chased by the film so far.
Abrupt a crashing sound from hundreds of meters ahead in her ear.
Someone was fighting?
Deep skill
Listen to Liancheng and conclude that both of them are good at fighting ahead.
Who are they in the middle of nowhere? Actually freaky and ruthless to outdo each other.
Rushing forward, Liancheng hid in a leafy tree beside the road. Through the silver moon, she looked at the two people who were fighting.
Beside the road is a spacious river, and there is a modest cargo ship floating on the surface of the river. The two men are fighting with each other.
Besides the two of them, there were others on board, but those people were stagger and dead in a pool of blood.
And fighting two people, one person, tall and straight, handsome and full of eyes, cruel and murderous, seems to be possessed?
The other is a strong man with a beard and anger in his eyes.
"You and I have a grudge to raid my merchant ship and kill my crew and servants?"
"I want to kill someone!"
"Then I will kill you now to avenge them!"
"Do you have that?"
"You will know when you die!"
Collateral male pushing while malicious way
He met young men, and his eyes were cold, gloomy and horrible, and he was crazy
If he doesn’t change, if it’s not this cover-up, the mono will tell who he is.
Ghost is ghost to him.
He can change his body size and shape at will through strange bone reduction surgery, and it is difficult to be recognized by people by adding easy surgery.
Liancheng concluded that it was true that he was really possessed.
In the final analysis, what he will be possessed is still from Huangfuyi’s hand.
He was seriously injured by Huangfuyi that night when he kissed Wangfu with blood.
Trauma is easy to cure, but it is extremely difficult to recover, and he is too conceited. It is definitely not a problem to think about repairing the injury with his martial arts for a short time, and he is bent on helping the mastermind to achieve great things. Last night, when he was breathing again, he was accidentally possessed.