"You can go," Huang Junyi said faintly when he saw the wood waiting for reduction. "The wood is still waiting for you."

"I don’t want to leave," Wood said in the previous step
"It’s not exactly what you want if you let me go." Bender said proudly, "I’m still here for you to watch me live more than anyone else."
Huang Jun Yi Nai smiled and he really appreciated this girl "quasi …"
What a straightforward girl, but he is also an unexpected package. Ziyun proudly smiled gently-this person must be very warm, too, right?
Wandering around Ziyun Aoyuan, my foot wound healed surprisingly quickly and I didn’t feel any pain at all. Of course, this is thanks to the wonderful medicine of Junya Shendan.
It’s almost full moon.
Ziyun ao’s lips smiled softly so fast, but she didn’t feel it at all.
I seem to have loved life here.
What a luxurious word
"What are you doing here?"
"Huang Junyi" Ziyun proudly looked back and saw Huang Junyi coming towards him and waved to him. "Can you take me to the sky?"
Huang Junyi moved his fingers and didn’t want to show anything in front of her. There should be some time before the full moon, so he said to Ziyun proudly, "No, but I can take you to the roof."
Two people climb the roof.
Sit left and right.
If only time could stop here.
Ziyun proudly looked at Huang Junyi, only to find that he was looking at the sky.
"Hey, what’s the matter with you?" Ziyun ao wanted to stretch out his hand to pat him, but he didn’t touch him, not for fear of death, but for fear that he would dodge.
Does he like himself? What does it matter? I wish I could still see this person, see this face and feel this kind
It’s like evil hasn’t died yet, like time hasn’t disappeared, like everything has gone back to the past …
Even better than before
Huang Junyi came to his senses and shook his head instead of telling Ziyun that he would poison every full moon. "Nothing feels that watching the stars on the roof is quite special."
"What’s so special about this? Show you something more amazing. Chapter 91 will be animated.
Ziyun proudly took out a small one, which was made by cutting her rice paper into many pieces. Fortunately, her brush was good, otherwise it was really enough to write some calligraphy and painting in ancient times.
"What is this?" Huang Junyi asked
"Now open your eyes for me to see clearly," said Ziyun proudly, flipping her quickly and jumping to many, many pictures, feeling as if the picture were moving.
"The man in this painting can fly" Huang Junyi obviously hasn’t seen it before, but he still feels very novel. "Come again and show it to the king again."
"Well, watch this." Ziyun proudly flipped the characters in the small painting again, which really seemed to fly to the sky a little bit.
I’m tired of seeing too much real flying, but it’s really creative that the people in the painting can fly.
Both of them laughed too much and did not find Junya coming, nor did they find that he stopped when he walked not far away. He saw that they wanted to get close, but they could not get close.
Seeing the moon, they
Junya turned around and tried to pretend that he didn’t see anything. He walked forward quickly, but their laughter still entered his ears.
His footsteps are getting faster and faster, but the sound keeps echoing …
Look, look, look, it’s flying, it’s flying.
Ha ha … interesting. Let’s do it again.
Don’t want to hear it!
Branches shake and leaves fly …
Firm but gentle rise
Gorgeous love belonging to others has become a catalyst for his heart to rot.
If the love between Ziyun Ao and Huang Junyi is as gorgeous as cherry blossoms, then Junya is like the cherry blossom tree at the moment. How many bodies will be as enchanting as his feet rot, and how his heart will be destroyed, the more charming he will laugh.
I didn’t understand it at that time. It was too late to understand it …
"Good idea," said Huang Junyi.
"This one can’t be done in animation just by moving what you want," Ziyun proudly said, giving him the small one. "Then this one is for you."