As soon as Cheng Dongyang looked back, he saw Dong Dong’s face smiling and then looked at the two old people laughing with dolls. His eyes were all together, and his heart tightened. He found that he seemed to have missed a lot of things.

No one cares about him at breakfast. The old man and the old lady seem to have winter and winter in their eyes.
The old man ate eggs and said to Dongdong, "Dongdong, I’m telling you, it’s better to fry the eggs tender, so Xiaomei is not a bad cook."
"Grandpa, we have to eat less eggs, especially fried eggs." Pay special attention to oil in winter and winter. Old people can’t eat greasy things.
Yuanyuan smiled jokingly, "Grandpa, you didn’t shoot the right place."
"Bad girl!" The old man’s face is glaring. Master Yuanyuan has high blood pressure and cholesterol, and many things can’t be eaten before he wants to eat. Who can persuade him? There are also winter and winter that have stopped him. She won’t let him eat anything, so he really has to endure not eating.
Master is much better now, and he looks healthy.
After breakfast, he will come downstairs in winter and winter. He deliberately slowed down and finally heard the footsteps. His heart was pounding. He was waiting for his beloved woman’s heart to beat faster like an inexperienced teenager.
Dongdong really came in to see that he hadn’t changed his clothes and said, "Dongyang, didn’t you say you were going to the meeting at nine o’clock? The driver has already waited for the building, so you have to change your clothes and go! "
Instead of moving, Cheng Dongyang went to hug her and put his head on her shoulder. "Are you still angry with me in Dongdong?"
Dongdong pushed him and said, "It’s all over. Why don’t you get dressed? Can’t delay the business, can you? "
Cheng Dongyang, look at what she wants to say. Look at her. She has already taken out her ironed shirt, put away her suit, and he has to change clothes. When he undressed, she had already gone out and never looked at him again.
When he changed his clothes, he saw her holding the baby. He went over to miss Doby’s baby and said, "I will fly back to Jiangbei directly after I am busy today."
"Be careful on the road" Dongdong smiled at him and waved his hand a little "Rarity said goodbye to his father"
"Dongdong" he wanted to kiss her, but Dongdong cleverly avoided him and could not hide his disappointment. "Then I’ll go."
"Well, goodbye." Dongdong smiled at him calmly.
When he left, Dong Dong held the baby sofa and played with Rarity’s little finger.
Today is the weekend, and Yuanyuan has no class. Now she is still at home. She sits beside her. "Is it really appropriate for you to be so cold with your horse?" Winter and winter "
"But I can’t forgive him now." Dongdong smiled at the couple. "Don’t worry, I know it."
In winter and winter, although my mouth said that, I was still very sad. The whole family was also confused all day until Cheng Dongyang called in the evening.
She looked at Cheng Dongyang’s words and hesitated for a while or answered them.
"Dong Dong" Cheng Dongyang’s voice is full of fatigue. "Can you come out?"
"What did you say?" Dong Dong didn’t understand what he meant. What did he mean when he said it? She didn’t see him in the courtyard at the moment.
"I’m flying outside my community at nine o’clock in the evening, so I want to see you. Can you come out?" Cheng Dongyang said, somewhat pleading.
Dong Dong’s mind moved. "Why don’t you come in?"
"My horse is leaving, so I won’t go in. Will you come out in winter?" Cheng Dongyang pleaded softly.
Dongdong found that her heart was still soft. She asked her aunt and grandmother to look after the children and take a coat. When she left the community, she saw a car parked in front of her in Dongyang. Dongdong saw that he looked wrong. "I don’t want to drive. Aren’t you a horse leaving?" It’s getting late now. Go to the airport early! "
"Car first? Dong Dong, let’s talk about "Cheng Dongyang is still very persistent.
Dong Dong sighed or got off the bus.
Cheng Dongyang gave her a good car door, and then drove a car from the other side. He held Dongdong in his arms and kissed him.
Dongdong refused to show his hand to his chest. "Is that what you want to talk to me about? Do you think our problem can be solved by kissing a bed? "
"Why do you think you have become so difficult?" Cheng Dongyang sighed.
Dongdong sneered and didn’t want to talk to him. He pushed the door and asked for a car.
Cheng Dongyang busy took her to buckle her arms "Dongdong, you really misunderstood me. It’s not what you think."
"I don’t know what you said?" Dongdong, he held the light to ask
"That flower zhi is not what you think!" He saw Dongdong looking at him with big eyes. He slowly explained, "Do you think carefully about whether there is a deputy Z-named flower in the current political situation?"
What do you mean, winter is still not white? Look at him doubtfully.
"Grandpa Hua Zhi is now a member of the Standing Committee of the Central Committee. Hua Zhi lived abroad with her mother for several years and didn’t come back until the beginning of this year. Their hometown is Jiangbei Hua Lao, who called me to arrange a position for Hua Zhi to take care of her more. I left and thought about it. This little girl just set sail and transferred to the provincial party committee without the world, so let her be my secret." Cheng Dongyang explained.
"How could Grandpa not know?" Dongdong doesn’t quite believe it, and this feeling is even more uncomfortable. "And since that little girl has such an identity to come to Beijing, why is she still staying in that hostel?"
"She doesn’t want others to know her identity. Besides, you also asked her about the tight security in and out of the hostel. What do you think this is? If you tell grandpa about her name, grandpa must know, "said Cheng Dongyang.
"It can be seen that you take care of others and take good care of them. If I send me a text message, you can not return to others to send you meals, wash your clothes, do this and do this for you. Do you enjoy special comfort there?" Dongdong was always unhappy in her heart. The most important thing was that she felt that Hua Zhi had an unusual feeling for Dongyang.
Cheng Dongyang smiled to hug her arms and laughed. "I didn’t know you could be so jealous. Did you see my message? Will I be so polite when I reply to your text messages? I swear to you, I really haven’t moved my mind at all, okay? Are there still few beautiful girls around me? If I couldn’t help it, I couldn’t help it long ago. "
"Who knows? It’s normal for a young girl to be considerate of you. "Dongdong believes him, but he still doesn’t want to forgive him too soon."