The little princess said angrily, "I saw you with my own eyes and tricked me!" "

Li Yunyue didn’t explain because he didn’t think he had anything to explain. He looked at her and took a sip.
He didn’t joke with Zhou Jinyu. I really feel that Kannika nimtragol is a little annoyed. He doesn’t know Zhou Jinyu well. What’s there to joke about?
The little princess felt guilty and short of breath again when she saw him like this!
He didn’t explain?
How could he not explain! Every time my mother is annoyed with my father, I don’t know how much to smile with, but it’s not an explanation! Brother Xu is really-
Just when the little princess couldn’t say anything, Li Yunyue finally opened her mouth again with three words "I didn’t"
The little princess was speechless at the moment.
Turn away with a snort.
His words are plain and simple, but there is no doubt that the little princess’s spirit has almost disappeared, but she feels a little unreasonable-of course, she will never admit it!
"Wood!" She stamped her foot and said angrily, "You can’t coax me!"
Li Yunyue "… can"
The little princess was stunned, but she heard him say, "How to coax?"
"…" The little princess opened her mouth and stare big eyes. Well ….. How does she know?
"You are not allowed to talk to my third cousin again!" Suppressed half ring little infanta come up to that.
"Good" Li Yunyue promised without thinking.
He is not interested in taking a reason for Zhou Jinyu, but because she is a cousin of Kannika nimtragol, it is at Kannika nimtragol’s house again, and he can’t refuse anything she says, that’s all.
Since kannika nimtragol asked so, of course he can’t wait! And of course.
"really?" The little princess felt more comfortable.
"Well" Li Yunyue point 159 Chapter 159 Jealousy 7
The little princess stared at him with big eyes for half a ring and finally "giggled" and smiled. "Never talk to her again! Don’t help her if she asks you to help! "
"Then let’s go to dinner. My stomach is good in hungry oh!" The little princess crossed her mind and took Li Yunyue’s hand and went all the way talking and laughing.
At lunchtime, when they returned to the hall, Zuo Hanfei, Zhang Xian, Zhou Jinyu and others also arrived to find their mothers talking.
Even the groom, the governor of fangzhou zhengwu army doudufu, and others were joking. As soon as their eyes turned out of the corner of their eyes, they caught a glimpse of kannika nimtragol coming in hand and didn’t take a reason.
Anyway, in this county palace, the status of the son has now surpassed himself. Who doesn’t take him seriously? Don’t worry about yourself
The children are still young. Besides, although the infighting just now angered the little princess, the traces of the struggle were not obvious. The children really didn’t feel any individual feelings, such as Zhang Xian, Zuo Hanfei and Zhou Jinyun, and they wouldn’t yell out easily in front of adults.
It’s stupid to yell, maybe everyone will be scolded! Moreover, in the afternoon, adults are not allowed to play again because they have done more than one thing.
Therefore, the lunch was calm, and everyone forgot that little storm.
A small infanta saw Zhou Jinyu’s eyes were not good, and she looked at herself and Xu’s brother and made a face at her and spit out her tongue, which was very demonstrative.
Zhou Jinyu was caught red-handed and turned away with a snort.
Where can go to the opera children sit still in the garden at noon? After grinding patiently for a while, the little princess was the first to drag her little son-in-law into the garden, and the other children went away with joy.
Zhang Xian cuddled up to her mother.
Aside, Mrs. Liu Yushi caught a glimpse and asked Zhang Xian with a smile. She was about to say that she was a little sleepy and wanted to take a break. When she turned her eyes and saw that her brother had gone, she also got up and said with a smile, "They walked so fast, auntie, so I went!" He quickly followed.
They came to the lake clamoring for boating.
This broken jade lake in Liujun Wangfu covers a large area, with eleven or twelve acres of lake center and small islands. Pavilions and pavilions can be seen in the distance, hidden in a shade.
If weeping willows are weeping willows in spring and summer, there will be more scenery.
The boat was ready long ago, and everyone laughed and laughed, so they all panicked and followed the steward. The bitch was also busy with her life, and she followed six or seven lives. Look after the young masters carefully.
"Xu elder brother wait for us to see the cormorants catch fish, ok? I have a lot of cormorants at home! " Small infanta smile happily say
Li Yunyue naturally said yes.
Liu Zhen interjected with a smile, "Is there any waterfowl such as Yuanyang, mallard, grebes, webbed chicken, red duck, egret heron, swan, etc. that will be beautiful!"
"Of course! My mother and father love to raise these waterfowl to play with! " The little princess ourtenant immediately waved and attracted a steward Niang to order the waterfowl to get to the shallow water on the island shore.
LiuZhen clap your hands and say with smile "that’s so fun! The small princess’s house is good for everything! "
Zhou Jinyu couldn’t help but give the little princess a gentle hum.
She is also an imperial clan girl. She has been a small princess all her life. Her father has become what others call "Miss Wednesday" because she is not qualified to be honored. However, she never calls her father and mother a father and mother. Every time I hear Zhou Jinyu, I can’t help being blocked.
When she was on the boat, she deliberately passed by Li Yunyue. "Ouch!" She exclaimed that she was about to dump Li Yunyue, but she didn’t see a root and didn’t reach out to help her.
Zhou Jinyu was so angry that her liver ached.
Fortunately, everyone else is talking about fishing, playing with water and watching waterfowl with great interest, but no one pays attention to this side, and she also saves embarrassment.
But in the end, my heart is hard to understand.
As the lake falls, the laughing boats slowly walk and finally dock safely at the small pier in the middle of the lake.
Everyone laughed and jumped off the boat.
With a smile apologetically, the ship’s steward led the crowd to the Jiuqu wooden bridge, which was built in the Langkuo wooden pavilion in shallow water.
"Waterfowl cormorants can’t get to you young masters and ladies until later. Let’s sit and rest for a while! I have prepared a lot of fresh fruits and snacks just made. Try them! "
It’s famous to stay in the county palace and eat exquisitely, so everyone laughed and went over.
The little princess likes to stick to her little son-in-law, and when there are many people, she is easily attracted by the excitement.
For example, at this moment, Zhang Xian, Liu Yao and other sisters are lying on the railing of Jiuqu Bridge and taking snacks, and they are thrown into the lake bit by bit to tease and raise fish in the lake.
Koi fish, goldfish, one or two finger-sized grass carp, crucian carp and other household fish were attracted by snacks and rushed over in droves to compete for food, and some of them were squeezed out of the water by other fish. The girls looked interesting and pointed and giggled.