He is very cool when he walks in black armor and a wide cloak.

When the handmaid saw him turn out from behind the screen, she quickly saluted again, "handmaiden, meet the devil!" "
Yes, this is the seven nights of the demon king, who is famous for his fierceness and ruthlessness in the three realms.
The demon king ignored his handmaids for seven nights. He sat in a chair coldly, and the handmaid hurriedly poured fragrant tea. The demon king took a sip of fragrant tea from his handmaid for seven nights and remembered that he had just suffered a "pa" and slammed the teacup in his hand.
The teacup fell to the hard floor and almost became powder. The maid was shocked and quickly poured another cup.
A charming smile outside "who provoked our Lord so angry? Who is so bold? " With this beautiful sound, a girl in yellow lifted the curtain and came in.
The phrase "clear water gives the hibiscus a little shirt and apricot yellow" seems to be the beautiful and elegant melon face of this girl. The willow eyebrows are small and delicate, and the jade nose is red and the delicate cherry mouth is particularly noticeable. Those dark purple demon pupils like the Seven Nights show that she and the Devil Seven Nights belong to the same family and are not ordinary human beings.
A little bright red mole on a girl’s eyebrow is like a delicate little red bean. Instead of reducing the beauty of a girl by half, it is even more playful and moving.
The girl in yellow came into the room, lifted her handmaid lightly, and hurriedly retired. After seven nights, I saw the girl in yellow, and there was no expression on her face as if I hadn’t seen her.
The girl in yellow is not angry either. She walks in and sits gently on the magic prince’s face for seven nights. The beautiful voice is very euphemistic. "Brother Seven Nights failed?"
The demon king drank a cup of tea for seven nights and said coldly, "I didn’t expect that girl to be so difficult to fix the God without her. I still deal with her. Her body not only has the power of fixing the God, but also has the power of Feng Pei. Not only do I absorb her body strength, but I also wield my own magic normally." His fist slammed the hard mahogany table corner and immediately turned it into powder.
The girl in the yellow shirt smiles very pleasantly. "I didn’t expect that ordinary human girl to have so much energy to deal with my seven-night brother. If I remember correctly, my seven-night brother is close to pleasing her and will not hesitate to become a child. She is spoiled in her arms!"
The demon king’s face stretched like a drum for seven nights. The last thing he wanted to remember was that he had lost his face when he became a child. He looked down on himself, but he would do anything to get Feng Pei.
But by hook or by crook, the result is not only losing face, but also not getting Feng Pei.
What should I do?
The demon king said slowly for seven nights, "If it hadn’t been for Shura’s destruction, I might have succeeded when Lan Yuzhen didn’t notice it, but that hateful Shura smelled me."
The girl in yellow is the sister of the Devil’s Seven Nights. Zili, who looks more attractive than Hua Jiao and is thinner than Shui Rou, is a ruthless and murderous devil.
Purple from Gu Pansheng’s big eyes turned to weave shellfish-like silver teeth and gently bit his lips and said with a light smile, "It seems that I want to find a chance to meet this seven-night brother in hell. What kind of person is he?" Do you have a pair of three heads and six arms? "
Chapter 19 Shura Temple
——-Chocolate solemnly announces the debut of the first guest guest——Welcome to "ECHO Gaoxi"! She will play the role of a small shura river in Yuanxi, nicknamed "Xiaoxi". Xiaoxi looks like a lovely makeup. shota is actually the four shura in the nether world. She is pure in character and hates evil. Sometimes she takes a little trouble to fix the gods. She has deep feelings and is super-killer.
Seven nights smiled thoughtfully and said, "this shura emperor! His flesh looks like a handsome young man, and the most prominent feature is a silvery white head and dark green eyes, but I have always been surprised that his identity should be scattered with a fairly strong aura, but his aura is very weak and that girl Lan Yu is actually very strong, and the popularity of the two people is exactly the same. I can boldly assume that he has a considerable part of his spiritual strength, but Shura Shenjun can still resist the enemy by manipulating that girl’s spiritual strength. "
Purple from the eyebrows gently pick "oh? Is it because he passed on spiritual strength and strength to Lan Yuxi through Feng Pei? "
Seven-night good-looking face is covered with a faint disdain. "Yes, but maybe he doesn’t want to do that either."
Violet was curious again and continued to break the casserole and asked, "Who is better looking than the Shura God and the Seven Nights Brother?"
Seven nights thought about it and said, "It’s not a type."
Zili cocked her head and said with a smile, "I really want to see what he is like earlier?"
Seven nights said coldly, "Hum, he is a dangerous hunter. Be careful not to kill his paw."
Purple from the pie mouth "over the years, I have killed tens of millions of girls is not a vegetarian"
Seven nights nodded. "Brother, I woke you up. What I am most concerned about now is how to get Feng Pei and get the strongest power to shine the magic gang to rule the world, but that girl is really tough. It is difficult for me to fight against her and Feng Pei."
Violet from covering your mouth smiled "seven nights elder brother so clever people when to become a fool? There are three ways we can take. First, we can rob Fengpei directly, but this seems difficult. Second, Niang once said that if you combine with the owner of Fengpei, you can take the owner’s power of Fengpei as your own, so that you can be even more powerful; Third, we found the dragon? After containing Feng Pei’s strength, we can achieve our goal. "
Seven nights thoughtfully "dragon? It is said that even if there is a real scattering place, it is really unknown. "
Purple from lightly smiled and said, "now that Feng Pei has appeared, there must be a dragon? We also want to look for it, but now, Brother Seven Nights, you can also exert your charm to make that little girl named Lan Yuxi love you. If you can combine … then everything will be much simpler. "
The demon king’s face turned a little red for seven nights and soon returned to normal. "That girl has a pure heart and no heart, but it is a trouble for her to often follow the Shura Emperor."
Purple from laughs cuttlefish disorderly fibrillation "seven nights elder brother we division of labor, such as? I’ll take care of that shura deity! "