"Did you bring her here for a sex change?" Dragon Sunseeker Bo looked on the sofa and sat opposite his good brother.

"Why can’t I come?" Yan Yan Che picked up the table coffee and took a sip of it.
"It’s not that I’m surprised that I know you for half a year. Will you never let her step out of the house or … I don’t know you well enough?" Dragon sunseeker bo said with a smile
Yan Yanche looked up at him. "Your little princess is very powerful."
Chapter 115 What are you afraid of? Ten days later, you are still a rice ball!
"Baby (Xier)?" Dragon Sunseeker Bo and Dragon Sunseeker Xuan looked at each other puzzled.
"What about her?"
"She taught Rolling how to please me," Yan Yan said lazily, toying with her finger leopard ring.
Dragon sunseeker bo picked the knife-shaped eyebrows "please you? For example? "
"For example, licking, sucking, sucking and biting" is a natural gesture with a thin lip and a slight hook.
The twins looked at him with black lines on their faces, so the ambiguous verb can’t be … Oh, my God, where on earth did this dead girl know these things?
"Don’t think about it when I say it’s mouth," Yan Yan corrected me with a smile.
"Bastard!" Twins happen to coincide with each other to curse.
"This is the’ talent’ that you have brought up. It seems that you usually live a very’ moist’ life." Yan Yan chuckled
The twins looked at each other and sighed. They couldn’t say how bitter they were.
In the kitchen.
"Did you steal the rolling passport?" Dragon sunseeker treasure asked little
"I stole it, but baby, do we really have to do this?" Yuan Gungun took out his passport from his bag and handed it to her.
"Don’t hesitate, believe me, the black devil will be gentle with you this time." Long Xibao took her passport and touched her head.
"But what if he punishes me instead of being gentle with me?" Yuan Gungun couldn’t help shaking at the thought of this possibility.
"Come on, even if it’s such a big deal, you’re still a rice ball ten days later. What are you afraid of? Are you usually abused less? But think about it. If you escape this time, you will be liberated the day after tomorrow. Maybe you will have a chance to’ turn over and attack’. Even if you can’t arouse his conscience, you will go out and play once, right? " Dragon sunseeker treasure is well-organized and analyzed.
Yuan Gungun wanted to think and nodded slightly.
"Listen to me right." Dragon Sunseeker Bao pinched her lovely cheek and turned to take out a pack of things from the cupboard.
"What is this?" Yuan Gungun asked curiously.
"This is something that makes them fall asleep after eating," Long Xibao replied vaguely.
"Do you want to put food in it for them?" Yuan Gungun stare big eyes.
"Yeah, how can we escape if they are not asleep?" Dragon sunseeker gave her a white treasure.
"But the nose is very clever. He can smell it." Yuan Gungun was awake.
Yeah, I forgot he was not normal. What should I do? Forget it. Let’s have a second plan.
"Listen to me, the faster you move, the smaller the movement, the better. When we go out from the back door of the kitchen, the horse will run outside and there will be a taxi driver. When we arrive, we will go straight to the airport and have a chance, okay?" Dragon Sunseeker Bao said seriously that she bet on God’s side.
"Well" Yuan Gungun nodded nervously.
Dragon Sunseeker Bao soothed and patted her head, took out a piece of paper from her pocket, pressed the table cup, checked her body, took a deep breath and whispered, "Let’s go."
"What is this note?" Yuan Gungun looked at her puzzled.
"This is to leave a message for them. Let’s go." Dragon Sunseeker Bao softly entered the door password and put his finger on the machine surface. After a while, the back door automatically hit her and took Yuan Gungun and ran out quickly.
"Then where are we going? Baby "yuan rolling while running quiz.
Dragon Sunseeker Bao reveals a naughty smile and gently opens his lips "LasVegas…… …"
An hour later.
"What’s the matter? Why don’t you come out? " Long Xibo felt something strange.
Dragon Sunseeker Xuan frowned and walked quickly into the kitchen. He saw a single room and a lonely note. Damn it, he knew it …
And two handsome guys followed by wait for a while watched all this.
Yan Yanche picked up the note on the table, and there was a storm coming in his purple eyes.
(Dear Brother Xuan, Brother Bo and Brother Che, based on your long-term oppression, I decided to go wandering with cuteness. Brother Bo, do you remember that I have already protected you? Since I can protect you, it’s certainly not a problem to protect myself and roll. Don’t worry. By the way, I took a sum of money from the black card you gave me and bought two air tickets. On behalf of roll and myself, I would like to thank you very much, but if you want to check my credit card records, I think it’s unlikely because I have After taking a little money, I went to another card with Rolling Wandering Classic, and the name of the card was I went to the black market to buy a new identity. Well, that’s all. We are independent people and don’t belong to anyone, and we don’t want to abuse or scold our pets. Don’t blame me. If you can change your overbearing and selfish ideas, come to us. If you can’t, let us go … By the way, Brother Che, don’t worry. Don’t worry, believe me, that’s it.
After reading the note, Yan Yan gave off a kind of gas all over his body, which was called "murderous look". Seeing his perfect handsome face and expression, his pale purple eyes became more and more purple.
Dragon Sunseeker Bo took the note and read it carefully. She gnashed her teeth and said to Dragon Sunseeker Xuan, "You’re right."
Dragon Sunseeker Xuan took the note, brimming with anger, looked at it and finally took out his mobile phone.
"Feng Jie took people to search the airport inside and outside. It is not allowed to show up. After half an hour, if you can’t find Dragon Sunseeker Bao, you will order the aircraft department to stop flying and search again. Listen, if you find her, she will dare to resist and stun and bring it back."
"Yes …" Feng Jie’ professional’ replied that everyone knows what someone has done without asking.
Dragon Sunseeker Xuan pressed the end call button and looked at Yan Yan Che. "I’m sorry, Che, this matter is our dragon family’s discipline, but I promise that Gungun will come back to you unscathed."
Yan Yan Che sneered "unscathed? When she is caught by me, I want her to’ lose all her hair’! "