Su Shiyuan seems to have gone too far with a quick laugh!

Then I picked up a broom to clean the floor and washed my hands quickly, and then I continued to make dumplings. Chu Linxue also quickly made a few, and then it was decent.
"Yuaner is looking for these vegetables?" Chu Lin looked slightly puzzled at the basket of vegetables on the floor.
"You will know in a moment that this may also become a special signboard of Deyuanlong!"
Su Shiyuan turned his head and smiled sweetly. There was no juicer in ancient times, but Su Shiyuan remembered that there was a garlic jar in the kitchen. Xianer washed the purple cabbage, spinach and carrots and put them in the garlic jar. Although she looked thin, she had a lot of strength and it was not difficult to pound them.
Su Shiyuan filtered the vegetable juice gauze pounded by Xianer, poured it into flour and produced various colored dough.
Seeing this, Chu Lin’s eyes are full of surprises! The delicacies in the palace are exquisite, but there is only a lack of such a mind. Looking at Tianyuan is really a strange woman.
Several people neatly wrapped the dumplings, and Xianer pushed them into the pot for a while and then put them on the plate.
The cook dumplings became crystal clear, and Su Shiyuan couldn’t help but pick up a mouthful of mellow and delicious soup, which suddenly overflow his mouth and hit that taste buds that had already been in flight.
Although it was very hot, Su Shiyuan threw the remaining half of the dumplings into his mouth, and the rosy little mouth was hot and exhaled. Su Shiyuan fanned his hands one after another.
When Su Shiyuan turned her head, she looked at the man beside her with some burning eyes. Su Shiyuan just swallowed dumplings and almost stuck it.
"Ahem, ahem" Su Shiyuan coughed a few times and felt a big hand on her back. The man gently helped her to follow the gas and then poured her a cup of tea.
"It’s okay, it’s okay to give Yuan Zhi some taste." Su Shiyuan took the teacup and was in a trance for a moment. Recently, she seemed a little dependent on him.
Chu Lin nodded XianEr immediately ran upstairs with good dumplings.
"Yuaner, is this going to make noodles?" After Su Shiyuan tasted a dumpling, he blended the two pieces of noodles left when rolling the dough just now, holding dumplings and chopsticks in his hand and feeding her bite by bite.
Whether Su Shiyuan can make a move or not comes to the net.
Soft-faced dumplings and hard-faced soup Su Shiyuan rubbed the dough repeatedly on the chopping board, which seemed to be more chewy than before.
Su Shiyuan sprinkled some dry dough with a rolling pin and rolled it into a dough. After rolling it into a dough, he simply stopped rolling it. The very thick dough was thrown into the middle of the palm by Su Shiyuan, and for a moment, a dough became as thin as paper.
Su Shiyuan neatly picked up a kitchen knife and waved it towards the middle for a moment. A large piece of dough has been cut into noodles with uniform thickness and directly fell into boiling water. At first glance, it is colorful and dazzling.
Su Shiyuan mixed the sweet noodle sauce with yellow sauce into sauce according to the proportion, and then marinated it with raw oyster sauce.
After hot oil, saute onion and ginger, add diced pork and fresh mushrooms, stir-fry over high fire, add sauce after the meat changes color, and then put it into a bowl.
Due to the busy noon, several people couldn’t get together to eat. Su Shiyuan made noodles and gave a bowl to the man next to him, then smiled.
"General Chu, please taste it!" Su Shiyuan’s words just fell and the man suddenly wiped her forehead with a handkerchief.
This handkerchief looks familiar. It seems that she gave it to him once!
"It’s delicious, but I don’t want you to be so tired." Chu Lin took a thoughtful bite and looked at her blankly.
"If I don’t come to Deyuanlong, I will stay in the house all day. It’s really interesting and really tiring. I like to do these new things and bring prosperous business to Deyuanlong. I think killing two birds with one stone." Su Shiyuan sat next to him and provoked Zhajiang Noodles to eat.
Both of them eat politely and have no sound at all.
As soon as I see you later, Chu Lin’s lips are ruddy and shiny, stained with some sauce, and I want to kiss Fang Ze’s impulse to detain the apex of my heart
Thank you 159816981 for kissing flowers, thank you for losing the President’s kissing flowers, thank you 13813876794 for kissing flowers, thank you again and again for kissing flowers, thank you Chang ‘an for kissing flowers!
Chapter 88 Qi and blood surge into the array
"I think this can also be made into steamed dumplings. Putting these dumplings with different colors in the steamer will definitely look better!" Su Shiyuan said, looking at the side of the male Chu pressure in the heart constantly surge qi and blood and then nodded.
"I’ll find two more chefs in a couple of days so that I can be busy." It’s most appropriate to dial two chefs from Chu Palace with a smile.
"good!" Su Shiyuan looked up at the window and found that it was already noon soon.
"General Chu, I have to go first. I’ll see you tomorrow." I slept late and got up late these two days, but I didn’t practice the secret martial arts that the master left me.
Recently, I have offended too many people, and I have to make myself stronger and I am about to get married. Many things are out of my control, and I don’t know the final success or failure.
"What’s wrong with Yuaner?" Looked at her in the Chu asked.
"It’s okay, I have to practice to a higher level, so I can follow the past." Su Shiyuan did not hide from him.
"Don’t worry about us in the restaurant, just meditate and practice."
"Thank you, then I’ll go first!" Su Shiyuan’s words fell to one side, washed his face and hand flour and turned to go upstairs.
"Be careful!" Chu in the reluctant to look at her back way
"I know!" Su Shiyuan has almost reached the last step. Looking back, he smiled and intoxicated.
When making dumplings and noodles, Su Shiyuan got wet because of the warm-up weather. She took out a set of men’s clothes from the floor and changed them. Then they went out of the restaurant and walked back without any delay.
"How come it’s getting dark so fast today, Princess!" Xianer tugged at Su Shiyuan’s sleeve and looked up at the dark night. I don’t know when the flowers and plants in the jungle next to it were covered with a black veil.
"No, we’ve been wandering around this place and we haven’t gone out!" Two people walked and chatted all the way, ignoring this point.
Xianer said that she had found out before, and she was thinking silently about Dharma.
"Princess, I have never heard of General Mountain before!" On weekdays, it was almost late at night before I went back, because at that time, the number of people eating in restaurants gradually decreased. Before Yuan Zhi sent them back, I didn’t feel anything. This time, people suddenly felt scared and some of them gave birth to fear from the bottom of their hearts.
The restaurant is really busy. Su Shiyuan and Xianer came out to pick mushrooms and didn’t come out in a carriage.
"No, let’s go this way every day. There’s nothing wrong! I am afraid of fraud! " Su Shiyuan decided to look around for a circle in situ, which is convenient for guests to walk. Deyuanlong Meal Chu Lin has already repaired this road, and now it is surrounded by dense forests and grass. I blame myself for being too careless.