Xu Ren’s figure did not retreat, but advanced to attack the green vine demon wolf at a faster speed.

Ow woo-
The green vine demon wolf let out a howl. For it, Xu Ren’s move was the biggest provocation.
Xu Renke doesn’t care what the Ivy League demon wolf thinks in his heart. When his figure quickly approaches the Ivy League demon wolf, the Xinghai sword cuts a sword and gets closer to the Ivy League demon wolf faster. The wolf is bigger than an ordinary ox.
The shape of the green vine demon wolf is very flexible, and Xu Renjian can’t hurt it.
Real Xu Ren doesn’t think that only a few attacks can get rid of the powerful Ivy League demon wolf. His purpose is to save Qin Tian and Lin Yan first.
At the moment, Qin Tian and Lin Yan have no counterattack force, and they can barely defend themselves and try to avoid being seriously injured. They are all too tired, and the situation is very unfavorable to them.
Xu Ren has arrived at Qin Tian and Lin Yan’s side while the green vine demon wolf flickers around.
Seeing Xu Ren coming, Qin Tian and Lin Yan got excited at once, but soon their faces turned worried again.
"Little brother’s eyes are very bad for us. Your brain is the most flexible. See how we should fight?" Qin Tian was panting, but his eyes still showed a glimmer of hope.
"You first some Dan medicine pranayama-these demon wolves are temporarily left to me to deal with." Xu Ren stood with a sword and blocked Qin Tian and Lin Yan behind him.
Chapter three hundred and twenty-two Fight side by side
After seeing Xu Ren, Qin Tian and Lin Yan felt relieved and relaxed. For many days, the arrival of Xu Ren in Fengdi’s heart represented the end of trouble. They were willing to believe that Xu Ren definitely had a way to solve the trouble.
Having Xu Ren, Qin Tian and Lin Yan is like taking a reassurance. Two people happen to coincide to put a few pills in their mouths and then exercise and adjust their breath.
Xu Ren once again released the sword array, and it was obviously safer for Qin Tian and Lin Yan to protect the sword array with ivy demon wolves all around.
In addition to the sword array, Xu Ren also condensed a lot of spiritual array symbols and integrated them into the sword array for the first time
With the help of the spirit array symbol, the sword array has become more stable, and Xu Ren is no longer distracted to take care of Qin Tian and Lin Yan.
Let Xu Ren look for opportunities. There are too many green goblin wolves around. They have to kill more to get rid of the siege of green goblin wolves.
After making up his mind, Xu Ren stepped up his attack. He targeted a weak demon wolf and rushed quickly.
The demon wolf was controlling the vine attack, only to find that Xu Ren came at it first, so he quickly gave up the original target and turned to control the vine to attack Xu Ren.
Xu Ren has learned about those vines. Although the attack power and defense power are not weak, it is difficult to change direction once the exhibition attack is launched. When facing the vine attack, Xu Ren’s figure becomes shaky, just like falling leaves in the wind, and he is not effective in avoiding the vine attack.
Although Xu Ren’s body looks like it is floating, the forward speed has not slowed down, but in the blink of an eye, he has already rushed to the front of the weaker Ivy League demon wolf.
Obviously, it doesn’t often face this situation, but it knows that when this happens, its life will be in crisis. So the ivy wolf was in a hurry and waved his sharp claws and took a picture at Xu Ren.
Xu Ren saw that the green vine demon wolf’s claws were coming to him, and he was not in a hurry to directly wave his Xinghai sword to meet him.
A muffled sound came to Xu Ren’s body, and the head of the green vine demon wolf rolled out directly.
When the green vine demon wolf gets up again, its claws have been broken by Xu Ren’s powerful strength.
It is extremely painful for the ivy demon wolf to keep growling in his mouth.
Xu Ren didn’t hesitate to single-handedly figure like a left arrow and rushed toward the injured ivy demon wolf.
The green vine demon wolf tried to fight back, but the wolf’s claw fracture made it slow down for a few minutes, and at this time, the green vine demon wolf was still a certain distance away from it and would not come to the rescue.
So the wounded green vine demon wolf can watch Xu Ren’s sword stab into his body and then lose consciousness forever.
Xu Ren withdrew his sword and put away the demon wolf’s body, by the way.
With the experience of Xuanji’s secret realm, Xu Renke dare not let the scent of the demon wolf spread. In case he smells the scent of blood, his emotions get out of control or he simply goes crazy, then it will be more difficult to deal with the ivy demon wolf.
Seeing that his companion was killed, even the body disappeared, and he was a little at a loss. One demon wolf actually gave up the attack and went back several steps.
This is another opportunity for Xu Ren to take advantage of the absence of the green vine demon wolf. He quickly jumped out of his sword and stabbed the green vine demon wolf directly.
If the ivy wolf doesn’t retreat, he can still take care of it, but when it retreats, it misses the best position. Xu Ren is faster than the unexpected ivy wolf. This time, he has succeeded in retreating. The ivy wolf was directly stabbed in the skull by Xinghai sword and died on the spot.
Xu Renxian prepared the ground to collect the body of the green vine demon wolf into the ring he carried with him, and then directly retreated to the edge of the sword array.
When Xu Ren took over and killed two Sinomenine Wolves, the remaining Sinomenine Wolves were not idle. They launched a violent impact on the sword array, causing the sword array to show signs of instability.
Xu Ren, while guarding against the attack of the green vine demon wolf, condenses the spirit array to stabilize the sword array. Although distracted, it is not easy to face the eye situation, and he has no better way.
After the sword array was stabilized again, Xu Ren fought back against the green vine demon wolf, but this time it was not as smooth as before to kill the green vine demon wolf.
Demons and wolves come to be good at cooperating with each other. Whether hunting or facing the enemy, they will all advance and retreat together. They were drilled by Xu Ren for a moment, but then they all became more cautious and cooperated with each other more tacitly.
In this way, it is difficult to find a chance to kill in Xu Ren.
Demons and wolves are really clever, so are monsters, green vines and wolves. They are all very clever and good at body hunting, and they cooperate well.
However, with the passage of time, the state of Qin Tian and Lin Yan has gradually recovered.
Real Qin Tian and Lin Yanshen’s injuries are not serious. They have been besieged by the green vine demon wolf for too long. Both of them are very tired. Now, with Xu Ren, they share the attack pressure of the demon wolf and have passed through the Dan Medicine Rehabilitation Institute. Their state has recovered to July 7th.
Xu Ren also noticed the changes in the state of Qin Tian and Lin Yan. As their mental state became better and better, Xu Ren was no longer distracted, and he could free up his sword array to deal with the green vines and wolves.
Qin Tian and Lin Yan are not weak physically, and now with the help of Xu Ren, their psychology has also changed a lot, so they are more decisive when they make moves again.
Xu Ren transferred the sword array directly to the front of the demon wolf and besieged it.
Don’t look at this sword array. It’s a little precarious when it resists a group of green vine demon wolves, but it’s different when it comes to besieging a single demon wolf.
Not long after being besieged by the sword array, the green vine demon wolf could not hold on, and was directly killed by a sword of light.
After the sword array successfully killed a demon wolf, it quickly moved to the other side, and Xu Renze took the opportunity to clean up the battlefield and put the demon wolf killed by the sword array into the ring.
I have to say that it is still very good to leave the ring, and it is very convenient to collect things. When Xu Ran wants to get close to the body of the green vine demon wolf, move your mind and the body of the demon wolf will be directly collected into the ring.
Seeing the sword array kill their companions, the green vine demon wolves don’t quit. They also know that Xu Ren took control of the sword array, and they attacked Xu Renshen more often.
Xu Ren’s figure is erratic, and he keeps falling leaves to avoid the attack of the Sinomenine wolves.
At the same time, his sword array successfully killed another trapped green vine demon wolf.
Xu Ren’s sword array moved almost at the same time, and soon the sword array changed its position.
For a moment, Xu Ren succeeded in taking the green vine demon wolf killed by the sword array into the ring, and the sword array succeeded in chasing after Xu Ren, surrounded by two green vine demon wolves.
It may be difficult for Qin Tian and Lin Yan to kill the demon wolf alone, but it can take the wind if two people join hands. After Xu Ren controls the sword array and kills two ivy wolves, Qin Tianhe and Lin Yan also make achievements. Two people joined hands to successfully kill a strong ivy demon wolf.