Xu Ren smiled. He asked Li Baitian to go to Tuo could first. Of course, it was not to deliver letters. It was not just to see the attitude of Guo Zhang and the two uncles in Tuo could. He also wanted to show them the strength of san huang and Zhao Qi.

Of course, the emperor’s strength depends not only on his knowledge and martial arts, but also on his followers, the Golden Body Warrior Star Mang Dynasty, which is definitely the top of the power pyramid.
Now, the two great-uncles personally came to meet san huang and Zhao Qi, which is the best example.
"Fortunately, I don’t disgrace my life."
Li Baitian said to Xu Ren, devoting to a ceremony.
"Well, let’s have a rest first. Let’s take care of the things."
Xu Ren smiled and motioned for Li Baitian to take a rest.
Li Baitian consciously went directly to a carriage to pull goods and became a driver.
Li Baitian’s action once again surprised the two uncles. They never thought that the practitioners in the golden body would be willing to be a cargo puller for san huang.
"I’m so polite that I’m late for the ride and despise the Three Emperors’ Hall."
Although the two middle-aged people are uncle san huang Zhao Qi, they still have to obey the law of monarch and minister before san huang, and they dare not disrespect san huang.
"There is no stranger here. Two uncles are not so generous."
San huang Zhao Qiyin got out of the carriage and then Xu Ren directly helped Zhao Qi to curtain the car.
Huai Li and Huai let two people see Xu Ren take a taxi to Zhao Qi, san huang, and can’t help but be surprised because they found that Xu Ren is also a powerful fighter, which means that the other party is at least a powerful golden body fighter.
A warrior with golden body is willing to follow. It can already be said that this san huang means something extraordinary. Now there is another one. Doesn’t it mean that this san huang Zhao Qi is bound to win the throne today? Who is qualified for this san huang Zhao Qi to compete for the throne?
San huang, Zhao Qi, and Xu Ren helped the two middle-aged generals to Huai Li and Huai Let the crowd hold their hands and give a junior gift.
Huaili and Huairang, where dare the horse receive the gift? The horse quickly turned over and took san huang Zhao Qi’s hand, which is also very close
When my uncle met my nephew, his feelings were naturally related. After all, they were related by blood. It is really necessary to say how deeply Huai Li and Huai Rong felt about Zhao Qi. That may not be true. After all, when Zhao Qi was ten years old, he did not start the Mang Dynasty. Although there were letters between the two sides during this period, where did he often meet and get close?
However, Huaili and Huairang also know that although san huang and Zhao Qi have not yet announced their official return to the DPRK, it is definitely the most powerful competitor of the Emperor to be assisted by two golden fighters. If Huaijia bets, it is time to make moves. After all, although there are two golden amulets around san huang, the ordinary strength foundation is not deep, which is also the opportunity for them to make moves. They have now helped san huang, and san huang will definitely not forget Huaijia in the future.
"I hope you can come back. It’s been hard for you all these years."
Huaili and Huairang are also fine performers. They took san huang Zhao Qi’s hand and wiped their tears.
"Two uncles, don’t be sad. Isn’t this my return? Over the years, thanks to your care for your nephew, my mother knew in her heart that she had just returned to the DPRK, so she planned to go to Tuozhou first to meet her grandfather and two uncles. However, it went smoothly on the whole. "
San huang and Zhao Qi downplayed some things, but it is better not to say them than to say them when others think about them more.
Reward and Huai rang exchanged a look and met an episode. Can the episode be small? Since ancient times, there has never been a small matter in the struggle for the throne. If it weren’t for san huang and Zhao Qi, there are two powerful fighters in the golden body. It is estimated that they would have been sent to solve the problem by the royal family who are vying for the throne.
"Well, now that you’re back, come home with us first. Your grandfather is waiting for you, too. It’s inconvenient for the old man to move because he’s old, or he’ll pick you up in person."
Huaili and Huairang helped san huang to return to the carriage, and they turned to prepare to return to their horses.
However, when they turned around, they found the small demon leopard Molin in the team, and then their footsteps were another meal. If they were not calm, they would have jumped up at this time.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and fifteen Weekend
Huaili and Huairang didn’t expect that there was a powerful fighter hidden in the team. Judging from each other’s momentum, they were also better than Li Baitian.
This makes Huaili and Huairang feel even more incredible. Now they feel that the throne is 100% in san huang’s pocket.
Of course, since the three golden fighters don’t want to expose their gifts and concessions, they are also very well-advised. Although they are both great masters, the golden body of the great master is very different, so it is not a level.
Huaili and Huairang are both imperial court members, and their appearance means that they are now on the side of san huang and Zhao Qi.
Guo Zhang and Guo JIU have not been suppressed by the imperial concubine in recent years, but they still secretly attracted a lot.
It is estimated that many people will choose the side, but whether to choose san huang or his royal family depends on whether san huang can return to Beijing safely.
San huang was a queen, but the imperial concubine gave birth to two sons before he became san huang.
San huang also had two sisters who died when they were young. san huang was born with a weak constitution. Many people predicted that he would not grow up and was sent to the Moon Dynasty at the age of ten.
Who also didn’t expect that san huang, who was asserted by all people, would not live to be an adult, but lived to be twenty years old. Instead, the imperial concubine gave birth to the two emperors and drove them west one after another.
It is precisely because of this that the imperial concubine hated san huang even more. She tried her best not to let san huang return, but san huang got the support of the Moon Dynasty through her own efforts and sent him directly back to the Moon Dynasty.
Of course, it is also possible that the Moon Dynasty hoped that there would be a chaos in the Xingmang Dynasty, and then they might have an opportunity.
But for whatever reason, san huang is back now, and he is currently the head of the Xingmang Dynasty, which makes his royal family feel difficult.
The two uncles Huaili and Huairang came to meet san huang and Zhao Qi in person, and it soon became clear that some of the city casters were close to each other and went out of the city to meet them directly. As a result, the san huang team grew stronger and stronger, and by the time we got to Tuo could, there were already hundreds of people.
However, even though the number of people has increased, the core people are still very prominent. Even the two uncles have to be polite when facing them. This also makes those accompanying people understand one thing, that is, those people are the real backstage of san huang, and it is Huai Li and Huai Li that both uncles can’t afford to provoke big people.
After understanding this, those people naturally surrendered to san huang and became supporters of san huang.