"Well," Mitt said, and then watched Kim go back to her room, holding the sleeping Jacko back to her room.

When Kim returned to his room, he sat by the window and looked at the moonlight outside. He didn’t know what he was thinking at this time. In the room, he could see a thick branch with a tree head straight through the wall.
I was about to pour myself a glass of gold. I was suddenly surprised. I was surprised because he found that he picked up the kettle and it was so heavy. Not only that, but even the cup was heavy. The kettle was 5 kilograms less and the sample cup was 3 kilograms less, which made him surprised.
Don’t touch my head, pat the gold and put it on your head, said the unhappy hand
Jin smiled and sat next to him to find the topic "What do you think?"
"It’s nothing," coldly said without looking back.
Oh, Kim replied for a while and then whispered, "Do you hate me for leaving yourself at home?"
Hate you? Suddenly turned to look at him "hate you? I hate you when I have that. I might as well exercise more! Everyone has a dream. You’re just chasing your dreams. Why do I hate you? Of course, although I don’t hate you, I don’t agree with your practice of losing your family. "
Listen to the words of gold is not a stay "are you so sensible? He has been moved by this time and even has a crying heart. "
"Well," Kim said to himself, "It seems impossible for him to call himself a father."
"Is a trillion quit really a lot for hunters?" ask
"A lot" of gold replied without hesitation, and at the same time it was a little strange why he was so obsessed with trillions of precepts.
"The hunter doesn’t want to go back to his old job," he thought silently.
"You just said that everyone has a dream. What is your dream?" Kim asked
"It’s my dream to earn trillions of pounds," he said firmly.
"Why not make enough money?"
"This is my own secret and I can’t tell you."
Gold "…"
"Forget it, I’m going to bed!" After that, I climbed into bed.
"Huhuhu" came in less than a minute, and the gentle exhalation came.
Kim looked at the past and couldn’t help but stay. The child actually said that he would sleep! This is not something that ordinary people can show. Even he can’t sleep so fast.
In the morning, when the golden sunshine shines through the window, "Knock, knock, knock!" comes outside the door. knock at the door
"Get up." This is Mite.
"Good morning, Mitt" with a face of no spirit and a yawn.
"What’s the matter?" Kim was startled by Mitt’s call.
"Nothing," said Mitt.
"Good morning, Aunt Mitt" is dressing and calling for one.
Well, good morning. I’ll go first. Breakfast has been prepared for you two.
"dad! Dad! "
"It’s the little hero! Did you listen last night! " Gold will hold his thigh jacko picked up and asked.
Xiaojie is "obedient"
"Jacko, you haven’t called me brother yet."
"bad brother"
I went out, shouted after dinner and hurried out.
"Be careful"
"I know, by the way, I won’t come back to eat at noon." Speaking, his figure has disappeared
"Gold, you know? I haven’t seen sleeping so late for two years before I got up. "Mitt looked at the door and said dully.
"Really?" I suddenly remembered that my hand was numb with pillows, and Jin couldn’t help but scratch his head and giggle.
Mitt looked at Kim smirking and shook his head, thinking to himself, "He is still the same after going out for so long."
"Can you tell me something?" Kim suddenly asked.
He shook his head and pointed to the door with one hand. "Just follow him and you will know that he has been doing the same thing for the past two years."
Oh, Jin looked thoughtful and said, "Then Xiaojie will be yours."
As soon as the picture turns
"Whew, whew, whew"
A petite figure darted about in the forest like a monkey.
Na is really strange!
Jin, who was following him through the smell, looked at the trees running so fast that he looked strange, but the sound he made when he ran and jumped was close to that of a person with such a light pace. It is reasonable to say that people should be killers. What surprised him even more is that he found that there were almost no flaws in his body when jumping or running, and his eyes were vicious. He clearly knew that running posture could avoid sneak attacks from all sides.
A broken gold can’t help but be surprised. At this time, I saw an iron shuriken flying towards him. He was surprised that it wasn’t this shuriken, but what he would find. He wanted to know that he had been in a unique state since he followed it!
The fourth chapter leisure day (2)
A broken gold can’t help but be surprised. At this time, I saw an iron shuriken flying towards him. He was surprised that it wasn’t this shuriken, but what he would find. He wanted to know that he had been in a unique state since he followed it!
"isn’t the hunter so good?" The tree stem looked at with contempt and was holding hidden weapons Jindao.
"How did you find me?" Gold as a face of strange asked.
"I’m sensitive to Zhou Te things" is a result of fire shadow, especially those who are malicious to him, and he can find it in an instant.
"I see. This is a good ability." Kim scratched his head and giggled.
This guy really teased some words like the original. Looking at giggle, Kim thought.
"What are you doing with me? Nothing to do. "
"Well, I really have nothing to do. Are you exercising here?"
"But it’s one thing to exercise. I mainly want to take some game to the town to sell and earn a little money."
"Hunting and selling to make money?"
Gold is not a stay "why are you making money! And it seems that hunting is forbidden here! "
"I’m just playing some wild boar. What are the animals? What do you think of those cups in my room? Chairs! Kettle! It’s all free! It costs a lot of money to make one, you know? "
Kim was dazed again. That’s how those things came from! Is he really so sensible as a child here?
It seems that I think of something that shines at the moment. "You haven’t given me a gift yet!"
Do you want this turning point of gifts to be so miraculous that you find yourself unable to communicate with your son normally?