"If you want to measure words, please use this paper."

Cui Yi hovered in the middle to see what the extra gold mace and national seal meant to Wen Zhuo and me. Maybe Wen Zhuo was delayed for too long and didn’t want to deal with us again, but the folded paper is now under the pressure of gold mace and imperial seal. If he wants to know what Wen Zhuo wrote, he must first move two things.
Cui Yi didn’t put his hand on the imperial seal, but his face changed immediately, or those two things didn’t move on one hand. Cui Yi was somewhat surprised to look up at me and Wen Zhuoran, and put the gold mace and the national seal on the other hand. It’s not heavy, even the hands are tied, but now Cui Yi can’t carry it.
Next to Cui Bing and Cui Jia, Cui Yi’s face is getting more and more shocked. Two things are so powerful that it is futile to press the note. They both reached out at the same time. The three of them joined forces to hold the national seal and the sword and mace. Although the three of them have always said that the physiognomy is not worth mentioning, there may be such a physiognomy and Taoist repair, but how bad can it be? If you can sit in three songs and nine holes, the second person will not have an equal generation.
The three people across the street know that Wen Zhuo Daofa and I blessed the golden mace and the national seal, and the three people dare not neglect to work together to lift the law. At the same time, the three people chanted curses and planned to hold up those two things, and they were looking at this Cui Jia. They looked very strange and struggled to hold the national seal and the golden mace on the table, and they couldn’t understand anything simple. They actually did so hard.
The fact is that Cui Jia and the table are fighting each other, but the opponent is not me and Wen Zhuo …
Cui Jia, the more powerful the three men are, the more the decree on the table gradually reveals that Bai Yingguang and the dazzling golden light of the gold mace reflect each other and become brighter and brighter, while the expressions of the three of them are more and more difficult and surprised.
Suddenly, the idol of the ghost emperor shook slightly behind him, and before the fragrant fruit sacrifice was sprinkled on the ground, we inserted incense burners and oscillated violently.
The incense burner fell to pieces and burst, and several cases in front of us should be broken into two pieces. The note fell to the ground, and the gold mace and the national seal were still impartial. The face was as deep as a weight of 10,000 kilograms in the floor of the Qingshi Hall, surrounded by a few fine stones.
Cui Jia three people are a little surprised and scared. Look at the deep rupture and then look back. The ghost emperor idol has stopped shaking. Finally, Wen Zhuo and Cui Jia sighed heavily.
"The three of us can’t read the smell of the layman’s writing, and naturally we can’t figure out that we lost."
Cui Jia voice down to choke refers to his judge’s pen life and death thin again four words Yang Shou unfinished chanting burned in front of us, I hurriedly look back at the more thousands of ling, four of them eyes back to life was borrowed three souls six’ o and came back, Wen Zhuo and I have a long sigh of relief.
The three people across the street may not have expected this, but even if they lose, they will lose. Some people are reluctant to do so, but these three people are still as good as their words. The rule of high morale is that they have won the battle and can talk.
Cui Jia motioned for the Taoist boy next to me to pass the document to me with a somewhat regretful expression, frowning and hesitating for a long time.
"I’m not as good as people, so I shouldn’t ask more questions, but even if I lose, I want to lose. Dare to ask two laymen if it’s Taoism? Can the other three of me lift these two things together?
☆ Chapter 21 Tianshi Wooden Box
Ye Whispering came slowly and squatted on the sunken floor with a simple look at Cui Jia. The three people were curious and reached out and picked up the national seal with one hand and the gold mace with almost no blowing power. I was surprised to ask if this thing was so heavy. How could it not be picked up?
There was no provocation in Ye’s light tone. She was out of curiosity and incomprehension, and she was not sarcastic and mocking the three of them, but the more so, the more shocked Cui Jia was.
Look at the expressions of the three of them. It is estimated that they are very surprised now. It’s simply not worth mentioning that it’s impossible for the three of them to lift things together, but now they are easily raised by Ye Qingyi. Now it’s not just Ye Qingyi. Maybe they are all curious. Yue Qianling, Xiao Lianshan and Gu Anqi all took these two things in the past.
Cui Jia, they were even more surprised to look up at me and Wen Zhuo with a blank face and looking forward to the facts. From the first, the three of them were not afraid of me and Wen Zhuo, but I didn’t know that Wen Zhuo was the most fragrant to the ghost emperor. Although he belonged to six people, he had a deity in his previous life. He looked up three feet and gave Wen Zhuoxiang to the ghost emperor, but he didn’t know that his deity was far away. Fengdu Emperor’s truth is very simple. It’s natural for me to worship you, but which minister dares to sit on the high platform and wait for you to worship Wen Zhuoxiang. It’s
And I, Xiang Guidi, whose extension card is broken, is not angry with others or dissatisfied. Ying Zheng and I are the same soul. In the past, Ying Zheng fought against the gods and made ghosts unable. I worshipped the ghost emperor like Ying Zheng. How dare I bear it?
Ghana’s golden mace and the national seal are both important instruments. How can he pick up the autocratic golden mace for thirty-six days, not to mention the decree of the three kingdoms?
Wen Zhuo told these things to Cui Jia, and they suddenly realized it, but it seems that they don’t know clearly. After all, it’s not that I can pass through the three realms. People don’t ask him who I am when he sees me. Ying Zheng is counted as his teacher’s place in Ying Zheng. Of course, he knows clearly, and Cui Jia knows clearly that although I am a gentleman, I should not know anything about him.
The second trip through three songs and nine holes was thrilling, and I measured a lot of things that have been bothering me by Cui Jia’s three-person method. Although I know something, I feel that the more I know, the more confused I am.
Wen Die has got it and plans to rest for one night and continue on his way the day after tomorrow. He just wants to turn around and is stopped by Cui Bing.
"Before divination, I knew that Qin Jushi was a gentleman who was going to ask Qin Jushi to give his life. Together, the three of me each had a character that was universal, but the king was ten thousand people. As soon as the outcome was won, the three of me also knew that Qin Jushi was better than me. I didn’t expect this. As a result, two resourceful people judged the situation and three of me lost their hearts."
"Three Taoist Priests are polite, and the three predecessors are outstanding. Today, they have learned a lot. Although winning three can win without fighting, it is also a desperate way to hope that the three predecessors will not care." I saw that Cui Bing’s words were sincere, winning without arrogance and losing without grace, and there was quite a master who measured and thanked him.
Cui Yi came over and nodded to Daotong. Daotong got the message and turned away, then looked up at me calmly and said
"Before I asked Qin Jushi for longevity, I didn’t say anything in advance, but it was also a last resort. Now that Qin Jushi has been guarding the second place for three people, I have said that my three people are coffins and buried in the ground before China’s entry into the WTO. Everything can pass through Yin and Yang, but my life should be doomed. Fortunately, the Dragon and Tiger Mountain palm taught Tianshi to save him, and Tianshi’s virtue could not bear me. I have three people today."
It’s a pity that the three of them borrowed the word-testing to calculate their life expectancy here, but now Cui Yi seems to have another reason for speaking out bluntly.
"Qin Jushi’s calculation is correct. My three people share the same life, but the soul can return to the nether world. It is rare for me to encounter this kind of experience. Both yin and yang are my three people, and the Tianshi has continued my life and arranged it here." Cui Jia took Cui Yi’s words and sincerely said to me, "And told me that if this happens, you can regain your life. I am not greedy for life and death. Now, I am fortunate that Qin Jushi has given me a name and died in the afterlife. Japan can return to The six great divisions in the wheel of karma."
After listening to it, I suddenly realized that it was for this reason that the three of them planned to celebrate their longevity here. The three of them did not accept the ghost emperor who was served by Yin and Yang. I am the monarch and the emperor of Yang, and my golden mouth can make them return to the six roads.
Thought of here, I suddenly realized one thing thoughtfully asked.
"The three Taoist priests said that the Dragon and Tiger Mountain Palm Sect Tianshi arranged for you to say this … Tianshi knows that you will definitely meet the named emperor?"
"The Tianshi didn’t say, for example, that the number of days was its own. Qin Jushi calculated that the three of me would die in the spring, but it’s true that the book of life and death in the nether world didn’t have my three names to go to the nether world or come back." Cui Jia shook his head and answered me unhurriedly.
"Come back again?" Xiao Lianshan repeated what Cui Jia had just said, puzzled. "So you can’t die. That’s not good. How many people want to live forever?"
"Xiao Jushi’s words are so bad. I can’t see the sky and touch the ground. The ghost emperor just happens to be in the yin and yang circles. I have never been away from here since I was a child."
"What can’t leave here?" Gu anqi curious to ask
"The three of us don’t belong to the world of Yin and Yang, let alone the immortal. If we leave here, it will be destroyed by the devil take the hindmost!" Cui Bing a face from the answer.
Wen Zhuo and I suddenly realized that it is no wonder that it feels gloomy and strange to enter here. It turns out that this place is the settlement place between the two circles of Dragon, Tiger and Mountain. After hearing what the three of them said, I can understand their difficulties forever. What’s the point of living away from this Taoist temple? It’s like an unlocked prison repeating the same day over and over again. That’s life as hell.
I gave my life to the three of them, but I still did a good deed. I just went out and the Taoist boy came back and handed an old wooden box to Cui Jia. He looked at it and handed it to me.
"Give it to me?" What do you mean I’m stunned?
"The method of teaching Tianshi in the palm of your hand aims to give this wooden box to the life-giving person if three people meet the life given by the Emperor." Cui Jia nodded calmly and said to me, "Tianshi handed over the things in the box and insisted that this person personally open it. Fortunately, the three of us didn’t fail to accomplish our mission until Qin Jushi."
It’s really amazing to leave me a wooden box to teach Tianshi to arrange three people. This not only saves their lives, but also counts that I will come here one day, but I’ve never been to Longhu Mountain before, and I haven’t had any contact with people in Xuanmen. How could I leave a wooden box for me?
Yue Qianling urged me to call and see what was in the wooden box. I also wanted to know what I had never met before. Cui Jia, three people have left the main hall and we are left. I slowly hit the wooden box and took it out with a note.
I slowly spread the note and read the words next to Wen Zhuo.
The tiger loves the mountains, and everyone is still suspicious. When the geese come to see the yellow flowers, they are famous.
"This ….. this matter is signed in one sentence." Gu Anqi heard Zhuo Nian and said with certainty, "What does it mean to leave a signature?"
"The fact that this sign explains that it seems to be a matter of loving the mountain tiger is that others are still ignorant and questioning, and they are ready to wait for the opportunity to move. The yellow flowers mean that the geese fly south in autumn and the yellow flowers bloom in autumn, and the capital refers to the sky." I thought about it thoughtfully and answered, "This sign together means that if you don’t say anything, it will be a blockbuster. If you do something, you will not only succeed but also be famous all over the world."
"This sign is neither good nor bad, which means that at present, people can recognize that those who are not talented will be developed in the future," Wen Zhuo said casually
"Talent? Here ….. "Xiao Lianshan looked at all of us seriously and asked," That’s not right. Who is so talented here? "
Yue Qianling took the sign from me and looked at it. She repeated what I said before and suddenly said happily
"This is a good thing. Judging from the signing, aren’t we planning to go to Longhushan to get Yugui? That is to say, we will not only succeed, but also make a name for ourselves."
If it’s that simple, you must leave this sign for me. Since we know that what we are trying to do will be successful, we might as well put Yu Gui directly in this box. These four signs and his profound meaning show that you have never met Tian Shi and I have left these words. What I think is like waking me up and paying attention to something. Maybe it’s the secret that can’t be revealed that is so obscure.
My eyes fell on four sentences, and I took a few steps back and forth and mused to myself.
There is a wild goose in my name, which puzzles us now. I can’t figure out the meaning of three sentences in Huang Ye’s sentence for a while, but I may be able to solve this sentence.
"What does this sentence mean?" The thousand ling seriously ask
"Wild geese come and stay, but yellow flowers are excellent. This sentence" Wild geese have flowers "just reminds me of a sentence …"
Wen Zhuo knew before I finished that he was as anxious as I am now. This sentence really reflects our present situation. Flying across the mountain means that even if we can go, we will go through thousands of difficulties and finally get tired, and the flower in the cold ridge is just the opposite of our situation, waiting for Dimfragrance to come.
I take a deep breath and WenZhuo glances thoughtful deep said
"It seems that we will meet Huang Ye at the top of Longhu Mountain!"
☆, Chapter 22 If the day dies, I will die.
We don’t know about his three sentences. Wen Zhuo and I thought about it for a whole night, and it’s hard to know even the sentence "Wild geese come to lick yellow flowers". I explained it according to my own wishes. It’s hard to know whether it’s far-fetched to enter the office first.
Zhang teaches Tianshi not to leave these four sentences for me, but I don’t know what it means now, let alone interpret the meaning of this signing. But if I understand correctly, Huang Ye at the top of Longhu Mountain will wait for me. We remember that Qiu Nuo Zhongshan also said such a sentence at that time.
Wei Yong hasn’t finished solving Huang Ye’s problem yet. This jade GUI in Dragon and Tiger Mountain can lead to so many people. Wen Zhuo also woke me up with a word. What did these people do before? If jade GUI is so early, I should get it and wait until now.
The more I think about it, the more annoyed I am. But now I seem to be numb to these things that I can’t understand. After all, it seems that there is nothing that I can think through thoroughly. Since everything has to be revealed at the top, it is better to go through three twists and nine holes step by step.
I want to wait for Qian Ling early in the morning, and when they wake up, they will leave here. Xiao Lianshan said that this is a success. After a hundred years, future generations will see his portrait, which is the only place that can attract him.
By the time we left the Taoist temple, it was already dusk. I took out Gu Liancheng’s map and gave it to me. It’s still a long way from here. Presumably, I couldn’t make it today. I originally planned to stay at the Taoist temple for one night. Yue Qianling and Ye Qingyu and Gu Anqi knew that it was a ghost here. The emperor said that it was gloomy here and I would rather walk at night than stay here.
We can’t beat them. We’ll travel all night. Tonight, when the full moon illuminates the whole ridge, the rugged mountain road will also get better. The night of Longhu Mountain is very quiet and the first fairyland in the day has a completely different taste. The night wind is refreshing. It’s been a long time before, and a silvery jade belt slowly appears in front of us. Longhu Mountain, Jiu Feng is upright, Danshan Mountain, clear water and clear water pass around the mountain. It’s a quiet and winding river.