At 2: 00, Germany’s iron willpower finally shook God’s performance, and the first battleship team made another late-course effort to hit the poor Hercules, which led to the complete destruction of the turret of the giant No.2 ship, forcing the captain of Hercules to order emergency water injection into the turret and quit the battle.

At 25: 00, Ostfrisland’s counterattack became sharper and sharper. After hitting the collingwood five times, one turret and two boiler rooms of the old ship were completely destroyed, which made her bite the bullet.
At 33: 00, the Ostfrisland was about to swallow up the battleship Collingwood, and an accident happened. The Iron Duke took the lead in playing the retreat flag and gave up the complete battle line. The fleet turned to this disgraceful way to quit the battle.
The British tactical move made Schell somewhat unprepared. The frederick the great has not yet received the final summary of the naval battle results. However, since the British have retreated, there are two reasons, either the fast fleet, the first reconnaissance fleet, and the decisive battle has already come to an end. After the big fleet completed the rescue of the fast fleet, the tactics turned in, or the big fleet itself suffered unbearable losses. This intensity has exceeded the bottom line of Jericho.
"Ocean Fleet Pursuit!"
"The navy is really boring!"
In the early spring, the temperature in the North Sea was slightly cool, and the cold wind carved Lieutenant Hannashaw’s face, which was about to freeze.
Frederick 33 seaplane is flying southeast at a high speed. The young lieutenant tightened his leather jacket and leg blanket, and while probing the magnificent North Sea to find the ocean fleet with the imperial navy flag, his mouth was crooked and his heart was broken and he complained.
Hannah Shaw Redstone is a Croker nobleman whose family has always been faithful to the Redstone Infantry Regiment, but he is an exception.
In 1912, at the age of seventeen, Hannashaw came to Berlin to study alone on the banks of the Spree River on the outskirts of Berlin, and witnessed the air show organized by the German aviation enthusiasts club. The soldiers fell madly in love with this exciting cause.
Hannashaw took his father’s advice and even removed the word "Feng" from his name to learn to fly. Later, he became a member of the Flying Club and wrote "On Asymmetric Warfare in Battleship Age", a crazy admirer of Heidi Selim.
In June 1914, the European War was coming. At the age of 19, Hannah Shaw was not satisfied with being a flight instructor in a flight club, but turned his attention to the army. With an army background, he went to the army with great interest to recruit soldiers, but was told that the first round of expansion of the army air force was over. When Hannah Shaw could not wait, he had to retreat to the navy.
Hannashaw used to be able to do a great job in the navy, but the trouble was always unexpected. At the beginning of the European War, Hannashaw was eager to try and look forward to the opportunity to show his talents. However, the Navy General Staff did not plan to take the initiative to attack. Hannashaw could fly a plane to patrol the Golan Bay in Ziher day after day
The naval battle in Helgolan Bay broke out, but it was a battle in the fog; Dogel Shazhou naval battle broke out, but it was a night battle; The reality has made people desperate, even worse. Count Luckner is like the fog in the North Sea frequently visiting the imperial naval headquarters and the North Sea base, screaming crazily, "Give me a schooner to go out to sea and let me beat the British out of my mind."
To be honest, the lieutenant has no prejudice against Count Luckner. He respects the count’s adventurous spirit very much. However, if the count always brings his sister Hannah Shaw’s fiancee-Lena von Luckner-with him every time he comes to the navy to find a ship to talk about, Hannah Shaw seems to have room for anger and collapse.
In 1915, the Day of Pain seemed to come to an end. Count Luckner harassed him and took the road. General Heidi Selim got him an old sailboat, so the count finally settled down and pestered him. Countess no longer had an excuse to visit the naval air force frequently. Hannah Shaw’s classic "On Asymmetric Warfare in the Battleship Age" was finally put into practice-the modification of the Zeppelin Lilienthal seaplane carrier was completed, and the commotion in Port William late at night on March 2, and then they nest made young people excited.
At 3: 35 on March 4th, Lieutenant Hannashaw returned to the ocean fleet in his beloved car-Frederick FF-33 seaplane, which shocked him even more-the number of capital ships of the Royal Navy, the so-called natural enemy, was enough to deter his country, and the Royal Navy was defeated.
Long lines of battle volley the huge steel ship, and the high-speed running of destroyers and the release of cover smoke all constitute a wonderful oil painting with more tension and explosive force than Henry Matisse’s Fauvism oil painting!
A 35-mm armor-piercing projectile sank into the six-column formation and gradually became a British capital ship group. Suddenly, a thick black smoke column, orange flame and iron blocks were thrown into the sky.
Hannashaw hurriedly pulled out a damaged ship identification manual from the blanket surface, and barely turned over a few pages to make a more violent sound. Hannashaw panicked and the ship manual slipped into the cockpit.
"It’s another capital ship, the Super-Fear Ship Expeditor!"
Hannashaw’s face could not find a trace of excitement, but was a kind of post-French insatiability.
I still remember the excitement and difficulty in sleeping in the pilot lounge of the Lilienthal, but the fact is hard to be cruel. Except for a glimpse on the afternoon of the 3 rd, the investigation went down in history. The North Sea peak battle fought fiercely all night, and Hannashaw sat in the lounge all night because of the rising of the night. It was hard to get to the sky and suffered from a continuous fog. Hannashaw could continue to wait.
At 7: 24, the weather finally allowed Sheng Hannashaw to rush to the battlefield, and he was immediately sent to the first reconnaissance fleet to cover Hannashaw. He hoped to follow the departure direction of the first reconnaissance fleet of the idol house, but when he found the idol fleet, the first reconnaissance fleet had already passed the final battle of the British fast fleet, and Hannashaw could watch the first reconnaissance fleet, the German and Mao Qi, suffer heavy losses and sink the British tireless and Tiger patrol.
"Don’t want to do a chat again? !”
In order to increase the endurance, the captain of the Lilinger ordered the dismantling of Frederick 33′ s rear-fired machine gun, which made him feel that the British didn’t send Short 4 from the beginning to the end, so that he didn’t even have a chance to pull out his pistol and the British didn’t even have a chance to play Russian roulette.
"I will never be reconciled!"
The seaplane circled the British fleet several times, and the bullets in Hannashaw’s pistol were consumed instantly. A lieutenant desperately suppressed the idea of smashing the pistol, and it was urgent to find something that could be used as a weapon.
After the rubber seat flashed, it was full of metallic reflections, which just happened to be noticed by Hannah Shaw’s corner. It seemed to be a glimpse of the beauty. Hannah Shaw slightly raised her mouth and pushed the joystick to lower the altitude of the plane. Eyes delineated the battleship Koo Saint Vincent.
A hammer peeked out of the water and the fuselage of the plane showed off in an ostentatious manner for a while and fell with a little dive angle.
On the sea, the fourth destroyer team of the British fleet is lining up. They will launch a deadly attack on the main German fleet to cover the retreat of the big fleet.
"House heard that our Mediterranean power suffered heavy losses due to the despicable sneak attack of the Turks …" The thin body near the fender of a one-pound gun in Pips turned his back on the gunner House’s blue eyes and carefully inspected the sea area in front of him.
"I think if even the Turks can work miracles, maybe our destroyer team can get glory!"
This is the second deck on the port side of the St. Vincent, backed by a thick hull and covered with a layer of shipbuilding steel. Unless the German large-caliber main gun can hit here, this is the safest place for the St. Vincent at present. Pips and House posts are here. They are responsible for manipulating this one-pound machine gun to prevent German submarines from possible sneak attack
"There was no damn mosquito before!" House’s gnashing of teeth just fell. It seems that some kind of blunt object hit the vertical guard of a pound gun.
As thin as a piece of paper, the steel plate suddenly deformed, and two sailors screamed and even dared not go out of the atmosphere.
There was no explosion as expected, no fire, no poison gas, and bold House trembled and forced himself to swallow saliva. Step by step, he moved towards the dark deck, which was shaped like a hammer with a long handle and a blunt object.
Before House bent down to look closely, another wrench-like object fell from the sky. A strange noise came from House’s right hand side. Just after he got out of the badly damaged watertight compartment, Co-captain Kent shook his body for a while and then fell to the deck.
"God, the Germans have made a new weapon for us. It can strike accurately!"
The second part of the cannon, chapter 1, Gerakl gold (a)
In May, the North Atlantic winds came slowly, and the melancholy light rain fell down in the remote and cold island chain I in the northernmost part of Scotland.
The Queen Elizabeth Battleship sounded its whistle, and the navigation ship guided it slowly into the somewhat swaying and lost Scarpa Bay. The whistle disappeared in the rainy season and extended to the North Sea. The loudspeaker of the watchtower at the headland was tens of meters high, but it sounded the heartbreaking alarm again.
The small window was filled with breath, and even a few cactuses were impatient. The British moisture drooped and the head lost its vitality. At the end of the gendarmerie corridor, the patrol cracked leather boots landed through the half-closed door and knocked into the narrow room, which was under house arrest.