I fainted again at the key moment.

Brother, wake up! I can’t bear it!
But shaking hands should not mean anything, right?
Lin Tian Dieyuan’s "cordial meeting" and Fan Cang’s impassioned speech at the mobilization meeting of the monster beast forest in Qingtian Temple changed again.
Guo que lowered his eyes and sneered. He knew that it was naive to think about evil spirits and fold the abyss.
The monster beast forest is ready to start on Dieyuan Day, but the first Dieyuan has gone back on its word.
It was originally agreed that they would launch a beast tide to March into Nanshan after the evil spirits were killed and melted. If his actions failed, the shit basin could be transferred to the Dieyuantou monster forest to attack and retreat and defend.
Now Dieyuan says he can go to Tianyu, but all the demons in the monster forest should act together and ask all the demons to listen to his command directly.
If you don’t agree, it will be announced that the three monsters in the monster forest conspired to harm Biyou and Kunsha.
This can make Fan Cang angry.
Fold deep old god to sit position cool thin to look at the demon.
His spokesman smiled softly. "It’s not easy for the Lord Lin and the Lord Fan to fall as a big sect as a natural disaster. Let’s not talk about it. It’s not easy to be alone when the mountain array is broken. It’s not good if the fighters are not delayed in the mountain array."
Fan Cang’s face was clouded. "When my family asked for an overlapping abyss to break the array? If you want to lead him out and kill him alone, you can do his own thing. Why don’t you do it alone? How can you be alone with a big Li Huang and less respect? "
Eyebrow Wu see fold deep didn’t speak, and she Jiao Jiao smiled and looked at a very considerate appearance "Fan Yaozhu said is very reasonable, but my humble opinion is that it is better to move troops early than to move troops quickly. Are the two demon families still untrustworthy and less powerful? Everyone in the world doesn’t know that the monster beast forest demon owners are too modest. How can I compare with the monster beast forest in the wild? "
"Do you need to be arrogant in the wild?" Fan Cang’s face is black. "The demon Lord will never allow anyone to covet the demon power of my monster beast forest."
Suddenly a quiet in the giant temple.
Dieyuan’s cold sound made him laugh all over. "Zunyuan wanted you monsters to get a bargain. Since you don’t want to make a toast, you will be punished!"
With a wave of his sleeve, he grabbed the nearest ape Xuan with one hand. "The monster beast forest, the tenth order monster beast, will be solved once and for all today!"
"Fold deep! You can’t fool around! " Guo que shouted
The demons were shocked to say that their original Fan Cang was uncertain enough, and now they know that there are days behind! Evil spirits play happily when they talk about changing. I didn’t expect them to lead the wolf into the room!
"Dieyuan, don’t you worry that we will kill Mei Wu and Murphy first!" Guo que also pulled his eyebrows and pulled out the high notes.
Fold deep no so-called way "oh? Kill whatever you want. "
How can he be disrespectful?
Eyebrow Wu face froze into the bottom of the pot, but not from a face of humiliation.
"Dieyuan, I’m afraid it’s not easy for you to do everything except me." Lin Tianqing sighed coldly, but he didn’t know anything about Dieyuan. According to Peacock Demon, Dieyuan was seriously injured when he first came to the monster forest.
"What’s more, if you don’t have my monster beast forest to help you do things, you won’t be able to finish them so quickly." Lin Tian is unhurried. "We demon race, you’re inferno, and you’re alone in hatred. Multiple enemies are not as good as multiple friends."
Fold deep put apes xuan cool looking at Lin Tianwei hook the corners of the mouth.
Lin Tian looked calm and solemn. "But you can’t be in charge of attacking the demon at the same time, but I promise that if you attack all factions in the mountains and seas, we will cooperate, and what you promised the monster forest must be fulfilled!"
Fold deep half by big chair thought for a moment.
For a moment, his figure has appeared outside the giant temple.
"Day Departure"
After losing the word, the figure has disappeared.
The remaining monsters are greatly relieved. Lin Tian glanced indifferently at Fan Cang. "It’s already done. Let’s get ready again."
Fan Cang looked at Lin Tian without fear and said "Yes".
However, the moment has always been a landslide and a sea crack. Lin Tian suddenly turned angry and rushed to the crown. "Who is it! Dare to move Junyan Wall! "
Before I finished, I flashed out of the Qingtian Temple as usual.
snowy mountain
Lin Qing and Qin Qian gathered their breath and hid in a tiny cave, even breathing was controlled very lightly.
Jujube and longevity have long been included in the two dantian respectively.
The fifteenth order demon took the initiative too fast. They came and flew out of the mouth of the snow-capped mountain and returned in the morning.
Terror consciousness swept again and again.
Lin Qing leaned back against Qin Qian and imagined himself as a stone, and he dared not move with his ears upright.
The clock ticks very slowly, and the moon sets and the sun rises.
At night, snow came from time to time outside the snow-capped mountains, and the crack of gravel rumbled as fine as a dense net, and the feeling of surveillance never disappeared.
Chapter 593 The thief must have been sent by him
Lin Qing looks up at the hole cautiously.
This narrow cave is not outside the mouth of the snow-capped mountain, but at the mouth of the snow-capped mountain. The cold and strong wind drills through the cracks in the rock and makes a shout. It doesn’t taste good to sneer at the alternating position of hot and cold when the heat wave is rolling and transpiration.
At that time, the two men were invisible and gathered interest just outside the mouth of the snow mountain. Lin Qing’s natural sense of crisis swept through. She didn’t choose to fly out again, but hurriedly took Qin Qian and hid back at the mouth of the snow mountain in Lintian Cave House.
The position of the hole was blocked by the stones they moved conveniently, and most of the sight could be seen through the gap to see the gray sky outside.
The danger can only fade away when I don’t know it. Two people must be careful. They dare not move, can’t put on gods, and can’t even speak.
Behind him is Qin Qianwei warming his chest. Lin Qing can feel him bending over and touching her hair and jaw and breathing slightly hot.
On the snowy mountain, Lin Tian’s face was gloomy and cold, and he ran over every inch of snow-capped mountain with his knowledge. As time went by, the thief became more and more angry because he didn’t catch him.
"What is it that people are simply bold!" Guo Quelin’s side of heaven also scrutinizes every suspicious place in the snow-capped mountains with the same knowledge.
The meeting was not completely over. Lin Tian suddenly left in anger and the next night, except for the snow-capped mountains in his abode of fairies and immortals, he was so angry that he almost flattened all the snow-capped mountains. Such a big noise would naturally cause Fan Cang and Guo Que to ask questions.
"It won’t be the ninth-order demon. At that time, they were all in the giant temple." Lin Tian whispered.
Guo Que’s eyes rolled. "Is it possible that the tenth-order little demon will give his life away from the monster forest in the dark …?"
Soon he shook his head with a wry smile and denied himself that "they shouldn’t dare to steal the master’s secret treasure."
He looked at Lin skylight flint and an idea flashed across his small eyes. "Could it be that Dieyuan brought those evil monasteries? I see that it is even more cunning and shameful for the stack of deep-seated unscrupulous evil practices. "
Lin Tian squinting aura is cold.
Xuan, the first ape, pondered for a while and said hesitantly, "Lord Lin killed two Taihua Sect practitioners of our clan, but they still haven’t found them. Could it be them?"
Once I wake up, I am thoughtful.
"Impossible" Guo Que doesn’t agree with showing a look of seeing through the world. "They don’t know where Lin’s abode of fairies and immortals is and they don’t know when Lin will leave the abode of fairies and immortals. How can they seize the opportunity so accurately? Knowing that the Lord Lin will attend the meeting except us is an evil practice! "
The more I think about it, the more I feel close to the truth.
He posed another view: "Fan Cang agreed to take the bait named Sioux to lead to the other two people. It seems that this plan won’t work. Those two people can test the nature of living in the forest. How can they come when they know that it is a trap?" The facts also prove that they didn’t come to the rescue! "
Ape Xuan nodded his head after hearing this.
Jin Yao came to the news and said that the surname Su Nvxiu had hung up for a few days and has now withdrawn.
And even if those two people enter the nuclear domain and lurk and flee, they will not come and dare to make trouble in the nuclear domain again.
"The thief who dares to seize the opportunity so accurately to steal your secret treasure must be prepared. Those two people who are dying have nothing to do."
Lin Tian decided that he was more inclined, so all the stacks on the stack side were qualified to play tricks with him!
Wouldn’t it be laughing if a low-ranking person or a small demon could pry his corner?