After the tea break, Yamaraja made it more and more colorful, and everything seemed normal.

After another cup of tea, Yamaraja kept refining in an orderly way, but it seemed a lot slower.
Although I am connected with my sister Ziyan, I always feel that something is wrong with Baiyun Building.
Just a thought Baiyun Tower didn’t care that he condensed out a pure yang machine, wrapped up an idea and sent it along the connected mind
As the idea into suddenly know the reason.
All the normal appearances are deliberate and natural.
Cold, gray, long and lonely …
This is the only way to test the mind into the underworld.
Although the outside world has only spent two cups of tea, I don’t know how long it has been.
Reading this Baiyun Tower gives birth to a trace of irritability.
What’s better to break the test than to cut it …
Chopped … Maybe it’s a law.
A brainwave flashed through Baiyun Tower and immediately read it to Junior Sister Chaoyang.
A moment later, Xia Chaoyang’s figure suddenly flashed out in the cold, gray and virtual chaos.
"Brother, is this the trial place? It’s cold and dark. Is Sister Ziyan okay …"
"Nothing is nothing, it’s the endless trial, and I don’t know how many years it will take to be recognized." Staring at this dizzy Baiyun Tower, I sighed leisurely.
Upon hearing this, Zhao-yang Xia immediately realized some impatience and said, "What kind of trial is this? Brother Ziyan, sister, let’s take her out of this trial. It’s a big deal not to be a keeper."
"That’s right …" Baiyun Tower added after a little meal. "Ziyan should have sensed that we are here. This is the Qi machine that disappeared here …"
"So ZiYan elder sister still don’t want to give up, alas …"
"Yes …"
When sighing lightly, Baiyun Tower starts to run rapidly and thinks about two methods.
Mind test …
It’s extraordinary to bear the cold loneliness for thousands of years …
If we can break the rules, look at the disfigurement and find the true self, it is not another embodiment of extraordinary mood.
I was very happy when I figured this out, and I immediately planned to read this feeling to pool Ziyan, but I couldn’t help but be stunned.
Ziyan has converged the qi activity and has already gone from reading.
From mind to mind …
Then light up this chaos and let Ziyan find it by herself.
Mindful of this Baiyun Tower, I was filled with lofty sentiments, and immediately rose up to measure the flame and light through my body.
The true meaning of the fierce yang, which has been cultivated for many years, finally shows its true meaning.
Chapter one thousand and seventy-one Beauty intoxicating
Burn one’s mind, soul, body and yang.
The full-flame CD-ROM has scattered a lot of fog and illuminated the heavy chaos.
The turbulent heat wave swept through the vast void and warmed the cold and loneliness.
Looking at the half-sun-like light, Xia Chaoyang’s eyes are full of color.
Turned to look at the quiet virtual fog slowly churning as if there was no end.
"Look everywhere the same for a long time, you must be sleepy …" Whisper a word about the white clouds billowing out of Chaoyang Xia’s body.
Thin clouds and light fog are as light as spinning, and the intense sunlight reflects chaos and virtual colors through the colorful glow.
Xia Chaoyang sat on Yuntou’s two feet swinging leisurely and saw the colorful light coming out, yelling in surprise.
"Brother, look at the colorful light, junior sister, and I will know it, haha …" With a silvery smile, Xia Chaoyang moved with him, and the platform clouds circled around the fierce sun like gauze and curtain.
Dull, dark and empty not only adds light and heat, but also adds a little vividness.
After a great deal of metamorphoses, I don’t know how many Wan Li places always have a response.
A small cloud of firefly light flashed out and suddenly fled Wan Li like a long stream of fire.