That’s why he was so jealous of Wu Liang.

But after seeing such a shocking scene in today’s live broadcast, all his pride and values were shattered!
Who says network anchors have no style? How many singers can sing such songs as Ten Years and Chang ‘an Chang ‘an?
Who says network anchors have no future? This song has made a million dollars. How many people can match it?
Are my previous thoughts all wrong? Internet anchors are not inferior to us. In their world, they are also shining stars, and they have the same brilliant identity and glory as us?
Yan Wenhan was confused about himself and questioned his thoughts. He didn’t know that Wu Liang was a very strange job even in the network anchor industry. As a network anchor, he belonged to their network just like Wu Liang, and he also had an incomprehensible ability to attract money.
This is terrible. It almost subverts all his views.
So he can just sit there and watch the full screen glistening with gold, and he wants to expose Wu Liangshi passionately before he is finished.
But all this fell into Wu Liang’s eyes and made Wu Liang return that he was scared by the audience’s reward.
"Don’t get excited," Wu Liang patted him on the shoulder thoughtfully. "It’s good to have a few habits every month. This is also everyone’s recognition of me. Hahaha!"
This is even more depressing.
How many times a month? That is to say, you earn more money in a month than I do in a year of hard work in Shang Yan?
Then what kind of star should I be? I might as well switch to being an anchor like you!
Yan Wenhan’s heart is bitter. He is proud that he has been completely shattered in front of Wu Liang. Besides being a little more handsome and taller than him, what advantages does he have compared with him?
How can I look at him from a commanding perspective?
How can you show off your star status in front of him?
How dare you call yourself Gao Fushuai before him?
Pretending to be the most deadly moment, Yan Wenhan finally understood this truth.
How sad and spicy is it? I really want to go to shi!
Chapter one hundred and seventy So silly and naive
The live broadcast was finally over, and the two men came out of the decorated office.
By this time, I have already been waiting for the two figures outside to meet me.
These two people are the general manager and sales director of Volcano Music.
This is the first time to make a live webcast. Volcanic music still attaches great importance to it. Although the boss Mo Jinliang, not only these two people, waited at the door until the end of the live broadcast, fully expressing their importance to this event.
Seeing Yan Wenhan and Wu Liang coming out, they immediately greeted them and asked, "How do you feel about the first live broadcast?"
This is obviously directed at Yan Wenhan to ask
But Wen Han’s face is blank and he can’t say anything.
What should I say? Is it that I have been thinking about how to expose Wu Liang’s true face and have no intention of broadcasting this matter live?
He sang a song, but since then, his attention has been behind Wu Liang, and even if Wu Liang created many opportunities for him, he let them slip away one by one.
Now let him say how he feels about the live broadcast. What can he say?
When the general manager and the sales director saw that he was confused, they suddenly felt a thump in their hearts and asked, "What’s wrong? What’s the accident?"
"No, no" At this moment, on the contrary, Wu Liangbang next to him explained that "Xiaoyan performed very well, that is, it is possible to be a little skeptical about the live broadcast for the first time, and the performance will be better next time"
"Oh", general manager of the two people just slightly relieved gratefully blunt Wu Liang nodded his head.
Turning around, they comforted Wen Han again. "Don’t be nervous. After all, it’s the first time. It’s a little nervous. It’s the key. It’s the effect. What do you think of the live broadcast?"
"Effect …" Yan Wenhan continued to MengMeng’s face with his eyes open, except vacant or vacant.
He was too busy trying to figure out where Wu Liangxin went to observe the live broadcast effect.
It was a good feeling. In the live broadcast, the girls were very enthusiastic, and they called him "a handsome man" one after another …
It seems that after he refused to write a square dance, many people’s attitudes changed. Everyone thinks that he is an embroidered pillow, and he can’t sing well. Neither singer is a good idol …
Isn’t that too fucking demanding? How many people in the mixed music world can write and sing? Isn’t it normal that most heavenly kings can sing from time to time, but those who write well can’t sing for various reasons?
What happened when Wu Liang’s live broadcast suddenly changed everything, and being able to sing and not write became a defect?
Moreover, his own unfavorable face value has also been spurned. The most popular word in the live broadcast is "small white face"
What’s wrong with me? I haven’t even seen light there, and it’s as black as a carbon head. How can I be black before you are satisfied?
This live fan is too difficult to serve.
It is estimated that this is the only idea in Wen Han’s heart for the whole live broadcast.
But he can’t say such a thing!
Wu Liang was praised by the audience as the best singer in the world in this live broadcast!
What family gets along so well that you can be a "gigolo"?
Yan Wenhan estimated that if he said these words, he might be killed by the general manager and the sales director.
So he can continue to mix koo, and it is really urgent for this picture to fall into the eyes of the general manager and the sales director.
What’s going on here? It was broadcast live for one night, and as a result, it was like "Who am I, where am I, what have I just experienced?" What happened to him in the live broadcast, and what suddenly became so confused?
Ok, this time Wu Liang came out to relieve them both.
"The effect should be very good. Everyone is very optimistic about him." Wu Liang praised the general manager. "Many female fans in my live broadcast praised Xiaoyan for being handsome. They said they would definitely buy his album."