When the little demon leopard Molin rushed at the magic statue, the attack on Xu Ren Avenue arrived.

The magic statue also knows the attack on the avenue, and he found that his feet stepped on a boulevard force, which had been greeted by Xu Ren’s drive on the boulevard force.
It was when the magic statue resisted the attack on Xu Ren Avenue that the little demon leopard Molin Strafe had arrived.
Magic statue and some nai can hand a sword to the little demon leopard Molin Strafe frame out.
There was another loud noise, and then the little demon leopard Molin’s body also instantly retreated to three hundred feet away.
However, the magic statue also felt bad. His figure also regressed nearly two hundred feet, and his face changed several colors in succession.
When the little demon leopard Molin’s figure went backwards, the little boy also rushed towards the magic statue.
When Xu Ren attacked the magic statue, he naturally used the avenue attack method.
Chapter one thousand four hundred and thirty-four The Xu family
When the little demon leopard Molin’s figure retreated, the little boy’s figure had already been killed towards the magic statue.
The little girl is wrapped in a two-color flame and looks like a phoenix born from a bath fire.
Xu Ren naturally won’t let the little boy take risks alone. He has once again imposed a road attack on the inferno.
The magic statue also feels very nai. Although he is not afraid of the attack on Xu Ren Avenue, there is no chance of winning if he plays like this.
Another loud noise came to the magic statue to offset the attack on Xu Ren Avenue and then waved his sword again to frame the attack on Xu Ren.
"Let’s take a look around this wild day first."
Xu Renyin appeared in the mind of a little boy and a little demon leopard Molin. He was not going to continue the confrontation with the magic statue, so he decided to leave first. If the magic statue didn’t chase them, they could also fall into a clean place. If the other party refused to give up, then find a wild and lively place to have a good fight.
Little demon leopard Molin and Xiao Xiaoer didn’t know what Xu Ren really wanted to do, but they all believed Xu Ren, so they flew to Xu Ren to escape Tissot without delay.
It is not easy for the former Magic Zun to chase Xu Ren and the little demon leopard Molin. Now that their strength has increased, it is even more difficult for the Magic Zun to chase them.
But this magic statue also doesn’t want to give up directly to Xu Ren, Xiao Nan and Xiao Yaobao Molin to the Yaozu Mountains in Zhongtian Prefecture.
At the end of the Yaozu Mountain, Xu Ren stopped running and directly found a place opposite the biggest city magic statue.
"If you don’t come here, I will be worried. If I want to kill you today, you will die everywhere."
The demon statue sounded gloomy, and he also saw that Xu Ren wanted to do some harm to the demon race through the confrontation between the two sides.
Xu Renyou has such an idea, and the magic statue does not contradict this idea. Although the demon race in the inferno is a nominal ally, after all, the two sides are still fiercely competitive. When this ally is also the foundation of human beings, it will be difficult to fight in the first world war if all the human monks in Shenzhou are eliminated.
Therefore, the magic statue does not mind causing more damage to the demon race in the wild days.
After this period, I realized and digested the little demon leopard Molin and Xiao Xiaoer’s understanding of the avenue has also deepened a lot. Although he still achieved the magic statue, he was much stronger than the demon clan or the inferno emperor, and Xu Ren’s cooperation with the magic statue would not be too big a loss.
There was a loud noise, and the sword in the hands of Strafe, the demon leopard, collided with each other.
Accompanied by the huge impact of this collision between the two sides, the magic statue and the little demon leopard Mo Lin’s foot demon city suddenly blew a gust of Gangfeng.
The Gangfeng is extremely destructive. Brother Yuan Ying’s demon clan root has no chance to live. Although Brother Yuan Ying’s demon clan saved his life, he was seriously injured.
Even the demon monks in the immortal realm and the soaring realm are more or less covered with blood.
There is one monk in the realm of the demon king, and he seems to have left the city at this time.
Don’t say that he can’t even look at the imposing manner of the light magic statue. It’s still that his magic statue is dozens of miles apart. If the situation is closer, I’m afraid he can’t escape even if he wants to escape.
The little boy’s attack also collided with the magic statue, and this time the movement was not small, and because of the superposition of forces, it caused a devastating blow to the square city. Most of the buildings covered by the impact force were collapsed by the earthquake, and those that were not collapsed by the earthquake also staggered into dangerous houses.
In this case, Xu Ren, Xiao Xiaoer and Xiao Yaobao Molin were even very happy to see the magic statue, so the two sides moved a position to continue fighting.
In this way, Xu Ren, Xiao Xiaoer and Xiao Yaobao Molin directly destroyed five demon monks in the big cities of the demon race, causing heavy casualties.
But in the later period, the magic statue felt something was wrong.
Although the opponent’s main purpose seems to be to destroy the demon city, their strength is rising too fast
Even the magic statue thinks that these three guys are simply monsters-even if two people and one demon try their best, they are suppressed by the magic statue, but when two people and one demon are already faint, they can beat him to four or six.
This makes the magic statue alert, and he is also white to each other. This is taking him as a magic sword stone.
The magic statue is not stupid. He doesn’t want Xu Ren, Xiao Xiaoer and Xiao Yaobao Molin to get too many benefits, so he just pulled away.
See the magic statue left Xu Ren, little darling and little demon leopard Molin also picked a direction to fly directly.
Xu Rencai slowed down when he ran thousands of miles away.
"Are you all right?"
Xu Ren turned pale and said to the little boy and the little demon leopard Molin who looked paler around him.
"It’s a good thing that guy gave up, otherwise I really couldn’t hold on."
The little boy breathed a sigh of relief and was busy taking pills to adjust his breath.
"Yeah, I didn’t expect the magic statue to be so strong, much stronger than Zhu Yu."
Little demon leopard Molin also pranayama. Now his strength is much stronger than when Zhu hated the confrontation, but even so, he was almost dragged down by the magic statue directly, which shows how powerful the magic statue is.
"Let’s have a good conditioning first. We need more time to accumulate when we want the magic statue to fight, but after this time, the magic statue should not easily find us in trouble."
Xu Ren also vomited a mouthful of polluted air. Just now, World War I was really very dangerous, but the benefits he gained were not small, not only his body was stronger, but also his small world was more stable. Now he has a deeper understanding of the avenue than before.
"What shall we do when we get here?"
Small demon leopard Molin freely asked.
"Find a place to recover your strength first and then go back to China when you can."
Although the magic statue confrontation did not take advantage of it, it was still very dangerous, but it made Xu Ren feel more confident. Now they are not particularly afraid of the fairy emperor and the king. If it is a big deal, they will fight. Although they can’t win, they may not lose.
When Xu Ren was more worried, Zou Xun and Zou Xun had never appeared. They murdered the Moon Lake Fairy together, and it seemed that the Fairy had disappeared completely after its fall. Although Du Qiyan looked like the Moon Lake Fairy, Xu Ren knew that Du Qiyan was not the Moon Lake Fairy, nor even the Moon Lake Fairy reincarnation.
For Xu Ren, although his greatest enemy is still the magic statue, the demon ancestor, the human king and the immortal king, Zou Xun and the moon pool fairy queen are his greatest threats.
Therefore, Xu Ren must also make more preparations to deal with the threat from Zou Xun and Moon Pool Fairy Queen.
Xu Renxian offered a virtual spirit mask. According to Xu Ren’s experience, even the magic statue could not detect it, which would make them more secure.
Half a month later, Xu Ren, Xiaoer and Molin, the little demon leopard, walked around for a while again before leaving the wild days from the mountain range.
When Xu Ren, Xiao Xiaoer and Xiao Yaobao Molin arrived in China, the human monks had already counterattacked South Danzhou and West Hezhou.
This result surprised Xu Ren a little, but it was just what he wanted.