Say that finish Xiao Fengze is one leng becoming a monk, which surprised Xiao Feng.

Soon Xiao Feng nodded. "I naturally agree with this matter. I just want to see the world’s Buddhist martial arts!"
Xiao Feng agreed that there was a darkness in the Imperial Heaven and Buddhism, and it was not a small darkness.
Yutian nodded and smiled and then looked at Yang Jun. "Yang Jun, I asked you to prepare for my life a year ago. Have you ever been ready!"
Yang Jun nodded. "Everything is ready. Xiao Feng’s eldest brother Kwai is dark. Your three birthday words are very false. Your parents are false … and everything is ready."
"Identity arranged so into Buddhism and magic door is an advantage! Kwai dark you are to stay in the palace and continue to help Yang Jun establish intelligence organizations. "
Kwai nodded and said, "Yes!"
"Yang Jun, you are to be your sovereign, but you’d better get along better with Yang Guang. After all, that’s the post-emperor!"
Yang Jun nodded. "Everything is subject to public arrangements!"
It’s easy to control Yang Jun and Yang Jun, especially Yang Jiansan, so it’s easy to support Yang Jun, but since Yang Jun said that Yang Guang, a Buddhist, behind it, it made the Imperial Heaven give up supporting Yang Jun.
The next day coincided with the Spring Festival, when people came and went in Chang ‘an.
"Hehe, it’s too boring in Chang ‘an Fun Sect!"
A young woman looked around with a silvery smile.
The woman looked left and right and felt that it was so fun around.
The woman wandered for a while with a little regret. "If only Shi Xuan would accompany me out to play!"
A curl of female corners of the mouth but looking around the scenery once again show a silvery smile.
Suddenly, the female eyes stared at a child in front of her, and her eyes were pale and pale with a hint of better sweating!
A trace of majesty emerges from children’s brow, and their eyes are closed and they are surrounded by a black cloth.
The woman wondered with a hint of pity, "Did you lose your sight at an early age?"
The woman gently lifted the child who was knocked down by herself.
Female jade hand holding children’s wrist eyes emerge a little horror "how is that possible? This kind of physique? "
Words fall instantly female directly picked up the child and walked directly into the distance.
This scene also happened in another place, but the person who took the children was a woman and a monk!
After a long time, the young woman appeared in a quiet yard with a bit of shock.
A woman in the yard looked at the girl in surprise. "Jade research, aren’t you going out shopping?" Come back so early with a child! "
The young girl is Zhu Yuyan, and now the virgin of Kwai Yin School is also the leader of Kwai Yin School.
Zhu Yuyan suddenly thought of the child in his arms. "Master, look at this child. This child seems to be in good health!"
Zhu Yuyan’s voice made the female eyes stunned. It was very strange to say, "In the theory of physique, is physique a peerless wizard?"
Master Zhu Yuyan is a famous contemporary leader of Kuiyin School.
I wish my thoughts got up slowly and looked at the child in Zhu Yuyan’s arms with curious eyes.
The scene that the child in Zhu Yuyan’s arms is naturally the imperial heaven is also in the imperial heaven plan. Now the plan is left, that is, to join his legacy
Worship the Kwai Yin Sect. Kwai Yin Sect is the most powerful sect of the magic door. Although Kwai Yin Sect can’t compete with’ Ci Hang Jing Zhai’ after all, once the Kwai Yin Sect unifies the magic door, is the magic door strength comparable to that of Buddhism!
Chapter 229 Enter Kwai Yin School
There was silence around the quiet yard.
I wish my thoughts emerge, my eyes are curious, my eyes are looking at the Imperial Heaven, and my silence is like a dead man.
I wish you a smile. "Your eyes are so calm at a young age, but let’s see your qualifications."
Zhu Yuyan said with excitement, "Master, I won’t admit that this child’s qualification is definitely a medium physique!"
I wish you a light smile and lean out your jade hand and touch it towards the royal wrist.
Imperial heavenly heart is also a chuckle. For the qualification, Imperial Heaven believes that no one in this world can match himself, even Shuanglong, the protagonist of Datang.
I wish my thoughts touch the wrist skill of Imperial Heaven and explore it gently.
In an instant, I wish there was a little horror in my eyes, and my mouth trembled a little. "How is it possible that this kind of physique can have all kinds of talents? It is the talent that the celestial body is tough like a master!"
I wish you an incredible feeling. I took the Imperial Heaven directly from Zhu Yuyan’s arms and then touched the Imperial Heaven.
This touching method is commonly known as touching the bone, which is to explore a person’s root bone!
Soon after, I wish my heart was full of ecstasy and a little excitement appeared in my mouth.
"Tear …"
Imperial heaven specially found robes that were directly torn by Zhu Qingsi at the moment.
I wish you love me, regardless of the naked Imperial Heaven, regardless of the Imperial Heaven or a man looking at the Imperial Heaven directly.
In the end, I wish Qingsi laughed directly at the sky. "Good … good … what a peerless talent. My magic door is prosperous for a hundred years, and it is just around the corner for the Kuiyin Sect to unify the magic door!"
I wish my feelings are excited, but I am even more excited.
Zhu Yuyan is also secretly happy "teacher, I didn’t admit my mistake! This child’s qualification turned out to be a celestial body, and this bone and skin turned out to be jade bone! "
I wish my thoughts nodded with great joy and said, "Ha ha … yes! This child’s qualifications are simply against the sky, but it’s a pity that this child has eyes! "
Zhu Qingsi looks at the white cloth around his eyes, but a trace emerges in his heart. After all, Zhu Qingsi is a blind man.
Zhu Yuyan gently walked to the royal side with pity and lightly touched the royal silver hair. "This child’s natural silver hair is really a generation of devil’s eyes …"
"I’m not blind. My eyes are different. I’m born with silver hair and blood pupils. Aren’t you afraid?"
Words fall to the sky, gently pick white cloth and slowly show your eyes.
Scarlet eyes looked at two people in front of him.
One person is Zhu Yuyan and the other is Zhu Qingsi.
The Kuiyin School dominated in the Tang Dynasty.
Zhu Yuyan one leng is very curious to stare at the imperial day eyes with a hint of horror!
I wish my love is also a burst of horror that "the injustice of heaven has created such a perfect man."