The wonderful cooperation between Ah Shui and heshy temporarily continued the rhythm, but the offensive problem in front of IG was still very serious. Finally, in 25 minutes, they finally decided to take risks.

"Brothers, we can’t delay any longer. We haven’t hurt enough in the later period." Ning Wang was full of sorrow. At this time, EDG was in a state of shrinking, and his rhythm was in a state of shopping. He wandered around in the wild and couldn’t find anything to do.
"Then we can fight the dragon. It is too difficult for us to push the tower." A suggestion in Shui’s voice was immediately endorsed by Ning Wang.
"Go, go, go, I’ve always wanted to hit EDG. It’s like a little puss-head. As soon as I hit it, they shrank back."
In Ning Wang’s language, I swear, IG, and everyone soon got together near the dragon pit, and then played the dragon without saying anything. It was very dark.
When IG just moved Dalong EDG, he was already alert, and immediately held a group in the direction of Dalong, and when the Iby foresight decorative pit was lit, Dalong’s blood volume was half.
EDG, everyone is a little anxious. Sister buckles and shouts, Go, Go, Go! Shivell Qi Da Zhao accelerated, and finally IG knocked out Dalong and came to the entrance of the river in the half area.
But IG is still going its own way, and it doesn’t matter if it comes to EDG. All they have left in their eyes is the dragon.
"Second dragon! Second dragon! Don’t go out and we’ll fight the dragon! " Ning Wang Longkeng commanded. At the same time, he adjusted his position to let Ah Shui and Banana Wolf enter the outermost part of the pig sister roof in Longkeng.
"It’s okay to go outside and defend against a Jess shell." Ah Shui looked at him and was indifferent. He also wanted to drill inside Bloom’s face and expression was very nai.
Chapter 33 He is not fighting alone
Twenty-five minutes Dalongkeng
EDG people came from the river to fight Dalong IG, which formed a siege, but Longkeng IG people were very indifferent to it and accelerated the speed of fighting the dragon, as if they wanted to kill Dalong before the team battle came.
Four thousand blood!
Three thousand blood!
Two thousand blood! Jiejie finally couldn’t help but want to go into Longkeng to fight for punishment. Both Jin and his elementary school brother saw Jiejie’s intention, so they also charged Longkeng with the spider.
As soon as Jess shelled the pig sister and the bear, it didn’t hurt as much as the big dragon. Dao Mei flashed a big move and rushed into the crowd
The narrow terrain of Longkeng is very suitable for Dao Mei to play Jin’s big move and hit four people at once. Except for the ice in the corner of Longkeng, IG people were all hit by Dao Mei’s big move.
Dao Mei wanted to be flexible in the crowd, but as soon as he flew to Pig’s sister’s body, he was pushed by Ning Wang, and then Sapphire hung a passive heshy on him, which was to open up a big move to level A thunder and hurt the dragon pit.
Before Dao Mei came to show his graceful dance, he was knocked unconscious by IG everyone. Dao Mei’s fragile body could not bear too much damage.
At this time, Dao Mei’s blood hand didn’t make a root, so he couldn’t stand the first wave of IG. The blood volume dropped rapidly, but good Jin didn’t rush alone.
Jess then rushed to a hammer and knocked on the pig sister’s head. Ning Wang threw his big move in anger, and then the elementary school brother was settled in place.
Dao Mei, who just woke up from dizziness, was once again frozen in the frozen field of pig sister e skills, and Dao Mei was completely frozen for three seconds.
Jin feels that this kind of situation is deja vu, just like being hit by the longest distance of the ice trick, which makes people unable to move. He knows it well.
Dao Mei and Jess, who were the first to break into the enemy lines, were frozen in place, which gave Jiejie a chance. He quietly followed Jess and Dao Mei and sneaked into the Dragon Pit while his teammates attracted fire.
At this time, the blood volume of Dalong was less than 1000. By the time IG found the spider, it was too late. Ning Wang gambled and punished it, but he misjudged the blood line. More than 100 blood volumes of Dalong were easily taken by Jiejie.
"Dragon! Who’s Tai Lung? Who punished Ning Wang? Jiejie! JIejie punished EDG and grabbed the dragon! " Miller became excited when he saw Jiejie grab the dragon.
"At this critical moment, Jiejie came out. He inherited EDG’s outstanding unification, and the real man dared to turn the tide and help the building to fall!"
"Jiejie is not fighting alone! This moment! Factory director! Alori! Har! Soul possession! Great EDG hits the wild! "
Doll "
After being robbed of the dragon, the faces of IG people became ugly, but instead of complaining, they were ready to kill and vent their anger. Without the dragon IG, everyone set their sights on Jiejie.
Want to leave after robbing the dragon? No way!
At this time, the dragon pit IG crowd poured out. heshy Bear first killed Dao Mei with a W skill and then ran to Jess on all fours.
The bear carried Jess back to the crowd. A water and ice, a million arrows, slowed down the spider and Jess Banana Wolf Lissandra, and made more decisive and direct moves to freeze the spider.
Cooperate with others to hurt Jess and spider’s blood volume and quickly enter the IG slaying line. At this time, Iby and Meik are in a dilemma outside the dragon pit. They don’t know whether they should support their teammates or retreat.
But this hesitant bear has roared out of the dragon pit, followed by pig sister. IG Ye believes that it is a piece of cake for Ah Shui to have Jess and spiders left in his teammate’s dragon pit.
At present, the most urgent thing is to leave EDG Road for the double team, so the bear and the pig sister rushed out of Foehrer Zhuode Shuangxiong! Attack!
In the face of the impact of bears and pig sisters, EDG Road will not hesitate any more, so just play in the front row first. If you can’t play it by ear, you will slip away.
Lux released the Q skill, and instantly hit the bear and Jess Foehrer Zhuode, who ran out of the dragon pit, and they were in the same place immediately.
Shivell’s decisive output of the cross blade to hit the bear and the pig sister’s body injury is not very high, but a good hero Shivell can fly a kite, and the bear and the pig sister can’t get into him.
After Dao Mei was killed, his body directly turned into Lissandra and passively turned into an frozen slave. He hobbled towards his teammates in front of him. After a little distance, he directly burst his body to form broken ice and shot at his teammates.
Jess couldn’t stand the damage and died directly, and then became an frozen slave. The spider also fell to the ground and Banana Wolf took a double kill.
Outside the Dragon Pit, Shivell and Laxus fought while withdrawing from the bear and pig sister. There is nothing they can do. Short legs are the fatal defects of these two heroes, and EDG Road combination is good at flying kites.
Heshy and Ning Wang are very wronged in their hearts. They are like idiots. They seem to run away, but they can’t hit anyone at all.
But at this moment, the dragon pit shoots a magic crystal arrow, which changes the situation and gives King heshy a close chance.
The magic crystal arrow was aimed at Shivell, but I didn’t expect that Sister Kou happened to take a small step and just hit the crystal arrow. I saw that Sister Kou hit the arrow again and Ah Shui smiled.
Noble shiba smile JPG
Heshy and Ning Wangcai, no matter who was shot by the arrow, they went straight to the heart, and there was no place to scatter it, so Lux was killed by dividing by three and five.
But Iby Shivell ran away again, and at the moment when Lux was hit by an arrow, he ran away without looking back. Goodbye, no one shook hands.