Many owners of ten thousand families have a quick glance at their faces as soon as they change their minds

"They entered the virtual land!"
Moment of virtual explosion energy breath surging everywhere.
Chaotic Tianque body is like being swept away by Xiao Yu as a weapon and waving towards the demon emperor.
The demon emperor’s surly body is constantly dodging and constantly shuttling in the virtual space, and the root is not Xiao Yu’s confrontation.
Xiao Yu sneered, "I heard that the demon emperor is a congenital saint formed by the gathering of the sacred blood of the demon family. It’s just such a big disappointment today!"
Chaos Tianque was caught by him, and his whole body was full of mana, and his heart was humbled. He kept yelling and wanted to open Xiao Yu’s palm, only to find that Xiao Yu’s palm was as immovable as Taikoo Fairy Gold, and he held his arm tightly.
Thick powerful mana constantly from Xiao Yu body crazy destroyed his vitality, let him constantly vomiting blood body cracks to make up for the terrible!
This is definitely the most humbled battle he has ever encountered since he was born!
He is a generation of princes who destroyed God’s family, and commanded all the people to be comparable to meet such a scene today.
"I will let you die!"
Chaotian Tianque uttered a low explosive roar.
Suddenly, the magic light surged out of his body, and the energy and breath of black runes were chaotic and rapidly enlarged, like being inflated, and a huge crisis suddenly came out of him.
His body suddenly exploded into a chaotic atmosphere and flooded Xiao Yu.
The whole garden was exposed to waves and was reduced to dust by the terrible light.
Many owners of all ethnic groups rushed toward the distance without changing color.
Xiao Yu eyebrows a wrinkly didn’t expect this person to blow itself up directly.
The devastating light hit him with a low dull sound, like lightning striking the holy mountain.
Suddenly Xiao Yu’s myriad pores suddenly burst into thick strong suction and absorbed all these raging destructive lights.
Soon the area was calm again.
Suddenly, the magic light bloomed in the sky, and a huge statue appeared. The eyes were cold and the body was huge. Thousands of feet in size, sitting on a black lotus table, the magic gas surged and covered the sky.
"Respect for blood!"
The golem mouth bursts, and Lei Yin is majestic and full of a terrorist mastermind force.
As dead as a whistle, thousands of demons in shura hell evolved all over him, and they wailed and screamed together.
"This is … phase fiend form!"
"It’s the second blood form of destroying the family of God!"
"The chaotic duke actually became the second demon blood form!"
Many owners of ten thousand families looked surprised.
Even the demon emperor stopped with a frown, and his body showed amazing light, scanning the statue of the golem Xiao Yu.
Xiao Yu is also light yi eyes flashing staring at the statue of golems.
"Interesting. What other means can be used? And didn’t you just say you wanted to learn a statue of blood? Come along?"
He suddenly swept to the demon emperor showing Bai Sensen teeth and laughed
Chapter one thousand nine hundred and thirty Vulnerable
The demon emperor’s face was handsome and his body was misty. He stood in the distance and scanned Xiao Yu calmly. "There are all dead people around. Will you be anxious later?"
Xiao Yu showed a strong smile. "It’s up to you to make decisions and let you live one more time."
At this time, the huge magic shadow, a huge black palm, was directly pressed to cover the sun, like a continuous dark cloud filled with a monstrous atmosphere.
Xiao Yu’s clothes definitely danced and took a palm to meet the past.
The palm of your hand is rapidly enlarged, and the golden light is as irresistible as an ancient celestial gate.
A muffled sound, the black clutches collapsed and dissipated in the sky.
The golden palm continued to enlarge and cover the sky and lock it towards the statue of the golem.
The body of the golem does not move, and the dark fog around it fills the air, and the eyes are cold. Suddenly, I blurt out the truth, "I am talking to all beings every day, and the gods and gods are talking about ghosts and demons, and the heavens and the earth are dying!"
His whole body was full of terrible magic light, forming a real magic field. Xiao Yujin’s golden hand was stopped by a powerful force just as it approached.
Xiao Yu eyebrows a wrinkly.
The golem looked down at Xiao Yu with cold eyes, and suddenly rushed out of several black runes from his eyes, and one by one, the ancient giant fonts were suppressed toward Xiao Yu’s body.