"Jing Jiayuan, why don’t we have this for dinner?"

Jing Jiayuan has no interest in the hot pot restaurant. Now, although he can eat everything, he can still eat without soup. But tonight, he lives in a youth hostel, leaving a lot of money, Song Xue, who likes it so much, and let her go.
"Good" He agreed.
Song Xue was so happy that he was about to become a monkey. When he entered the restaurant, he ordered all kinds of food and referred to several tables next door.
"Shrimp, crab, beef rolls, beef balls, mushroom balls, shrimp, slippery fish, slippery clams and shellfish. What else? Want meat, want meat! Don’t like eating grass! "
She danced and lit.
Chapter 163
Jing Jiayuan didn’t say much, quietly watching Song Xue order.
When Shinohara fish is not around, he returns to the state again.
Gentle but alienated
Song Xue’s nerve showed respect for Jiayuan politely, and he didn’t think too much. He felt that respect for Jiayuan’s character was like this.
After she ordered the meal, she still took good care of Jing Jiayuan and asked him if he wanted to eat Jing Jiayuan, indicating that she had just ordered it.
Song Xue was also smiling.
After the meal, Song Xue was full of expectation, but suddenly he thought of something. He looked at Jing Jiayuan and said, "I saw that Xiaoyu made hot pot for you before your show, right? Ah, the little fish is really good at cooking. I will envy you to death when I watch it. "
Speaking of Shinohara fish, Jingjiayuan’s eyes are full of warmth and a very inexplicable sense of pride.
He nodded. "Well, she’s very good, not hot pot, but also spicy pot, braised lamb chops, mushroom and chicken clay pot rice and all kinds of seafood. She can also make sushi, and everything is good …"
At some point, Jing Jiayuan found that Song Xueyuan’s excited expression gradually collapsed.
Then she lay on her back and almost cried, "I’m so hard!" What? I didn’t participate in this variety show in the first two seasons! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah Otherwise, maybe I can have such a taste! "
Jing Jiayuan couldn’t help but feel warm when he thought of Song Xue’s grief.
With his brow slightly raised.
These days, I have been separated from Xiaoyu for a long time, but when I think about the places I have walked with her during the trip, his heart feels warm, which is a kind of happiness filled with tenderness and love.
Song Xue’s grief over not being able to eat Shinohara fish as food finally disappeared after the hot pot came.
While waiting, she looked back for a while, which was just a dream. When the bottom of the hot pot and the dishes were all gone, Jing Jiayuan was about to move chopsticks, but Song Xue shouted, "Don’t wait! I’ll take pictures first! "
Jing Jiayuan couldn’t help raising an eyebrow slightly.
Xiaoyu said yes, Song Xue is really like Lin Yufei in some aspects.
Song Xue took a 360-degree shot of the hot pot at this time from various angles, and at the same time, he added a filter to make the food look more attractive.
After all this, she was so happy that she lost the picture in the group chat.
[Xiaoxue] Hahahahaha, don’t be jealous of us! [picture] [picture] [picture]
Lin Yufei, at ordinary times, that’s a mobile phone that never leaves his hand. Song Xue was so excited when the news came out that he almost dropped his mobile phone.
He was scratching and typing quickly.
[The first handsome flying in the universe] Ah ah! This is too much! Actually eat hot pot! ! !
Ji Shuyu’s message to others didn’t come back so quickly. Song Xue saw it for the first time and immediately looked at his face and took a photo of it.
[Ji Shuyu] Suddenly I feel that the powder in the bowl is not fragrant [Picture]
Jing Jiayuan saw that his picture really looked bleak and stopped eating hot pot.
He also took out his mobile phone and asked
[Deep] @ Xiaoyu, what’s for dinner?
[Fish] Vietnamese powder … I can’t afford to eat hot pot when I have no money, hahaha
[The first handsome Feifei in the universe] Hahahahahahaha let you live in a five-star hotel, right?
Xiao Yu’s cell phone rang when the group was still chatting. It was a message from Jing Jiayuan alone.
[Deep] Eat powder?
[Fish] Hmm
Will [Yuan] not be enough to eat? Don’t be hungry and … if you don’t have enough money, I’ll help you find a way not to treat yourself badly.
[Fish] A bowl of powder is quite full and delicious. Laugh and cry jpg
When Shinohara fish looked at the photos of Ji Shuyu’s hair in the group again, it suddenly became white. It was estimated that Jing Jiayuan thought too much when he saw this bleak photo, and immediately Nai took a new one.
[Fish] Haha, it’s really not as bad as he said, but it tastes good [picture]
When Jing Jiayuan saw the photos sent by Shinohara Fish, he was a little relieved, but he still asked more questions.
How much money do you have left?
[Fish] There are almost a hundred more.
[Yuan] Then go to the supermarket to buy something and take it back to the hotel after eating the powder.
[Fish] Good
Small fish
[Fish] Huh?
Jing Jiayuan has typed the words "I miss you so much", but he paused before sending it out.
He pursed his lips a little, his eyes drooped slightly, or he slowly deleted them bit by bit.
Hesitated for a long time before typing again
Let’s do a good job and try to get together soon
When Xiao Yu watched WeChat beating and typing, he didn’t see the message coming.
Probably guessed some respectful reaction and mental journey when Shinohara’s lip angle also slightly bent up.