Sheng Qingqing has just turned 10 years old, and her health is not good. Some things have to be done step by step. When she first confessed, she made the big lady sick, and her body could not be stimulated.

Therefore, although they are tired of being intimate with each other every day, they are also less willing to let the big lady accept what he forced her to do to make her feel wronged.
After receiving the ink cloud, I won’t take the initiative to go. I didn’t feel guilty and sat at the desk to write honestly. I didn’t even dare to look at the ink cloud.
Ink cloud is funny to think that she just bared her teeth and couldn’t help but want to tease her, but she still resisted. Who let his big lady be a sick body? Then she will be afraid to go to a hospital instead of a hotel.
Go on strike from Professor Bai’s home. Walking slowly on the campus of Qingda University, I suddenly felt a figure blocking the way. When I looked up, I saw someone smiling at her with a white tooth and mottled shadows. The sun was dazzling.
Xiao Su?’ The music is unbelievable.
"What a surprise?" Xiao Su good temper with a smile.
"Fortunately, I didn’t expect to meet here!" She naturally won’t be sentimental when she asks casually. He is waiting for her here.
"I just looked at the figure and I was familiar with it. I came closer and saw that it was you!" Xiao Su eyes calm fundus is can’t see the dark.
"Oh!" Go on strike in a low voice. Going on strike with strangers is definitely the kind of person who can chat to death.
"Since we met, we might as well have a cup of coffee in front!" Xiao Su doesn’t mind that he knows that he is rejected by his identity in his heart, but he has rescued her several times, which can better say that she is kind and simple in her bones and is a good girl worthy of everyone’s love!
Chapter 13 People are not vegetation
"just a cup of coffee won’t keep you long, really!" Xiao Su seems to be afraid that she will refuse and emphasizes that it won’t take long, and her eyes are full of expectations.
I wanted to refuse the strike, but he said so, and those refusal words could not be said.
Xiao Su tried his best to keep pace with her, but after entering the coffee shop, he went on strike first and found a place.
Then I watched her coming step by step, and when she reached the table, I got up and pulled a chair for her and watched her sit.
Smile and say "thank you"
Xiao Su smiled faintly, stretched out his hand and took the menu and put it in front of her. "Watch it."
It’s a coffee shop, not coffee, but western food and dessert.
I didn’t plan to order anything at all. I used to look at it when I saw something with words, and Xiao Su’s eyes scolded her at the moment
Since the day he left with Li Lei, he hasn’t seen her again. I have something to do here at Qingda today. I was thinking that if she came to Professor Bai’s class today, I might meet her.
She seems to have changed a lot in the past few months. When I first met her, she was more like a strong little girl. Now she is a little less tender and curly, a little more quiet and a little … He doesn’t know how to describe it, but it’s always different.
Her hair is tied casually and quietly, and she can still smell the faint scent of herbs through the table, probably because she has just handled the herbs.
Holding the menu, the fingers are slender and white. Xiao Su remembered that she sewed the wound for herself. Although she was young, she seemed to have the calm temperament of a doctor
This is the first time that Xiao Su thinks that the gap between them is not darling daughter and gangsters, but something called culture.
Xiao Su doesn’t feel inferior. This society is full of all kinds of people, traffickers, servants, and dignitaries. No one can compete with anyone. In the end, they can’t escape the loess pile, but they just play their respective roles.
Before the strike, Xiao Su felt that he knew something, just like the difference between ink painting and kraft paper.
Go to the party and read all the menu words, then order a cup of coffee and push the menu to Xiao Su Xiao Su without reading it. The clerk said, "Just like her!"
When Shengge raised his head, Xiao Su had already withdrawn his eyes, probably because he felt that the atmosphere of sitting and not talking was too embarrassing. "Is Li Lei hurt?"
Xiao Su nodded his head. "The injury has healed, and the leg fracture injury is not good now."
"I still have to take good care of it for a hundred days!"
"He always said he would come and thank you personally. I said you were busy and didn’t let him bother you!" Xiao Su looked at the strike face when he said this. After all, he asked her that day and she said they wouldn’t be friends.
I also thought of his question that night and smiled faintly, feeling that my answer was a little naive.
Since we’re not friends, why sit down and have coffee with him?
Maybe unconsciously, she has regarded him as a friend.
He is more loyal than many people, but his friends are desperate to meet several times. Although he said that he didn’t pay attention to his way of doing things, he didn’t hurt her. Even if he was a gangster, he didn’t do anything illegal or bad. He really couldn’t force himself to put him in the ranks of bad guys.
The clerk just sent coffee to come and sing. Xie Cai said, "Xiao Su, I apologize for the second time. I was too arbitrary when I said we wouldn’t be friends!"
Xiao Su was surprised. "You seem … different?"
Life is so long, it seems that nothing remains the same in this world, just like her and her little brother, who ever thought that …
She is not sure how far she can go.
Looking out of the window, the sun is not dazzling, but she squints slightly. "We saw the sun minutes ago, the sun saw the moon 13 seconds ago, and the moon saw a building a mile away 5 microseconds ago. Even if you sit one meter away from me, I saw it 3 nanometers seconds ago. Of course, everyone will be different, not just me, but you!"
The tone of the strike seems casual, but Xiao Su thinks her tone is a little sad
What’s wrong with her? What’s wrong with her?
Xiao Su knew that she wouldn’t tell herself, but he felt that the words of the strike were novel. He had never heard anyone say anything before, and nodded his head, recognizing the same.
Sheng Sheng is definitely a good student, but she is not as good as the former students in their class as they are not as good as her.
"Thank you for seeing me off!" Put the coffee cup in your hand.
"Those are all things we don’t need you to look at!" Xiao Su naturally won’t tell her that he and Li Lei have searched all over Qingcheng Mountain for these.
"I still want to thank Xiao Su. It’s late for me to go home. My family will be worried when I get home late!" Sheng Sheng and his tone of voice are not as alienated as before.
"Oh, it’s really late when it’s good!" At the end of October, as soon as the sun goes down, it will soon get dark.
"Thank you for the coffee!" Get up from the chair and pick up your bag from the chair.
"You don’t say so much thank you to me. It’s nothing compared to your saving my life!" And if you really want to thank him, you should thank her for not refusing his invitation.
He wanted to send her home, but he didn’t have a mouth. He knew she wouldn’t want to have a cup of coffee with him.
Xiao Su looked at the strike and left her back. She was very thin. The wind blew her windbreaker skirts and sometimes lifted her up.
The singer disappeared around the corner, and Xiao Su returned to the street in front of the coffee shop. For a moment, he regretted trying to chase, but he didn’t do it in the end. He shouldn’t disturb her too much, which is enough.
When I walked around the corner for a while, I stopped and looked back. I couldn’t see the coffee shop, and there was no Xiao Su in the pedestrians. She was afraid that he would come after me.
Xiao Su thanked her, and she felt it because his eyes sometimes resembled his own at a certain moment. He thanked her and wanted to repay her heart, probably just as she wanted to repay Uncle Ji and them.

"Jing Jiayuan, why don’t we have this for dinner?"

Jing Jiayuan has no interest in the hot pot restaurant. Now, although he can eat everything, he can still eat without soup. But tonight, he lives in a youth hostel, leaving a lot of money, Song Xue, who likes it so much, and let her go.
"Good" He agreed.
Song Xue was so happy that he was about to become a monkey. When he entered the restaurant, he ordered all kinds of food and referred to several tables next door.
"Shrimp, crab, beef rolls, beef balls, mushroom balls, shrimp, slippery fish, slippery clams and shellfish. What else? Want meat, want meat! Don’t like eating grass! "
She danced and lit.
Chapter 163
Jing Jiayuan didn’t say much, quietly watching Song Xue order.
When Shinohara fish is not around, he returns to the state again.
Gentle but alienated
Song Xue’s nerve showed respect for Jiayuan politely, and he didn’t think too much. He felt that respect for Jiayuan’s character was like this.
After she ordered the meal, she still took good care of Jing Jiayuan and asked him if he wanted to eat Jing Jiayuan, indicating that she had just ordered it.
Song Xue was also smiling.
After the meal, Song Xue was full of expectation, but suddenly he thought of something. He looked at Jing Jiayuan and said, "I saw that Xiaoyu made hot pot for you before your show, right? Ah, the little fish is really good at cooking. I will envy you to death when I watch it. "
Speaking of Shinohara fish, Jingjiayuan’s eyes are full of warmth and a very inexplicable sense of pride.
He nodded. "Well, she’s very good, not hot pot, but also spicy pot, braised lamb chops, mushroom and chicken clay pot rice and all kinds of seafood. She can also make sushi, and everything is good …"
At some point, Jing Jiayuan found that Song Xueyuan’s excited expression gradually collapsed.
Then she lay on her back and almost cried, "I’m so hard!" What? I didn’t participate in this variety show in the first two seasons! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah Otherwise, maybe I can have such a taste! "
Jing Jiayuan couldn’t help but feel warm when he thought of Song Xue’s grief.
With his brow slightly raised.
These days, I have been separated from Xiaoyu for a long time, but when I think about the places I have walked with her during the trip, his heart feels warm, which is a kind of happiness filled with tenderness and love.
Song Xue’s grief over not being able to eat Shinohara fish as food finally disappeared after the hot pot came.
While waiting, she looked back for a while, which was just a dream. When the bottom of the hot pot and the dishes were all gone, Jing Jiayuan was about to move chopsticks, but Song Xue shouted, "Don’t wait! I’ll take pictures first! "
Jing Jiayuan couldn’t help raising an eyebrow slightly.
Xiaoyu said yes, Song Xue is really like Lin Yufei in some aspects.
Song Xue took a 360-degree shot of the hot pot at this time from various angles, and at the same time, he added a filter to make the food look more attractive.
After all this, she was so happy that she lost the picture in the group chat.
[Xiaoxue] Hahahahaha, don’t be jealous of us! [picture] [picture] [picture]
Lin Yufei, at ordinary times, that’s a mobile phone that never leaves his hand. Song Xue was so excited when the news came out that he almost dropped his mobile phone.
He was scratching and typing quickly.
[The first handsome flying in the universe] Ah ah! This is too much! Actually eat hot pot! ! !
Ji Shuyu’s message to others didn’t come back so quickly. Song Xue saw it for the first time and immediately looked at his face and took a photo of it.
[Ji Shuyu] Suddenly I feel that the powder in the bowl is not fragrant [Picture]
Jing Jiayuan saw that his picture really looked bleak and stopped eating hot pot.
He also took out his mobile phone and asked
[Deep] @ Xiaoyu, what’s for dinner?
[Fish] Vietnamese powder … I can’t afford to eat hot pot when I have no money, hahaha
[The first handsome Feifei in the universe] Hahahahahahaha let you live in a five-star hotel, right?
Xiao Yu’s cell phone rang when the group was still chatting. It was a message from Jing Jiayuan alone.
[Deep] Eat powder?
[Fish] Hmm
Will [Yuan] not be enough to eat? Don’t be hungry and … if you don’t have enough money, I’ll help you find a way not to treat yourself badly.
[Fish] A bowl of powder is quite full and delicious. Laugh and cry jpg
When Shinohara fish looked at the photos of Ji Shuyu’s hair in the group again, it suddenly became white. It was estimated that Jing Jiayuan thought too much when he saw this bleak photo, and immediately Nai took a new one.
[Fish] Haha, it’s really not as bad as he said, but it tastes good [picture]
When Jing Jiayuan saw the photos sent by Shinohara Fish, he was a little relieved, but he still asked more questions.
How much money do you have left?
[Fish] There are almost a hundred more.
[Yuan] Then go to the supermarket to buy something and take it back to the hotel after eating the powder.
[Fish] Good
Small fish
[Fish] Huh?
Jing Jiayuan has typed the words "I miss you so much", but he paused before sending it out.
He pursed his lips a little, his eyes drooped slightly, or he slowly deleted them bit by bit.
Hesitated for a long time before typing again
Let’s do a good job and try to get together soon
When Xiao Yu watched WeChat beating and typing, he didn’t see the message coming.
Probably guessed some respectful reaction and mental journey when Shinohara’s lip angle also slightly bent up.

Many owners of ten thousand families have a quick glance at their faces as soon as they change their minds

"They entered the virtual land!"
Moment of virtual explosion energy breath surging everywhere.
Chaotic Tianque body is like being swept away by Xiao Yu as a weapon and waving towards the demon emperor.
The demon emperor’s surly body is constantly dodging and constantly shuttling in the virtual space, and the root is not Xiao Yu’s confrontation.
Xiao Yu sneered, "I heard that the demon emperor is a congenital saint formed by the gathering of the sacred blood of the demon family. It’s just such a big disappointment today!"
Chaos Tianque was caught by him, and his whole body was full of mana, and his heart was humbled. He kept yelling and wanted to open Xiao Yu’s palm, only to find that Xiao Yu’s palm was as immovable as Taikoo Fairy Gold, and he held his arm tightly.
Thick powerful mana constantly from Xiao Yu body crazy destroyed his vitality, let him constantly vomiting blood body cracks to make up for the terrible!
This is definitely the most humbled battle he has ever encountered since he was born!
He is a generation of princes who destroyed God’s family, and commanded all the people to be comparable to meet such a scene today.
"I will let you die!"
Chaotian Tianque uttered a low explosive roar.
Suddenly, the magic light surged out of his body, and the energy and breath of black runes were chaotic and rapidly enlarged, like being inflated, and a huge crisis suddenly came out of him.
His body suddenly exploded into a chaotic atmosphere and flooded Xiao Yu.
The whole garden was exposed to waves and was reduced to dust by the terrible light.
Many owners of all ethnic groups rushed toward the distance without changing color.
Xiao Yu eyebrows a wrinkly didn’t expect this person to blow itself up directly.
The devastating light hit him with a low dull sound, like lightning striking the holy mountain.
Suddenly Xiao Yu’s myriad pores suddenly burst into thick strong suction and absorbed all these raging destructive lights.
Soon the area was calm again.
Suddenly, the magic light bloomed in the sky, and a huge statue appeared. The eyes were cold and the body was huge. Thousands of feet in size, sitting on a black lotus table, the magic gas surged and covered the sky.
"Respect for blood!"
The golem mouth bursts, and Lei Yin is majestic and full of a terrorist mastermind force.
As dead as a whistle, thousands of demons in shura hell evolved all over him, and they wailed and screamed together.
"This is … phase fiend form!"
"It’s the second blood form of destroying the family of God!"
"The chaotic duke actually became the second demon blood form!"
Many owners of ten thousand families looked surprised.
Even the demon emperor stopped with a frown, and his body showed amazing light, scanning the statue of the golem Xiao Yu.
Xiao Yu is also light yi eyes flashing staring at the statue of golems.
"Interesting. What other means can be used? And didn’t you just say you wanted to learn a statue of blood? Come along?"
He suddenly swept to the demon emperor showing Bai Sensen teeth and laughed
Chapter one thousand nine hundred and thirty Vulnerable
The demon emperor’s face was handsome and his body was misty. He stood in the distance and scanned Xiao Yu calmly. "There are all dead people around. Will you be anxious later?"
Xiao Yu showed a strong smile. "It’s up to you to make decisions and let you live one more time."
At this time, the huge magic shadow, a huge black palm, was directly pressed to cover the sun, like a continuous dark cloud filled with a monstrous atmosphere.
Xiao Yu’s clothes definitely danced and took a palm to meet the past.
The palm of your hand is rapidly enlarged, and the golden light is as irresistible as an ancient celestial gate.
A muffled sound, the black clutches collapsed and dissipated in the sky.
The golden palm continued to enlarge and cover the sky and lock it towards the statue of the golem.
The body of the golem does not move, and the dark fog around it fills the air, and the eyes are cold. Suddenly, I blurt out the truth, "I am talking to all beings every day, and the gods and gods are talking about ghosts and demons, and the heavens and the earth are dying!"
His whole body was full of terrible magic light, forming a real magic field. Xiao Yujin’s golden hand was stopped by a powerful force just as it approached.
Xiao Yu eyebrows a wrinkly.
The golem looked down at Xiao Yu with cold eyes, and suddenly rushed out of several black runes from his eyes, and one by one, the ancient giant fonts were suppressed toward Xiao Yu’s body.

The wonderful cooperation between Ah Shui and heshy temporarily continued the rhythm, but the offensive problem in front of IG was still very serious. Finally, in 25 minutes, they finally decided to take risks.

"Brothers, we can’t delay any longer. We haven’t hurt enough in the later period." Ning Wang was full of sorrow. At this time, EDG was in a state of shrinking, and his rhythm was in a state of shopping. He wandered around in the wild and couldn’t find anything to do.
"Then we can fight the dragon. It is too difficult for us to push the tower." A suggestion in Shui’s voice was immediately endorsed by Ning Wang.
"Go, go, go, I’ve always wanted to hit EDG. It’s like a little puss-head. As soon as I hit it, they shrank back."
In Ning Wang’s language, I swear, IG, and everyone soon got together near the dragon pit, and then played the dragon without saying anything. It was very dark.
When IG just moved Dalong EDG, he was already alert, and immediately held a group in the direction of Dalong, and when the Iby foresight decorative pit was lit, Dalong’s blood volume was half.
EDG, everyone is a little anxious. Sister buckles and shouts, Go, Go, Go! Shivell Qi Da Zhao accelerated, and finally IG knocked out Dalong and came to the entrance of the river in the half area.
But IG is still going its own way, and it doesn’t matter if it comes to EDG. All they have left in their eyes is the dragon.
"Second dragon! Second dragon! Don’t go out and we’ll fight the dragon! " Ning Wang Longkeng commanded. At the same time, he adjusted his position to let Ah Shui and Banana Wolf enter the outermost part of the pig sister roof in Longkeng.
"It’s okay to go outside and defend against a Jess shell." Ah Shui looked at him and was indifferent. He also wanted to drill inside Bloom’s face and expression was very nai.
Chapter 33 He is not fighting alone
Twenty-five minutes Dalongkeng
EDG people came from the river to fight Dalong IG, which formed a siege, but Longkeng IG people were very indifferent to it and accelerated the speed of fighting the dragon, as if they wanted to kill Dalong before the team battle came.
Four thousand blood!
Three thousand blood!
Two thousand blood! Jiejie finally couldn’t help but want to go into Longkeng to fight for punishment. Both Jin and his elementary school brother saw Jiejie’s intention, so they also charged Longkeng with the spider.
As soon as Jess shelled the pig sister and the bear, it didn’t hurt as much as the big dragon. Dao Mei flashed a big move and rushed into the crowd
The narrow terrain of Longkeng is very suitable for Dao Mei to play Jin’s big move and hit four people at once. Except for the ice in the corner of Longkeng, IG people were all hit by Dao Mei’s big move.
Dao Mei wanted to be flexible in the crowd, but as soon as he flew to Pig’s sister’s body, he was pushed by Ning Wang, and then Sapphire hung a passive heshy on him, which was to open up a big move to level A thunder and hurt the dragon pit.
Before Dao Mei came to show his graceful dance, he was knocked unconscious by IG everyone. Dao Mei’s fragile body could not bear too much damage.
At this time, Dao Mei’s blood hand didn’t make a root, so he couldn’t stand the first wave of IG. The blood volume dropped rapidly, but good Jin didn’t rush alone.
Jess then rushed to a hammer and knocked on the pig sister’s head. Ning Wang threw his big move in anger, and then the elementary school brother was settled in place.
Dao Mei, who just woke up from dizziness, was once again frozen in the frozen field of pig sister e skills, and Dao Mei was completely frozen for three seconds.
Jin feels that this kind of situation is deja vu, just like being hit by the longest distance of the ice trick, which makes people unable to move. He knows it well.
Dao Mei and Jess, who were the first to break into the enemy lines, were frozen in place, which gave Jiejie a chance. He quietly followed Jess and Dao Mei and sneaked into the Dragon Pit while his teammates attracted fire.
At this time, the blood volume of Dalong was less than 1000. By the time IG found the spider, it was too late. Ning Wang gambled and punished it, but he misjudged the blood line. More than 100 blood volumes of Dalong were easily taken by Jiejie.
"Dragon! Who’s Tai Lung? Who punished Ning Wang? Jiejie! JIejie punished EDG and grabbed the dragon! " Miller became excited when he saw Jiejie grab the dragon.
"At this critical moment, Jiejie came out. He inherited EDG’s outstanding unification, and the real man dared to turn the tide and help the building to fall!"
"Jiejie is not fighting alone! This moment! Factory director! Alori! Har! Soul possession! Great EDG hits the wild! "
Doll "
After being robbed of the dragon, the faces of IG people became ugly, but instead of complaining, they were ready to kill and vent their anger. Without the dragon IG, everyone set their sights on Jiejie.
Want to leave after robbing the dragon? No way!
At this time, the dragon pit IG crowd poured out. heshy Bear first killed Dao Mei with a W skill and then ran to Jess on all fours.
The bear carried Jess back to the crowd. A water and ice, a million arrows, slowed down the spider and Jess Banana Wolf Lissandra, and made more decisive and direct moves to freeze the spider.
Cooperate with others to hurt Jess and spider’s blood volume and quickly enter the IG slaying line. At this time, Iby and Meik are in a dilemma outside the dragon pit. They don’t know whether they should support their teammates or retreat.
But this hesitant bear has roared out of the dragon pit, followed by pig sister. IG Ye believes that it is a piece of cake for Ah Shui to have Jess and spiders left in his teammate’s dragon pit.
At present, the most urgent thing is to leave EDG Road for the double team, so the bear and the pig sister rushed out of Foehrer Zhuode Shuangxiong! Attack!
In the face of the impact of bears and pig sisters, EDG Road will not hesitate any more, so just play in the front row first. If you can’t play it by ear, you will slip away.
Lux released the Q skill, and instantly hit the bear and Jess Foehrer Zhuode, who ran out of the dragon pit, and they were in the same place immediately.
Shivell’s decisive output of the cross blade to hit the bear and the pig sister’s body injury is not very high, but a good hero Shivell can fly a kite, and the bear and the pig sister can’t get into him.
After Dao Mei was killed, his body directly turned into Lissandra and passively turned into an frozen slave. He hobbled towards his teammates in front of him. After a little distance, he directly burst his body to form broken ice and shot at his teammates.
Jess couldn’t stand the damage and died directly, and then became an frozen slave. The spider also fell to the ground and Banana Wolf took a double kill.
Outside the Dragon Pit, Shivell and Laxus fought while withdrawing from the bear and pig sister. There is nothing they can do. Short legs are the fatal defects of these two heroes, and EDG Road combination is good at flying kites.
Heshy and Ning Wang are very wronged in their hearts. They are like idiots. They seem to run away, but they can’t hit anyone at all.
But at this moment, the dragon pit shoots a magic crystal arrow, which changes the situation and gives King heshy a close chance.
The magic crystal arrow was aimed at Shivell, but I didn’t expect that Sister Kou happened to take a small step and just hit the crystal arrow. I saw that Sister Kou hit the arrow again and Ah Shui smiled.
Noble shiba smile JPG
Heshy and Ning Wangcai, no matter who was shot by the arrow, they went straight to the heart, and there was no place to scatter it, so Lux was killed by dividing by three and five.
But Iby Shivell ran away again, and at the moment when Lux was hit by an arrow, he ran away without looking back. Goodbye, no one shook hands.

Say that finish Xiao Fengze is one leng becoming a monk, which surprised Xiao Feng.

Soon Xiao Feng nodded. "I naturally agree with this matter. I just want to see the world’s Buddhist martial arts!"
Xiao Feng agreed that there was a darkness in the Imperial Heaven and Buddhism, and it was not a small darkness.
Yutian nodded and smiled and then looked at Yang Jun. "Yang Jun, I asked you to prepare for my life a year ago. Have you ever been ready!"
Yang Jun nodded. "Everything is ready. Xiao Feng’s eldest brother Kwai is dark. Your three birthday words are very false. Your parents are false … and everything is ready."
"Identity arranged so into Buddhism and magic door is an advantage! Kwai dark you are to stay in the palace and continue to help Yang Jun establish intelligence organizations. "
Kwai nodded and said, "Yes!"
"Yang Jun, you are to be your sovereign, but you’d better get along better with Yang Guang. After all, that’s the post-emperor!"
Yang Jun nodded. "Everything is subject to public arrangements!"
It’s easy to control Yang Jun and Yang Jun, especially Yang Jiansan, so it’s easy to support Yang Jun, but since Yang Jun said that Yang Guang, a Buddhist, behind it, it made the Imperial Heaven give up supporting Yang Jun.
The next day coincided with the Spring Festival, when people came and went in Chang ‘an.
"Hehe, it’s too boring in Chang ‘an Fun Sect!"
A young woman looked around with a silvery smile.
The woman looked left and right and felt that it was so fun around.
The woman wandered for a while with a little regret. "If only Shi Xuan would accompany me out to play!"
A curl of female corners of the mouth but looking around the scenery once again show a silvery smile.
Suddenly, the female eyes stared at a child in front of her, and her eyes were pale and pale with a hint of better sweating!
A trace of majesty emerges from children’s brow, and their eyes are closed and they are surrounded by a black cloth.
The woman wondered with a hint of pity, "Did you lose your sight at an early age?"
The woman gently lifted the child who was knocked down by herself.
Female jade hand holding children’s wrist eyes emerge a little horror "how is that possible? This kind of physique? "
Words fall instantly female directly picked up the child and walked directly into the distance.
This scene also happened in another place, but the person who took the children was a woman and a monk!
After a long time, the young woman appeared in a quiet yard with a bit of shock.
A woman in the yard looked at the girl in surprise. "Jade research, aren’t you going out shopping?" Come back so early with a child! "
The young girl is Zhu Yuyan, and now the virgin of Kwai Yin School is also the leader of Kwai Yin School.
Zhu Yuyan suddenly thought of the child in his arms. "Master, look at this child. This child seems to be in good health!"
Zhu Yuyan’s voice made the female eyes stunned. It was very strange to say, "In the theory of physique, is physique a peerless wizard?"
Master Zhu Yuyan is a famous contemporary leader of Kuiyin School.
I wish my thoughts got up slowly and looked at the child in Zhu Yuyan’s arms with curious eyes.
The scene that the child in Zhu Yuyan’s arms is naturally the imperial heaven is also in the imperial heaven plan. Now the plan is left, that is, to join his legacy
Worship the Kwai Yin Sect. Kwai Yin Sect is the most powerful sect of the magic door. Although Kwai Yin Sect can’t compete with’ Ci Hang Jing Zhai’ after all, once the Kwai Yin Sect unifies the magic door, is the magic door strength comparable to that of Buddhism!
Chapter 229 Enter Kwai Yin School
There was silence around the quiet yard.
I wish my thoughts emerge, my eyes are curious, my eyes are looking at the Imperial Heaven, and my silence is like a dead man.
I wish you a smile. "Your eyes are so calm at a young age, but let’s see your qualifications."
Zhu Yuyan said with excitement, "Master, I won’t admit that this child’s qualification is definitely a medium physique!"
I wish you a light smile and lean out your jade hand and touch it towards the royal wrist.
Imperial heavenly heart is also a chuckle. For the qualification, Imperial Heaven believes that no one in this world can match himself, even Shuanglong, the protagonist of Datang.
I wish my thoughts touch the wrist skill of Imperial Heaven and explore it gently.
In an instant, I wish there was a little horror in my eyes, and my mouth trembled a little. "How is it possible that this kind of physique can have all kinds of talents? It is the talent that the celestial body is tough like a master!"
I wish you an incredible feeling. I took the Imperial Heaven directly from Zhu Yuyan’s arms and then touched the Imperial Heaven.
This touching method is commonly known as touching the bone, which is to explore a person’s root bone!
Soon after, I wish my heart was full of ecstasy and a little excitement appeared in my mouth.
"Tear …"
Imperial heaven specially found robes that were directly torn by Zhu Qingsi at the moment.
I wish you love me, regardless of the naked Imperial Heaven, regardless of the Imperial Heaven or a man looking at the Imperial Heaven directly.
In the end, I wish Qingsi laughed directly at the sky. "Good … good … what a peerless talent. My magic door is prosperous for a hundred years, and it is just around the corner for the Kuiyin Sect to unify the magic door!"
I wish my feelings are excited, but I am even more excited.
Zhu Yuyan is also secretly happy "teacher, I didn’t admit my mistake! This child’s qualification turned out to be a celestial body, and this bone and skin turned out to be jade bone! "
I wish my thoughts nodded with great joy and said, "Ha ha … yes! This child’s qualifications are simply against the sky, but it’s a pity that this child has eyes! "
Zhu Qingsi looks at the white cloth around his eyes, but a trace emerges in his heart. After all, Zhu Qingsi is a blind man.
Zhu Yuyan gently walked to the royal side with pity and lightly touched the royal silver hair. "This child’s natural silver hair is really a generation of devil’s eyes …"
"I’m not blind. My eyes are different. I’m born with silver hair and blood pupils. Aren’t you afraid?"
Words fall to the sky, gently pick white cloth and slowly show your eyes.
Scarlet eyes looked at two people in front of him.
One person is Zhu Yuyan and the other is Zhu Qingsi.
The Kuiyin School dominated in the Tang Dynasty.
Zhu Yuyan one leng is very curious to stare at the imperial day eyes with a hint of horror!
I wish my love is also a burst of horror that "the injustice of heaven has created such a perfect man."

When the little demon leopard Molin rushed at the magic statue, the attack on Xu Ren Avenue arrived.

The magic statue also knows the attack on the avenue, and he found that his feet stepped on a boulevard force, which had been greeted by Xu Ren’s drive on the boulevard force.
It was when the magic statue resisted the attack on Xu Ren Avenue that the little demon leopard Molin Strafe had arrived.
Magic statue and some nai can hand a sword to the little demon leopard Molin Strafe frame out.
There was another loud noise, and then the little demon leopard Molin’s body also instantly retreated to three hundred feet away.
However, the magic statue also felt bad. His figure also regressed nearly two hundred feet, and his face changed several colors in succession.
When the little demon leopard Molin’s figure went backwards, the little boy also rushed towards the magic statue.
When Xu Ren attacked the magic statue, he naturally used the avenue attack method.
Chapter one thousand four hundred and thirty-four The Xu family
When the little demon leopard Molin’s figure retreated, the little boy’s figure had already been killed towards the magic statue.
The little girl is wrapped in a two-color flame and looks like a phoenix born from a bath fire.
Xu Ren naturally won’t let the little boy take risks alone. He has once again imposed a road attack on the inferno.
The magic statue also feels very nai. Although he is not afraid of the attack on Xu Ren Avenue, there is no chance of winning if he plays like this.
Another loud noise came to the magic statue to offset the attack on Xu Ren Avenue and then waved his sword again to frame the attack on Xu Ren.
"Let’s take a look around this wild day first."
Xu Renyin appeared in the mind of a little boy and a little demon leopard Molin. He was not going to continue the confrontation with the magic statue, so he decided to leave first. If the magic statue didn’t chase them, they could also fall into a clean place. If the other party refused to give up, then find a wild and lively place to have a good fight.
Little demon leopard Molin and Xiao Xiaoer didn’t know what Xu Ren really wanted to do, but they all believed Xu Ren, so they flew to Xu Ren to escape Tissot without delay.
It is not easy for the former Magic Zun to chase Xu Ren and the little demon leopard Molin. Now that their strength has increased, it is even more difficult for the Magic Zun to chase them.
But this magic statue also doesn’t want to give up directly to Xu Ren, Xiao Nan and Xiao Yaobao Molin to the Yaozu Mountains in Zhongtian Prefecture.
At the end of the Yaozu Mountain, Xu Ren stopped running and directly found a place opposite the biggest city magic statue.
"If you don’t come here, I will be worried. If I want to kill you today, you will die everywhere."
The demon statue sounded gloomy, and he also saw that Xu Ren wanted to do some harm to the demon race through the confrontation between the two sides.
Xu Renyou has such an idea, and the magic statue does not contradict this idea. Although the demon race in the inferno is a nominal ally, after all, the two sides are still fiercely competitive. When this ally is also the foundation of human beings, it will be difficult to fight in the first world war if all the human monks in Shenzhou are eliminated.
Therefore, the magic statue does not mind causing more damage to the demon race in the wild days.
After this period, I realized and digested the little demon leopard Molin and Xiao Xiaoer’s understanding of the avenue has also deepened a lot. Although he still achieved the magic statue, he was much stronger than the demon clan or the inferno emperor, and Xu Ren’s cooperation with the magic statue would not be too big a loss.
There was a loud noise, and the sword in the hands of Strafe, the demon leopard, collided with each other.
Accompanied by the huge impact of this collision between the two sides, the magic statue and the little demon leopard Mo Lin’s foot demon city suddenly blew a gust of Gangfeng.
The Gangfeng is extremely destructive. Brother Yuan Ying’s demon clan root has no chance to live. Although Brother Yuan Ying’s demon clan saved his life, he was seriously injured.
Even the demon monks in the immortal realm and the soaring realm are more or less covered with blood.
There is one monk in the realm of the demon king, and he seems to have left the city at this time.
Don’t say that he can’t even look at the imposing manner of the light magic statue. It’s still that his magic statue is dozens of miles apart. If the situation is closer, I’m afraid he can’t escape even if he wants to escape.
The little boy’s attack also collided with the magic statue, and this time the movement was not small, and because of the superposition of forces, it caused a devastating blow to the square city. Most of the buildings covered by the impact force were collapsed by the earthquake, and those that were not collapsed by the earthquake also staggered into dangerous houses.
In this case, Xu Ren, Xiao Xiaoer and Xiao Yaobao Molin were even very happy to see the magic statue, so the two sides moved a position to continue fighting.
In this way, Xu Ren, Xiao Xiaoer and Xiao Yaobao Molin directly destroyed five demon monks in the big cities of the demon race, causing heavy casualties.
But in the later period, the magic statue felt something was wrong.
Although the opponent’s main purpose seems to be to destroy the demon city, their strength is rising too fast
Even the magic statue thinks that these three guys are simply monsters-even if two people and one demon try their best, they are suppressed by the magic statue, but when two people and one demon are already faint, they can beat him to four or six.
This makes the magic statue alert, and he is also white to each other. This is taking him as a magic sword stone.
The magic statue is not stupid. He doesn’t want Xu Ren, Xiao Xiaoer and Xiao Yaobao Molin to get too many benefits, so he just pulled away.
See the magic statue left Xu Ren, little darling and little demon leopard Molin also picked a direction to fly directly.
Xu Rencai slowed down when he ran thousands of miles away.
"Are you all right?"
Xu Ren turned pale and said to the little boy and the little demon leopard Molin who looked paler around him.
"It’s a good thing that guy gave up, otherwise I really couldn’t hold on."
The little boy breathed a sigh of relief and was busy taking pills to adjust his breath.
"Yeah, I didn’t expect the magic statue to be so strong, much stronger than Zhu Yu."
Little demon leopard Molin also pranayama. Now his strength is much stronger than when Zhu hated the confrontation, but even so, he was almost dragged down by the magic statue directly, which shows how powerful the magic statue is.
"Let’s have a good conditioning first. We need more time to accumulate when we want the magic statue to fight, but after this time, the magic statue should not easily find us in trouble."
Xu Ren also vomited a mouthful of polluted air. Just now, World War I was really very dangerous, but the benefits he gained were not small, not only his body was stronger, but also his small world was more stable. Now he has a deeper understanding of the avenue than before.
"What shall we do when we get here?"
Small demon leopard Molin freely asked.
"Find a place to recover your strength first and then go back to China when you can."
Although the magic statue confrontation did not take advantage of it, it was still very dangerous, but it made Xu Ren feel more confident. Now they are not particularly afraid of the fairy emperor and the king. If it is a big deal, they will fight. Although they can’t win, they may not lose.
When Xu Ren was more worried, Zou Xun and Zou Xun had never appeared. They murdered the Moon Lake Fairy together, and it seemed that the Fairy had disappeared completely after its fall. Although Du Qiyan looked like the Moon Lake Fairy, Xu Ren knew that Du Qiyan was not the Moon Lake Fairy, nor even the Moon Lake Fairy reincarnation.
For Xu Ren, although his greatest enemy is still the magic statue, the demon ancestor, the human king and the immortal king, Zou Xun and the moon pool fairy queen are his greatest threats.
Therefore, Xu Ren must also make more preparations to deal with the threat from Zou Xun and Moon Pool Fairy Queen.
Xu Renxian offered a virtual spirit mask. According to Xu Ren’s experience, even the magic statue could not detect it, which would make them more secure.
Half a month later, Xu Ren, Xiaoer and Molin, the little demon leopard, walked around for a while again before leaving the wild days from the mountain range.
When Xu Ren, Xiao Xiaoer and Xiao Yaobao Molin arrived in China, the human monks had already counterattacked South Danzhou and West Hezhou.
This result surprised Xu Ren a little, but it was just what he wanted.

That’s why he was so jealous of Wu Liang.

But after seeing such a shocking scene in today’s live broadcast, all his pride and values were shattered!
Who says network anchors have no style? How many singers can sing such songs as Ten Years and Chang ‘an Chang ‘an?
Who says network anchors have no future? This song has made a million dollars. How many people can match it?
Are my previous thoughts all wrong? Internet anchors are not inferior to us. In their world, they are also shining stars, and they have the same brilliant identity and glory as us?
Yan Wenhan was confused about himself and questioned his thoughts. He didn’t know that Wu Liang was a very strange job even in the network anchor industry. As a network anchor, he belonged to their network just like Wu Liang, and he also had an incomprehensible ability to attract money.
This is terrible. It almost subverts all his views.
So he can just sit there and watch the full screen glistening with gold, and he wants to expose Wu Liangshi passionately before he is finished.
But all this fell into Wu Liang’s eyes and made Wu Liang return that he was scared by the audience’s reward.
"Don’t get excited," Wu Liang patted him on the shoulder thoughtfully. "It’s good to have a few habits every month. This is also everyone’s recognition of me. Hahaha!"
This is even more depressing.
How many times a month? That is to say, you earn more money in a month than I do in a year of hard work in Shang Yan?
Then what kind of star should I be? I might as well switch to being an anchor like you!
Yan Wenhan’s heart is bitter. He is proud that he has been completely shattered in front of Wu Liang. Besides being a little more handsome and taller than him, what advantages does he have compared with him?
How can I look at him from a commanding perspective?
How can you show off your star status in front of him?
How dare you call yourself Gao Fushuai before him?
Pretending to be the most deadly moment, Yan Wenhan finally understood this truth.
How sad and spicy is it? I really want to go to shi!
Chapter one hundred and seventy So silly and naive
The live broadcast was finally over, and the two men came out of the decorated office.
By this time, I have already been waiting for the two figures outside to meet me.
These two people are the general manager and sales director of Volcano Music.
This is the first time to make a live webcast. Volcanic music still attaches great importance to it. Although the boss Mo Jinliang, not only these two people, waited at the door until the end of the live broadcast, fully expressing their importance to this event.
Seeing Yan Wenhan and Wu Liang coming out, they immediately greeted them and asked, "How do you feel about the first live broadcast?"
This is obviously directed at Yan Wenhan to ask
But Wen Han’s face is blank and he can’t say anything.
What should I say? Is it that I have been thinking about how to expose Wu Liang’s true face and have no intention of broadcasting this matter live?
He sang a song, but since then, his attention has been behind Wu Liang, and even if Wu Liang created many opportunities for him, he let them slip away one by one.
Now let him say how he feels about the live broadcast. What can he say?
When the general manager and the sales director saw that he was confused, they suddenly felt a thump in their hearts and asked, "What’s wrong? What’s the accident?"
"No, no" At this moment, on the contrary, Wu Liangbang next to him explained that "Xiaoyan performed very well, that is, it is possible to be a little skeptical about the live broadcast for the first time, and the performance will be better next time"
"Oh", general manager of the two people just slightly relieved gratefully blunt Wu Liang nodded his head.
Turning around, they comforted Wen Han again. "Don’t be nervous. After all, it’s the first time. It’s a little nervous. It’s the key. It’s the effect. What do you think of the live broadcast?"
"Effect …" Yan Wenhan continued to MengMeng’s face with his eyes open, except vacant or vacant.
He was too busy trying to figure out where Wu Liangxin went to observe the live broadcast effect.
It was a good feeling. In the live broadcast, the girls were very enthusiastic, and they called him "a handsome man" one after another …
It seems that after he refused to write a square dance, many people’s attitudes changed. Everyone thinks that he is an embroidered pillow, and he can’t sing well. Neither singer is a good idol …
Isn’t that too fucking demanding? How many people in the mixed music world can write and sing? Isn’t it normal that most heavenly kings can sing from time to time, but those who write well can’t sing for various reasons?
What happened when Wu Liang’s live broadcast suddenly changed everything, and being able to sing and not write became a defect?
Moreover, his own unfavorable face value has also been spurned. The most popular word in the live broadcast is "small white face"
What’s wrong with me? I haven’t even seen light there, and it’s as black as a carbon head. How can I be black before you are satisfied?
This live fan is too difficult to serve.
It is estimated that this is the only idea in Wen Han’s heart for the whole live broadcast.
But he can’t say such a thing!
Wu Liang was praised by the audience as the best singer in the world in this live broadcast!
What family gets along so well that you can be a "gigolo"?
Yan Wenhan estimated that if he said these words, he might be killed by the general manager and the sales director.
So he can continue to mix koo, and it is really urgent for this picture to fall into the eyes of the general manager and the sales director.
What’s going on here? It was broadcast live for one night, and as a result, it was like "Who am I, where am I, what have I just experienced?" What happened to him in the live broadcast, and what suddenly became so confused?
Ok, this time Wu Liang came out to relieve them both.
"The effect should be very good. Everyone is very optimistic about him." Wu Liang praised the general manager. "Many female fans in my live broadcast praised Xiaoyan for being handsome. They said they would definitely buy his album."

After the tea break, Yamaraja made it more and more colorful, and everything seemed normal.

After another cup of tea, Yamaraja kept refining in an orderly way, but it seemed a lot slower.
Although I am connected with my sister Ziyan, I always feel that something is wrong with Baiyun Building.
Just a thought Baiyun Tower didn’t care that he condensed out a pure yang machine, wrapped up an idea and sent it along the connected mind
As the idea into suddenly know the reason.
All the normal appearances are deliberate and natural.
Cold, gray, long and lonely …
This is the only way to test the mind into the underworld.
Although the outside world has only spent two cups of tea, I don’t know how long it has been.
Reading this Baiyun Tower gives birth to a trace of irritability.
What’s better to break the test than to cut it …
Chopped … Maybe it’s a law.
A brainwave flashed through Baiyun Tower and immediately read it to Junior Sister Chaoyang.
A moment later, Xia Chaoyang’s figure suddenly flashed out in the cold, gray and virtual chaos.
"Brother, is this the trial place? It’s cold and dark. Is Sister Ziyan okay …"
"Nothing is nothing, it’s the endless trial, and I don’t know how many years it will take to be recognized." Staring at this dizzy Baiyun Tower, I sighed leisurely.
Upon hearing this, Zhao-yang Xia immediately realized some impatience and said, "What kind of trial is this? Brother Ziyan, sister, let’s take her out of this trial. It’s a big deal not to be a keeper."
"That’s right …" Baiyun Tower added after a little meal. "Ziyan should have sensed that we are here. This is the Qi machine that disappeared here …"
"So ZiYan elder sister still don’t want to give up, alas …"
"Yes …"
When sighing lightly, Baiyun Tower starts to run rapidly and thinks about two methods.
Mind test …
It’s extraordinary to bear the cold loneliness for thousands of years …
If we can break the rules, look at the disfigurement and find the true self, it is not another embodiment of extraordinary mood.
I was very happy when I figured this out, and I immediately planned to read this feeling to pool Ziyan, but I couldn’t help but be stunned.
Ziyan has converged the qi activity and has already gone from reading.
From mind to mind …
Then light up this chaos and let Ziyan find it by herself.
Mindful of this Baiyun Tower, I was filled with lofty sentiments, and immediately rose up to measure the flame and light through my body.
The true meaning of the fierce yang, which has been cultivated for many years, finally shows its true meaning.
Chapter one thousand and seventy-one Beauty intoxicating
Burn one’s mind, soul, body and yang.
The full-flame CD-ROM has scattered a lot of fog and illuminated the heavy chaos.
The turbulent heat wave swept through the vast void and warmed the cold and loneliness.
Looking at the half-sun-like light, Xia Chaoyang’s eyes are full of color.
Turned to look at the quiet virtual fog slowly churning as if there was no end.
"Look everywhere the same for a long time, you must be sleepy …" Whisper a word about the white clouds billowing out of Chaoyang Xia’s body.
Thin clouds and light fog are as light as spinning, and the intense sunlight reflects chaos and virtual colors through the colorful glow.
Xia Chaoyang sat on Yuntou’s two feet swinging leisurely and saw the colorful light coming out, yelling in surprise.
"Brother, look at the colorful light, junior sister, and I will know it, haha …" With a silvery smile, Xia Chaoyang moved with him, and the platform clouds circled around the fierce sun like gauze and curtain.
Dull, dark and empty not only adds light and heat, but also adds a little vividness.
After a great deal of metamorphoses, I don’t know how many Wan Li places always have a response.
A small cloud of firefly light flashed out and suddenly fled Wan Li like a long stream of fire.

I fainted again at the key moment.

Brother, wake up! I can’t bear it!
But shaking hands should not mean anything, right?
Lin Tian Dieyuan’s "cordial meeting" and Fan Cang’s impassioned speech at the mobilization meeting of the monster beast forest in Qingtian Temple changed again.
Guo que lowered his eyes and sneered. He knew that it was naive to think about evil spirits and fold the abyss.
The monster beast forest is ready to start on Dieyuan Day, but the first Dieyuan has gone back on its word.
It was originally agreed that they would launch a beast tide to March into Nanshan after the evil spirits were killed and melted. If his actions failed, the shit basin could be transferred to the Dieyuantou monster forest to attack and retreat and defend.
Now Dieyuan says he can go to Tianyu, but all the demons in the monster forest should act together and ask all the demons to listen to his command directly.
If you don’t agree, it will be announced that the three monsters in the monster forest conspired to harm Biyou and Kunsha.
This can make Fan Cang angry.
Fold deep old god to sit position cool thin to look at the demon.
His spokesman smiled softly. "It’s not easy for the Lord Lin and the Lord Fan to fall as a big sect as a natural disaster. Let’s not talk about it. It’s not easy to be alone when the mountain array is broken. It’s not good if the fighters are not delayed in the mountain array."
Fan Cang’s face was clouded. "When my family asked for an overlapping abyss to break the array? If you want to lead him out and kill him alone, you can do his own thing. Why don’t you do it alone? How can you be alone with a big Li Huang and less respect? "
Eyebrow Wu see fold deep didn’t speak, and she Jiao Jiao smiled and looked at a very considerate appearance "Fan Yaozhu said is very reasonable, but my humble opinion is that it is better to move troops early than to move troops quickly. Are the two demon families still untrustworthy and less powerful? Everyone in the world doesn’t know that the monster beast forest demon owners are too modest. How can I compare with the monster beast forest in the wild? "
"Do you need to be arrogant in the wild?" Fan Cang’s face is black. "The demon Lord will never allow anyone to covet the demon power of my monster beast forest."
Suddenly a quiet in the giant temple.
Dieyuan’s cold sound made him laugh all over. "Zunyuan wanted you monsters to get a bargain. Since you don’t want to make a toast, you will be punished!"
With a wave of his sleeve, he grabbed the nearest ape Xuan with one hand. "The monster beast forest, the tenth order monster beast, will be solved once and for all today!"
"Fold deep! You can’t fool around! " Guo que shouted
The demons were shocked to say that their original Fan Cang was uncertain enough, and now they know that there are days behind! Evil spirits play happily when they talk about changing. I didn’t expect them to lead the wolf into the room!
"Dieyuan, don’t you worry that we will kill Mei Wu and Murphy first!" Guo que also pulled his eyebrows and pulled out the high notes.
Fold deep no so-called way "oh? Kill whatever you want. "
How can he be disrespectful?
Eyebrow Wu face froze into the bottom of the pot, but not from a face of humiliation.
"Dieyuan, I’m afraid it’s not easy for you to do everything except me." Lin Tianqing sighed coldly, but he didn’t know anything about Dieyuan. According to Peacock Demon, Dieyuan was seriously injured when he first came to the monster forest.
"What’s more, if you don’t have my monster beast forest to help you do things, you won’t be able to finish them so quickly." Lin Tian is unhurried. "We demon race, you’re inferno, and you’re alone in hatred. Multiple enemies are not as good as multiple friends."
Fold deep put apes xuan cool looking at Lin Tianwei hook the corners of the mouth.
Lin Tian looked calm and solemn. "But you can’t be in charge of attacking the demon at the same time, but I promise that if you attack all factions in the mountains and seas, we will cooperate, and what you promised the monster forest must be fulfilled!"
Fold deep half by big chair thought for a moment.
For a moment, his figure has appeared outside the giant temple.
"Day Departure"
After losing the word, the figure has disappeared.
The remaining monsters are greatly relieved. Lin Tian glanced indifferently at Fan Cang. "It’s already done. Let’s get ready again."
Fan Cang looked at Lin Tian without fear and said "Yes".
However, the moment has always been a landslide and a sea crack. Lin Tian suddenly turned angry and rushed to the crown. "Who is it! Dare to move Junyan Wall! "
Before I finished, I flashed out of the Qingtian Temple as usual.
snowy mountain
Lin Qing and Qin Qian gathered their breath and hid in a tiny cave, even breathing was controlled very lightly.
Jujube and longevity have long been included in the two dantian respectively.
The fifteenth order demon took the initiative too fast. They came and flew out of the mouth of the snow-capped mountain and returned in the morning.
Terror consciousness swept again and again.
Lin Qing leaned back against Qin Qian and imagined himself as a stone, and he dared not move with his ears upright.
The clock ticks very slowly, and the moon sets and the sun rises.
At night, snow came from time to time outside the snow-capped mountains, and the crack of gravel rumbled as fine as a dense net, and the feeling of surveillance never disappeared.
Chapter 593 The thief must have been sent by him
Lin Qing looks up at the hole cautiously.
This narrow cave is not outside the mouth of the snow-capped mountain, but at the mouth of the snow-capped mountain. The cold and strong wind drills through the cracks in the rock and makes a shout. It doesn’t taste good to sneer at the alternating position of hot and cold when the heat wave is rolling and transpiration.
At that time, the two men were invisible and gathered interest just outside the mouth of the snow mountain. Lin Qing’s natural sense of crisis swept through. She didn’t choose to fly out again, but hurriedly took Qin Qian and hid back at the mouth of the snow mountain in Lintian Cave House.
The position of the hole was blocked by the stones they moved conveniently, and most of the sight could be seen through the gap to see the gray sky outside.
The danger can only fade away when I don’t know it. Two people must be careful. They dare not move, can’t put on gods, and can’t even speak.
Behind him is Qin Qianwei warming his chest. Lin Qing can feel him bending over and touching her hair and jaw and breathing slightly hot.
On the snowy mountain, Lin Tian’s face was gloomy and cold, and he ran over every inch of snow-capped mountain with his knowledge. As time went by, the thief became more and more angry because he didn’t catch him.
"What is it that people are simply bold!" Guo Quelin’s side of heaven also scrutinizes every suspicious place in the snow-capped mountains with the same knowledge.
The meeting was not completely over. Lin Tian suddenly left in anger and the next night, except for the snow-capped mountains in his abode of fairies and immortals, he was so angry that he almost flattened all the snow-capped mountains. Such a big noise would naturally cause Fan Cang and Guo Que to ask questions.
"It won’t be the ninth-order demon. At that time, they were all in the giant temple." Lin Tian whispered.
Guo Que’s eyes rolled. "Is it possible that the tenth-order little demon will give his life away from the monster forest in the dark …?"
Soon he shook his head with a wry smile and denied himself that "they shouldn’t dare to steal the master’s secret treasure."
He looked at Lin skylight flint and an idea flashed across his small eyes. "Could it be that Dieyuan brought those evil monasteries? I see that it is even more cunning and shameful for the stack of deep-seated unscrupulous evil practices. "
Lin Tian squinting aura is cold.
Xuan, the first ape, pondered for a while and said hesitantly, "Lord Lin killed two Taihua Sect practitioners of our clan, but they still haven’t found them. Could it be them?"
Once I wake up, I am thoughtful.
"Impossible" Guo Que doesn’t agree with showing a look of seeing through the world. "They don’t know where Lin’s abode of fairies and immortals is and they don’t know when Lin will leave the abode of fairies and immortals. How can they seize the opportunity so accurately? Knowing that the Lord Lin will attend the meeting except us is an evil practice! "
The more I think about it, the more I feel close to the truth.
He posed another view: "Fan Cang agreed to take the bait named Sioux to lead to the other two people. It seems that this plan won’t work. Those two people can test the nature of living in the forest. How can they come when they know that it is a trap?" The facts also prove that they didn’t come to the rescue! "
Ape Xuan nodded his head after hearing this.
Jin Yao came to the news and said that the surname Su Nvxiu had hung up for a few days and has now withdrawn.
And even if those two people enter the nuclear domain and lurk and flee, they will not come and dare to make trouble in the nuclear domain again.
"The thief who dares to seize the opportunity so accurately to steal your secret treasure must be prepared. Those two people who are dying have nothing to do."
Lin Tian decided that he was more inclined, so all the stacks on the stack side were qualified to play tricks with him!
Wouldn’t it be laughing if a low-ranking person or a small demon could pry his corner?

At 2: 00, Germany’s iron willpower finally shook God’s performance, and the first battleship team made another late-course effort to hit the poor Hercules, which led to the complete destruction of the turret of the giant No.2 ship, forcing the captain of Hercules to order emergency water injection into the turret and quit the battle.

At 25: 00, Ostfrisland’s counterattack became sharper and sharper. After hitting the collingwood five times, one turret and two boiler rooms of the old ship were completely destroyed, which made her bite the bullet.
At 33: 00, the Ostfrisland was about to swallow up the battleship Collingwood, and an accident happened. The Iron Duke took the lead in playing the retreat flag and gave up the complete battle line. The fleet turned to this disgraceful way to quit the battle.
The British tactical move made Schell somewhat unprepared. The frederick the great has not yet received the final summary of the naval battle results. However, since the British have retreated, there are two reasons, either the fast fleet, the first reconnaissance fleet, and the decisive battle has already come to an end. After the big fleet completed the rescue of the fast fleet, the tactics turned in, or the big fleet itself suffered unbearable losses. This intensity has exceeded the bottom line of Jericho.
"Ocean Fleet Pursuit!"
"The navy is really boring!"
In the early spring, the temperature in the North Sea was slightly cool, and the cold wind carved Lieutenant Hannashaw’s face, which was about to freeze.
Frederick 33 seaplane is flying southeast at a high speed. The young lieutenant tightened his leather jacket and leg blanket, and while probing the magnificent North Sea to find the ocean fleet with the imperial navy flag, his mouth was crooked and his heart was broken and he complained.
Hannah Shaw Redstone is a Croker nobleman whose family has always been faithful to the Redstone Infantry Regiment, but he is an exception.
In 1912, at the age of seventeen, Hannashaw came to Berlin to study alone on the banks of the Spree River on the outskirts of Berlin, and witnessed the air show organized by the German aviation enthusiasts club. The soldiers fell madly in love with this exciting cause.
Hannashaw took his father’s advice and even removed the word "Feng" from his name to learn to fly. Later, he became a member of the Flying Club and wrote "On Asymmetric Warfare in Battleship Age", a crazy admirer of Heidi Selim.
In June 1914, the European War was coming. At the age of 19, Hannah Shaw was not satisfied with being a flight instructor in a flight club, but turned his attention to the army. With an army background, he went to the army with great interest to recruit soldiers, but was told that the first round of expansion of the army air force was over. When Hannah Shaw could not wait, he had to retreat to the navy.
Hannashaw used to be able to do a great job in the navy, but the trouble was always unexpected. At the beginning of the European War, Hannashaw was eager to try and look forward to the opportunity to show his talents. However, the Navy General Staff did not plan to take the initiative to attack. Hannashaw could fly a plane to patrol the Golan Bay in Ziher day after day
The naval battle in Helgolan Bay broke out, but it was a battle in the fog; Dogel Shazhou naval battle broke out, but it was a night battle; The reality has made people desperate, even worse. Count Luckner is like the fog in the North Sea frequently visiting the imperial naval headquarters and the North Sea base, screaming crazily, "Give me a schooner to go out to sea and let me beat the British out of my mind."
To be honest, the lieutenant has no prejudice against Count Luckner. He respects the count’s adventurous spirit very much. However, if the count always brings his sister Hannah Shaw’s fiancee-Lena von Luckner-with him every time he comes to the navy to find a ship to talk about, Hannah Shaw seems to have room for anger and collapse.
In 1915, the Day of Pain seemed to come to an end. Count Luckner harassed him and took the road. General Heidi Selim got him an old sailboat, so the count finally settled down and pestered him. Countess no longer had an excuse to visit the naval air force frequently. Hannah Shaw’s classic "On Asymmetric Warfare in the Battleship Age" was finally put into practice-the modification of the Zeppelin Lilienthal seaplane carrier was completed, and the commotion in Port William late at night on March 2, and then they nest made young people excited.
At 3: 35 on March 4th, Lieutenant Hannashaw returned to the ocean fleet in his beloved car-Frederick FF-33 seaplane, which shocked him even more-the number of capital ships of the Royal Navy, the so-called natural enemy, was enough to deter his country, and the Royal Navy was defeated.
Long lines of battle volley the huge steel ship, and the high-speed running of destroyers and the release of cover smoke all constitute a wonderful oil painting with more tension and explosive force than Henry Matisse’s Fauvism oil painting!
A 35-mm armor-piercing projectile sank into the six-column formation and gradually became a British capital ship group. Suddenly, a thick black smoke column, orange flame and iron blocks were thrown into the sky.
Hannashaw hurriedly pulled out a damaged ship identification manual from the blanket surface, and barely turned over a few pages to make a more violent sound. Hannashaw panicked and the ship manual slipped into the cockpit.
"It’s another capital ship, the Super-Fear Ship Expeditor!"
Hannashaw’s face could not find a trace of excitement, but was a kind of post-French insatiability.
I still remember the excitement and difficulty in sleeping in the pilot lounge of the Lilienthal, but the fact is hard to be cruel. Except for a glimpse on the afternoon of the 3 rd, the investigation went down in history. The North Sea peak battle fought fiercely all night, and Hannashaw sat in the lounge all night because of the rising of the night. It was hard to get to the sky and suffered from a continuous fog. Hannashaw could continue to wait.
At 7: 24, the weather finally allowed Sheng Hannashaw to rush to the battlefield, and he was immediately sent to the first reconnaissance fleet to cover Hannashaw. He hoped to follow the departure direction of the first reconnaissance fleet of the idol house, but when he found the idol fleet, the first reconnaissance fleet had already passed the final battle of the British fast fleet, and Hannashaw could watch the first reconnaissance fleet, the German and Mao Qi, suffer heavy losses and sink the British tireless and Tiger patrol.
"Don’t want to do a chat again? !”
In order to increase the endurance, the captain of the Lilinger ordered the dismantling of Frederick 33′ s rear-fired machine gun, which made him feel that the British didn’t send Short 4 from the beginning to the end, so that he didn’t even have a chance to pull out his pistol and the British didn’t even have a chance to play Russian roulette.
"I will never be reconciled!"
The seaplane circled the British fleet several times, and the bullets in Hannashaw’s pistol were consumed instantly. A lieutenant desperately suppressed the idea of smashing the pistol, and it was urgent to find something that could be used as a weapon.
After the rubber seat flashed, it was full of metallic reflections, which just happened to be noticed by Hannah Shaw’s corner. It seemed to be a glimpse of the beauty. Hannah Shaw slightly raised her mouth and pushed the joystick to lower the altitude of the plane. Eyes delineated the battleship Koo Saint Vincent.
A hammer peeked out of the water and the fuselage of the plane showed off in an ostentatious manner for a while and fell with a little dive angle.
On the sea, the fourth destroyer team of the British fleet is lining up. They will launch a deadly attack on the main German fleet to cover the retreat of the big fleet.
"House heard that our Mediterranean power suffered heavy losses due to the despicable sneak attack of the Turks …" The thin body near the fender of a one-pound gun in Pips turned his back on the gunner House’s blue eyes and carefully inspected the sea area in front of him.
"I think if even the Turks can work miracles, maybe our destroyer team can get glory!"
This is the second deck on the port side of the St. Vincent, backed by a thick hull and covered with a layer of shipbuilding steel. Unless the German large-caliber main gun can hit here, this is the safest place for the St. Vincent at present. Pips and House posts are here. They are responsible for manipulating this one-pound machine gun to prevent German submarines from possible sneak attack
"There was no damn mosquito before!" House’s gnashing of teeth just fell. It seems that some kind of blunt object hit the vertical guard of a pound gun.
As thin as a piece of paper, the steel plate suddenly deformed, and two sailors screamed and even dared not go out of the atmosphere.
There was no explosion as expected, no fire, no poison gas, and bold House trembled and forced himself to swallow saliva. Step by step, he moved towards the dark deck, which was shaped like a hammer with a long handle and a blunt object.
Before House bent down to look closely, another wrench-like object fell from the sky. A strange noise came from House’s right hand side. Just after he got out of the badly damaged watertight compartment, Co-captain Kent shook his body for a while and then fell to the deck.
"God, the Germans have made a new weapon for us. It can strike accurately!"
The second part of the cannon, chapter 1, Gerakl gold (a)
In May, the North Atlantic winds came slowly, and the melancholy light rain fell down in the remote and cold island chain I in the northernmost part of Scotland.
The Queen Elizabeth Battleship sounded its whistle, and the navigation ship guided it slowly into the somewhat swaying and lost Scarpa Bay. The whistle disappeared in the rainy season and extended to the North Sea. The loudspeaker of the watchtower at the headland was tens of meters high, but it sounded the heartbreaking alarm again.
The small window was filled with breath, and even a few cactuses were impatient. The British moisture drooped and the head lost its vitality. At the end of the gendarmerie corridor, the patrol cracked leather boots landed through the half-closed door and knocked into the narrow room, which was under house arrest.