At the end of the street behind the archway stands a five-story glazed tile building with bluestone base, which is the most famous restaurant in Shitang Village-Cuiwei Building.

Sun Ning smoke and others stood in the wind and looked at the blue sea, golden beach and Wan Li blue sky in harmony. Suddenly Yanglingtian’s eyebrows wrinkled gently and turned to look far away. At the same time, his body gently seemed to want to look at it in the past, but after all, he raised his steps and gently put it. He turned and led the people to the Cuiwei Building after the plaque.
After entering the restaurant, Yang Lingtian didn’t share the delicious food with everyone, but turned to the restaurant owner and asked for a room to rest alone. Although Sun Ning and others were full of doubts, they still didn’t say anything, but quietly watched the white figure fade away.
Cuiweilou is not only a well-known guest house for dining and dining, but also quite elegant. Among them, a purple log table is simple and elegant, and the jade bed with back teeth carving is blue and full of flowers. A little smoke in a bronze incense burner in front of the bed dyes the whole room with a layer of air and the crisp sound of wind chimes in the window lattice is even more like Taoyuan Wonderland.
Yanglingtian entered the room backhand door, but his brow suddenly wrinkled up and his face turned pale.
-outside the beach, he suddenly felt that this shitang fishing village was descended from God, and that man could escape his own perception and then deliberately let out the breath, only when he realized that when he was trying to catch up with it, the purple emperor Xuanyuanhuang’s hand plaque on his head suddenly gave off a grand airflow, which made him feel fascinated for a long time, and his headache started again.
And the strangest thing is that the descendant of God seems to have helped him to breathe once, and then the breath suddenly disappeared after cutting off the plaque from him.
All this is enjoying the beautiful scenery of the seaside. Sun Ning Yan and others are unwittingly fighting back the pain like a head explosion and entering the Cuiwei Building with everyone. He finally finds it difficult to insist on taking a deep breath and leaving the room.
All the scruples at the door seemed to disappear, and he finally turned pale.
On the chest, the blue beastmaster’s Jingxue condenses Bizhu’s halo, which seems like a thin mountain spring pouring into Yanglingtian from the silver hair covering his forehead. He vainly walked to the table and sat down and poured himself a cup of tea. His face finally seemed to be much better.
Stretched out his hand to take Bobi color beads in his hand, and the eyes of a young man in white became a little ethereal-as if he had seen the girl lying quietly in the frozen ancient cave when the hole penetrated Wan Li, but his face became a little complicated-sweetness and pain blended with each other.
"Xuan Ming force?"
Suddenly, Yang Lingtian suddenly recovered from reverie, and his ethereal eyes instantly recovered. The mysterious dragon wise man in Qingkuilong Mountain once said that the navy beast emperor’s envoy is a ghost force. According to Si Miao and Meng, the ghost force and Xuan Ming force are the same force, but the ghost force is not very pure. Since the navy beast emperor Jingxue condensed beads can relieve his headache, what is more pure Xuan Ming force?
"Alas ~ ~ ~ those beads are actually the condensation of the most aura and essence of Tianjiu."
"They used to be a part of your sword, but now you can’t immediately integrate them into the sword. With your realistic strength, you can at most integrate a kind of power sword."
"If you combine a kind of power, not only will the sword be more powerful, but you can also speed up the cultivation of the same kind of truth in your body with the sword, but if you combine two."
"And because your five elements are the strongest, you can try to integrate one of the forces in Jin Mu’s fire, water and soil first. It is best not to integrate his four forces, especially Xuan Ming’s force, which you are fascinated by, and Xuan Ming’s force is aimed at being fascinated, which you may not be able to bear."
Words come to my mind instantly.
Yanglingtian hand gently turned over a pigeon egg-sized faint halo and gray beads appeared in his hand.
At the same time, the dark sword was taken out by him.
Seeing the divine light in his eyes, the sword and beads in his hand slowly floated, and at the same time, as he flicked the dark sword on his head with one finger, he slowly turned around, and circles of halo came out from the sword to drive the gray beads to fly quickly.
The wind came out of the window and shook the wind chimes to make a crisp sound.
Yang Lingtian’s silver hair fluttered gently, and his eyes were covered. Seeing his right hand gently lifted, the blue curtain of the gums was immediately torn off by Ling, and at the same time, he quickly inverted back to the gums. The floating sword and beads also seemed to have been pulled by some kind of traction and flew quickly.
Snow-winning white clothes and crimson cotton are in bright contrast. The tip of the black sword on the top of the head is pointing at the white youth’s head, and the beads seem to slowly melt into gray airflow and slowly inject into the sword because of the high speed. At the same time, the tip of the sword also emits a thin light from the white youth’s head.
"Hum ~ ~ ~"
It is urgent to come to Kouga at the same time, and at the same time, the consciousness of young people in white clothes has become strange-it seems to be blurred but seems to be more awake
The gas in Cuiwei Building fluctuated slightly.
Meng and Sun Ningyan suddenly started to stare at Yanglingtian’s guest room for a long time. After all, they still didn’t move. They just sat down slowly and looked at the red wooden door with eyes full of worries.
The silver hair in the room fluttered in Yangling, and I don’t know when I opened my eyes. I looked at them with wrinkles, but when I took a closer look at them, there was no fluctuation in front of me at ordinary times, as if my gums were sitting in a soulless body and I had already passed through the ages.
Yes, it’s a misty day, and I feel like I’ve gone through eternal reincarnation, and I’ll meet the same woman every life.
The first time, he was an ordinary teacher in Tianwu mainland. Although he was talented and talented, his career was a lifelong struggle. One day, he met a woman in white, and her life trajectory changed from then on. two of a kind woman was recruited into the palace princess.
The beauty rushed to the crown and was angry. With her double wisdom, she decided to win a thousand miles. Finally, she took people straight into the palace. However, the beautiful woman felt that she was not perfect. She raised her sword and killed herself by vomiting blood.
In the second year, after a beggar was displaced from the world, he also met a white-clad daughter who called a servant. With diligence and cleverness, he won the favor of a beautiful woman, but in the end, he was disappointed by the sight of two people at the same time.
In the third century, he was lucky, but his rich family was born weak and sick. At the moment when he met a two of a kind woman, he suddenly died.

He is a pure martial body, and his pursuit of martial arts is his firm belief. If he can integrate his persistent reverence for martial arts into martial arts, it will be an amazing leap.

With the golden cross sword inserted into the ground, he went to the enchantment and sat down silently to think about the other person’s feelings.
The pursuit of martial arts is not limited to formal discussion, but directed at determination.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-six Xuefeng
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Just as the winter horse picked up the subway sword and posed, he saw a cold face. Kira came in from the entrance and took a casual glance at Tang Yi. Then his eyes focused on sitting cross-legged on the foundation and cultivating himself. Just before a lingering charm disappeared, he sat cross-legged on the foundation. Although his eyes contained a thoughtful look, his body was still full of fighting spirit.
Notice that Kira couldn’t help but look slightly one leng once again in the state of basic repair. With a smile on her face, Tang Yi scattered her eyebrows and shook them slightly. Then she went to the enchantment and looked at the two people in the field coldly.
If you don’t go too far, it will have an external influence. Winter Horse took a deep breath, and the iron sword in his hand was slightly rotated. It was the same as Haiyan’s general dance. At this time, the dance gave people a lot of changes. If it was a ticket-playing nature, then this time it was a formal and solemn ceremony.
Yes, at the beginning of the ceremony, Tang Yi was a little strange, but after watching it intently for a few minutes, he immediately distinguished that it was a very strange ritual to ride a horse with an iron sword for this pleasing dance, which gave people a feeling of constant change and a burst of cold breath. From his iron sword, it seems that it has gradually changed from a petrel to an ice elf snow eagle.
At the last stage of the dance, waves of freezing and biting breath exploded in vain, and the winter horse body quickly filled with a layer of white frost. A slight rotation of snow and ice mixed with cold wind exploded from his whole body, and white snowflakes kept flying and covered his figure. When the snow and ice cleared away, the ordinary iron sword in his hand was engraved with a snow-white sword, and it was a snow-white pattern. Waves were stronger than the chill, and the temperature in the air dropped rapidly, but only after a few breaths, the remaining trace of heat in the air had completely disappeared, leaving it as cold as winter.
Leonhardt, the only granddaughter of the sword emperor, how can it be an ordinary iron sword? It shows that the ordinary appearance is just because the sword imposes a seal
At this time, this snow-white iron sword with cold breath is its true posture, and its name is snow front.
A little bit of the sword body contains the horror, which is more intense than the deep-rooted cold, which is immediately released. This is stronger than the cold. It seems that people are thrown into a glacier in the extreme north for ten thousand years. Generally, every breath has an amazing cold. At this time, the delicate and changeable skills of the winter horse are particularly beautiful and ethereal. The snow and ice are mixed with flashing swords, and the continuous aggregation and dispersion of sword light makes people feel unpredictable.
The snow-white blade is hidden in the snow and ice, and every bit of sword light is like a little ordinary snowflake. The concealment is far more than ten times and one hundred times than the normal state. If Tang Yi is not wearing frost armor at this time, the protection light is amazing than the chill, which will make him slow and stiff. Even if you see clearly the change of the style, you will be cut by the beautiful snow-white blade because of the external state.
The ordinary iron sword winter horse can liberate the snow front by virtue of its subtlety, which is different from the skill level. It is a headache for his sword skill to cooperate with this sub-artifact, which is further than the skill. With the seven-level median strength alone, he has wielded as much strength as the nine-level.
The skill of winter horse is unforgettable, but it’s not what it used to be to have a swordsman’s career and to have a sword in heaven. Tang Yi’s understanding of swordsmanship is scattered, but it’s very meticulous and closely arranged. His computing power in the critical state is not very difficult. It’s not very difficult for him to accurately control and locate the hundreds of shock waves in his whole body. Everything he controls these shock waves is in a strange trajectory, and it’s a continuous formation. Although it’s a hundred shock waves, it gives people a feeling that it’s continuous. Every time he slashes and cuts the shock waves, it’s amazing and
It seems that he will never stop impacting. Although his weapon is not a winter horse, he will not be inferior in skill. He has learned Heavenly Sword Road too much. With his amazing ability of understanding memory, he can constantly point out one move after another in winter horse skills if he wants. This kind of thing is created, flexible and handy, but it doesn’t have much place. Therefore, it is the most basic fencing move to fight Tang Yi between two people.
After all, he didn’t touch fencing for a long time. Although many swordsmanships have a strong understanding, the most basic foundation is not solid at all. It’s perfect to be a skilled sparring partner like Dong Ma, but although he is in the wind, he can always change his swordsmanship according to the Tao, but he will not show a losing trend.
The two men are fighting because they are all interested in each other’s skills, and their minds are gradually frozen. While watching Kira’s face with a cold face, there have been a lot of changes. Although he is a soldier, he has also heard a lot about the snow front in the hands of a Wu Dongma, especially after Dong Malin lived in the Earl’s Mansion. He also specially searched for no less than the information of Leonhardt, the protector of the country and the sword emperor, including this sword snow front, the symbol of the heavenly sword door Lord in the past dynasties.
No one can say clearly whether this snow front was made by man, but the most plausible thing is that the ancient craftsmen learned precious snow stone as the main material and supplemented many rare mineral metals, and then found two powerful magicians to go together to the Wannian Glacier in the far north to forge this weapon with pure magic flame in the bitter cold place, and then the glacier Xuan Bing cooled the blade and fixed four or five ice and snow magic on the blade, thus completing this sub-artifact sword.
With this snow front, the two powerful magicians were degraded to the most junior magicians because of their constant magic, and the cost of consuming a lot of rare materials was huge.
The first owner of this sub-artifact, that is to say, Carl, the famous swordsman who was crowned as a sword, became a ten-level sanctuary at the age of thirty-five. At the age of fifty, he even broke through the sanctuary and entered the demigod threshold. However, the first human body entered the demigod in just fifty years, and his sword was also called as the closest to the artifact in the mainland because of this allusion. After Carl stepped into the demigod rank, this sword disappeared immediately.
After disappearing for thousands of years, the snow front has once again become the Sword Gate, and the sword was founded. Although the Sword Gate is not without artifacts, it is dazzling because of the story of the sword, saying that the weapon has become the symbol of the past generations of the Sword Gate, and the winter horse can use this weapon to express his sword emperor.
A true swordsman, Dong Ma, doesn’t want to add those powerful magic to the snow front during the fight. He wants to exercise his swordsmanship, Tang Yi San, and he doesn’t want to use the skills in the coat of arms. It was in Dong Ma’s strange tricks that he was crushed, but it became more and more obvious. Later, Dong Ma was dominant and was moving closer to winning. He could not use new means to lose the battle.
The little finger of the left hand flicked a shot to see a bunch of blue-and-white firm but gentle flashes from the fingertip, and then the news was exploded by the momentum. This bunch of firm but gentle is faster than clever and abnormal, giving people a subtle sense of change.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-seven Kira invited
In the name of PS Six-pulse Excalibur, it is strongly demanded that the tickets arrive at the second meeting.
This bunch of firm but gentle now immediately drove the winter horse to three or four feet. Tang Yi took a trip to the middle of the road. He simply put the knife in his left hand, right hand and five fingers, and repeatedly resisted to see the bundles of firm but gentle as if they hadn’t stopped blasting from his fingertips. The blue-and-white beam that was heard before was like the laser, which looked quite fancy.
Most of the shock wave was easily hidden by the winter horse. The shock wave shot on the ground and heard a bang, leaving a fist-sized pit on the ground. Because of the repeated damage of the winter horse, the slate material of this martial arts venue has become more and more hard, and it is now the best stone. However, this shock wave can still leave such traces on the ground, which is obviously destructive.
Although the strength is not too strong, Yongbeiming can absorb the skill strength in heraldry anytime and anywhere and restore his true spirit. He has a powerful advantage that is incomparable for a long time.
With his left hand holding a knife to cut the spirit, he waved a few awkward and obscure feelings and suddenly rose from his heart. Compared with this, his right arm and left arm are more flexible, but there are many defects in flexibility. In this case, it is almost impossible to let his left arm cooperate with his right hand to display the six-pulse Excalibur. I feel a little sorry in my heart.
Tang Yi scattered his arms and stopped with a firm but gentle swing. His purpose was to exercise his swordsmanship, but up to now, he actually got a six-pulse Excalibur, which is obviously not in his mind.
Silently sighed and looked at Dong Ma with a little appreciation. This fake little growth speed is almost unimaginable. For Chang Wu, his rising speed is a miracle. Generally speaking, things are different. It is not an easy task for him to master all his skills. It requires hard work, excellent talent and certain opportunities.
Conveniently put the spirit-cutting knife back into the sheath. Tang Yi scattered his face and showed a few gratified smiles. I lost the winter horse.
Well, it’s strange to him. Winter horse feels a little surprised when he hears Tang Yi’s face throw in the towel. Although he has gained the wind, he doesn’t recognize that he can really beat Tang Yi. You know, from now on, apart from those few bundles of firm but gentle Tang Yi’s powder, he hasn’t forced him to simply compete for fencing skills.
I made great progress when I lost you. I patted Tang Yi gently on the head of the winter horse and went straight to Kira. Although I have never really seen Kira, he is definitely not too strange to this man who is likely to be a big uncle. After all, Fei Li has resonated with her family members several times. Although this big uncle Fei Li said it was not particularly good, the Kira brothers treated her fairly well when she was a child.
Gazing at this man with a calm face and a rock-like determination, Tang Yi took a deep breath and nodded at him gently. His face was full of smiles and said, Nice to meet you and respect Kira University. I often hear about your deeds.
It’s the first time that he met Kira. It’s a bit too shy to call Big Brother, but it’s too raw to call Mr. Kira, which will make Feili unhappy, and Kira School, which he calls the most suspicious, is the most suitable one.
Tang Yi San didn’t play many ways in the West, so the words still have some oriental flavor. It’s a little weird that these things are not important in Kira’s eyes. He values Tang Yi San’s strength.
Previously, although I had some doubts about this strong person in Ji Xiu’s mouth, after seeing that the winter horse liberated the snow front, the doubts disappeared instantly, leaving nothing left. After liberating the snow front, the strength of the winter horse was no longer strong enough for him to fight easily. Faced with this, the young man in Ji Xiu’s mouth is obviously a magical weapon, but he still has no magician’s means to know that Ji Xiu often chanted in his mouth about Tang Yi’s scattered strength and the mysterious weapon liberation.
At this time, it seems that this Mara Frank family bodyguard is obviously a nine-level strong, and it can be regarded as a famous party no matter where it is. It is a great wave that such a nine-level strong is willing to be a small guard.
Well, I’m Kira’s school. I nodded silently and looked at it carefully. The slight movement in Kira’s heart turned out to be somewhat shocking. At this time, this guy who is obviously a strong level 9 is actually a small soldier with three or four levels in front of him. His energy fluctuation is extremely weak and his physical quality is even weaker. No one can combine him with a level 9 magic weapon and double cultivation, which is a super deception.
Generally strong, even if the strength is squeezed as far as possible, but the body bearing and strong breath will still be leaked to some ordinary people, but it is not difficult for those who are really strong to pay attention carefully and want to distinguish, and Tang Yi’s means of scattering is really exquisite than being able to perfectly avoid the strong people’s induction of Kira, but he doesn’t know that Tang Yi’s scattered strength is really a third-and fourth-grade soldier, but he has already passed the coat of arms and can be often measured.

It’s a shame to think that he, Ying Yi, should have taken such a dirty trick!

I don’t know whether I have adapted to it or alleviated it. At this time, Qi Ying feels that his body pain has eased a little. His body is getting weaker and he can’t even lift his arm.
After Qi Ying restrained an emotion, Lu Mingyang gently explored his pulse, and his expression was not much easier than that of just curing too much.
"Lord Lu, what poison have I taken?" Qi Ying was trembling and looked sideways at Lu Mingyang.
Lv Mingyang Adam’s apple rolled a hand from his wrist and looked at him very seriously.
"Regent’s poison seems to be his own deployment, and I can’t name what it is." Lu Mingyang thought about the solution while thinking about it.
Qin Kai and others didn’t have Zhang Ziyan’s clenched fist behind him, and always felt that something seemed wrong.
"I ate some dining tables in the king’s prison, and I didn’t feel anything when I first got back. I was poisoned before I returned to the bedroom," Qi Ying murmured.
"This toxicity is slow and a while.
Hair is slow and a burst of wait for me to allocate a should be able to solve the poison "Lv Mingyang eyebrows tight cu said at this time Qi Ying looks relaxed some seems to be no pain.
If you didn’t die just when you were poisoned, even you won’t die this time. Lu Mingyang made up his mind and quickly left the bed to prepare.
"Didn’t you say that my father was poisoned by Chu Lin?" Zhang Ziyan thought it over and over again, but he still expressed his doubts in his heart. When the words came out, including Qi Ying, he looked at her in the past.
"Is" Qi Ying single-handed caught by some dodge.
"But you said my dad died at that time, but you ate the same thing. What are you still okay?" Zhang Ziyan’s speech has always been straightforward, but it choked Qi Ying and others.
She seems to have no mind’s eye, but after all, she has seen a lot of intrigue with Prime Minister Zhang in the palace all day. It is difficult for her to be suspicious when she encounters such a thing.
"Who knows this matter! I eat the most delicious food at every meal, but it’s true that the Regent didn’t get poisoned until he came back. That’s why the King of Chu can explain clearly. If we want to harm you, we will bring you to Qin directly and solve it halfway. Besides, what’s wrong with you and us? "
Perhaps because of excessive excitement, Qi Ying’s body poison was sent up again, and Yan Niang quickly replied for fear that Zhang Ziyan would get suspicious.
"Maybe I think too much," murmured Zhang Ziyan. She really didn’t want to believe that it was Chu Lindu. When they met for the last time, he had such a good attitude. It was the friendliest time for Zhang Ziyan to close her eyes and take a few steps back and sit down directly.
"Sister Ziyan, I know you’ve been hit hard, but don’t spoil the Regent’s kindness. He’s still poisonous." Yan Niang leaned over and patted her on the shoulder
People have to bow their heads under the eaves. At least when they get here, it’s not a problem for her to have enough food and clothing for three meals, and she can’t freeze. Zhang Ziyan seems to have listened to her words and then nodded.
"Uncle antidote has been prepared?" Although Qin Kai didn’t know what was going on here, he knew that Qi Ying never made a loss, especially since he never wanted to associate with women. How could he bring such a person back for no reason?
Qin Kai was a little tired and took Lv Yanzhong to the table. Before sitting in the chair, he saw Lv Mingyang hurried into the hall, followed by an attendant who carried a bowl of steaming things in a tray. Lv Yanzhong was shocked too fast!
Lu Mingyang nodded and his face was not too happy. "Can you try!"
As it happens, Lu Mingyang, who is also poisoned by Qi Ying, took the bowl of soup just boiled from behind and stretched out his hand to help Qi Ying get up.
Seeing this bowl of medicine is like seeing hope. Although Qi Ying is miserable, he still stands up with one hand trembling and desperately wants to get the bowl.
"Regent, don’t worry, I’ll feed you." Yan Niang stepped forward and took the medicine bowl from Lu Mingyang and handed it to the man’s lips after it was cooled.
Qi Ying unambiguously drank it to the girl, so a spoonful of it was fed. Soon this bowl of medicine was already drunk by Qi Ying.
"How does the Regent feel?" Lv Mingyang has been watching Qi Ying’s pain seem to have eased a little.
"Thank you, Lord Lu, for bringing the King back to life!" Qi Ying simply knelt on the bed and Lu Mingyang was greeted by this and stretched out his hand to help him up.
"Regent, what are you talking about?" Lu Mingyang is also sweating at this time, not tired but really nervous.
"JiXiong hurriedly have a good rest to restore some physical strength" Qin Kai gather together before looking at Qi Ying said.
Jiying nodded. It was a small death this time. He remembered that Su Shiyuan was good at poison and she must have done it! Qi Ying thought of here, the more depressed he was, the more he didn’t believe he couldn’t beat a woman!
See Qi Ying all right. Several people are out of his bedroom. Yan Niang settled down with Zhang Ziyan as Qi Ying said before, but I didn’t expect to see a slightly familiar figure before I stepped out.
"Mom, you are back!" The man jumped up with long legs, and Yan Niang quickly took Zhang Ziyan to leave when she saw it was him.
"So you have married! I think you are younger than me! " Zhang Ziyan heard the man call her Niang, and he was her husband.
"no! That man is thick-skinned and likes to take advantage of me. "Yan Niang hasn’t done this before, and she often rushes to see men, but she turns around and runs when she sees this Qin Cheng."
"So it is!" Zhang Ziyan nodded hard, and a pair of women suddenly realized that looking back, they were still chasing men behind them, but they were somewhat similar to the emperor of Qin and looked good!
Just as Zhang Ziyan was thinking about it, his eyes suddenly turned black and the man had already chased him.
"Mom, I haven’t seen you for a long time. How can you hide from the king?" Qin Cheng smiled at Yan Niang and couldn’t wait to see people from the inside out. Yan Niang clutched Zhang Ziyan’s fingertips and was not ready to escape at any time while he was not paying attention.
Anyway, he’s the emperor’s younger brother, and he can’t be scolded. Now he can’t even afford to hide.
"My daughter, how dare you hide from Master San? You are really joking." Yan Niang still doesn’t like to take a reason. He said that some quotations are strange.
Zhang Ziyan deliberately gently coughed-she was new here and couldn’t find anywhere, but in this situation, she was really not suitable for staying. Zhang Ziyan let go of Yan Niang’s hand and just wanted to go away, when her hand was suddenly clutched by a woman.
Zhang Ziyan looked up and gave her a look. Yan Niang Bing Xuecong already knew what she meant, but she still didn’t let go. What did she do with this?
She has nothing to do with this Qin Sheng at all. If it weren’t for what happened in the Woods, they wouldn’t have made friends in their lives.
Yan Niang thought of here and the atmosphere was very good. Why didn’t the poison just kill Qi Ying directly? It was in addition to one harm. Now that I think about it, Yan Niang feels too cheap. She personally fed the medicine to Qi Ying’s mouth.
"I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. If you have nothing to do, come to my house!" Yan Niang rarely wears plain clothes, but it really makes men shine at the moment. This simple but elegant suit is not inferior to that big red one, but feels more delicious.
"My daughter has nothing to do. Go ahead, Third Master!" Yan Niang looked at him with a cold face and was full of reluctance.
"What can I do for you? If you really don’t want to go out of the palace, I will accompany you in this palace." Qin Cheng begged aside. Zhang Ziyan heard the word "three yes" in her mind and involuntarily thought of Chu Lin’s Zhang Jun face, which was so clearly printed in her mind. She had already waved it away.
Qi Ying said that he had caused her father all kinds of coincidences, and she had to accept the fact.
"Don’t you white? I hate to see you! " After listening to Lu Mingyang’s words, the former woman had to pretend to live a stable life in this palace. But this time she came back, she really couldn’t help it.