"But you are no longer waste, dare to scold you as waste people and kill them all for me, but can you make a difference by following me?" Wang Gan, the head of this crisis, said to them slowly.

"This …"
"When I come back, I will definitely come back. By that time, I will make Luo Tianfeng all my feet! And whether you can do this at that time depends on whether you have any ambition. "
"Leader you!"
At this moment, suddenly, a black light came from the main peak of Luo Tian. Although it was not fast, it made Wang Gan avoid a sword and stabbed him in the chest.
"Wang Gan, you can’t be my head!" A majestic sound made people want to bow down to his feet.
"Master!" Wang Pearl exclaimed that she did not hesitate to block his front.
However, the amazing luck did not come. She was pierced by a black sword and a thick black flame rose all over her body.
"Pearl!" Wang Gan face "color" changed eyes flashing with crazy "color" unexpectedly suddenly burst out laughing "ha ha what a Luo Tian! What a leader! Do you know how to bully the small? When Xiaoyangjie comes, it will be my return to Luotianri. At that time, I will be interested to see your silly appearance when Xiaoyangjie shivers! "
Then he hugged Pearl tightly in his arms and fled away with a thunderhead and never looking back.
"Wang Gan, you don’t have a chance. Do you know that the Heaven and Earth Gate has dispatched all the Elders in the Fairyland to kill you!"
A new introduction to the final chapter 100 thousand years ago
After more than two months of "naked" running, it must have fallen, that is to say, writing a chapter can get nine cents, but there is no motivation to write.
This can’t be written. Now release the follow-up outline and answer some foreshadowing.
Wang Gan was hunted by the immortals, but after being rescued by Wu Taiqing, Wu Taiqing’s immortals fell.
Wang Gan entered the "Medicine" Fragrant Valley incognito, where he had a doppelganger with a replaceable identity. He practiced in the alchemy period.
The arrival of Xiaoyang Robbery, Wang Gan’s return to Luotianmen, and Luo Tian’s head member "forced" Wang Gan to fight the Sanjie Peak to hide a world-all the high-level officials in Luo Tian, Hongjun World, to search for treasure in Hongjun World.
Wu Taiqing appeared to close the Hongjun boundary and stole the robbery of nurturing for ten thousand and a half years. It turned out that he was actually the Taoist who founded Luotianmen Hongjun.
Wang Ganxiu of Zhufeng War finally became the head of Luo Tian. After World War I, Xiaoyao finally died of illness. Finally, he realized that Xiaoyao was really Lianer’s brother and didn’t know what to help himself.
At the peak of Yuanying, Luo Tian’s head returned from Hongjun’s world and forced Wang Gan out of Luo Tian. When he fled, he was hit by Yang Shen’s red "color" meteor, which devoured Wu Xing’s tactic.
Wu Taiqing appeared in Kunlun Mountain. According to the agreement of the top ten witches, the semi-robbery inspired his latent ability and sent Wang Gan Yuanying back to 100,000 years ago.
Wang Gan was born 100,000 years ago, Kunlun Mountain became the witch king-Wu Changtian and lost all his memories. 100,000 years ago, Wu Taiqing was born together from another world and knew many things that others didn’t understand.
Wu Taiqing’s real name is Wu Taiqing and cousin Wu Changtian. They are both enemies and friends.
White lotus is Wang Ganqin’s elder sister at large, but Wang Gan’s eldest brother is sealed in the dark because of his double pupils.
Wang Gan met Penglai and became her master at night when passing by the Wind Island (the genius of Suo Fu didn’t want Wang Gan to go back to the village just because he didn’t want him to see Wu Changtian).
After Wang Gan’s death, the immortals launched a big Yang robbery to kill the sun god.
But Yang Shen didn’t die and threatened to kill all living things in Xuanyuanxing, so Wu Taiqing helped his immortals to freeze the cave for 100 thousand years and called it "supporting the future" plan.
But the plan went wrong. After 100,000 years, the Immortal Society was unsealed and Wu Taiqing died of old age instantly, so she had to clone it.
After Wang Gan woke up from the ice, he returned to 100 thousand years later and recovered all his memories.
hint or anticipatory remark in a story
The true identity of the owner of Tiandaoge Wang Zhuer was willing to be imprisoned in Tiandaoge for 100,000 years in order to save Wang Gan. She believed that the disappearance of Wang Gan was the fault of Penglai Night, and ten witches killed Penglai Night together.
Wang Gan was able to beat Penglai Lingshi because it was made by him and later given to Penglai Night.
This world is divided into two parts: the median world, the median world theory, and the first-class world life law has an impact on the first-class creatures, but if we cultivate to the highest level and create a world bigger than the world in which we live, we may rise to the next level.
So far, only Buddha Sakyamuni can do this.
The bit world has absolute control over the bit world, just as Wang Gan can control everything in the life world.
It’s ridiculous to go against the sky. It’s good for monks to practice counterpoint to the world, just like releasing the vitality of the creatures in the world, but the higher world has different needs. The universe needs to be shaped with quality. The greater the quality, the greater the gravitational wave will be, and it will devour other universes.

Gu Jun is sure in his heart

Second sister said that you shouldn’t panic when something happens. Since the assassin didn’t kill him immediately, there must be other plans.
This also gives him a chance to escape.
"Rock son Gu Jun that little bitch will disappear tonight! Without him and the help of Zhong Yongbo, your father will take us back to the house and the future generation will be you! "
Gu Yan sat on the bed and looked gloomy. "You won’t miss, will you?" He is not as optimistic as his mother. Can Gu Liancheng rest assured that he will not make any arrangements from Beijing?
"No!" Yang Xuesen laughed, "Zhong Yongbo hates Gu Liancheng, and he will never allow his own people to make mistakes!"
"I hope he can succeed!" Gu Yan corners of the mouth with a cold smile.
The mother and son were thinking about their beautiful things, but they didn’t expect that the brave man had died soon after he succeeded.
"Hit the door for me!" Gu Ning has listened to Liancheng’s mother’s residence. At this time, she took more than a dozen guards and hurried to catch the fingers outside the courtyard. The courtyard gate cold drink a way together.
The guards who are closer to her should follow one foot and kick the gates.
"Yang Cui Gu Yan, get out of here!" Gu Ning couldn’t see anything at the moment, and her eyes were full of anger and she walked quickly to the lighted wing.
"It’s Gu Ning, the little practitioner. How did she come to our house?" Yang looked up from his chair and smiled at Gu Yan suddenly. "It must be Zhong Yongbo’s success, otherwise she wouldn’t find someone to find us here so late!"
Gu Yan’s dark eyes flashed "Mother must be careful!"
"Rest assured mother knows" gives Gu Yan a rest assured look, and Yang walks to the door. Before she can, the sliding door has been kicked from the outside.
Gu Ning, who was kicking the door guard, stared at Yang coldly and said, "Where is Juner?"
Yang looked puzzled. "Ning Shantou, you’re asking a strange question!" Looking at Gu Ning from the beginning to the end, she immediately said to herself, "Look at you. Is it that Jun ‘er’s child had an accident?"
"Don’t play dumb for me. How could you have been kidnapped by an assassin if your mother had not been so lucky?"
Yang Wu mouth exclaimed "assassin? Where is the assassin? " Zhongyongbo really did it! I felt happy for a while. Yang pretended to calm down the frightened mood for a while before saying, "The first thing you should do is to report to the official. How did you find your aunt here?"
"Don’t tell me that Jun ‘er was kidnapped by an assassin!" Staring at Gu Yan, Gu Ningyin coldly said, "Where is Juner again?"
"You this child how so axis? I told you that Jun ‘er disappeared and went to the newspaper office, but you broke into our mother’s residence with scruples and framed people. Do you believe it or not? I went to the government to sue you for trespassing and then accuse you of framing. "Yang said, and his face became cold." I was divorced from the government by your second uncle. You don’t treat me as an aunt. I don’t blame you, but our mother’s innocence can’t be defiled at will! "
Gu Ning bit his teeth, raised his hand coldly and slapped Yang. "Don’t worry about your mother!" Caught off guard by slapping, Yang first pounced on Gu Ning clinker with Zheng, but before she got close to her, an awe-inspiring palm wind suddenly hit her, and soon she was like a fallen leaf floating towards the house and then slammed into the hard wall …
"Jun-er, did your mother order you to take her away?"
With the sound of Gu Qiling, Gu Ning falls in front of him.
He walked slowly into the room and approached the bed step by step.
"You … you …" Is he a person or a ghost? It’s Gu Qi who is approaching him step by step. It’s Gu Qi!
Gu Qi didn’t die. He didn’t die three years ago.
What a cold look. What is he doing?
"What happened to Yan Di?" The ice is biting, the eyes are locked, Gu Yan is full of horror, and Gu Qi’s thin lips are slightly open. "Don’t you know me after more than three years?"
"Are you … are you a person or a ghost?"
Gu Yanshen shrank back and asked.
"Do you call me a person or a ghost?" Grasping his collar, Gu Qi leaned over and looked at Gu Yan at close range. "Tell me, was Jun ‘er taken away by your mother?"
From time to time, Yang’s prone mouth overflowed with blood. "Yan ‘er … said everything now … said everything …" Intermittent sounds came from her mouth. She hated Gu Qi so much that she was still alive that their mother’s plan fell short.
Therefore, Gu Jun’s life and death can’t change their situation.
There is a marquis of Gu Qi. He can be him.
Based on this, even if their mother dies, she can’t tell Gu Jun which one of the little bitches was taken.
She wants them to lose Gu Jun in pain!
She looked up at the child with difficulty as the blood overflowed.
Gu Yan face fear suddenly dispersed.
Afraid of him, afraid of Gu Qi taking his life, but afraid of it?
No, at this moment, he can’t tell where Gu Jun is going, just as his mother said.
"I don’t know what you said!" If you say it or not, you can’t escape a result, so he chooses to pretend to be deaf and dumb and don’t say a word when Gu Jun disappears.
Gu Qi sneered, "It seems that you are not going to say that Jun Er has fallen!" As he spoke, he suddenly loosened Gu Yan’s collar and then moved quickly, crushing his limbs to pieces. "Is it very painful?" he asked
Kill a pig like a miserable cry. Gu Yan sounded in the room. I want to die in pain at this moment.

Release it? Valensell looked up in doubt and saw that Sirius and Wall were having fun.

He didn’t know much about the dark place like the light and dark leopard, and he didn’t recognize its identity, but Lanks’s supplementary "Little Wolf" made him stunned.
Release a stare blankly several demon plants immediately surrounded him.
When Valensell reached out in a hurry, it was a ghost air mass, which immediately deprived the surrounding demon plants of their vitality. The demon plants withered and then disappeared into the air.
Release a demon plant who is afraid of the ghost air mass in his hand no longer dares to come near him, and suddenly the two of them are surrounded by a real zone.
Release "Um …"
Released for half a day before Lanks suppressed a sentence.
Release "Good … Good … Awesome"
The release of this deprivation of biological vitality is generally enjoyed by Pluto, and Valence Sellou’s gesture shows that he and Pluto are not shallow.
He smiled awkwardly and dispersed the ghost air mass.
Release "This … I … I’m worried that Ye Yu and them will go first and have a look."
Release escape seems to run into the bedroom, only to find that there is black smoke everywhere, and Valensell can’t see the surrounding scenery clearly. He snapped his fingers and flashed a few ghost lights (commonly known as jack-o’-lantern …) looking for the night feather figure everywhere.
Release finally saw him near the main hall gate.
Release "Night Feather Night Feather, why are you here?"
Release the eyes of the night feather god, and Valensell’s heart thumped.
Release "What’s wrong with you, Night Feather?"
Release "What happened"
Releasing the night feather, a cutting blade split out, and Valensell dodged.
Publish "You are not qualified to call my name"
Release "This world can call me the great king of our demon world."
Releasing the night feather machine repeating these two sentences is like a soulless doll, which makes Valensell very worried.
Release "Repair? Where is he? Inside? What the hell happened? "
Release Valensell wanted to enter the main hall to ask Xiu a clear question, but Ye Yu blocked him.
Release "trespasser … death!"
Release night feather eyes flashed strange red light, and several dark energy balls rushed at Valensell.
Release "Night Feather? !”
Releasing the overwhelming dark energy ball Rao is Valensell, and you can’t get away with it. Look at the white color in the black. Every one of them is a compressed ultra-high temperature explosive energy ball, and Valensell doesn’t want to hurt the night feather, so he is struggling to resist it.
Before he was released, he sent so many soldiers, consumed so much ghost power, and came here without rest, and there was no ghost power to supplement him. His strength weakened not so little, and it didn’t take long for the defense barrier to crack.
Released, but the night feather attack still didn’t relax. The energy of the explosion barrier accumulated and turned into a roaring lion, which chewed at the barrier.
Release "click click" and immediately bite the enchantment, and then the whole enchantment burst, and the energy bomb poured in like a flood, and once again cast several defensive enchantments. Valensell has been supported by the law, and the violent black lion swept through the hot flame and forced him to breathe.
Release the original … original … this is the real strength of night feather …
Just as he gave up his resistance and lost heart, a figure flashed in front of his eyes …
Release what … how … how could it be him …
He laughed and closed his eyes to meet the deadly lion …
Release "expansion-"
Release "Zi ——————"
Releasing energy and hitting the enchantment made him open his eyes again.
There is a tall and straight figure in Guanghua, which releases the shining energy of explosion.
A young man is holding a gray-black barrier with one hand to stop the lion from attacking.
Release to detect Valence Selma line of sight each other back evil bent corners of the mouth to say
Release "Hey wife, I am coming!"
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Chapter 13

"Baby, don’t move. Let me look at the wound."

After Xi Yu Jie untied his robe, Yin Yunxi showed his shoulders.
"Fortunately, the wound is not deep, baby. You wait for me to get your medicine."
After Xi Yu Jie left, Yin Yunxi took out his mobile phone from his bag and dialed Xuelin’s words.
"Hello? Better? "
"I’ve planned the game for Lin Er, and now I’m waiting for the opportunity to implement it."
"Tell me about it"
"You immediately go to investigate when Yi Yinchun Jin and Ye Rumo will go shopping together, and then you will wait and play a good show with me."
"Okay, I get it."
Yin Yunxi hangs up and happens to be in the door.
"Baby, sit tight and I’ll give you medicine."
Yin Yunxi obediently sat on the bed, and Xi Yu Jie gently helped Yin Yunxi to take a breath gently from time to time.
"Okay, baby," Xi Yujie put the medicine on the bedside table to help Yin Yunxi put on her robe.
"Baby, it’s getting late. I’ll bring you dinner."
After Xi Yu Jie went out, Yin Yunxi’s words rang
"I hope they will go out tomorrow."
"I see. I’ll pick you up at 7 o’clock in the afternoon."
Xi Yu Jie bumped into the door with a plate in his hand.
"Baby, it’s dinner."
"Mung bean porridge? !”
"Eat quickly."
Yin Yunxi went to bed after dinner and woke up in the middle of the night to find that Xi Yu Jie was encircling her waist from behind.
"Jie, what are you doing?" Yin Yunxi gently pushed back.
"Baby, be careful not to touch the wound." Xi Yujie sat up and hit the bedside lamp.
[Revenge] 9 tails
"I can’t sleep. I’ll go to my room." Yin Yunxi got up.
"Be careful, baby"
"I see."
Yin Yunxi knocked on the door and walked down the corridor.
"Miss, aren’t you sleeping?" Hit Lin Xin at the door.
"It’s okay, I can’t sleep." Yin Yunxi fumbled on the door wall.
"Ah-"Yin Yunxi fell when he stepped on the tennis ball with his right foot.
Yin Yunxi, clutching his right foot, slowly got up on the wall and limped to the table to get one from the rack.
"Baby" Xi Yu Jie knocked on the door in pajamas and held a silver Yunxi mobile phone.
"Why? !” Yin Yunxi suddenly looked up and looked at him. He didn’t let his guard down until he confirmed that it was Xi Yu Jie.
"Xue Lin’s words"
Yin Yunxi took the words "I know, you go out."
After Xi Yu Jie went out, Yin Yunxi put the phone to her ear.

"Stop playing like this!" Huangfu Zhantian looked at the quadrangle in this day, and four bloody days of thunder suddenly swore. The thunder behind this is twice as big as the thunder in front. This is really a collapse! Just absorbing those two days of thunder has already made Huangfu Zhantian a little hard, and now it’s better to come out directly.

At this time, the suspection.i war genius found that the bloody thunderbolt was more horrible than the thunderbolt in front. Although the thunderbolt in front destroyed his own body, it could grow back when it was destroyed. There is absolutely no problem with his life rule, but if he destroyed his soul, even if he had the strength to go against the sky, it would fall.
Huangfu war days scold scold, but he still has to be fully prepared, and he doesn’t want his soul to be destroyed.
Soon, these four days of thunder severely hit Huangfu Zhantian, but after the first three bloody days of thunder, his soul force has changed a lot. Now these four bloody days of thunder are very powerful, but there is no way to destroy Huangfu Zhantian’s soul.
Followed by Tao Tian Lei, 16 Tian Lei, and 31 bloody days of thunder bombarded the soul force of Huangfu Zhantian. The last 16 days of thunder bombarded Huangfu Zhantian, and for the first time, I felt that my soul force was about to collapse. Fortunately, there was no such bloody day of thunder, which made Huangfu Zhantian have to repair his soul. Because he knew it was not over yet, I’m afraid there would be more.
However, the waiting time was very long, which gave Huangfu Zhantian a chance to repair his soul and body. Now Huangfu Zhantian finds that his soul has recovered much faster. I’m afraid this is the reason why his soul has become more pure, and his body has a strong recovery ability. Now Huangfu Zhantian is healthy again.
"Come on, God, I don’t believe you can destroy me today!" Suspection.i war, as shouted
The dark clouds in the sky seemed to know the worries of Huangfu Zhantian, and the original scattered dark clouds surged wildly towards the place where Huangfu Zhantian lived.
"We will follow if there is a change!" After Henaan finished, he didn’t wait for their reply. His body flashed directly toward the place where Huangfu Zhantian was located, and Xiao Yan and the four of them saw this situation and followed Henaan closely behind him.
"Look, there is a cave at the top of that sand dune. Is that the thunder bombardment of the previous days? Do you think Xiaotian is a noodle?" Yuxiaoxian pointed to the cave and asked excitedly
"Don’t get excited. We can’t go any further. I’m afraid there’s one last one!" Iron shadow month look calm way but eyes reveal anxious look.
In the waiting of Huangfu Zhantian, the dark clouds finally condensed. At this time, the dark clouds turned into colorful colors and looked very beautiful. But at this time, both Huangfu Zhantian and Henaan’s five faces did not brighten up at all, because the more beautiful things are, the more powerful they are, the more beautiful they are like poisonous snakes, and the more toxic they are. I am afraid this colorful cloud is also the same.
"Xiaotian, you must succeed!" Five of them kept praying in their hearts, hoping to bring some help to Huangfu Zhantian. Although they don’t know whether this bottom is Xiaotian or not, they are willing to believe that this is Xiaotian.
"Colorful clouds? What the hell is it? I’m afraid it contains something horrible! " Seeing the colorful clouds in the sky, suspection.i fought in the heavenly heart, but it was suddenly a tight because he felt that the colorful clouds were not a good thing. It seems that this time there is trouble.
"Boom …!" [
Huangfu Zhantian and Henaan, the colorful clouds in their frightened eyes, suddenly burst into a roar, and then a little beast with colorful glow appeared in the colorful clouds, and then the colorful clouds suddenly shrank, and the little beast’s mouth was suddenly sucked into its abdomen. After that, the little beast stared at Huangfu Zhantian’s purple eyes and saw Huangfu Zhantian’s body in a panic, as if facing some horrible beast. Section 1879:
"What is that?" Henaan, a few girls, suddenly exclaimed when they saw that colorful Xiayun had turned into a weird Warcraft, because they felt a terrible smell from this little beast. Looking at this little beast, they couldn’t keep calm any more.
There is no way to calm down when I look at this little beast with colorful glow. What is it? He is still very clear because he once introduced this kind of Warcraft by Raytheon. This kind of Warcraft is completely different from their world of Warcraft. This monster is called a monster with a mouth full of fire. It is said that its limbs can emit thunder elements, earth elements, gold elements and wood elements, while its tail can emit wind elements. This little beast is called a dragon body. The combination of Warcraft is a tiger, a bear and a foot. It can be said that this kind of Warcraft is a combination of many fierce Warcraft. It is said that it will not go out until it is burned out and the water from its mouth is enough to drown a city. Its strength is really comparable.
"How is this thing? God, you can’t really play with me!" HuangFuZhanTian alas shouted, but things have come to this. Retreat is definitely not working. It seems that it is necessary to kill this thing called "Le". HuangFuZhanTian is especially nervous.
"Fight!" Any suspection.i Zhantian roar loud, and a flash of his body flew wildly. Looking at any suspection.i Zhantian flying toward the surface, his eyes suddenly showed disdain and didn’t stop any suspection.i Zhantian from flying.
Huangfu Zhantian was buried more than 3,000 meters underground, and this 3,000 meters distance from Huangfu Zhantian is not far at all, but it flew out of the ground in the blink of an eye [
"The old man finally came out!" After feeling the outside air, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly took a long breath of the outside air, and then a long whistle caused the surrounding sand dunes to vibrate constantly. Even the sand dunes in the sky showed a little surprise, but soon its eyes showed disdain again. Perhaps this human strength brought it a little surprise, but it still could not stop it from killing Huangfu ZhanTianxin.
"That is!" Huangfu Zhantian felt that there were five eyes staring at him not far away, and he suddenly trembled slightly because he thought of a possibility, and when he turned to look in that direction.
Xiaotian!’ At this time, the five of them have been very sure that this hair and Hu have long been unable to see his true face, dirty clothes and tattered clothes. It is they who miss Huangfu Zhantian day and night. Although Huangfu Zhantian has changed a lot, the five of them can still recognize it at a glance. When all five of them are red-eyed, tears are rolling in, and then all five of them fly together towards Huangfu Zhantian without orders.
I was filled with joy when I came to see Henaan, the five of them, because during his three years, he thought of them all the time except when he was practicing, but when he thought of his present environment, he suddenly looked a little shaky.
"Don’t come, don’t come!" Any suspection.i Zhantian saw that the five of them were flying in this direction. When any suspection.i Zhantian tried his best to shout, there was a covetous eye on the top of his head. If Henaan and them came over, I’m afraid they would suffer.
Hear any suspection.i war days Henaan they are still no response towards this side.
"You five humans had better not come any closer or you will be destroyed together!" Even when Huangfu Zhantian was anxious, he suddenly blurted out that sound like thunder, which made people’s eardrums almost break.
"Stop it!" Arrouk’s personal wisdom is very high, and she figured out the pros and cons of this matter when she quickly grabbed the four of them.
"Sister Ayue, don’t pull us. We’re going to Xiaotian for three years. We won’t wait any longer!" Henaan and Xiao Yan, the four of them, don’t listen to the iron shadow month to discourage them from flying crazy towards Huangfu Zhantian.
"You four live for me. Is it good for Xiaotian if you do this? It’s all wet. If you do this, you’ll hurt him and distract him. Can’t you see that monster is very powerful? It will be very heart-warming to come to Xiaotian to resist that monster. If we are distracted by us again, we will be in love! " Iron shadow month saw that their four roots didn’t listen to themselves, so they roared. She brought her powerful soul force. Her soul force can be said to be no less than that of Huangfu Zhantian. Their four bodies suddenly shook and then stopped.
"Don’t come here, you five. I’m fine. I’ve been through many storms. I can’t believe this robbery!" Any suspection.i Zhantian saw that the five of them finally stopped, and when any suspection.i Zhantian gave a deep sigh of relief.
In the sky, there is no hurry to fight with Huangfu. It’s hard to hear Huangfu’s words, but the look of disdain in its eyes is even thicker. It’s just that it didn’t say anything about ya. What are you? God beast wants to destroy, not to mention that you are a human being, even when you are the true god.
Hearing the words of Huangfu Zhantian, all five of them, including Tieying Moon, shed tears. Seeing that people who have been looking forward to it for three years appear in front of their eyes, but they have no way to embrace this feeling, which makes their hearts ache. Now Huangfu Zhantian is facing danger, but they have no way to share such danger with Huangfu Zhantian. How can this make them not sad?
"Xiaotian, we have been waiting for you for three years and now we finally meet you. Don’t let us down. We are waiting for you!" Iron shadow month watching suspection.i Zhantian shouted.
"Xiaotian, we miss you so much!" Xiao Yan and Henaan, the four of them, are also crying like rain at this time. Section 188: I am shocked.
Looking at the five of them with strong emotional words, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly screamed, "I won’t let you down. Stay back and wait for me!"
Hearing the words of Huangfu Zhantian, the five of them are very reluctant, but they don’t want to violate the meaning of Huangfu Zhantian. This situation is even worse. They can’t help it. When the five of them take a deep look at Huangfu Zhantian, they will flash towards the distance.
After seeing the five of them finally leaving a long distance, Huangfu Zhantian took a deep breath and then looked up at the sky.
"Come on!" After saying that, the tone of Huangfu Zhantian is flat, and his body’s Raytheon’s true qi is surging wildly. After reaching the initial stage of pseudo-gods, Huangfu Zhantian is more proficient in the laws of heaven and earth. Now he feels that there is a real god in front of him, and he dares to fight for it. What’s more, although the strength is comparable to that of the real god, it is not really condensed by colorful clouds in the sky. It seems that the strength should not be compared with the real one.

Looking at the shallow coquetry at him, Xuanyuan Tianyue felt soft to the bottom of his heart for a moment. He scraped her nose and said with a smile, "Who just said that you want to walk? Now you want me to hug you."

"Then do you hold it?" Shallow eyebrow "that I can let the dark moon to carry me back"
Is that a threat? Did he say no again? Xuanyuantianyue suddenly felt a little in distress situation. He raised his hand and held her face and kissed her forehead with a low smile. He said, "How can you not hold Toffee? It’s my pleasure."
"That’s more like it." Shallow also smiled.
Looking at this gorgeous smile, it’s like being exposed to the sun, shining in the rain and dew. Xuanyuan Tianyue hopes to stop this moment forever.
When he bowed his head and gently kissed the purplish lips, he carefully tossed and tasted her fragrant lips and teeth, and they were truly integrated.
Shallow hugged his waist tightly and responded to his kiss. He could feel his pity and love for her. This man really put all his thoughts on her. She knew that when he knew the truth, he would never be happy.
But the important thing is not that it is short-lived and long-lasting, nor does she expect others to remember her forever. She hopes that she will have more experiences in this world, so that she can have a little more in her heart and she can truly achieve eternal companionship. She does not regret it.
I don’t know how long it took Xuanyuan Tianyue to hold the shallow back to his arms and cuddle up to his chest with a pair of eyes, but it can be seen from those eyes that she is comfortable. She is not walking, but she hopes that her heart will be heavier. Memories like that always make people cherish and miss.
South sorrow in the hall, sex and others have already waited there to see Xuanyuan Tianyue holding people in their arms, but they are already accustomed to the intimacy of these two people.
However, Yun Shuiyue couldn’t help but say, "Isn’t Empress Taifei injured her leg? Do you want Yi Shenyi to take a look at it for you?"
South sorrow is easy to Nanxun, and both of them are watching a good show.
Sit down and have a good look at YunShuiYue, raise your eyebrows and say "envy?"
"…" A quick laugh, "Look, you said my leg didn’t hurt and I didn’t need a hug." When did she envy it?
"Whether you need someone to hug your leg injury is two different things, but whether that person really wants to hug you seems that Shui Shui is thinking about marrying and returning to Haotiancheng. I’ll hold a tournament for you to recruit relatives, for example?" Glancing at Nan You next to him, "I’ll leave it to you to do."
"Lord!" Cloud hidden with south sorrow two people face is a change of qi said immediately cloud hidden wry smile said "you should be a joke, duke"
"Do I look like a joke?" Shallow frowned and then said earnestly, "I know you used to think about nine secluded bodies, but nine secluded bodies can’t leave me alone. The duke can’t let the family never marry. It’s sad to say that men get married later. It’s also called that you come here to let you dust together, but I’m afraid you won’t agree or compete to get married."
"…" Yun Shui suddenly has a kind of impulse to tease her since her mouth. She never thought of marrying this kind of thing and having a contest to get married.
South sorrow followed with a smile and said, "I’m very busy recently, even if I don’t have time to help Yunshui. Although I really want to see her get married, after all, my ears are quiet when this dragon is married."
"Who do you say is a dragon?" Cloud hidden face suddenly a anger stare at south sorrow.
South sorrow frowned. Why is this woman so ungrateful? He is helping her. Does she really want him to help her organize some tournament to marry her?
Yi Nanxun naturally saw something here and couldn’t help but say with a smile, "Brother Nan, don’t worry, when you don’t have it, sometimes I’ll run this tournament to get married."
"I said Yi Nanxun, can you mind your own business? Can you change who wants you to handle it?" South sorrow directly retorted.
Yun Shuiyue glanced at Nan You and sneered, "I just asked mr. yi for help. You said you didn’t want to see me, you and I wanted to see you?" Said she directly got up and looked at the shallow "castellan belongs to think that there are still many things not finished, so I won’t accompany you to have dinner", and said a hand and walked out directly.
South sorrow looked at the leaving figure and gave birth to a little frustration. This woman is sick. If she doesn’t eat, she won’t be hungry. It’s not that he thought of it here. He recovered his mind and prepared to eat, only to see that three people at the dinner table were looking at him.
"Eat the duke, aren’t you hungry? These are all too delicious for you. We can only touch the light … "Yi Nanxun said while preparing food.
Suddenly, a pair of chopsticks stopped him, and a light voice said, "You really want me to hold a contest for her to marry her."
Chapter 416 Choice
What do you mean, I wish she would hold a contest for her to marry her?
"Lord?" South sorrow looked up at the face Gherardini in amazement.
Shallow put chopsticks lightly and said, "I just said it was very plain that Shuiyue would marry someone else, but do you want this person to be you or someone else?"
"Brother Nan, what are you doing? The beauty didn’t eat. Whether you can win your heart depends on you." Yi Nanxun said with a smile.
Aside Xuanyuan Tianyue said, "I don’t think General Yun doesn’t dislike General Nan, but she probably needs an opportunity. Otherwise, she won’t be so angry when she just heard you say you want to help her prepare for the tournament."
South sorrow, suddenly, put chopsticks in his hand on his face. For the first time, there appeared a similar expression of ignorance. She …
Looking at south sorrow still stunned shallow frown "still wondering what to do? Do you really want to marry her? I have no opinion, but don’t say I bully you then. "

Jane laughed. "You really have a good eye. This Lao Deng is very good."

It is obvious that Jane has understood her meaning.
Lian Fangzhou suddenly smiled. "We should be very lucky to meet such a person as soon as we come!"
"That’s your luck!" Jane said that both of them laughed. In fact, it was not just a matter of luck but also a matter of vision.
Without her unique vision, I may not find the benefits of Lao Deng, let alone it.
Three people asked for two adjacent medium-sized rooms and stayed in Fujin Inn.
The three people stayed in Nanchang for nearly a month, and they were not ready to go home until the middle of March.
Peter said that the next day, Lao Deng took them around the streets and saw many Baohe middleman.
The matter of paving was soon settled. Even Fangzhou was satisfied with the money, whether it was the location or the size. Now it is not her consideration.
By the way, I bought a small two-in-one house on Huangli Road to facilitate my future stay.
In the long-term planning, Zhongnan Changcheng is a center radiating to towns all around. I don’t know how many pavements will be opened in the future, and there may be a branch factory in Mianfang Factory. It is always inconvenient without a fixed foothold.
However, she and Jane met many people in the big boss, and many people in the big boss met and talked, but none of them were satisfied.
As the days passed, the two men visited Nanchang City all over, and everyone saw it, so they were not worried.
Lao Deng introduced all kinds of anecdotes and stories about Nanchang City to them by car, and they answered everything they asked, but they asked for the boss. He didn’t know that every time they went to see the middleman, he was resting in the carriage at the door.
Until one day, Lao Deng heard them talking and saw that Lian Fangzhou’s forehead was quite sad. He couldn’t help but ask a few words in his heart and then introduced himself to them.
Even fangzhouyuan didn’t have any hope, but he just thought that Lao Deng, a man with extremely flexible brain, was also very nice, and it wouldn’t be too bad to think about his son. Let’s meet him in his face!
It’s also a coincidence, but when I saw the conversation between the two sides, my eyes lit up and the matter was decided immediately.
It’s really hard to find a place and get it!
Lian Fangzhou will hire two shopkeepers to sit in Nanchang this time. In the future, in addition to managing Nanchang shops, he will also be responsible for the general dispatch and general management of all shops in Jiangxi. One is to manage the production plant in Yuxian County.
Yu Zhangfang doesn’t intend to invite ready-made Qin housekeeper from the outside. He has bought a dozen young and clever pages to train in accounting. Now the shopkeeper and accounting office will be handed over to those who train well in the future.
In this way, it can be more effective to prevent ghosts.
At the age of 33, Deng Yuande worked as a waiter in a satin manor from an early age. He was a big waiter, a third shopkeeper and a second shopkeeper, and he also changed two employers. Last year, he quit his job because the big shopkeeper was not comfortable.
I was going to rest for half a year and then find a new owner. Who knows that Fang Zhou and Jane are just hiring.
The two sides hit it off.
Deng Yuande is very familiar with this line, and he quickly hired another factory manager named Bai Shiling.
If it’s somewhere else, Bai Shiling may not be willing to go. After all, Nanchang is the provincial capital. Where do experienced shopkeepers like them need to go to such a small county to find a job?
However, because cotton Yu County is now a well-known family and the largest cotton planting family last year, cotton cloth has not yet appeared in the market!
However, any ordinary expert can realize the business opportunities, and Bai Shiling is actually quite clever!
And even Fangzhou is very attractive to be treated.
So the conversation between the two sides is naturally very pleasant.
Even Fangzhou was very open, so I didn’t go with him on the spot. For a given thing, this time I went back, and he could go with me to see if it was suitable, and then decide if it was not suitable.
Moreover, whether everyone succeeded in the end, even Fangzhou was included.
Deng Yuande and Bai Shiling were more fond of Lian Fangzhou when they heard her say this, but they also secretly wondered how old she was, so good at doing things and so generous! It’s much better and more sophisticated than how many owners have lived for more than half a generation!
She won’t suffer, that is, 57. Chapter 57 passed by.
White shilling smiled and thanked him half-heartedly. "Even a girl is so sincere that I can’t bear to refuse!"
Even Fang Zhou laughed. "Don’t be unwilling to do business or I won’t care if I eat this loss!"
Said everyone laughed.
Everything is settled. Even Fangzhou simply chartered a fast boat and it will take about three days to get there.
The boat won’t leave until the day after tomorrow. Even Fangzhou is convenient. Jane is going to have a good stroll around the next day and buy some special products to take back.
These days, although they are strolling around Nanchang by Lao Deng’s carriage almost every day, they have something to worry about, and where can they relax?
Still in Lao Deng’s carriage, let him introduce two or three distinctive places to visit.
Neither of them knew that just as they came out of a food street and the carriage was far away, two men were squeezed out of the bustling crowd.
The two men tried to keep their eyes open and search for the bottom of their eyes, and the hope born out of them faded away bit by bit.
"Did you really see the general? Not dazzled? " One person asked
"I think maybe I’m dazzled!" Another person sighs.
Fang Zhou and Jane didn’t even know about all this. They went back to the inn and talked for a while, then they rested separately. The next day, together with the white shilling master and servant, they took a boat back to Yu County.
Back to the county seat, the party hired a car to go to the suburban cotton mill.
Lian Ze was surprised and happy to see them back. A few steps ago, he was in high spirits and shouted, "Sister Sister-er, Brother Jane!"
He wanted to call his sister "brother-in-law" that gave him a hard stare, and then he saw the white shilling who came with his sister and brother-in-law and changed his mouth.
Lian Fangzhou and Jane smiled and promised to introduce the identity of Bai Shilling. Lian Ze met him a few weeks ago, and then Lian Ze led them to visit the cotton mill together.
Now it’s half built, but the scale has begun to appear, and the general outline can already be seen.
White shilling looked at the huge square in front of him, which was bigger than the square he had stayed in before, and it was not a little bigger, but dozens or dozens of times!
And looking at all this construction in an orderly way, it can be seen that the master manager is quite capable and will not be a fool
White shilling’s smile has never been broken, and his heart has been satisfied.
After seeing a circle, even Fangzhou laughed. "Let’s send the white shopkeeper back to the city to have a rest. I’ll send a carriage to pick you up early. We’ll go there to see the production and success of cotton cloth!" I’ve already greeted the innkeeper. What does the white shopkeeper want to eat? Just put it on the bill and I’ll go later. "
"Thank you for bothering the girl!" White shilling heart is very intimate smilingly thanked.
A few people sent a white shilling back to the inn and went straight home.

But judging from her face, she is not more than twenty years old and looks much younger. It is hard to imagine that such a young woman should have such extraordinary white eyebrows and red hair!

People’s natural curiosity makes everyone more eager to know how many secrets are hidden in this wasteland.
Especially what the man in red just said. This place is forbidden.
"You say that I will let you go? Anyone who dares to play the treasure idea must die. "
She is slightly whiter than normal, and her lips move a few times.
"Are you the treasure keeper?"
Yunlie still wants her to explain clearly and avoid unnecessary trouble. After all, one more friend is far more cost-effective than one more enemy.
"You’re right."
The woman in red is no longer entangled with him, but a long sleeve is thrown at him.
Yunlie dodged him and didn’t want to fight, but since she fought, let’s look at her martial arts and come up with countermeasures.
Uncle seems to have thought of it together, just as he was dodging in Yunlie Day.
To catch the lady in red’s blow, the three-man war will come and go in the long run. In an ancient uncle’s time, he will always guard against his one-stroke killing and throat-breaking work, so it will be subject to some display everywhere.
The woman in red realized that these two people in front of her were not treasure hunters, so she jumped away. "Who are you?"
Yunlie greeted her with a smile a few days ago and said, "As I said just now, we are not here for treasure hunting, but you are here for those treasure hunters. Since we have the same goal, why don’t we be friends?"
"Who wants to be your friend?"
The woman in red is full of preparedness for them.
An ancient uncle has made it difficult for her to get away if they are together.
Therefore, the woman in red wants to leave here without attacking herself together. Anyway, she has killed a treasure hunter tonight, so it’s not a waste of time.
"Don’t be friends with us. Can you answer me a question?"
The forbidden area is like a big mystery that plagues Yunlie Day, and he can’t wait to solve it.
"What do you want to know?"
The woman in red seems to feel that they are friendly, but she still hasn’t let her guard down because people can pretend.
"I wonder if there is any treasure here."
Yun Lietian decided that from the very beginning, he heard the wasteland and asked.
"You’ve come for the treasure and found a lot of reasons. I won’t tell you that I’m dead."
"You misunderstood."
Yunlie was busy explaining, "I’m asking this question to solve a mystery that has been bothering me for a long time. If you are really the guardian of this forbidden area, then we will not only help you drive away these invaders, but also never move the forbidden area one stone and one soil."
Yunlie tried to make her expression sincere so that she could believe it.
"Don’t pretend you will be so kind? As the saying goes, people are greedy for money when they die, and when they lose their wealth, they will be willing to stand up and take risks, even ignoring their shame. Chapter 116 Red Man 3
"Girl, I think you misunderstood that we are really not with those treasure hunters, and we are not here for the treasure."
"Hum! Stop acting. Would you be indifferent if it was a treasure that could destroy the country? No one in this world can resist the temptation. "
"What about you?"
Uncle interjected, "If everyone really wants to climb to the highest peak of life as you said, then why don’t you climb this wealth?" But willing to be a guardian here. "
"I don’t need to explain to you."
The woman in red don’t look away from the ancient uncle. "If you want me to believe that you are not a treasure, leave the forbidden area quickly, otherwise …"
Her eyes shot two sharp lights, revealing the murder.
"You alone can’t deal with those treasure hunters, and as far as I know, people with various forces will come."
"Don’t worry about it!"
"I know you’ve learned just now, but one thing you have to consider is that they are outnumbered and don’t know how many people there are! Just like you are now, how long can you kill one a day? Sooner or later, it will be discovered, and once they are discovered and besieged, can you resist it? Why don’t you join us and drive these people out of the forbidden area? From then on, you and I will never get their hands on it. "
"You and I will believe it? I’m not afraid of how many people come! "
When the woman in red speaks, her eyes are more sharp and she shows anger.
"My name is Yun Lietian, and I am the owner of Lieling Peak, which is located in six towering stone peaks. If you change your mind, you can contact me at any time."
Yunlie said and watched her reaction.
After hearing this, the woman in red didn’t respond as expected, but remained calm and couldn’t see any expression.
Yunlie Tianma realized that she was the guardian of the forbidden area and must have never left the wasteland, which was a lonely place, and it was even more impossible to see any six towering stone peaks.
After thinking about it, I changed the subject. "To be honest, when I heard that there were treasures in the wasteland, my first reaction was not to get them, but to do everything possible to protect them from falling into other people’s hands, because that would cause countless troubles to the wasteland. I wanted to protect my family from living and working in the wasteland."
"No matter what you say, I won’t believe it!"
The woman in red seems to be tired of his conversation and turns around and walks away.
How can you just let her go on a cloudy day?
Apart from confirming that this person is the guardian of the wasteland, I haven’t solved any puzzles I want to solve in my heart.
As soon as the word "girl" was spoken, the woman in red had already jumped up and disappeared in the blink of an eye.
Yunlie wanted to chase her, but on second thought, the other party was now full of preparedness for everything, and even after chasing her, she still refused to say anything.
It is better to observe again, and at the same time let her know something about herself so that she can be on guard, so that they can meet and deal with those who come to treasure together.
"What now?"
The ancient uncle’s voice rang behind Yunlie’s day, and he knew that the girl in red was not bad in martial arts.
"Let’s talk about it when we go back"

"Can people who enter the list of Tianbian bring luggage?" Huang Junyi said simply

"Cocoa?" The elders don’t talk too much, but it’s natural to bring luggage and weapons, but who else they buy is necessary for life
Ziyun ao said lightly, "In that case, he is my luggage. Can we go in?"
The elder’s eyes widened in disbelief and it took a long time to digest what she said. Finally, he spit out two words in surprise: "Coco!"
I’ve heard of bringing weapons, clothes and cheats, and Dan medicine, but it’s the first time he’s brought people as luggage!
He was stunned for a long time until the white dragon squeezed in.
"You … you haven’t signed up yet." When the elders return to absolute being, they have to stop the White Dragon.
White dragon pointed to the front ziyun proud.
The elder’s eyebrows are knotted. "You are not her luggage, are you?" He really wants to say, girl, your luggage is over 5. Chapter 5 I am her mount.
"I’m not," White Dragon said flatly, calmly giving each other a smile that they think is better than beauty. Of course, compared with each other, he is definitely a handsome fighter. Looking at the venue, White Dragon felt that he had found a lot of satisfaction. Sure enough, he was the first handsome man in the world, and of course the man who claimed to be a luggage was ignored.
Hoo-hoo. Fortunately, the elder took a deep breath.
White Dragon gave him a smile and said simply, "I am her mount."
"…" The elders watched with gaping eyes as Ziyun proudly entered the venue with a bunch of mounts and luggage, and suddenly felt the corners of his mouth twitch. Is this world a fantasy? How can anyone take so many luggage mounts to participate in the competition of the Day Blade List?
One more person would have more hope, but Huang Junyi claimed to be a proud luggage Ziyun.
Huang Junyi seems to know what she wants. She chuckled, "I can’t be an opponent if I make the list. Since I have already been doomed, what can I compare with you?"
He means that he and she will never be hostile, and even if they have to be, he will never do anything to her.
"Are you so confident that I can make the list?"
"Of course, don’t look at who the woman is." Huang Junyi smiled gently.
If not, isn’t there a white dragon mount from the front?
White dragon stared his one eye, coldly said that he was definitely not in the first place.
Huang Junyi gave him a faint look and motioned for him that if you win, we will automatically become your luggage.
Oh, the mount can also bring luggage. Liu Wang can think of it, but it sounds really meaningful. He is really looking forward to seeing Liu Wang become his own luggage. It must be very interesting
So Bailong proudly said to Ziyun Ao, "Ao Er, if you can’t win, call on Shenlong to make sure that you can flash the titanium alloy eyes of these people."
"They have to be blind without you," said Ziyun proudly.
"My mother’s mighty son will also take part in the competition."
"You can’t participate," Ziyun proudly said. "This competition is one-on-one, of course, depending on the circumstances. Although you can be admitted at the time of registration, you can’t participate in the serious competition, otherwise it wouldn’t be a mess."
Hao son hurriedly rolled over, and people can’t join in the fun if they are spoiled by animals?
"No," said Ziyun proudly.
Little lions and finches want to test me. What about me?
Ziyun proud also shook his head.
After a long time, they can wait and see. The little lion couldn’t help but look at Huang Junyi with resentment. It would be great if you participated in the competition. I really want to play. Otherwise, give my contract to the hostess.
Huang Junyi is a ten-level beast. Don’t you think you are too heavy and unreliable?
The little lion immediately lowered his head and made a confession on his whole body. Well, I can’t play anymore. Actually, I want to help
Is this really a lion and the lion king? !
Ah Jing was so happy that he suddenly spat out a spar without knowing what he had just eaten.
Ziyun ao was taken aback when he saw this little harmony. He vomited ten SPAR in a series!
"Receive" A Jing handed it to Ziyun Ao to "eat"
Ziyun Ao thinks it’s more novel than "Can you spit spar?" I even gave her "for me?"
Jing nodded. "I like you. If you want to win, I’ll treat you to spar 53. Chapter 53 This is not to eat.
"Like it, SPAR can be sent." Huang Junyi suddenly said.
He even eats children’s vinegar. Ziyun proudly smiled gently. Who on earth would spit spar? It’s very valuable. The grade is also from red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Ah Jing vomited ten pieces of yellow spar in one breath. Although the grade is not very high, if he practices, he will definitely spit out better spar.
A Jing never takes the initiative to be proud of others’ SPAR Ziyun, which is an exception. Of course, thanks to her delicious food, he is a big eater and likes to eat everything he sees. Even so, it is all genuine SPAR when he spits it out.
A Jing looked at Ziyun proudly and seemed to have been waiting for her to swallow the spar. Finally, Ziyun proudly cleared her throat and said, "A Jing’s human stomach can’t digest the spar", which means that this is not for eating.
Ah Jing’s eyes were wet at once. She didn’t have spar, but he would spit spar _
Ziyun proudly looked at Ah Jing with tears in her eyes and was really cute. She stretched out her hand and rubbed his head and said with a smile, "Although I can’t eat it, spar can be used for upgrading. If you have props to absorb it, you can completely absorb them."
Jing finally smiled through tears. What is that prop? I can spit it on you, too!
Lian Er can’t help but want to vomit, Jing. You are a boy. Why are you so girly? You can’t afford to cry easily.

"Yes, he is really good." To Xue Hanmei’s surprise, Sister Xue Frost really likes this fat.

"No, sister, I think he hardly shot or broke through …" Xue Hanmei said with a frown, especially at this moment, Yu Peiyu’s critical buckle caused an alarm, but the monkey immediately responded with a three-point posture, which made many people admire him, but these qualities just …
"There is a ball in the field, and five people don’t have to attack." Xue Frost said these words gently, watching Duanmuming Stadium dribble and distribute the ball leisurely and steadily, and that although it is a little fat, it seems very simple and honest, a string in his face suddenly moved.
"Shout … shout … I said fat you … what have you been doing for so long? Why didn’t I see you attack once? We did all this hard work." The monkey sat on the court and complained to Duan Muming breathlessly while watching another group of people three to three.
"Who said that I didn’t dribble to the frontcourt every time? Besides, if I didn’t divide the ball, would it be so easy for you to score?" Duanmuming also has some asthma or pretends to have some asthma.
Sitting on the same side, Yu Peiyu suddenly stared at me and said, "You are very strong."
"Is it true?" Duan Muming said ambiguously, as if he were modest, but he didn’t really face Yu Peiyu. He didn’t know whether he should be proud or modest. If he had a solid foundation in physical strength, he was much worse than him, but if he added power to bring about changes, he would definitely surpass him. For example, he took off from the free throw line and dunked. Although he had some strength, Duan Muming could definitely achieve a height of 1.76 meters and a weight of 100 kilograms. It was definitely a miracle.
But does it make sense? If the ability to play the game is like cheating in the exam, it is better to be superman.
There is no good in the afternoon class, because the monkey always keeps peeping at Duanmu Ming, which annoys Fat. At the same time, he is impressed by the monkey’s frequent peeping at himself in front of him, even Gong Sunxuan Fei, who has always been silent (to others), is shocked.
"What’s the matter?" Gong Sunxuan Fei secretly gave Fat a note, because everyone in the voice classroom was wearing headphones and couldn’t speak.
"At noon, the monkey dragged me to play basketball because I played well, so he was surprised," Duanmu wrote truthfully.
"Really? Just good? "
"…" In the face of GongSunDuan Muming can ellipsis to deal with him.
It was not until noon that the monkey took Duanmu Ming and said a word affectionately, "I will wait for you."
"Poof …" Not the kui is a monkey passing by. Several classmates and colleagues sprayed blood and fell down. Duanmu Ming also quickly fled the "crime scene" with full head and sweat. The monkey’s lethality was so terrible that he didn’t eat six women for a fat dinner. As a result, he ate a bowl of medicine less and two more.
Although Duan Muming has never experienced orthodox basketball training in his life, he liked basketball very much because he was a demon king in his previous life (which can be said to be because of chatting). He searched a lot of information from the minds of the world’s best basketball players, and Duan Muming’s skills and consciousness were almost perfect.
For fat, basketball is a real enjoyment.
Duanmu Ming arrived at the school early the next morning. At least yesterday, he promised the monkey to participate in the school team tryouts. It’s not that there are not many good people, but it’s not very troublesome. Everyone first shows a basic skill and then divides the fourteen people into two teams, and seven people from each team can play a game.
After the warm-up due to the time conflict, it was also time for class. No one except the basketball team could see the trial match, but in a few days, the main team of the school basketball team will play a practice match with the substitute team, and then the school students can feast their eyes.
Because bj Basketball Key School has a professional basketball hall opposite the teaching building, if you play a game, the students can vaguely hear the cheers in this audition, which also makes the students who plan to show off very disappointed.
Fourteen people’s numbers were randomly arranged, but the special features Yu Peiyu and Liu Yuqing were put last, and Duanmu Ming was actually arranged in the penultimate place, that is, just in front of the two of them, which surprised Duanmu.
But is this really luck?
The display of basic skills is very simple, from dribbling in midfield to penalty three balls at the free throw line, then dribbling to the opposite basket and finally throwing three balls.
Unfortunately, the third appearance of the monkey is that he is 1.5 meters tall, which is definitely not short for a senior one student, but a little shorter for a basketball player, and what’s more, the monkey weighs a little light, only 130 Jin. No wonder it’s called a monkey.
However, his skill is really good. He hit three free throws, but he dribbled a little. At least he finished the basket, and then his best three points.
Shuashua shua three goals caused a surprise around.
The team leader-that is, Xue Frost looked at the monkey notes and wrote something. Speaking of which, the team really lacks a stable three-pointer
Without a coach, snow and frost are in charge of the basketball team. Although it is a bit weird for a woman to be in charge of the basketball team, there is no achievement in the last two years, and the principal has not changed Lvses (;
Chapter 9 Trial Plot ()
Maybe it’s because of the Xue sisters, maybe it’s because the seniors are eyeing each other, maybe they want to put pressure on their opponents, and the students can fully show their abilities one by one. Although most of their basic skills are not bad, these are only the minimum standards for Xue Frost. She needs players with characteristics or potential.
The monkey touched it and watched others perform Duanmu Ming happily. "How about fat?"? Is there any pressure? "
"There is always pressure," Duan Muming shook his head and said, "A celebrity like me is worshipped by more than N people. If there is no pressure, who will believe it!"
"Come on, get fat and be serious." The monkey is in distress situation. This fat guy is always not serious when he should be serious, but sometimes he is serious. Anyway, he doesn’t look like a normal person. "It’s a good match with his Younger." Finally, the monkey thought viciously.
"There is no pressure." Duanmu Ming paused. "If you can choose the best, don’t forget it."
"Hum!" Suddenly there was a heavy cold hum behind them, which startled the two people who were talking. Looking back, Xue Hanmei didn’t know when it was behind them.