"You can go," Huang Junyi said faintly when he saw the wood waiting for reduction. "The wood is still waiting for you."

"I don’t want to leave," Wood said in the previous step
"It’s not exactly what you want if you let me go." Bender said proudly, "I’m still here for you to watch me live more than anyone else."
Huang Jun Yi Nai smiled and he really appreciated this girl "quasi …"
What a straightforward girl, but he is also an unexpected package. Ziyun proudly smiled gently-this person must be very warm, too, right?
Wandering around Ziyun Aoyuan, my foot wound healed surprisingly quickly and I didn’t feel any pain at all. Of course, this is thanks to the wonderful medicine of Junya Shendan.
It’s almost full moon.
Ziyun ao’s lips smiled softly so fast, but she didn’t feel it at all.
I seem to have loved life here.
What a luxurious word
"What are you doing here?"
"Huang Junyi" Ziyun proudly looked back and saw Huang Junyi coming towards him and waved to him. "Can you take me to the sky?"
Huang Junyi moved his fingers and didn’t want to show anything in front of her. There should be some time before the full moon, so he said to Ziyun proudly, "No, but I can take you to the roof."
Two people climb the roof.
Sit left and right.
If only time could stop here.
Ziyun proudly looked at Huang Junyi, only to find that he was looking at the sky.
"Hey, what’s the matter with you?" Ziyun ao wanted to stretch out his hand to pat him, but he didn’t touch him, not for fear of death, but for fear that he would dodge.
Does he like himself? What does it matter? I wish I could still see this person, see this face and feel this kind
It’s like evil hasn’t died yet, like time hasn’t disappeared, like everything has gone back to the past …
Even better than before
Huang Junyi came to his senses and shook his head instead of telling Ziyun that he would poison every full moon. "Nothing feels that watching the stars on the roof is quite special."
"What’s so special about this? Show you something more amazing. Chapter 91 will be animated.
Ziyun proudly took out a small one, which was made by cutting her rice paper into many pieces. Fortunately, her brush was good, otherwise it was really enough to write some calligraphy and painting in ancient times.
"What is this?" Huang Junyi asked
"Now open your eyes for me to see clearly," said Ziyun proudly, flipping her quickly and jumping to many, many pictures, feeling as if the picture were moving.
"The man in this painting can fly" Huang Junyi obviously hasn’t seen it before, but he still feels very novel. "Come again and show it to the king again."
"Well, watch this." Ziyun proudly flipped the characters in the small painting again, which really seemed to fly to the sky a little bit.
I’m tired of seeing too much real flying, but it’s really creative that the people in the painting can fly.
Both of them laughed too much and did not find Junya coming, nor did they find that he stopped when he walked not far away. He saw that they wanted to get close, but they could not get close.
Seeing the moon, they
Junya turned around and tried to pretend that he didn’t see anything. He walked forward quickly, but their laughter still entered his ears.
His footsteps are getting faster and faster, but the sound keeps echoing …
Look, look, look, it’s flying, it’s flying.
Ha ha … interesting. Let’s do it again.
Don’t want to hear it!
Branches shake and leaves fly …
Firm but gentle rise
Gorgeous love belonging to others has become a catalyst for his heart to rot.
If the love between Ziyun Ao and Huang Junyi is as gorgeous as cherry blossoms, then Junya is like the cherry blossom tree at the moment. How many bodies will be as enchanting as his feet rot, and how his heart will be destroyed, the more charming he will laugh.
I didn’t understand it at that time. It was too late to understand it …
"Good idea," said Huang Junyi.
"This one can’t be done in animation just by moving what you want," Ziyun proudly said, giving him the small one. "Then this one is for you."

For a long time, he suddenly came to his senses and pulled himself into a distance.

He doesn’t want her to despise him. Don’t be a villain!
His face changed again and again because of excessive tension.
He is so close to her but seems to be thousands of miles away from Chung Shan Man.
Liancheng slept like a log, and she didn’t know how long she had slept until she opened her eyes. What she had to do immediately was to leave Yongcheng and catch the spirit moon.
On the side, the hand moved gently, and she held her breath for a moment, and then she heard a muffled sound with a flick of her fingers.
After about a cup of tea, she slowly opened her eyes.
Sat up and looked around and found that Lu Suiyun had obviously fallen into a coma.
Looking away to the door, she saw the cold floor tiles lying on her side. After a sigh of relief, she quickly got up, picked up her bag and went to the door.
It’s not dawn yet, so she has to hurry and lie down in bed!
At the gate, she looked back at the house and thought, "I’m sorry! I am sexual! " Finally, my eyes moved and scattered the washing utensils. "I will come back safely!" She turned her head and was about to step on the steps when she saw that she was staring at her shoulder bag not far from the shadow.
"Second young lady, where are you going?"
From the shadow, my eyes are full of confusion.
"I have something to do. When the war is over, you and Miss Xiao call snow and jade to return to Beijing with the army." Liancheng didn’t answer her question, but told her to step towards the gate of the courtyard.
From the shadow behind her, "the handmaiden said that the handmaiden will be there where Miss Er is!"
"If you recognize me as the Lord, don’t follow me!" Liancheng also don’t back to light out a flying instantaneous out of sight.
She didn’t listen to what she said, but she became angry when she flew out of the yard.
Wuzhen is located in the east of Tongcheng, which is bordered by Tawa Desert, that is to say, if you leave the west gate of Tongcheng, you will see an international desert.
Liancheng left Yongcheng day and night, and now on the way to Wuzhen, the moonlight is quiet and uneven, and there is hardly a figure on the road.
Her flying skill is excellent, so she has not been chased by the film so far.
Abrupt a crashing sound from hundreds of meters ahead in her ear.
Someone was fighting?
Deep skill
Listen to Liancheng and conclude that both of them are good at fighting ahead.
Who are they in the middle of nowhere? Actually freaky and ruthless to outdo each other.
Rushing forward, Liancheng hid in a leafy tree beside the road. Through the silver moon, she looked at the two people who were fighting.
Beside the road is a spacious river, and there is a modest cargo ship floating on the surface of the river. The two men are fighting with each other.
Besides the two of them, there were others on board, but those people were stagger and dead in a pool of blood.
And fighting two people, one person, tall and straight, handsome and full of eyes, cruel and murderous, seems to be possessed?
The other is a strong man with a beard and anger in his eyes.
"You and I have a grudge to raid my merchant ship and kill my crew and servants?"
"I want to kill someone!"
"Then I will kill you now to avenge them!"
"Do you have that?"
"You will know when you die!"
Collateral male pushing while malicious way
He met young men, and his eyes were cold, gloomy and horrible, and he was crazy
If he doesn’t change, if it’s not this cover-up, the mono will tell who he is.
Ghost is ghost to him.
He can change his body size and shape at will through strange bone reduction surgery, and it is difficult to be recognized by people by adding easy surgery.
Liancheng concluded that it was true that he was really possessed.
In the final analysis, what he will be possessed is still from Huangfuyi’s hand.
He was seriously injured by Huangfuyi that night when he kissed Wangfu with blood.
Trauma is easy to cure, but it is extremely difficult to recover, and he is too conceited. It is definitely not a problem to think about repairing the injury with his martial arts for a short time, and he is bent on helping the mastermind to achieve great things. Last night, when he was breathing again, he was accidentally possessed.

After all, many things are known in advance, and with psychological preparation, there are many speculations and doubts about what will affect muscle reaction, which is not conducive to bone setting and wound treatment

In the dark world of past lives, I don’t know how many patients with this kind of fracture can have a tragic baby with a little fight.
Don’t say that the second layer can make the function of high-power magnifying glass clear, but it’s not the ability. Dong Yuling’s experience is more than rich, and Lin Dayong can handle this problem neatly.
There is no way to practice mobile phones in previous lives. She has accumulated more experience in this field than ordinary bonesetting masters can match.
"So … how long will it hurt?" Rui Lin was shocked by Dad’s screams, which was also distressing.
Now Lin Dayong is like fishing out of the water, so he broke out in a sweat, just changed his clothes, and the quilt cover was soaked.
This shows how painful it was just now.
Just a few breaths is like passing several generations.
"After it has been connected, you need to take good care of it. I am now giving uncle a good medicine. Sister Rui Lin, you should change the medicine for uncle every three days after you watch it carefully!" Dong Fengling looked up at the exhausted Lin Dayong, who seemed to be still in pain just now, and even his muscles trembled unconsciously.
"Good you move slowly" Rui Lin also regardless of his skirt is dirty and wet hurriedly to the bedside unblinkingly staring at Dong Wei clever.
"You can’t take a bath for seven days, so you can wipe it a little." Dong Yuling saw that Lin Dayong was in a semi-coma and it was painful and tiring, so he confessed while taking medicine.
"After seven days, you can’t get your legs wet, and you can’t get out of bed for a month, or you will be in trouble if you don’t recover well." It is also an ancient herbal medicine with good efficacy. If modern times add her strength to help, she can’t recover so quickly, but now she doesn’t even have to consume strength.
"After a month, you can walk a little in bed, but it can’t be too long to see the recovery situation and then talk about him." Dong Yuling didn’t rest his mouth and didn’t stop listening. Webster and Rui Lin nodded like garlic
"Remember to come to my house and get it later when the medicine is finished. My side is that you can go to Li Langzhong to get the medicine. If it is not neat, I suggest going to Qingtian Baiyun yiguang and not going to yiguang with no credibility."
Dong Yuling’s words are somewhat unfair to Lily Hall. How can it be that the capital can take root and be famous in some way without credibility?
However, Lily Hall is more concerned with treating people and treating diseases according to identity medicine. Plus, the sitting doctor is getting old and dying, and he is also eager to let his disciples learn more, so the ordinary people are in trouble and secretly suffer big losses without knowing it.
Although there is no therapeutic effect yet, both Wei Shi and Rui Lin have hope for Dong Yuling’s gratitude.
If Lin Dayong can get up, the Lins will be fine.
Dong Yuling and Yun Shihao returned home abnormally, but the screams of Dayong, who lived in the dense forest in the village, certainly failed to escape others’ ears. At that time, they speculated that Lin Dayong was venting. Is it decadent? Are you giving up on yourself? How are Wei Shi and several children going to spend their days?
Although the latter statement is a bit outrageous and ironic, Lin Jiahe Dong Jia didn’t say anything, and Lin Dayong was ordered to lie in bed for a month and outsiders couldn’t see it, so he didn’t know that Lin Dayong’s legs were improving at an alarming rate after being sentenced to death.
After treating Lin Dayong, Dong Yuling continued to live her own life and accumulated a lot of prey, so she went to ask about the Taoxiang Building and the Flavor Building. Every day, she waited for her to appear naturally, and it was better to give money than to be frank.
The money earned in the past six months, plus Yun embroidery, has left almost 1,200 pieces of land and bamboo forest behind the house.
It seems that many of them are enough for ordinary people to live for a generation, but they are not enough for Dong Yuling’s plan.
After thinking about it, I waited for no one. Dong Yuling finally gave up the idea of eating a big fat bite and decided to take silver step by step.
She can build a house and raise a house, so she can build it first, and then repair the rest when she earns it, so that when the construction is completed, her fame and reputation will come out, and she is not afraid of the cold shoulder.
Of course, Dong Yuling never thought about not making money when she was cold. Look at the excitement of the lotus pond in previous years and you will know that it makes no sense. She has paid more attention to it than before. She regrets that she didn’t have to play. 49 Chapter 49 Tucao Name
On this night, Feng Li, the village chief, appeared again. Dong Jia came to deliver the title deed of a few acres of land just bought by Dong Yuling.
"It’s rare for someone in Butterfly Village to buy so many wasteland. The sandy land near the lotus pond can’t produce anything. Besides, it’s a bit tight for you to buy these acres of equal and medium land at the land price. What do you want to do, Xiaoling?" Don’t blame you, Uncle Village Chief, for "You buy it once, I advise you once, but you don’t hear it …"
Before buying wasteland and sand, it’s okay to belong to the main price, and it’s not expensive, but buying nearly ten acres of land in the past two days can make people look hard and it’s taken.
Dong Fengling consulted with him, and bought the ten acres at the price of fertile land, and also compensated the villagers for the losses just planted in their fields. In the eyes of the villagers, this child has become a sucker.
After getting the money, people can buy a better piece of silver, which is more than enough. Many people in the village have come to ask him if Dong Yuling has bought land or not. This is all calculated!
"Don’t worry, uncle village head, I thank you for coming. Where can I blame you? I won’t lose these places in my own place. "Dong Yuling smiled gently and put away the red deed first.
I want to buy these ten acres and other places because of her lotus pond and the sand she bought across these ten acres. Buying them now is equivalent to completely connecting the bamboo lotus pond behind her house. In this respect, she does things.
"Gee …" Feng Li couldn’t figure out what Dong Yuling was going to do. She looked at Yunshi and it turned out that she really didn’t care about her daughter.
After a few days, all farm work is almost gone, and there is still a period of time before the Spring Festival, which is the most leisure time.
Generally, if you have a hard-working family, you will want to go to the city to find short-term workers to do this. During the Spring Festival, shops still need such temporary manpower.
Dong Yuling saw this opportunity and once again found the cousin Lin Hunting who helped her build a house. He directly told her his thoughts in detail and she could be a shopkeeper of cutting and didn’t even worry about recruiting.
The only thing that Dong Yuling needs to do is to hire someone at home. When the lotus pond is built, someone will definitely have to maintain and manage it.
After thinking about it, Dong Yuling decided to "buy people" and was more at ease, even if he asked long-term workers to be afraid in the name, it was not reliable.
Therefore, in addition to going to see the progress every day, Dong Yuling also paid some attention to finding a buyer.
Come on, Dong Yuling will also take a small night to visit Yunqi Mountain. If he finds any good plants, he will be ready to transplant them home. Anyway, the site is wide and needs a lot of vegetation to decorate it.
The whole project is contracted to the Lins’ cousin, and even the food is handled by his own family. Eating is good and eating is bad with Dong Gu.
This kind of project is already a very important event for Butterfly Village. Most people will repair their own houses at most. Where can they do this kind of "chatting"?
In the eyes of many people in the village, especially the older generation, Dong Yongling spent a lot of money on tidying up the lotus pond and doing some inexplicable construction, which was simply a prodigal family. It was not very pleasant to talk about this evaluation in private.
Of course, it will never be said again. After all, Dong’s doing this kind of thing makes the villagers benefit a lot. Every day, they don’t go to the city to find a job and work near home, not to mention that the salary is not low. What do you think is a good single family? They don’t care about silver themselves. What are they worrying about?
In order to build a building in the lotus pond, Dong Yuling had the lotus root dug up before, although it was considered to be mature, but it was not the best time to harvest, and at the same time, the water level was reduced to a minimum and the fish was fished out.
In the ancient peasant’s concept, the crops were harvested before they were mature, but it would be a curse to spoil the food.
Whether it’s modern or not, some very economical things simply won’t wait for it to mature, such as the top of rapeseed and pea lattice.
Therefore, it is quite normal for Dong Gu to step on the bottom line and be secretly said a few words.

But grandpa A heard that exotic animals like to eat fresh and juicy weeds, and they usually choose places with dense vegetation and abundant water. They decided to look for more uninhabited valleys with abundant grass and water to see if they could find any traces of exotic animals.

There are many mountains and valleys near Sizhai, but A Du has been to several nearby valleys to make sure there is no strange animal house. They decided to look for it in the farther valley.
Rao is a local, but the two of them still found a valley with great difficulty.
The location of this valley is very clever. It is located in several big valleys, surrounded by mountains. The valley is rich in vegetation, full of flowers, and there is a natural stream winding through the south of the valley. What is even more amazing is that there is a natural hot spring just west of the valley. The whole valley seems to have its own world climate, and it is completely different outside. Everyone feels very comfortable in it.
However, several big valleys around Alai have been here for several times, and he has never found anything here. When he saw this valley, he also looked surprised. Obviously, he didn’t expect that there was still a place with such a beautiful environment hidden here.
When Junyang looked at this valley, he had a hunch that there must be strange beasts they were looking for here.
After entering the valley, Junyang and Ah are more cautious. First, they are afraid of disturbing the valley. Second, although the valley is beautiful, it may also hide a crisis.
Two people walk carefully in the forest and pay attention to their surroundings as they walk.
Since I met a poisonous snake in the forest with Shen Qiqi and Sa, O is also very careful. When I see the dense grass, I will first pick up the branches and poke them to make sure that there are no inanimate objects before I walk over.
Jun Yang saw him so carefully and looked at him strangely for several times.
"Brother Jun, don’t you know that Sa and I went into the mountains to collect herbs because we accidentally met a green-spotted snake. At that time, Sa was almost bitten. Fortunately, Dr. Shen’s reaction was fast or Sa would have died."
O think of the scene that day, think of Sa’s white face at that time and still feel distressed today.
Jun Yang heard what he said, but his face sank.
This matter Shen Qiqi never said to him.
I knew she was afraid to tell him because she was worried about him, but now I’m listening to Ah talking about imagining the scene at that time, and Jun Yang felt a burst of love.
According to Ah, that should be the day when they went into the mountains to collect herbs. On the day when he first arrived at Sizhai, Shen Qiqi fainted because of his weakness. He was pregnant. How could he think that there was such a thing?
At the thought that she was pregnant and had to run around and face such danger, Jun Yang felt guilty like sea water. Chapter 44 For a pair of green eyes,
A looked at Junyang’s gloomy face and said nothing. He couldn’t help but ask, "Brother Jun Jun, did I say something wrong?"
"No" Jun Yang adjusted his mood "Let’s go"
He is eager to find Qiqi beast quickly, catch Qiqi beast quickly and return to Shen Qiqi quickly.
It wasn’t long before we parted, but he missed her so much.
They walked about two or three kilometers before finally reaching the center of the valley.
The center of the valley is a wide and flat land, where many lush and tender weeds grow, and many wild animals graze leisurely, but Jun Yang and A are hard to find their figure.
The two men agreed to find a hidden place nearby to rest and see if they could wait until the strange beast appeared.
After having a rest and eating something, the sun grew bigger and bigger, but there was still no strange beast.
And the grassland is grazing except rabbits, and other animals have already hid in the Woods.
"Brother Jun, do you think there are no exotic animals here?"
O irrepressible lower their voices quietly asked
"Wait a little longer"
Junyang is still staring at a place. He has just carefully observed the grass in this place, which is particularly dense, but no animal dares to eat it, and he also finds that when these animals pass through this grass, they are all careful and some simply detour.
If I’m not mistaken, this should be the exclusive territory of Qiqi beast.
It seems that Qiqi beast should be the overlord of this valley.
Although Ah didn’t realize this, Junyang can easily think that it is not difficult for him to dominate this valley with the spirit beast Qiqi beast.
This discovery also made him more sure that there were strange beasts in this valley.

I’ll wait for you at the end

"Master, what’s wrong with you? You look terrible-"Hao son worried that Dihuang Junyi turned around and his pet Hao son followed the emperor Junyi.
"The master seems to be ill." The little lion also remembers to keep spinning. "By the way, can the master absorb this spar left by Ah Jing?"
Hao son holding a little lion to spar jump in front of the emperor.
Huang Junyi’s lip angle struggled to hold the fine sweat on his forehead, and he could no longer restrain himself from rolling down his cheeks.
It must be closed as soon as possible!
"Master …"
"Master, how are you!"
Xiao Shi and Hao Er are in a rash with anxiety.
The little lion rushed to smash the door of the Fairy Ghost Valley, but the door was closed and it was impossible to hit the root.
"Woo hoo-"
He shouted at the gate.
Ziyun proudly seemed to hear the sound, suddenly stopped, turned around and returned to the original place.
Hao Er said, "Little lion, take your master to An place quickly!"
The little lion hung his head and nodded, looked at the door, and quickly ran to entrust Huang Junyi to his back and guide Hao Er to run all the way.
Hao Er’s expression is quite dignified. She remembers that the second master was in poor health when he was promoted. He once fell into a coma, but even if he was in a coma again, he was still so painful that he was so heartbroken that he cried.
But this time what seems to be more terrible than the last time!
The master is not advanced. What will happen? ?
Don’t …
Is it a proud son?
Hao Er was in a trance for a moment, and his master was so stupid that others refused to let her know that they had suffered so much.
It may not be so painful for me to suffer this punishment, but it will be doubled for others to suffer. Chapter 599 It takes more effort to get rid of my mother.
It must be because the master knows that Aoer still has something to do that he doesn’t want her to be stumped by punishment …
But what should I do? If I think like this, I feel that my master is so stupid that I feel sorry for him …
"Little lion, let his master go quickly. I’ll heal him first."
But he wasn’t hurt …
Haoer was so anxious that she almost cried.
Huang Junyi suddenly reached out and gently rubbed her white hair. "Hao son, don’t worry, I will be fine when I have a good rest …"
Hao’s eye pupil suddenly widened and finally remained.
Without a master, Hao Er and Xiao Shi will accompany you wherever you go.
As if a long arrow had plunged into his heart.

Su Shiyuan doesn’t understand how Qin Kai and Lu Mingyang please move such a Jianghu expert. In this case, they can also ask people to help.

"Damn it! Big brother revenge! " A man with red eyes looked at Chu Lin, and a man nodded mercilessly, and the two men quickly came towards Chu Lin.
The man was just about to pout and blow poison gas at him. Chu Lin has killed him since he took the sword.
"Big Brother!" There are two men in the camp of Qin state who also stare big eyes and can’t believe their eyes.
"ah!" Accompanied by a tragic deafening pain, an arm has flown out, and the black strong man can’t afford to fall to the ground with a crash, staring at his broken arm in a daze.
Chu Lin pursed his lip and bloodthirsty eyes rolled with an unspeakable emotion. When the man was complacent, no one could see clearly, he raised his sword.
And the king of Chu has already eaten it, so much for his loss!
When he came, he heard the Emperor of Qin and Lu Mingyang talking about this king of Chu. He heard that he was the God of War of Chu, and he had not suffered defeat since the battlefield, but he had never suffered defeat in the black whirlwind for so many years.
"Ha ha you that poison is just in? They’re hopeless. "The strong black man is very arrogant when he talks wildly.
"Hand over the antidote!" Chu leaned back neatly and escaped the male offensive. It seems that this person is specially poisoned in Chu Lin’s heart.
Chu Lin immediately Bai Gang men poisoning must be this!
"Hoo!" Because of the lesson just now, Chu Lin was not too close to the man. Even so, the man suddenly breathed a sigh of relief toward Chu Lin like just now, which was very smoky and black.
Even so, it’s amazing that men can move quickly in a short time.
Su Shiyuan’s mind is full of men. It seems that his flying skill must be very high at this time. He didn’t necessarily lurk in after the war, but he must have stayed when they defeated Qin to clean up the mess.
What surprised Su Shiyuan was that he didn’t take a decent weapon at the root of his hand. From a distance, he was almost unarmed. Although this is the case, the more it is, the more reassuring it is.
"This little white face is really stubborn. I’ll give him some color first!" The black strong man looked at his companions around him, and the same horse belly was running rapidly towards Chu Lin’s side.
"It’s not too early!" Chu Lin couldn’t see anger or happiness. He clenched his sword in his hand and poured into the two armies with a horse belly.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, Chu Lin Chu Lin you are not a god of war? I will let you taste this defeat today! " The man who just lurked into their camp has been riding a horse. Qin Jun looks dark and burly.
"Back to the general, I think we are poisoned!" Many soldiers are child.when Chu Lin glanced at Su Shiyuan a heart.
"What’s the matter with you?" A general in the camp also panicked. It’s urgent enough ahead. What’s wrong with them?
"ah!" Just as the two men were looking for the figure of the man, most of the soldiers in the camp fell down in pain.
Su Shiyuan didn’t talk, but narrowed his eyes and looked around carefully. Fortunately, they just held their breath, otherwise it would have been bad. They ambushed.
"No wonder there are spies inside!" Chu Lin suddenly realized Yuan Zhi’s carelessness! I should have checked the details of those Qin Guobing long ago, and it wouldn’t be like this.
Two people just to react Chu Lin stretched out his hand to pull his side female sword will stab in the past, but the male instantaneous disappeared, just everything is as wonderful as illusion, but also scary.
"Chu Lin!" At the same time, from the front, Su Shiyuan and Chu Lin suddenly raised their heads to see a man in his camp with a small bamboo tube in his mouth, which blew very quickly towards the two men.
When Chu Lin recognized her early, she had already understood that she was thinking of getting a wife, so what else could she ask for?
Su Shiyuan nodded. She admitted that she was very clingy now, but staying in the mansion was really worrying. There were people in Chu’s neighborhood, but even he didn’t find out the details of Ouyang Na. The more she thought about it, the less she had a shop.
"For a while, you must be careful to stay behind like this." The two armies quickly fought together. Chu Lin looked at the tragic situation in front and told them.
Su Shiyuan felt that the cold wind was rushing, so he just shut up and didn’t talk. The two men arrived at the barracks as soon as possible, and quickly ordered 500,000 military forces to fight!
Run slowly ahead, military emergency run fast, the cold wind blows harder and harder, and it’s even colder!
"I don’t care if I want my little heart." Chu Lin smiled, and the cold wind kept blowing my cheeks, which made people feel like a dagger against their cheeks.
"You never know that someone will say this when you are in the limelight." Su Shiyuan breathed a sigh of relief. She was nervous in her heart, but she was afraid that Chu Lin was too nervous to make a joke.
Chu Lin was really choked by this sentence and coughed several times. "Little bad guys dare to say anything."

"What’s wrong with nothing?" Purple shouted anxiously.

Then star Lengyu came from the floor and saw the eggplant porridge frowned and said
"MoEr you wait for a brother to cook egg soup for you …"
He also remembers more clearly than Xingtianmo when she ate eggplant.
"MoEr dare not eat eggplant even dare not look at" Star Lengyu said with a straight face and slightly blamed in her tone.
He didn’t expect that these closest friends of Xingtianmo didn’t know?
However, Xingtianmo did not tell others.
This is one of her weaknesses, and she doesn’t want others to know her weakness, because it may be her death!
"Why didn’t you say so? Have a drink." Yuexuan Yi lovingly stroked Xingtianmo’s pale face and handed her a glass of water.
"I’m sorry, Moer. I didn’t know you didn’t dare to eat eggplant. I’m sorry," Ou Menger said anxiously, her face full of worries.
"No," said Xingtianmo lightly, afraid to look at the queasy eggplant from the table.
Star day foam cell phone rang.
"What’s wrong with Huang?"
After hearing the yellow words, Xingtianmo’s face changed slightly …
End of the night ~
Well, the fact is that Zhuxi is afraid to eat eggplant.
16 sudden rage
"Purple blue come in with me." Xingtianmo called Purple and Blue into the room.
"What’s the matter, Moer?" Purple see starry sky foam face is not generally heavy.
"You two horses go back to France!" Xingtianmo command
"What? What happened? " Blue asked in surprise.
"There’s something wrong with the business in your home." Xingtianmo answered seriously.
"How can companies have no problems? But … what do you want us to go back? " Purple son asked
"It’s not an ordinary economic crisis. Do you think it would really happen if you two had an accident at the same time? I think … "Xingtian foam frowned and had a delicious meal.
"There’s a bigger conspiracy behind it …" Xingtianmo’s eyes are dim.
"Ok … we will go back" Blue promised.
"I told you to go back! ! Do you understand? Horse roll! " Xingtianmo suddenly changed his tone and shouted at them, picking up the blue collar and slamming the blue into the wall!
"Moer!" Purple exclaimed!
The moment the blue hit the wall, it suddenly became white. He gave Purple a quick wink, and Purple suddenly realized …
The room rang so loudly that people outside the living room were suddenly surprised!
"What’s the matter? !” People in the living room rushed in. I don’t know how MoEr suddenly got angry!
Everyone was shocked to see the blue forehead bleeding!
"This ….." Everyone was speechless.
Star day foam not language, glancing at blue and purple cold face out of the room.

I have something to say.

Attack Mochow, and when the Lingjiu Palace is finished, they will meet again!
Chapter 168 Chapter 168
They escaped from the world, and for a moment, they gave thanks and left without daring to stay.
At this time, the day closed, and Tong Mu came to Li Mochou’s side.
Tong Mu’s eyes are full of admiration. Li Mochou has grown very fast and well in recent years, just as Tong Mu expected. "Mochow, you are doing even better now! I really didn’t see the wrong person! "
"Master, is that the man coming?"
Li Mochou is still a little worried. If it is really Master’s enemy, it will be met.
"It’s her!"
Children’s eyebrows and eyes reveal a rage, which seems to be anger and hatred, or both.
At one time, we were all classmates and sisters. Although we saw the same person, Tong Mu never thought that Li Qiushui would make trouble for her at the moment of her acrobatic keys, which made her possessed and made her always such a ghost.
It’s probably that Tong Mu is usually too arrogant, and he has never known this pool without looking at others!
Time has passed and the cliff has not been heard from for many years. Li Qiushui is married to Xixia and has become a princess. Tong Mu has a kind of sadness in his heart. How did these love-hate relationships come to this point?
Just as Tong Mu was immersed in memories, an early warning suddenly sounded in Lingjiu Palace. Tong Mu’s eyes froze. "Mochow, she has come."
Li Mochou’s consciousness stood in front of Tong Mu, and when he didn’t see him, he smelled a soft, greasy and charming sound coming from a distance and loving his side. It was a feeling that made people shake their minds.
Li Mochou immediately calmed down and was undisturbed. Tong Mu was deeply gratified to see in his eyes. "This is the woman’s unique sound method, which has a confusing effect. Don’t listen carefully or you will get her way."
It is also a lucky thing to say that Li Mochou deliberately mobilized the staff of Lingjiu Palace on a large scale and arranged the guards of Lingjiu Palace to be loose and tight, which not only made the group of people in 36 holes and 72 islands get on the road, but also made it convenient for you to enter the urn.
Tong Lao’s body is almost a force now, but he still can’t see a trace of panic and calm. It seems that he can’t see this killing enemy in the eye around Li Mochou.
So is Tong Mu and so is Li Mochou. She bent her eyes for a moment and smiled. "Master taught me for a long time, so why don’t I bring Master’s enemies to see you today?"
Say Li Mochou feet move is light like a cloud floating out.
It seems that Minstrel’s flying skills and Li Mochou’s micro-steps have been very good.
Tong Lao’s moment didn’t follow her, and she also wanted to see how far Li Mochou could go.
Who would have thought that a little while ago, Tong Mu’s close-fitting maid-in-waiting wrote that someone had been caught by Li Mochou?
It’s natural to win the trust of the maid-in-waiting. At that time, she was pleasantly surprised and hurriedly asked to take her there.
⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ 931
Tong Lao followed the maid-in-waiting to her closed residence, and when she saw that the outside was surrounded by the top maids in Lingjiu Palace, she had a guess.
When Tong Lao entered the room, he found that besides Li Mochou, there was a white veiled woman sitting there motionless and silent.
See children’s old basking to speak sarcastically "the teacher elder sister don’t come ill? I didn’t expect that your Lingjiu Palace was not a waste snack! "
After Li Mochou saluted Tong Mu, he didn’t talk, and the man was even more angry when he saw this scene. "It’s really worse to waste my way that the teacher elder sister should be aboveboard."
Tong Lao glanced at Li Qiushui with a smile on his face and casually picked a chair to sit in, praising, "Mochow deserves to be a good disciple who knows how to help master solve problems."
"Li Qiushui to deal with a villain like you is naturally some children’s stuff."
Li Qiushui, a child’s grandmother, has always been cynical when meeting, and no one will let them fight. Both of them have been fighting with fire over the years, and Li Qiushui will be so easily planted in Li Mochou’s hands.
Because Li Qiushui never saw such a little girl as Li Mochou in his eyes, he wouldn’t have thought that Li Mochou’s accountant tricked her into giving her back the medicine. Li Qiushui’s martial arts master Lao Mu was also not equal. This time, he was caught in a trap because of carelessness.
Otherwise, a Li Mochou Li Qiushui alone is not worth it!
Tong Lao didn’t stay here for a long time because his martial arts have not recovered. After saying a few words with Li Qiushui, he asked Li Mochou to put people under strict supervision in Lingjiu Palace, and then get even with Li Qiushui after her martial arts recovered.
After Li Qiushui was beaten by Tong Mu, she finally won the joy of the wind because her apprentice gave her a sigh of relief.
"Mochow, it seems that you have not only learned martial arts well, but this strategy is also acceptable."
Tong Lao sees the score. Li Qiushui is trapped in her closed place. Li Mochou must have cheated her on purpose.
Li Mochou is young and looks unfamiliar. He must be a new comer to Li Qiushui. He wants to get information from Li Mochou but doesn’t want to plant it himself.
"She wants to know where Master is, so I can’t help her threatening to take her." Li Mochou winked at Tong Lao, witty and koo.
She didn’t tell a lie, but it happened that Tong Mu wasn’t there and had already laid a trap with Li Qiushui.
Chapter 169 Chapter 169
Zhu Danchen has been on tenterhooks since he happened to see Mrs. Wang at Mantuo Villa, especially when he learned that Duan Yu liked Mrs. Wang’s daughter’s heart.
You know Zhu Danchen also knew a thing or two about that year. At the beginning, Mrs. Wang of Duan Zhengchun had been together for a long time. It’s not certain that Wang Yuyan might even be in Duan Yu.
Of course, this is just Zhu Danchen’s guess.
Zhu Danchen’s worries never occurred to Duan Yu, because he found that up to now, it was Duan Yu who shaved his head and picked a hot head. Wang Yuyan was not false to Duan Yu, and Mrs. Wang was even more reluctant to ask Duan Yu to gather together with her daughter. This was Zhu Danchen’s slight relief.
At first, Zhu Danchen didn’t know why Duan Yu should live in Mrs. Wang’s house, or Yan Qing looked at the clue and explained it, which dispelled his little anxiety.
Yan Qing said that Mufu met with Dove Mozhi at Mrs. Wang’s place that day. When Dove Mozhi left, Duan Yu fell asleep because he was ordered to go to acupuncture points. Plus, Mufu had something to go out to do at that time. This is Duan Yu living in Mantuo Villa, but it was just by the way.
Duan Yu suffered a lot in Mantuo Villa, but she was discovered by Mrs. Wang because she was chasing Wang Yuyan. If Mufu hadn’t announced it, she would have become a flower fertilizer in Mantuo Villa.
Rao, Duan Yu was pressed by Mrs. Wang to do a few times to help the gardener grow flowers, so that he could not pester Wang Yuyan all day.
However, even Mrs. Wang is so unkind that Duan Yu, a little girl, wants to please her future mother-in-law. She is also very happy to be a gardener.
Is the word Duan Yu haven’t apostrophe, let his son eager dad to get mixed up.
Speaking of it, it’s also going to be the love affair of Mrs. Wang of Duan Zhengchun.
Duan Zhengchun was moved by the dove’s wisdom, so he was fidgeting all day and didn’t dare to ask Dao Baifeng to know, so he went out early to find his son.
It’s said that I’m looking for my son Duan Zhengchun all the way, but I haven’t met my ex-lover less. It’s just that my princess isn’t around. That’s indulging in gentle rural law!

"But you are no longer waste, dare to scold you as waste people and kill them all for me, but can you make a difference by following me?" Wang Gan, the head of this crisis, said to them slowly.

"This …"
"When I come back, I will definitely come back. By that time, I will make Luo Tianfeng all my feet! And whether you can do this at that time depends on whether you have any ambition. "
"Leader you!"
At this moment, suddenly, a black light came from the main peak of Luo Tian. Although it was not fast, it made Wang Gan avoid a sword and stabbed him in the chest.
"Wang Gan, you can’t be my head!" A majestic sound made people want to bow down to his feet.
"Master!" Wang Pearl exclaimed that she did not hesitate to block his front.
However, the amazing luck did not come. She was pierced by a black sword and a thick black flame rose all over her body.
"Pearl!" Wang Gan face "color" changed eyes flashing with crazy "color" unexpectedly suddenly burst out laughing "ha ha what a Luo Tian! What a leader! Do you know how to bully the small? When Xiaoyangjie comes, it will be my return to Luotianri. At that time, I will be interested to see your silly appearance when Xiaoyangjie shivers! "
Then he hugged Pearl tightly in his arms and fled away with a thunderhead and never looking back.
"Wang Gan, you don’t have a chance. Do you know that the Heaven and Earth Gate has dispatched all the Elders in the Fairyland to kill you!"
A new introduction to the final chapter 100 thousand years ago
After more than two months of "naked" running, it must have fallen, that is to say, writing a chapter can get nine cents, but there is no motivation to write.
This can’t be written. Now release the follow-up outline and answer some foreshadowing.
Wang Gan was hunted by the immortals, but after being rescued by Wu Taiqing, Wu Taiqing’s immortals fell.
Wang Gan entered the "Medicine" Fragrant Valley incognito, where he had a doppelganger with a replaceable identity. He practiced in the alchemy period.
The arrival of Xiaoyang Robbery, Wang Gan’s return to Luotianmen, and Luo Tian’s head member "forced" Wang Gan to fight the Sanjie Peak to hide a world-all the high-level officials in Luo Tian, Hongjun World, to search for treasure in Hongjun World.
Wu Taiqing appeared to close the Hongjun boundary and stole the robbery of nurturing for ten thousand and a half years. It turned out that he was actually the Taoist who founded Luotianmen Hongjun.
Wang Ganxiu of Zhufeng War finally became the head of Luo Tian. After World War I, Xiaoyao finally died of illness. Finally, he realized that Xiaoyao was really Lianer’s brother and didn’t know what to help himself.
At the peak of Yuanying, Luo Tian’s head returned from Hongjun’s world and forced Wang Gan out of Luo Tian. When he fled, he was hit by Yang Shen’s red "color" meteor, which devoured Wu Xing’s tactic.
Wu Taiqing appeared in Kunlun Mountain. According to the agreement of the top ten witches, the semi-robbery inspired his latent ability and sent Wang Gan Yuanying back to 100,000 years ago.
Wang Gan was born 100,000 years ago, Kunlun Mountain became the witch king-Wu Changtian and lost all his memories. 100,000 years ago, Wu Taiqing was born together from another world and knew many things that others didn’t understand.
Wu Taiqing’s real name is Wu Taiqing and cousin Wu Changtian. They are both enemies and friends.
White lotus is Wang Ganqin’s elder sister at large, but Wang Gan’s eldest brother is sealed in the dark because of his double pupils.
Wang Gan met Penglai and became her master at night when passing by the Wind Island (the genius of Suo Fu didn’t want Wang Gan to go back to the village just because he didn’t want him to see Wu Changtian).
After Wang Gan’s death, the immortals launched a big Yang robbery to kill the sun god.
But Yang Shen didn’t die and threatened to kill all living things in Xuanyuanxing, so Wu Taiqing helped his immortals to freeze the cave for 100 thousand years and called it "supporting the future" plan.
But the plan went wrong. After 100,000 years, the Immortal Society was unsealed and Wu Taiqing died of old age instantly, so she had to clone it.
After Wang Gan woke up from the ice, he returned to 100 thousand years later and recovered all his memories.
hint or anticipatory remark in a story
The true identity of the owner of Tiandaoge Wang Zhuer was willing to be imprisoned in Tiandaoge for 100,000 years in order to save Wang Gan. She believed that the disappearance of Wang Gan was the fault of Penglai Night, and ten witches killed Penglai Night together.
Wang Gan was able to beat Penglai Lingshi because it was made by him and later given to Penglai Night.
This world is divided into two parts: the median world, the median world theory, and the first-class world life law has an impact on the first-class creatures, but if we cultivate to the highest level and create a world bigger than the world in which we live, we may rise to the next level.
So far, only Buddha Sakyamuni can do this.
The bit world has absolute control over the bit world, just as Wang Gan can control everything in the life world.
It’s ridiculous to go against the sky. It’s good for monks to practice counterpoint to the world, just like releasing the vitality of the creatures in the world, but the higher world has different needs. The universe needs to be shaped with quality. The greater the quality, the greater the gravitational wave will be, and it will devour other universes.

Gu Jun is sure in his heart

Second sister said that you shouldn’t panic when something happens. Since the assassin didn’t kill him immediately, there must be other plans.
This also gives him a chance to escape.
"Rock son Gu Jun that little bitch will disappear tonight! Without him and the help of Zhong Yongbo, your father will take us back to the house and the future generation will be you! "
Gu Yan sat on the bed and looked gloomy. "You won’t miss, will you?" He is not as optimistic as his mother. Can Gu Liancheng rest assured that he will not make any arrangements from Beijing?
"No!" Yang Xuesen laughed, "Zhong Yongbo hates Gu Liancheng, and he will never allow his own people to make mistakes!"
"I hope he can succeed!" Gu Yan corners of the mouth with a cold smile.
The mother and son were thinking about their beautiful things, but they didn’t expect that the brave man had died soon after he succeeded.
"Hit the door for me!" Gu Ning has listened to Liancheng’s mother’s residence. At this time, she took more than a dozen guards and hurried to catch the fingers outside the courtyard. The courtyard gate cold drink a way together.
The guards who are closer to her should follow one foot and kick the gates.
"Yang Cui Gu Yan, get out of here!" Gu Ning couldn’t see anything at the moment, and her eyes were full of anger and she walked quickly to the lighted wing.
"It’s Gu Ning, the little practitioner. How did she come to our house?" Yang looked up from his chair and smiled at Gu Yan suddenly. "It must be Zhong Yongbo’s success, otherwise she wouldn’t find someone to find us here so late!"
Gu Yan’s dark eyes flashed "Mother must be careful!"
"Rest assured mother knows" gives Gu Yan a rest assured look, and Yang walks to the door. Before she can, the sliding door has been kicked from the outside.
Gu Ning, who was kicking the door guard, stared at Yang coldly and said, "Where is Juner?"
Yang looked puzzled. "Ning Shantou, you’re asking a strange question!" Looking at Gu Ning from the beginning to the end, she immediately said to herself, "Look at you. Is it that Jun ‘er’s child had an accident?"
"Don’t play dumb for me. How could you have been kidnapped by an assassin if your mother had not been so lucky?"
Yang Wu mouth exclaimed "assassin? Where is the assassin? " Zhongyongbo really did it! I felt happy for a while. Yang pretended to calm down the frightened mood for a while before saying, "The first thing you should do is to report to the official. How did you find your aunt here?"
"Don’t tell me that Jun ‘er was kidnapped by an assassin!" Staring at Gu Yan, Gu Ningyin coldly said, "Where is Juner again?"
"You this child how so axis? I told you that Jun ‘er disappeared and went to the newspaper office, but you broke into our mother’s residence with scruples and framed people. Do you believe it or not? I went to the government to sue you for trespassing and then accuse you of framing. "Yang said, and his face became cold." I was divorced from the government by your second uncle. You don’t treat me as an aunt. I don’t blame you, but our mother’s innocence can’t be defiled at will! "
Gu Ning bit his teeth, raised his hand coldly and slapped Yang. "Don’t worry about your mother!" Caught off guard by slapping, Yang first pounced on Gu Ning clinker with Zheng, but before she got close to her, an awe-inspiring palm wind suddenly hit her, and soon she was like a fallen leaf floating towards the house and then slammed into the hard wall …
"Jun-er, did your mother order you to take her away?"
With the sound of Gu Qiling, Gu Ning falls in front of him.
He walked slowly into the room and approached the bed step by step.
"You … you …" Is he a person or a ghost? It’s Gu Qi who is approaching him step by step. It’s Gu Qi!
Gu Qi didn’t die. He didn’t die three years ago.
What a cold look. What is he doing?
"What happened to Yan Di?" The ice is biting, the eyes are locked, Gu Yan is full of horror, and Gu Qi’s thin lips are slightly open. "Don’t you know me after more than three years?"
"Are you … are you a person or a ghost?"
Gu Yanshen shrank back and asked.
"Do you call me a person or a ghost?" Grasping his collar, Gu Qi leaned over and looked at Gu Yan at close range. "Tell me, was Jun ‘er taken away by your mother?"
From time to time, Yang’s prone mouth overflowed with blood. "Yan ‘er … said everything now … said everything …" Intermittent sounds came from her mouth. She hated Gu Qi so much that she was still alive that their mother’s plan fell short.
Therefore, Gu Jun’s life and death can’t change their situation.
There is a marquis of Gu Qi. He can be him.
Based on this, even if their mother dies, she can’t tell Gu Jun which one of the little bitches was taken.
She wants them to lose Gu Jun in pain!
She looked up at the child with difficulty as the blood overflowed.
Gu Yan face fear suddenly dispersed.
Afraid of him, afraid of Gu Qi taking his life, but afraid of it?
No, at this moment, he can’t tell where Gu Jun is going, just as his mother said.
"I don’t know what you said!" If you say it or not, you can’t escape a result, so he chooses to pretend to be deaf and dumb and don’t say a word when Gu Jun disappears.
Gu Qi sneered, "It seems that you are not going to say that Jun Er has fallen!" As he spoke, he suddenly loosened Gu Yan’s collar and then moved quickly, crushing his limbs to pieces. "Is it very painful?" he asked
Kill a pig like a miserable cry. Gu Yan sounded in the room. I want to die in pain at this moment.