Every time a silver needle pierces, a hundred miles of sweat will come out from the hot head, and the color of his lips will change from dark red to dark purple and then turn pale. It can be seen that he is in pain, although he is struggling to endure it, but his closed eyes can’t help but flutter eyelashes, which still exposes his forbearance.

The imperial doctor’s hand was fast and accurate. Later, his speed of needle insertion slowed down unconsciously. Xiaowu found that his hand trembled slightly, and he must have been deeply sorry to look at thyme.
When more than 20 pieces of silver needles were inserted into the heart pulse, his whole face was as white as a dead man, and his head and body were covered with sweat. Breathing became extremely mild, and it seemed that a little heavier would involve pain in the heart pulse.
And taking out the silver needle after half an hour is another test of thyme. Because the silver needle was inserted with a special medicine juice, the thyme was tightly wrapped by skin and flesh, so that the poison in the infiltration could be adsorbed to the silver needle. Although the doctor took the needle as quickly as possible, the silver needle was alive after half an hour, and it was painful to pull out a thorn.
Every time the imperial doctor pulls out a hundred miles of warm eyelashes, he trembles, and his teeth bite his lips tightly, and sweat drips down through the silver needle, bringing out black blood stains and burning the eyes of Xiaowu, hurting Xiaowu’s heart.
Many times, I felt that terrible pain made him want to move and yell, and I couldn’t help but want to close my eyes regardless. But think about Muhuan, think about the unborn child in Muhuan’s womb, think about this troubled times, think about Su Yiming’s possible planning, think about Muhuan, and think about Su Yiming’s variables. He told himself from the bottom of his heart that he must not fall down. Huanhuan must hold on.
When the pain disturbed his thinking and made him dizzy, he recited Muhuan’s name from the bottom of his heart, imagined Muhuan’s smile in his mind and tried to recall the beauty of their intimacy, which became the only motivation for him to survive for half an hour.
Finally, when the silver needle was pulled out, Baili Mo Xu collapsed backwards, and Xiao Wu rushed forward to hold the Lord in his arms, wipe away the sweat and blood debts, and feed the elixir prepared by the imperial doctor into his mouth to wait on him and lie in front of his bed all night. Xiao Wu won’t go back to his room to have a rest until Baili Mo Xu wakes up early and drives him to rest.
Forty-nine days is like being in purgatory. Who but the imperial doctor and Xiaowu knows the suffering of Bailimo Xu? He always looks so faint when he looks at things in the daytime, and he always looks so elegant and meaningful when he patrols the defense. But at night, the silver needle of the imperial doctor pulls out a trace of poison from his heart, and every time it is a painful torture for him.
Forty-nine days later, Li Mo Xu left more than twenty needle holes on his chest, but the blue color around his eyes finally eliminated the imperial doctor, and he was pleased to announce that the method of poison at his heart pulse was temporarily removed
Xiaowu wants to be happy, but he can’t be happy. The Lord suffered for forty-nine days in a row, but he only got two more years, which made him laugh.
A hundred miles away is very satisfied, but two more years is enough for him to arrange a lot of things for Muhuan. In secret, all kinds of plans can be completed step by step, so that even if he dies three years later, he will not be worried.
Strange to say, in those days, Muhuan actually had palpitations, and every time he felt uncomfortable with chest tightness happened to be when he applied needles in a hundred miles.
Ah and Xiaoqin are not less worried that Su Yiming has been slow to return. They invited several practitioners to feel Muhuan’s pulse, but no one could find out the reason. This Muhuan is all good in the daytime, but when it arrives, she will feel a dull pain in her heart, as if someone had pricked her with a needle.
Mu Huan was suspicious or the relatives of Night Lan were in trouble. The hummingbird and beast rushed to Night Lan to check, but when Mubai, Gu Suqing and Mu Nian were all well, they were relieved.
Su Yiming heard that at this time, she also sent a letter to Muhuan, saying that she would not want to relax. He would get back to the snow as soon as possible. Naturally, Princess Bai would be like this. She would pay close attention to the secret letter written to Baili Mo Xu every day and talk about Muhuan’s physical condition in detail.
After reading Ami’s letter, I was silent for a long time. It turns out that that girl has telepathy with herself. I don’t know whether to be happy or worried. It’s a good thing that the husband and wife feel the same way, but she will eventually leave. Will she feel it strongly then? Will she be very sad? If she interacts with herself, does it mean that she is not too attached to Su Yiming? Will she accept Su Yiming? If Su Yiming gets her heart, how can she leave with confidence? Who will protect her after she leaves? Who will protect the child?
So in those forty-nine days, every time I felt uncomfortable, I would tell myself from the bottom of my heart, don’t feel pain, don’t feel pain, otherwise Huanhuan would feel pain, and in his letter back to Ami, he told Amuhuan that when she had palpitations, she must accompany her and tell her something funny to help her relax, so that she wouldn’t feel so uncomfortable.
For fear that A Anwei has been trained in too few places since he was a child, he will write some stories about himself in his daily secret letter. He will write about the interesting things he saw when he fought and walked around for many years, and let A accompany Mu Huan to tell him that he lied that he saw it himself or heard people talk about it.
Ah, every time I receive a secret letter from a hundred miles away, my heart is particularly touched. Whenever I see the princess showing great interest in saying these things to herself, Ah, I admire Wang Ye more and more. Now he hopes that Wang Ye and the princess can go to second time around as soon as possible.
I can’t help but miss thyme. Just after I tied the silver needle, I went to see Muhuan again as Mr. Nine. Because of that business, Muhuan didn’t express too much surprise at his arrival.
Nowadays, the fame of the Fire Xuan Corps is in full swing, and many people are asking for help. When I went there, I found that Muhuan had taken over a lot of business, and the general rudder of Xiaoyao Gate seemed to have become the general rudder of the Fire Xuan Corps.
Of course, Muhuan was very happy about Mr. Jiu’s arrival, and they spent two hours chatting happily in the pavilion.
Muhuan told "Mr. Nine" that since that day, Changfeng Yu and Changfeng Muyu have never appeared again. Changfeng Ao seems to know that Su Yiming hasn’t come back and hasn’t sent someone to invite him again, and I don’t know if it is because of the destruction of Long Mai. This period of natural and man-made disasters has been raining in the north for 30 days. Some people accidentally forgot to extinguish the fire when hunting, which caused a fire and destroyed the whole forest. However, heavy rains and landslides killed several people. Changfeng Ao estimated that his head was about to explode.
"Mr. Jiu" told Muhuan that when he went to Xilin Capital via Xilin Road, he heard people say that a baby boy died of suffocation when the cold princess of Xuwangfu gave birth. This was originally to tell Muhuan that Lengyuxin had suffered retribution.
"Did you hear about it, sir?" Muhuan face expressionless.
"Does the girl already know?" It’s a little strange to pick a hundred miles away from the hot eyebrow. If this girl already knows, is there a word about it in Ah Gi’s letter?
"Because Mr. Wang needs to know the news of Fishing Bay, I let the hummingbird beast go to Xilin. The fastest shortcut from here to Fishing Bay will be through Xilin Capital. Hummingbird beast naturally heard about this matter." Muhuan smiled. "The little guy is also very divinatory."
"So that’s it." Li Mo Xu guessed Muhuan’s mind. Didn’t she feel happy? Or did it just make her more incompetent in front of Ahn and Sogeum? After all, the capital city is filled with its own love for the loss of its child, Leng Yuxin, who accompanies her day and night.
"It’s unpredictable to think that the cold side princess is so popular, but I didn’t expect to get such a big tragedy during production!" Muhuan still can’t recognize the emotion in her words. She is very keen to capture her hand covering her belly and seems to be worried about the children in her belly.
"I heard that the cold princess was strong and overbearing and was not friendly to Princess Xu. It is also a bad karma for her to end up like this. If she is as kind-hearted as a girl, what else?"
"Cold side princess hate the child is koo" recognize MuHuan did not gloat, miles devoted to warm heart move my girl is always so kind.
"It’s all an act of God, girl. You don’t have to feel sorry for the child. Maybe he doesn’t like it. Mother thinks of ways to change her life!"
"Sir, it’s so funny that only you can think of it." Muhuan was in stitches.
"Sue door Lord Khmer? He forgot that the girl was going to give birth? " It’s time for this child to be born and Su Yiming to come back.
"Daming has just arrived, and the letter will come back in a few days." To Su Yiming Muhuan, he also smiled. The Uber finally came back after walking for so long.
Baili Mo Xu was relieved that Su Yiming Muhuan’s production ability was lost in case, but seeing Muhuan laughing, he tasted something. Although he wanted to stay for a few more days, there were some thorny things that needed him to go back and deal with Baili Mo Xu and reluctantly resigned.
Come to see MuHuan thyme mo xu received news on the way. Qi Meiren pregnant Chapter three hundred and seventeen Door query!
A hundred miles away, I miss Qi Meiren’s pregnant father Wang Yiding very much. For a king who is no longer young, what is more difficult to prove that he is still in body of work than that his concubine is pregnant? It is said that men are particularly fond of getting old, because they are afraid of getting old and don’t want to admit that they are old.
However, the suspicion of Bai Li Mo Xu is that An Guifei and Xi Guifei have been secretly giving Qi Meiren medicine to prevent her from being pregnant with her father and children. Even if she gave her the antidote, her father and mother will only spoil her these days. After hearing that she has turned over the Qi Meiren card once since the New Year’s Festival, how could she be pregnant? Is this child really the father? Is Qi Meiren having an affair with Bailicang? If the baby in the belly of Qi Beauty is Bailicang, is it a plot for this child that he made all kinds of kindness to himself and Bailimo Xin and Qi Di?
Focused on everything, I was prepared to stay put and secretly observe and return to the border. Just after writing the letter, I arranged my staff to keep an eye on Bailicang and Qi Meiren Xiaowu and came to report the yearning.
Mu nian? It’s quick to pick an eyebrow in a hundred miles!
He had already got the news when he pricked the needle to drive away the poison. He secretly went to the night haze to see the yearning for the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love of the love.
But why did Mu Nian come here in person? There is a bad feeling in the heart of thyme devoted to Xu that he won’t recognize yearning to wake himself up and prevent thyme devoted to Xin.
Sure enough, I was dressed in a crescent white gown and longed for a calm face. The first sentence when I came in the door was "Where is my sister?" !”
"Where do you think Princess Wang will be when you read the report?" Thyme devoted to hot heart thumped a face but calm "maybe someone told you that the king brought the princess here? Although the king doesn’t want to stay away from her one step, he can’t bear to let her suffer. "
"Is that my sister in your palace?" Mu Nian kept staring at thyme in the previous step, and his eyes seemed to spark.
Xiaowu saw something wrong, turned and walked out to cover the door, and motioned to keep the pro-guard outside and quit the hundred miles to live in this garden.
"Read the report hot Wangfu hot princess is not your sister? Then tell Wang who is your sister? " Thyme devoted to hot face a heavy phoenix eyes a deep look at getting closer and closer, and the body temperature suddenly dropped. "Once Princess Wang, you almost knelt down and begged the king to come and save you personally. Now you say that she is not your sister. Then who is she? !”